Longbourn: Dragon Entail by Maria Grace

I absolutely love sci-fi stories but I’ve never been much into fantasy so I was a little skeptical when I read Maria Grace’s Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon. But this lady does know how to tell a story and how to invent an incredible new world, so I ended up loving it (check my review here). As that was only the first book in the series, I had to read the following books, and Longbourn: Dragon Entail was the next in line. Because I love audiobooks I decided to listen to Benjamin Fife’s narration instead of reading the book, but I’ll get into that in a bit.

Longbourn: Dragon Entail follows the story of little Pemberley  who is harder to manage then Mr. Darcy anticipated, but even though this is the dragon that once more brings Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth together, Longbourn is the one who will take center stage in this story. Longbourn is yet another dragon who refuses to be separated from Elizabeth, so he insists she must marry Mr. Collins who will inherit the estate, but stubborn as she is, Elizabeth does not accept to be persuaded and her reaction will generate a roller coast of events.

This book is full of mystery and action and is a true page turner. I could not stop listening to the narration because I just wanted more and more of it. I wanted to know all the little secrets or suspicions that arose in it, and I wanted to know more about the Blue Order. In this book Maria Grace gives us more insight into this order and I loved that fact. Everything is perfectly integrated in this story and I felt transported into this dragon world.

One of my favourite aspects about this book was to see how similar the dragons are to their owners because that was too fun to see. I particularly liked to get to know Kate and Rosings, and Pemberley was just adorable in this novel! Have you ever imagined a dragon baby? One word: Adorable!

Mary Bennet was also a wonderful surprise and probably my favourite aspect about this book (even if there are many to choose from). It is no secret she is my favourite secondary character in Pride & Prejudice, and I was very happy to see her playing such an important part in this story. Mary Bennet is a wise young lady who showed a lot of insight and maturity by providing good advices to Elizabeth and by handling Mr. Collins in the best of manners. With her insight Mary was able to show the reader a different view of Mr. Collins which was more favourable than the one Elizabeth decides to pass along to us, and that was really interesting to see. I know we all have the same opinion of the man, but have you ever stopped to consider that it is Elizabeth who influences our opinion of him? What if someone else showed you a different view of the man?

I loved Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon, but I believe Longbourn: Dragon Entail is a better book at engaging the reader, and I highly recommend it to readers who are looking for a page turner which is able to combine action, humour and interesting human interactions. If you like fantasy, you’ll love this book! And if you don’t, you’ll probably love it too. I know I did 🙂


Audiobook Narration:

Elizabeth Bennet’s Level

I confess that when I started listening to Longbourn: Dragon Entail I seriously considered stop listening to it. Benjamin Fife’s narration is completely unexpected and a little hard to get into. But when we move past the surprise of what we are hearing, we realize that his narration is actually the best narration someone could make of this book. He interprets each Dragon differently using high pitch notes for smaller dragons and low voices for bigger dragons. He also brings their personality into the voices he creates, and therefore brings a new life into the story. The beginning is a shock, for sure, but at the end of the book I was completely surrendered by his narration. From April’s high pitch, to Longbourn’s seriousness, to the adorable and cute interpretation of baby Pemberley, Benjamin Fife made me connect with these dragons and love the story even more. I believe he is partly responsible for the enjoyment I had with this book and I cannot imagine any other author narrating this series now. I am truly impressed, and have to clearly consider him on Elizabeth Bennet’s level.


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10 responses to “Longbourn: Dragon Entail by Maria Grace

  1. Reblogged this on BennyFifeAudio and commented:
    Great Review of Book 2 of Jane Austen’s Dragons!


  2. J. W. Garrett

    Fabulous review, Rita. I was completely bowled over by Maria Grace and her ability to create a universe where ‘there be dragons.’ I loved it. Wasn’t Kate from Rosings something else? Her first encounter with Elizabeth shocked the socks off me and Darcy too, I’m sure. How did Elizabeth know to do that? How did Maria Grace know to do that? Some day, when I have time [who has any these days], I want to read the whole series again. Yep, that would be an excellent goal. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Blessings, stay safe, and healthy.

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  3. Sophia Rose

    I agree that this one had a better story quality now that the introduction to the world was done.
    Yes! Benjamin Fife nailed these books and, especially the dragon characters. 🙂

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  4. sheilalmajczan

    I have been reading a lot on various blogs about this next in the series. I have read the others and look forward to reading this one also. Good luck with the release, Maria.


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  6. I love fantasy and have been waiting to have all of the books in the series before reading. I own the third book but am missing this one so Longbourn Dragon Entail would be my top choice were I to win this on audible.


  7. Lois

    Having read the first one, I’m eager to see what happens in this book.


  8. Cyndy Henry

    This looks very interesting. I would like to read this to see how dragons are integrated into this world.


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  10. Rita has been won over by fantasy stories? Now this is definitely a must read for me, as a huge fantasy fan! I’ve got book 1 loaded up on my Kindle to pick up soon – I’m sure I’ll be devouring all installments of the series in no time!


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