Betrothals & Betrayals by Cinnamon Worth

In Betrothals and Betrayals Mr. Bennet dies in a carriage accident and Mr. Collins father, who is still alive, ejects the entire family from Longbourn, forcing the eldest daughters to find employment. 

The book starts with and engrossing interaction between Elizabeth and Miss Darcy and it immediately grabbed my attention.

The story is captivating and it was the first time I saw Jane Bennet as a companion to Miss Darcy instead of Elizabeth, who usually takes this role in JAFF variations. This was stimulating because the author explored a less common path, and it was sufficient to make me want to continue reading to see what was going to happen and how she would bring Elizabeth closer to the Darcy family.

As the story progresses, events become a little more in line with the plots we have been seeing in JAFF, but the narrative remained innovative in some small details which was something I appreciated.

There were a few sentences and scenes throughout the book that add some mystery to the story, making this an exciting and dynamic book. The reader is not only faced with a romance, but also with some mystery that needs to be solved, and that was a pleasant surprise.

Some character developments were quite interesting too, and the one I loved the most was Mrs. Bennet’s and her influence over Lydia. However, some others were not quite as I expected, namely Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. While Mr. Darcy wasn’t as proud as I would expect, Elizabeth was too outspoken for someone of her position, which made some of the scenes feel less plausible. 

Overall I did enjoy the story and different plotlines that Cinnamon Worth developed in this book. Readers will find romance, as well as mystery, in a book that is quite a page turner with a fast pace and compelling narrative.

Audiobook Narration:

Jane Bennet’s Level

The voice is very agreeable and some characterisations such as Georgiana’s are very good, but I didn’t enjoy the tone Megan Green gave Darcy, and even Elizabeth didn’t feel like herself at times, so I could not consider the narration Elizabeth Bennet’s level. 



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6 responses to “Betrothals & Betrayals by Cinnamon Worth

  1. sheilalmajczan

    I read and enjoyed this book, also.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. J. W. Garrett

    Jane as the companion… how interesting. I wonder if Jane could believe anyone was truly evil… so that she could protect Georgiana from scoundrels? What about Wickham? Has Ramsgate happened? Great review, Rita. Thanks for sharing.


    • Spoiler Alert Jeanne:Elizabeth prevents Ramsgate from happening and that is how Jane ends up as Georgiana’s governess :)The Colonel wanted Elizabeth to be the governess, but she already had employment, so they hire Jane instead. And then…more things happen and things change again 🙂


  3. Mary

    Hi Rita,

    I was wondering why you didn’t think this deserved 5⭐️ and then
    I read of your misgivings about Elizabeth and how outspoken she was.
    Thus jarred with you and understandably so.
    Still,it was an enjoyable read.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Have a lovely day. 😎
    Stay safe.
    Mary. 🍀


    • I really liked this book Mary, but indeed both Darcy and Elizabeth were a little dissapointing, so I could not rate it as a 5 star even if I did enjoy it a lot. I hope you and your family stay safe too 🙂


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