Fortune & Felicity by Monica Fairview

Fortune & Felicity was the first book from Monica Fairview I’ve read, but after this first experience, I am definitely buying Ms Fairview’s other books (I’m looking at you Steampunk Darcy!). Fortune & Felicity was pure perfection and everything I was hoping for in this type of book, becoming one of my favourite books in 2020. The story starts 7 years after the Hunsford proposal, so we will meet older versions of Darcy and Elizabeth, and this is an aspect I’ve come to appreciate lately, especially when the characters remain true to themselves only a little wiser due to life experience, as was the case in this novel.

As you may imagine, the events after the Hunsford proposal had different consequences, and 7 years later Mr. Darcy is in need of a governess for his daughter (do not panic, the wife is long gone and it never was a love match anyway). Elizabeth, on the other hand, wants to obtain some autonomy and is looking for a governess position which will allow her to live a somewhat independent life. This mutual need will bring our characters together after all this time, and even if their situations have changed, and they are forced to have a different relationship, they both decided to give it a chance and Elizabeth becomes Miss Darcy’s governess.  

The story is spent almost exclusively at Pemberley which gives the book a feeling of coziness which is something I always love, but also allows us to spend a lot of time in Elizabeth and Darcy’s presence (there isn’t much more to do at Pemberley, right?). I particularly liked to see the author dedicate much page time to Darcy and Elizabeth and to include Miss Darcy (the daughter, not the sister), in a way that was not intrusive. She is obviously an important part in the story but never steals the spotlight of ODC, and the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth takes precedence over the relationship with the child, which is exactly what I would expect on a good romance.

This book is extremely romantic, and having more mature and experienced versions of Elizabeth and Darcy allowed the author to develop this romance in a more coherent and engrossing manner while keeping it clean. However, it goes beyond romance and brings much more into the story, making it a profound and interesting book. Apart from the romance, we will be faced with beautiful depictions of people’s real struggles, namely a fathers difficulty in getting through and connecting with his daughter, and Elizabeth’s difficulty in finding her place in the world. These elements give this book a depth that is engaging and makes the reader interested from the beginning until the very end .

The secondary characters in Fortune & Felicity are definitely a plus in the story, even if they play a small role in it. Jane, for example, has a small presence in the book, but I must say she was mind blowing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Jane being depicted like this, and I loved it! I also like the original characters that were created in this story, namely Georgiana’s husband, who grew on me throughout the book. 

Fortune & Felicity is very well written and all elements on it appear in a smooth, effortless and captivating manner, but what I loved the most in this book was to see Darcy and Elizabeth falling in love with one another all over again. Instead of unrealistically showing us these characters 7 years later still madly in love with one another, in what sometimes reminds me of a teenage love, the author decided to take the reader on a journey of rediscovery where old feelings are re-kindled due to old but also new characteristics. These characters are not exactly the same people they were 7 years ago, and those small changes will make them discover how well suited they are for one another. 

They will fall in love with each other not just because of the past, but because of the person they have in front of them in the present.

The characters are not too old to have been apart a big part of their lives, Elizabeth is only 27 after all, but they are old enough to make many scenes, especially the one when the finally get together, much more interesting than the ones we usually witness when they are younger 🙂

I also have to mention that the epilogue was once more perfect! It didn’t follow the trend of telling us how many children the couple had, which were their names, etc., and it proved there are other ways to finish a book telling us how happy this couple is. The ending scene is just PERFECT! 

Fortune & Felicity is an extremely well written book that has the perfect quantity of all ingredients to make the reader completely rendered to it. It has romance, depth, character development and the perfect pace to make it an engaging novel. I highly recommend it to all my friends 🙂  Plus, while it is on pre-order the book has a discounted price, so I truly recommend getting it now to have it available on your kindle on April 28th 🙂


Fortune & Felicity is available for pre-order at:


Monica Fairview writes Jane Austen variations and sequels. After graduating from the University of Illinois, she worked as a literature professor and then as an acupuncturist in Boston before moving to London. 

Monica loves anything to do with the nineteenth century, and obsessively follows every period drama she can find. On rainy days, she loves to watch ‘Pride & Prejudice’ (all adaptations), ‘North & South’, ‘Cranford’, or ‘Downtown Abbey’. 

Among Monica’s Kindle best-selling novels are Mysterious Mr. Darcy, the Darcy Novels trilogy, two books in the Darcy Cousins series, and the quirky futuristic P&P inspired Steampunk Darcy. She has also published several traditional Regencies. 

Apart from her avid historical interests, Monica enjoys reading fantasy and post-apocalyptic novels, but avoids zombies like the plague. She loves to laugh, drink lots of tea, and visit Regency houses, and she is convinced that her two cats can understand everything she says.

The blog tour is just starting, but this book is so awesome, that I advise you to follow the rest of the tour to read what everyone else is saying about it 🙂



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13 responses to “Fortune & Felicity by Monica Fairview

  1. Glynis

    As Monica knows, when I first read of this book I thought it wasn’t my kind of story! No letter for Elizabeth, Darcy marrying someone else! No, definitely not!
    However as I read further I realised that I was hooked, and now after reading your review Rita, this is certainly a must read for me. Thank you and stay safe!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know you’ll like it Glynis! Previous marriages are something I don’t usually like either, but they were included in this story in a very smart manner because you know they happened, but somehow you’re not upset by them, maybe because the author chose to focus on Elizabeth and Darcy’s rekindled love 🙂 this book was nearly perfect for me 🙂


  2. sheilalmajczan

    I have read 5 other of this author’s books and this one is one I also want to read.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Sophia Rose

    Glad to see it was a five star for you, Rita. I love her books and am looking forward to this latest.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I already love the story just by reading the summary of the book. Had been following this book tour. Now I really fell in love with because of your review.Oh I really can’t wait to read it!!!

    Love this: “They will fall in love with each other not just because of the past, but because of the person they have in front of them in the present.” Thanks Rita.


  5. J. W. Garrett

    Rita, what an amazing review. I have put this on my wish-list. Thank you for hosting this new book.


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  7. Joana Starnes

    Such a fabulous review, Rita! This book is irresistible!

    Best of luck, Monica, and thanks for giving us yet another gem.


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