Alix James – New Book & Identity Reveal

Good Afternoon everyone, 

How are you today? I am a little worried with new restrictions being applied to my area of residence due to a covid spike, but very excited to bring to you some important news today!

First of all, I would like to share with you that a new Alix James novella is coming up! That’s right, this author is about to release new clean regency short story named Unintended which is already available for pre-order, and you can find the blurb and cover in first hand at From Pemberley to Milton.

Is this an author you’ve been following? Have you read anything from her? Well…I’m sure you have, but I’m getting ahead of myself…I’ll have further news to share with you on that regard a little later, but for now, I’ll let you look at the beautiful cover and read the blurb of this new story, which I’m sure will make you wonder who Mrs. Ashton is.

What if… the person who caught you in your most embarrassing moment is also the one your heart was meant to find?

It was never supposed to happen. Elizabeth Bennet never planned to get trapped in a ridiculous situation, and she certainly never intended for the person who found her to be a dizzyingly handsome… tall… and odiously haughty man who seems to regret ever meeting her.  The only thing to do, naturally, is to tease him about it, and try not to let him under her skin. 

Fitzwilliam Darcy wishes he could erase that whole morning–especially the part where he laid bare his… well, it is hardly worth repeating. For a surety, he would rather forget about the temptingly pert lady who had borne witness to his blunder. The only trouble is, he keeps being thrown into company with her. Every encounter brings a new brush with calamity, and he is beginning to wonder if he will survive their acquaintance.

When Lady Catherine asks Darcy to pay her respects to a Mrs. Ashton, an elderly neighbor in Meryton, he discovers a friend where he least expected it. But is Mrs. Ashton who he thinks she is? And what is he to do when the very woman he is trying to forget has entirely the wrong impression of him? He would ignore her, but she keeps wandering into his path with comically unlucky results. And when the rest of his family becomes suspicious about the reasons for his sister Georgiana’s low spirits, the best way to protect her reputation is to bring her to Netherfield—into the vicinity of George Wickham, the man who broke her heart.

Darcy must find a way to keep his wits about him, keep his sister’s reputation safe, and keep Elizabeth Bennet from becoming something she was never supposed to be… his intended.

Unintended is available for Pre-Order at and will be delivered directly in your kindle on June 29th.

So, what do you think? Isn’t the cover beautiful? I always love to see silhouetes on covers, they are a favourite of mine. And didn’t you think it was funny for the author to choose to mention this story is a Pride & Prejudice …Accident? Something tells me there is going to be humour on this one too. 

What about the blurb? Was I right? Did Mrs. Ashton’s identity spike your curiosity?

What about Alix James’s identity, have you ever wondered who was the face behind this author? I mean, she isn’t someone we usually see on social media, or is she?

Have you ever read anything from Alix James yet? If you have, you’ve probably noticed how this new author who specialises in novellas has a huge talent, and writes extremely well. That is not a coincidence, in fact, Alix James is a well known author with many published books and a lot of experience! So in fact, you’ve probably spoken to her on social media before 🙂

The identity of this author has remained hidden, but now we are about to reveal it! But first, we’re going to make you guess…I mean it wouldn’t be as much fun if we went right ahead and told you who she is, would it?

If you’ve read any of her 3 published novellas: Spirited AwayIndisposed or Love and Other Machines, have you may have been able to identify her writing style, and if you have some suspicions, we will give you some help to try to guess correctly. You’ll only have one chance to get it right, so think hard about this, and maybe do a little research too 🙂

But don’t worry, we’re not just distributing some work, we will also be distributing a nice reward for the first person who correctly guesses the identity of Alix James (by commenting on this post the name and why you think this is the right person). The prize will be a bundle of all of Alix James novellas, including Unintended which will only be released next Monday and one book from the author’s other pen name at your choice.

But how can you guess? We’ll help, Alix James is a renown JAFF author, and here are some tips, that may help you:

  1. In one of the author’s books, Mr. Darcy travels overseas. Because Mr. Darcy lives in England, and England is an island, that trip could be anywhere really…so start thinking…How many books have you read where Mr. Darcy has travelled into a different country? 
  2. This author writes mainly stories where Darcy and Elizabeth take the stage, but the author has also written at least one story where the main character is a P&P secondary character.
  3. ODC always has a happy ending and the author writes the most beautiful scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth, but this author has already created a story where Mr. Darcy has married someone else prior to Elizabeth. 

So, do you know who the author is by now? Care to guess? Comment on this post and let us know who you think the author might be! Remember the first person to guess it right will win a bundle of books.

We will do the big reveal tomorrow, so until then, we won’t confirm any suspicion 🙂 But make sure you stop by tomorrow to know who Alix James really is, and to get to know this author a little better. We will also announce who the winner is tomorrow, so stay tuned 🙂

Good luck everyone!


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39 responses to “Alix James – New Book & Identity Reveal

  1. Ginna

    I do not have a guess, sorry. But I am curious as to why an already successful JAFF author would start writing more JAFF under a different name.


  2. Ooh, a mystery! That’s fun.

    I haven’t read any books by Alix James, although I’m familiar with the name, so I can’t get any clues from that. I’m just going to take a guess at Nicole Clarkston 🙂


  3. My guess is Nicole Clarkston, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Carla Sofia

    I Was going for Nicole Clarkson as well 😊


  5. Rose

    My guess: Nicole Clarkston


  6. Melissa

    Gigi Blume maybe?


  7. lauravranes

    My guess was Nicole Clarkson too!


  8. maryvad

    Hi Rita.
    Hope you and yours are doing well and staying safe.
    I’ve no idea but I just thought I’d stop by to say hi.


  9. Anngela Schroeder-Author

    I’m so uncertain, and could be very wrong, but Victoria Kincaid? I read spirited away and can’t wait until this one downloads on my kindle Monday💚


  10. Glynis

    The first name that came to mind when I read about Darcy marrying someone else first was Nicole Clarkston (Nefarious)
    Obviously I’m way behind everyone else but it will be interesting to see if we are all right and why.
    Is it because she doesn’t usually write novellas I wonder? Joy King writes hers as Christie Capps so why not follow the trend?
    Whatever it does sound intriguing so I will check it out along with the others mentioned. 🙂


    • It’s true that in Nefarious Darcy marries someone else first, but he does that is so many stories nowadays…Even in Nicole Clarkston’s The Rogue’s Widow, so if it is her, that tip could actually be used for two books :)) That would be kind of cool 🙂 I hope you stop by tomorrow to find out Glynis


      • Glynis

        Ah but I have to practically be forced to read books with either of ODC married before (you know the tied to a chair, eyes held open kind of forced!) 😂 so it has to be a really great author to tempt me? Well today’s the day to find out. 😱


  11. Marie H

    Could it be Florence Gold?

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Beatrice

    She doesn’t meet all the criteria, but I keep thinking LL Diamond; I can see her having written “Love and Other Machines” . It doesn’t matter if I get it wrong, as I already have two of Alix James books. My other guess was Lory Lillian, as her style is not unlike Alix’s in “Spirited Away”.


  13. J. W. Garrett

    I love this post. I own all of James’ books and I just pre-ordered this new one. I am disqualified from voting. Everyone has done a great job guessing and have gotten pretty creative in your choices. Yes, JDK does use a different name for her novellas especially when she wishes to write in a different style. Jennifer Joy does too. It allows authors to break out and try something completely different. Good luck to all in the drawing… or was that the first to guess? Oh well, good luck to all. Blessings to Alix James [who ever you are… come out, come out, and play]. Stay safe and healthy everyone. Thanks, Rita for hosting. This was fun.


  14. Pouran

    Is the author Caitlin Williams? If so, I am very much excited to read this book! Thank goodness! It was about time for her to return to writing soul shattering P&P variations!


  15. Boy, I looked at and thought of those names already mentioned, as well as a few others. But since this is the first to mention, saying one of those names won’t help me. You did say she’d written many books, and P.O. Dixon has definitely written many books. She also hasn’t been mentioned yet, I think, so she will be my guess!


  16. I looked at and thought of those names already mentioned, as well as a few others. But since this Contest is the first to mention, saying one of those names won’t help me. You did say she’d written many books, and P.O. Dixon has definitely written many books. She also hasn’t been mentioned yet, I think, so she will be my guess!


  17. Sorry. At first it wouldn’t accept my comment, and then I added a word, and it posted both of them.


  18. Nikita

    I am guessing Victoria Kincaid since these hints fit her books exactly.


  19. Kit

    Jann rowland perhaps


  20. Congratulations, Ceri! You nailed me right out of the gate!


  21. Janet Taylor

    I have enjoyed reading the Alix James novellas. I look forward to the big reveal! 🙂


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