Darcy’s Clan by Lari Ann O’Dell

Lari Ann O’Dell’s approach to vampyrism in Darcy’s Clan is not only innovative but also very intelligent because by creating an entire society that is aware of vampyres, and has several rules that force these vampyres to act as gentlemen, she is able to reach out not only to paranormal fans like myself, but also to those who are not big fans of the genre. 

In Darcy’s Clan, you’ll find a regency society where Firstborn Sons are entitled to become vampyres, thus becoming the most respected members of the ton. When they become vampyres, they can no longer stand exposure to sunlight, which is no problem because England’s land has been cursed by Henry VIII to be cloudy all the time, and must drink human blood to survive. They cannot, however, kill anyone by drinking, nor can they feed on the gentry, so “only” farmers and servants can serve this need. Because of all these rules that were established by Henry VIII himself, this book doesn’t have the usual darkness that most vampyre books have, and many readers will easily forget about the more gruesome aspects of it. 

In Darcy’s Clan there are several new characteristics regarding vampyrism, but the ones that have more visibility are in fact very romantic, namely the Blood Call. Vampyres cannot turn anyone else into a vampyre except their Firstborn Sons and wives who will become their eternal partners and who instigate the Blood Call. This means that when a Firstborn son meets the one who is supposed to be their eternal partner, they will feel compelled to that person, and their bond will be incredibly strong. Once they go through the marriage rite, their bond grows and there are several passages in the book were the reader will feel not only a great connection between Darcy and Elizabeth, but also the strength for their attachment. That aspect of the vampyrism was the one I loved the most in this book, because it allowed the love story to be a strong, compelling and intimate one.

The innovation concerning all the rules that exist in this fictional society were another aspect I loved in Darcy’s Clan. I felt compelled to read non stop during the first part of the book just so I could better understand this society and how it worked, and it was only after the first half of the book that I started to feel the story was dragging a little. 

At a certain point in the book, it appeared that subplots appeared just to disappear a few pages later with a resolution that was too fast and not very credible, bringing little or no added value to the story. I didn’t believe Darcy’s reaction to Lady Catherine’s plan, nor did I believe Anne’s sudden change of character. Some of these events happened too quickly and were solved even more quickly, and in my opinion could have easily been deleted because the story didn’t need extra conflict after the first two had been resolved.

The exaggerated number of conflicts that appeared in the narrative were my main quibble with this book, but I still enjoyed it, especially the first chapters, and I do believe that readers who don’t usually read vampyre stories will like it too. In this book Darcy and Elizabeth have a very strong connection to one another and I believe readers will love their romance.

Summing up, Darcy’s Clan is a different yet appealing paranormal take on Pride & Prejudice that will captivate readers due to its originality and romance.

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Lari Ann O’Dell first discovered her love of Pride & Prejudice when she was eighteen. After reading a Pride & Prejudice variation she found in a closing sale at a bookstore, she said, “This is what I want to do.” She published her first novel, Mr. Darcy’s Kisstwo years later.

Born and raised in Colorado, she attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and earned a bachelor’s degree in History and Creative Writing. After graduating college, she wrote and published her second novel, Mr. Darcy’s Ship. Her third novel, Mr. Darcy’s Clanis her first supernatural variation, and she is working on two more fantasy variationsShe is now back at school and pursuing a degree in Nursing. She adores her two beautiful nephews, Hudson and Dean. She currently works at a middle school and writes whenever she can.

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The blog tour is almost in the end, but you should check out the other stops, they may still give you much more information about this story 🙂

Lari Ann O’Dell is giving away eight eBooks of Mr. Darcy’s Clan. The giveaway is international and to apply and know more about it, all you have to do is click on this Rafflecopter link.

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16 responses to “Darcy’s Clan by Lari Ann O’Dell

  1. Definitely seems like my kind of book!
    Will have to read it soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Must be strange for the other children in these families


  3. Glynis

    Love your review Rita! I don’t attempt Rafflecopter so I have this book on my list as it sounds as if Darcy and Elizabeth get together fairly early and take on problems together which is my kind of book.
    I like the fact that they are eternal partners and therefore have a strong bond between them.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are not exactly “together” early in the sense they are already engaged etc, but they are together early in the sense they love each other and spend a lot of time with one another without external problems. So yes, I think you’ll like it Glynis. Too bad about rafflecopter 😦


  4. lariannodell

    Thank you for the lovely and honest 4 star review, Rita. I am so glad you enjoyed the book. This one was a lot of fun to write. And thank you for participating in my blog tour. It is an honor for my book to appear on your awesome blog!


    • Thank you Lari Ann ;)) I really liked your idea to have an entire society that recognizes, accepts and has its own rules concerning vampires, it made this book very different from others that I’ve read :)) very original and interesting:)


  5. evamedmonds

    I’m not a vampire fan, but your review will compel me to read it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love paranormal books and this one sounds fantastic.


  7. Ginna

    If First Born Sons and spouse are immortal, how crowded is Pemberley with generations? 😉


    • When the First Born son marries his parents leave the house and move into another house, so Pemberley only has one generation of Darcy’s there 🙂 But Elizabeth is known to change the rules 😉 So, you never know 😉


  8. J. W. Garrett

    I love paranormal JAFF. I am so looking forward to reading this. I know, my to be read list is disgustingly long. Thanks, Rita for hosting and thanks to our author for the generous giveaway.


  9. alp1788

    Loved this book. It’s definitely on the read again list.


  10. Thank you for the review. Because of our ODC and reviews, I am enticed to read paranormal stories. Intrigued how this plays out…humans and vampires co-existing with each other… I wonder if the Darcys are regarded highly by their tenants and servants if they feed on them?


  11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Rita! While I’m not one that eagerly gravitates towards vampire stories, I like the sound of the eliteness of being a vampire and all the thoughtful details and rules Lari Ann O’Dell created for this tale. I also like hearing about the Blood Call! Excellent review!


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