Boots & Backpacks by K.C. Khaler

As time goes by and I grow older, I start to give more value to the natural beauties of our planet and the simplicity of life one can only find in the country, so I’ve started replacing my visits to big cities and museums with walks in the country side where I can get appreciate nature.

This new passion of mine made me want to read Boots and Backpacks very badly because in this modern take of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and Darcy go on a hike through the Appalachian Trail, and that brings together two of my current favorite topics, but unfortunately that did not mean this book was perfect for me.

The first pages of the book got me hooked because the writing was modern and fresh, but the characters, especially Darcy, didn’t convince me and I had a hard time liking them. In fact, I only started to like the main characters towards the end of the book, which made it hard to enjoy it until that point.

In the beginning of Boots and Backpacks Darcy is a playboy with no responsibilities and who apparently only does what gives him pleasure, not only I disliked this character but also struggled with so much attention being given to his sexual needs. The book doesn’t have excessive sexual encounters, and the ones that exist are really well written and sexy, but in my opinion too much emphasis is given to Darcy’s sexual activity and his needs. I believe that stating he has had more than 500 sexual partners is taking it too far because even in a modern take I could not imagine Darcy behaving like this.

To be honest, as the book progressed I understood why Darcy was portrayed as a society playboy with no responsibilities. The author did a great job in developing his character and showing how Elizabeth can change him and make him a better man. In that manner, the book follows canon with Elizabeth having a crucial part in Darcy’s change, but I still disliked the character through most of the book and that made it hard to love him towards the end. The Darcy we see in the end of the book is an honest and romantic guy who has nothing to do with the Darcy we see in the first part of the book. I only wish I had known this while I was reading the book, because I spent most of it disliking him without understanding the authors goal, had I known, and I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more.

I wasn’t too fond of Elizabeth’s character either, but seeing how these two characters helped each other overcome their biggest fears and insecurities was endearing. In a short amount of time, they showed each other a side of their character that no one else knew, and that enabled them to establish a special bond that made them support each other.

I also enjoyed all the descriptions of their hiking because it taught me a lot about this activity. I only make small hikes that last two or three hours maximum, so following these characters for several weeks was enlightening. Finding characters from the other works from Austen was also something I enjoyed because it gave the book a sense of coziness that always makes me feel good.

Darcy’s plotline was truly the main quibble I had with this book, not only for the reasons already mentioned, but also because the way Darcy was followed by a reporter, and how he was so easily recognized as if he was an incredibly famous Hollywood actor was not believable for me. Maybe I am naïve and that is something that occurs to New York socialites, but I had a hard time believing it and that influenced the enjoyment I felt while reading it.

I found the book a little long and it took me a while to finish reading it, but I do recommend it to readers who like modern takes on Pride and Prejudice and who do not mind to have characters portrayed in an extreme manner. If you are able to overcome that, you will for certain love this book because the character development is really interesting and the relantionship between Elizabeth and Darcy is noteworthy.

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8 responses to “Boots & Backpacks by K.C. Khaler

  1. Sophia Rose

    It’s been a while since I read this one. I think I liked it better, but I do remembering not being impressed with either of them at first. I was so fascinated by the setting and that they hiked that whole long trail.


    • I really liked the setting too Sophia, but I wasn’t a fan of the main characters, so that spoiled it a little for me. However, I still think it is a good one, and I’m sure many readers will like it more than me 🙂


  2. Mary

    Hi Rita,

    Such a pity this wasn’t such a good reading experience.
    I read this many moons ago and though I can’t remember exact details,
    I did like it.
    Onwards and upwards.
    Stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The setting is really cool, and the idea behind it too, I just didn’t feel connected with the main characters, but I’m sure many readers will like it more than I did Mary. Stay safe too 🙂


  3. Glynis

    I’ve read this a few times and definitely enjoyed it more as a reread! Saying that, I did enjoy it and can appreciate the reporter following him so avidly. With his inheritance story and his high profile life he would be a prominent figure and therefore his life wouldn’t be his own! ( a bit like film stars and royalty!)
    I loved the way they changed over the length of the hike and especially the ending.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it and that re-reads kept improving your reading experience Glynis 🙂
      I did appreciate their changes, and the details concerning the hike were something I enjoyed too, but I didn’t connect with the characters, and unlike you I didn’t love the reporter backstory. I still think it is a good one, and I know many readers will love it more than I did 🙂


  4. It continues to amaze me how creative Austenesque writers can be. I have not read this one, but I am tempted. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rita.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s true Laurel Ann, everyday I see a new twist on P&P and that continues to amaze me. This was a very original idea, and placing these characters on the Appalachian Trail led me to read it. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


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