5 years, 5 authors, 5 questions with 5 Giveaways

Good Afternoon everyone, 

Today we continue with our 5 year anniversary celebration, and I thought that inviting the first 5 authors to be featured on this blog in 2015 would be a nice way to remember those earlier times, and also allow you get to know these authors a little better. 

My first post was a review of Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections, one of my All Time Favourite books, and definitely my favourite from Abigail Reynolds. At the time I was new to the community so I didn’t know much about Abigail Reynolds, except that she had many books I loved, but this one in particular was epic, so it was the first one I decided to review. 

The second review of the blog was The Subsequent Proposal, the first mash up I ever read with a plot that seemed absolutely perfect at the time! Not only Joana Starnes picked up my favourite characters from Pride and Prejudice, but also the ones from Persuasion. She brought together my favourite Austen characters and novels in one single book and that had to be one of the firsts to be reviewed. I even reviewed it before my All Time Favourites The Falmouth Connection and The Unthinkable Triangle.  

The Subsequent Proposal was followed by Pirates and Prejudice by Kara Louise which may seem like a “normal” premise nowadays, but at the time it was very innovative and I admit it got me skeptical. However, because I LOVE Kara Louise and Mr. Darcy’s Voyage was one of my all time favourites, I decided to give it a try, and guess what? I loved it!!! In fact, while writing this post, I started having this incredible urge to re-read these books because that kind of writing is just incredible!

After 3 P&P variations it was time for some North & South love, after all, the blog was named From Pemberley to Milton for a reason. My fourth review was of Unmapped Country, a North & South sequel and the reason I ever bought a kindle because the book only existed in ebook format and I really wanted to read it! The author, Chrissie Elmore is unfortunately no longer with us so I cannot invite her to answer these questions, but Unmapped Country will always ocupate a special place in my heart.

The following review I posted was Ardently, one of the most perfect Pride & Prejudice variations I have ever read! Even though Caitlin Williams has a special place n her heart for The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet, I confess Ardently remains my favourite book from this talented author. If you read it, you know why, I have never met anyone who was not completely rendered to this book!

My last guess today is Alexa Adams who is brave enough to write stories many do not even consider putting into paper. One of them is The Madness of Mr. Darcy which I reviewed on August 14th 2015 and marked me so much I could not stop talking about it over lunch break. One of my friends, who up until this day does not read JAFF, asked me every single day “so what happened now? is someone else dead?”, so you can imagine how much of an impact this book had. But fear not! The book has some initial darkness (which I loved by the way), but is also full of romance, and even though I only rated at 4,5 at the time, I feel this will always be one of my all time favourites. I believe I was more demanding at the time, because today this book would certainly be a 6 star book! What was I thinking by rating it 4,5? This is the one I always recommend when someone asks me for something different and good to read.

Anyway by now you already know who my 5 guests are right? I decided to ask Abigail Reynolds, Joana Starnes, Kara Louise, Caitlin Williams and Alexa Adams, these 5 questions: 


1 – As a reader, which is your favourite Non-Austenesque book and why?

2 – Which one of your books is your favourite?

3 – How do you balance your own expectations with those of your readers?

4 – What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

5 – What do you love the most about your writing job?


Their answers are the following:


As a reader, which is your favourite Non-Austenesque book and why?

Abigail Reynolds: Oh, good heavens, this one is impossible! I love so many books. I’ve probably got a couple dozen life-time favorites, so here are a few that I return to again and again because I miss the characters and the world. Here are a few random ones no particular order: The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley, The Beacon at Alexandria by Gillian Bradshaw, The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer, Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers, Jaran by Kate Elliott, the Fall of Ile-Rien series by Martha Wells, The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal. Oh, I could go on all day! As you can see, I’m a bit of a genre-hopper. 

Joana Starnes: I didn’t think that this would be the hardest question of all, until I sat down to answer them  . I’ve been in love with Pride and Prejudice since I was twelve. I almost can’t remember a time when I wasn’t obsessed with it. And I’m guessing that whatever I read when I went down the Austenesque research rabbit hole doesn’t count either. 

Of all the other books I’ve read, I think Forsyte Saga is my non-Austenesque favourite, especially Flowering Wilderness in Vol. 3. My heart started to ache for Wilfrid Desert at about the same time when I began to have a more grown-up appreciation of Austen, Darcy and Elizabeth. He’s a good man, his heart is in the right place, yet by using his profound humanity against him (with all that it entails, its failings as well as its beauty), Fate forces him to stumble from his first love to his second, and it’s a heartbreaking experience each time. This is all the more affecting because there is nothing flamboyant about Galsworthy’s prose. No big words, no melodrama, just real, wrenching heartache in a very real, almost mundane setting. I’ve always needed happily-ever-afters, but Wilfrid Desert’s portrayal is so compelling that he stayed with me even if, of all the heroes in all the books I liked, I believe he is the only one who doesn’t get the girl. And IMO the girl settles, and doesn’t really get her true happily-ever-after either.

Kara Louise:  I love Georgette Heyer, although you could say she writes in a way very much like Jane Austen. My favorite book of hers is Arabella. But to go to a completely different genre, I really enjoy the Ruth Galloway mysteries by Elly Griffiths. Ruth Galloway is a forensic archeologist and is often called in to help solve murders in Scotland. 

Caitlin Williams: This changes now and then, but I do love Jane Eyre. It’s pretty much perfect.

Alexa Adams: I have many favorites, but the one book that has consistently been on that list pretty much my entire life is The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I reread it every few years, and it continues to awe me. Sara Crewe is not a particularly realistically character (she’s just too good to be true, much like Anne Elliot) but there is so much to admire in her. Many are familiar with Burnett’s books for children, but she wrote dozens of novels and short stories, mostly for adults. Several are phenomenal, like The Shuttle and T. Tambarom, both of which are about Americans trying to make their way in Europe, like me. It’s fascinating stuff.


Which one of your books is your favourite?

Abigail Reynolds: I can’t narrow it down to one, but there are four that are stand out as my particular favorites. In order of publication – Mr. Darcy’s Obsession, Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections, Conceit & Concealment, and Mr. Darcy’s Enchantment. Those are all ones where I feel like the story really came to life in my hands.

Joana Starnes: It’s a draw between Mr Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter, The Unthinkable Triangle and The Journey Home to Pemberley. If I really, really had to pick just one, I guess The Journey Home to Pemberley is ahead of the others by a whisker.

Kara Louise: For the longest time, Darcy’s Voyage was my favorite. It is also one of my earliest, self-published originally as Pemberley’s Promise. But now I think my favorite is Pirates and Prejudice, because it was a really fun book to write and very different than my others.

Caitlin Williams: The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet

Alexa Adams: Each book has its special resonance for me. The Madness of Mr. Darcy is probably closest to my heart (having poured my soul into it), but the writing of it was extremely painful. The book that brings me the most joy is probably Second Glances: A Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice Continues. It is mostly Kitty Bennet’s story and features my first original character, Sir James Stratton. I’m currently (so slowly) rewriting the book, and I’m falling madly in love with him all over again.


How do you balance your own expectations with those of your readers?

Abigail Reynolds: It’s a challenge sometimes, but I’ve learned that, no matter what I write, some readers are going to be happy with it and others will be upset. For my writing process to work, there has to be something in the story that makes my heart sing. When I try to write what readers ask for, I just get stuck and the story goes nowhere. A Matter of Honor almost got shelved because I got myself into such a mess trying to make one section of it more like my early books, and eventually I scrapped the entire section and rewrote it. But I know there are things that are important to my readers, like plenty of Elizabeth and Darcy time, and I try to make sure that happens. 

Joana Starnes: In a way, I think I’m quite lucky because what I love to write about is Elizabeth and Mr Darcy finding their way to each other over and over and over again, which is what many readers in the Austenesque genre tend to like. The difficulties arise when it comes to specifics: what events and circumstances make them fall in love?

I’m not that good with action-packed, high-octane drama. In my novels, the major dramas tend to be fairly private, and many of them are unfolding in the characters’ heads and souls. I’m trying to imagine them in the sort of setting we find in the original novels and in Jane Austen’s letters, where gripping, real-life dramas only reach like faint echoes; where nothing visibly big happens, just people living their lives and finding love.

From what I can see, some readers are fond of that approach, while others expect something more dynamic. I’m hoping that they’ll keep telling me what their expectations are. In that respect, reviews – both good and bad – are incredibly useful. I doubt I’ll ever be able to move on to writing action-packed novels, but over the years I came across many reviews that have helped me fine-tune the delivery. So huge thanks to my readers for that!

Kara Louise: I have had to determine to write what I like, and hope for the best! I tend to question every story I write, whether the readers will enjoy it, but there are some stories I have to write that may not be as popular. For example, I have a story in the works that is a sequel to my modern story, Drive and Determination. This one is also more of a Persuasion inspired story. So being modern and Persuasion are 2 things that are not as popular, but I really want to write it. I keep putting it aside to work on something more acceptable (Regency and Darcy and Elizabeth), but I am determined to one day finish it.

Caitlin Williams: I try not to, I guess. I think you have to write for yourself. Write the story you want to read. It can get muddled if not. Though I do think there are certain JAFF rules that shouldn’t be broken.

Alexa Adams: I’m not sure I really do, though I learn a lot from reading reviews of my work. I tend to post my books before publishing, and I will definitely take into account reader feedback as I edit, but I write for me. This might be why each new book is quite different from the last, though I have been consistently focused on middle-aged protagonists in recent years (not exactly what most fans desire). I’m pursuing the ideas that I find compelling. Sometimes they hold very little interest for my readers, and I’m ok with that. I do try to relegate my least marketable notions for my novella series, Twisted Austen. Becoming Mrs. Norris was a particularly notable dud, sales wise, but I loved writing it. That first paragraph of Mansfield Park, which provides the structure for the story, is very inspiring. It also provided the premise for another Twisted Austen story, Young Wickham, though I’m not sure many readers noticed.


What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Abigail Reynolds: Not listening to the critical voices in my head that try to stop me from writing. After all these years, I carry lots of bad reviews in my head, and when I’m writing a scene, that voice says, ‘You know, so-and-so will say bad things about this’ or ‘Such-and-such says you do this too often.’ Those nasty little voices can derail my writing like nothing else. And the flip side of it is the fear of letting readers down, that this will be the book that will disappoint everyone. 

Joana Starnes: Everything that comes after writing The End on the first draft is a bit of a challenge. Sometimes there are re-writes (big or small), and then I go through a WIP some 4-5 times to make sure that there’s nothing I should change. By the fifth read, I tend to get heartily sick of it. And each launch gives me the absolute jitters. But I’m ever so grateful to my wonderful, thorough and ever so supportive editors, to you and all the other Austenesque bloggers, to fellow writers who share their experiences, and especially to all the lovely people who read my books. Otherwise I don’t think I could keep pushing the boulder, rolling it into KDP and starting again.

Kara Louise: That has changed over the years. I began writing JAFF in 2001 and I had ideas galore! I also had more time to write, so I was able to write a book in 3 to 6 months. Now, I don’t have as many ideas,and I am lucky if I publish a book once a year. Part of my time constraints is watching my 3 granddaughters, which I love, so I really can’t complain. 

Caitlin Williams: Starting a book is tough and the technical bits are tricky, e.g. Moving your characters around, getting them from A to B

Alexa Adams: Well, these days it’s just finding the time and space to write at all. My partner has been working from home since the pandemic began, and I am very grateful that he is able to do so, but we live in a small apartment with two children, and it’s really hard to find the solitude to concentrate. I’ve largely given up on getting anything done for the time being.

When I am actually working, my biggest challenge is not to rush through the story. I tend to get excited and speed through it. My second drafts are always longer than my firsts, as I try to flush out the skimpy scenes and add all the necessary details overlooked in my enthusiasm to get the story down on paper.


What do you love the most about your writing job?

Abigail Reynolds: (1) Creating new characters that live in my head, and (2) hearing from readers that they re-read them. It means a lot to me that there are a few people out there who return again and again to my books like I do with my beloved favorites that I mentioned above. 

Congratulations on 5 great years!

Joana Starnes: That I get to spend nearly every day at Pemberley (or heading to Pemberley) with my favourite characters. That beats all the other jobs I’ve ever had!

Thanks so much for including me in your celebrations, Rita! Happy 5th Anniversary, and here’s to many more!

Kara Louise: I love the creative aspect of it. I am a creative person, and before I began writing, I was very much into crafts. I still have bins in my basement of craft supplies from years ago. When I began writing, my crafting took a back seat to writing. Now I have a new crafting focus with my granddaughters, hoping they will grow to love crafting as much as I did.  Another thing I enjoy about writing is being able to work on it when I want and take a break from it when I need to.

Caitlin Williams: Sometimes you get on a roll and it flows, and scenes almost write themselves. Its lovely when that happens.

Alexa Adams: When I’m writing, it’s an adventure for my brain. Much like the adrenalin rush one experiences from the physical exertion of climbing a mountain or running a marathon, I find the feat of writing a novel an exhilarating challenge. Right now, my brain could really use the escape! I don’t know what I’ll write next, but each novel is an unforgettable experience, and I’m itching for a new one. It’s something to look forward to.

Congratulations on five awesome years, Rita! It’s been an honor to visit and be featured here. I hope we can do it again soon.


I was happy to see Abigail Reynolds literary tastes are as eclectic as mine and super excited about Kara Louise’s modern Persuasion story! I do love Persuasion, and I’ve read some really good modernizations, so this will be a must read once it comes out 🙂 

I was surprised to see The Falmouth Connection isn’t amongst Joana Starnes favourites (you can tell it’s one of my favourites can’t you?), but not so surprised to know that The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet is still Caitlin William’s choice, I’m partial to Ardently, but I know many people were hooked with that one. 

I also loved learning that Alexa Adams loves writing about middle age women, because guess what? I love reading about middle age women! That’s one of the reasons why I loved The Madness of Mr. Darcy and Being Mrs. Bennet. Lately I’ve been looking for more books with older versions of Elizabeth and they are hard to find, so please, do continue to write about women that age Alexa! I’ll buy anything from you with that type of protagonist 🙂

I would like to thank all these talented ladies for taking the time to answer these questions and for visiting From Pemberley to Milton! This was a very special post for me and having you all here meant a lot! Thank you so much!!!

I would like to give a special thanks to the authors that decided to giveaway some of their books to my readers! Thank you ladies!!!

Today we are offering several books which means we will have several winners! To apply to the giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post and let us know if you’ve read any book from these authors, or which book have you loved the most. Let me know if you’ve read any of those first books I reviewed at From Pemberley to Milton 5 years ago and if you’ve enjoyed them. 

All comments until next Saturday will be considered for the drawing of the following:

1 ebook from Joana Starnes – Readers Choice

1 ebook from Kara Louise – Readers Choice

1 ebook from Caitlin Williams – Readers Choice

1 ebook from Alexa Adams – Readers Choice

2 copies of A Matter of Honor by Abigail Reynolds – Reader may choose ebook or audiobook

2 audiobooks from Joana Starnes – Readers Choice

Good Luck everyone!


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  1. I have not read any of the 5 books you reviewed but they are definitely ones I plan to read when I have the time. Congrats on your anniversary!


  2. Glynis

    I’ve read all the books you first reviewed apart from the North and South one. I do have the N&S books by Nicole Clarkston though.
    I was wary of reading The Madness of Mr Darcy until you talked me into it Rita, and I loved it and the sequel, so that’s my favourite Alexa book.
    My first Abigail book was To Conquer Mr Darcy in 2014 and I’ve since read it countless times, along with Mr Darcy’s Refuge.
    I think Pirates and Prejudice is my favourite of Kara’s books, and Ardently by Caitlin? My favourites as well.
    Favourite if Joana’s books? Well it was The Falmouth Connection but then I loved The Darcy Legacy so much, then there’s The Journey Home to Pemberley ❤️. Oh and A Timely Elopement- I love them all!
    Like some of the authors I also love Georgette Heyer and Dorothy L Sayers books!
    Please don’t enter me in the giveaway as I don’t have audiobooks and I have the ebooks from all these authors 🥰🥰


  3. Carol Perrin

    Five of my favorite authors in one article. Was fascinating to read the choices of these talented writers. I cannot pick a favorite among these 5 and their wonderful work. Love all their stories. Some stories caused chuckling and several crying.


  4. Cristina Silva

    I didn’t read any of the refered books (yet) but, just for the description I would choose something from Abigail Reynolds. She seems to be all about Mr. Darcy. And he is my All time favorite!


  5. I’ve read most of the first five books you listed. Some I enjoyed and some not so much. Sorry to say that I did not come into the JAFF world until just about five years ago and did not discover FPTM until some time later. So I’m happy to be here to celebrate your fifth anniversary and wish you much more happy reading and reviewing. With all best regards –


  6. Gina Dankel

    I’ve read all the original reviewed books except the North and South one. I do love that movie, but I’ve never read the novel. You definitely chose 5 great authors to interview. I’m always excited to read anything by them and have read most of all they have written. Abigail has a lot out there, so I haven’t quite tackled all of hers just yet. I’ve seen Caitlin Williams name popping up lately, so I’m so hopeful that she is writing again. The Events at Branxbourne is in my top 5 JAFF. I’ve read it 4 times I think. Each one of these authors has written a plot or character that I am drawn back to again and again. What a great group to have begun your blog reviews.

    I also enjoy older Elizabeths now because I’m a bit older now, and I think there’s often less shine and more melancholy with those that I’ve been really drawn to lately.


  7. Congratulations on five years, Rita. This blog is lovely.


  8. This was such great fun, Rita! Thanks for the invite and for your love for my books! Happy Anniversary and here’s to many more!


  9. Sophia Rose

    Now, that was a fun read! I’m nosy and love seeing what books people love and, with writers, what they think of their books and work. Thanks for the fun interview to enjoy, Rita.

    I’ve read four of your first five review books- not the N&S variation. I’ve read books from all five of your author visitors. My first Abigail Reynolds was The Man Who Loved Pride and Prejudice and honestly, I couldn’t pick a favorite from her backlist.. My first Joana Starnes was From This Day Forward and my fav is The Falmouth Connection so far. My first Kara Louise, Pemberley’s Promise remains my fav even through the name change. My first Caitlin Williams’ The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet was outstanding, but I still need to read Ardently to decide for sure, LOL. And, my first Alexa Adams was First Impressions and my fav is also The Madness of Mr. Darcy.


  10. Ruth Clapp

    I spent a lot more time on this post than I usually do. It was a great reminder of books I should re-read and of books that I should read. I’ll have to keep this one somewhere for a long time until I have located and read many of the mentions. I haven’t read THE FORSYTE SAGA since high school so I’m overdue for that re-read. I’ve read none of Abigail’s non-Jaff favorites, except a touch of Ms. Sayers. If only I could get to the library but my residence requires a two week quarantine for a visit off campus. I better call and see if the library is delivering to people like me. I have read something from each of the authors you included but I will re-read some and get new to me books for others. Thanks for doing this.


  11. Joanna Randall

    I love reading your reviews & getting to know more about these amazing authors! Thank you for sharing your talents with us, reading your stories about my favorite literary couple is one of my favorite escapes life has to offer! Ive read many of the books from the reviews you mentioned. It would be hard to choose from the list of giveaways, but based on what I already own, I would probably choose a Kara Louise book as I own fewer of them but have enjoyed the ones I have read. She also has a special place in my heart because years ago, before I knew about the vast world of variations, (it probably wasn’t quite so vast back then), I found Darcy’s Voyage at my local library & loved it!!! It made me search for more. That was my first one & I’ve never tired of reading them since!


  12. Dung

    Love this post & questions/answers. Some of my favorites authors and all time favorites JAFF P&P stories. You ladies are the best and thank you for writing and allowing us to continue to our obsessions with our favorite characters!

    Congrats again Rita on your five year blog anniversary!


  13. Beatrice

    I love this post! Thank you for doing it.
    No need to include me in the giveaways. I own & have read most of the books mentioned, and as each mention came up, i clicked on the book in Kindle app to queue it up for a re-read.
    It’s rather like I won all the prizes.
    Now I will have a nostalgic journey, a fond backward glance at great JAFF, while it’s too hot to feel guilty about doing anything other than indulging myself.


  14. This was so much fun and a wonderful idea. It was fun to do, and I enjoyed reading all the authors’ answers. Congrats on 5 years!


  15. maomac

    I have read most books from your first reviews – except for The Madness of Mr Darcy (have it though) and the North and South variation.
    Thanks so much for the interviews with some of my favorite authors. I have read most of the books they have chose as their particular favorites – and many of their other books as well. One I have not read which is calling to me is Mr Darcy’s Voyage. It is hard to pick a favorite – if I do, then I think “No wait” and pick another. Can they all be favorites?

    Enjoying the 5th Anniversary party!


  16. This is a fantastic interview idea! I love it! You asked terrific questions and I loved reading all these lovely authors’ answers!!!

    Kara, yes! Please publish your Persuasion story!!! I would so love to read it!!!


  17. Lynley Cannon

    Wow! I have read every book in the Author’s favourites list. What auspicious company to be with 🙂
    I am in awe of anyone who can write a story. I struggle to construct single, coherent, sentences with correct grammar, so to produce a whole story is nothing short of a super power. I curtsey to all of you in thanks.

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  18. MeriLyn Oblad

    Mmm, I’ve read several of the books these ladies have written, much to my delight! I love the scope and sensitivity they show when dealing with such classic characters. My favorite thing is when I come away from one of their books with greater insights into the original story just because of something they created.


  19. Very interesting answers. I’m with Caitlin Williams and “Jane Eyre” 🙂 now I also have recommendations of non-JAFF to have a look at.
    I love that I have read most of their own favourite books and some are my favourites too!

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  20. TC

    What a great idea! It is a lot of fun hearing from these authors. I have read and enjoyed several Abigail Reynolds books, including Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections. I think my favorite of hers so far is A Matter of Honor, so it would be great to win an ebook of that. I have more of her books on my list to read, as I love her plots and writing style. I think I have read every book by Joana Starnes because they are just so good. I have The Subsequent Proposal, and I like the realism of the uncomfortable final proposal and Darcy’s reasons for wanting to marry Elizabeth. My favorite may be The Unthinkable Triangle; it’s amazing, and I would love to get that ebook. I have read both of the mentioned Caitlin Williams books and own the Coming of Age book to re-read. My favorite is The Events at Branxbourne, though. So powerful. I have also read Unmapped Country several times. There aren’t enough clean N&S variations, and that one has a rich plot. I had not heard of the other two authors, but their books sound interesting, so I will definitely check them out.

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  21. alexandrariverstories

    I wish you many, many more years in the JAFF universe, Rita!
    This was a delightful post!
    It reminded me I have books I haven’t read yet–The Madness of Mr. Darcy for example (yes, I know, “Shame on me!”– and I realized I’m not that bad when it comes to reading variations (self-applauding emoticon needed). Having read almost everything by Abigail Reynolds and Joana Starnes, a lot (!) by Kara Louise I see there is a lot more to sink my teeth into.
    Thank you for the reminder, the post and the inspiration!
    Stay safe!!!


  22. Christine Baglow

    Thank you, ladies, for your work. Thanks to you all I have spent many pleasurable more HOURS with Elizabeth and Darcy than Jane afforded us. (I often wonder what she thinks as she looks down on us from eternity.) My laundry may not be done, and my house isn’t as clean as it should be, but your excellent prose fills my mind and heart. Thank you for sitting down to write. It’s a gift.


  23. abmom

    I haven’t read Ms. Alexa Adams, but I’ve read nearly every book of the other 4 authors. I like “Mr. Darcy’s noble connections” and “The last man in the world” from Ms. Abigail Reynolds. It’s really difficult to choose one of Ms. Joana Starnes because I love all of her books, and if I have to I would choose “The unthinkable Triangle” and “Mr. Bennet’s dutiful daughter” …. maybe “Falmouth Connection” too (I especially love the beach sequence). Same with Ms. Caitlin Williams. I agree with you about “Ardently”, that book left me feeling such a dreamy euphoria, but I also love “The coming of the age of Elizabeth Bennet”, I just love Lizzy’s transformation and how she brings down Darcy to his knees. I have a very special place for Ms. Kara Louise, because her “Only Mr. Darcy will do” was the first JAFF I read. I had no idea that such books existed before that and immediately fell in love with the genre. I too love “Mr. Darcy’s voyage” and the slight naughtiness of “Pirates and Prejudice”. I’m definitely going to try Ms. Alexa Adams next, especially “The madness of Mr. Darcy”, the premise sounds so interesting.

    I really want to thank all these authors for writing these wonderful stories which fills our hearts with such happiness and contentment.

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  24. maryvad

    Hi Rita,

    I’m in the happy position if having four of the five firsts that you mentioned, the exception being the N&S inspired story.
    These are exceptional authors,each with their own unique perspective on Darcy and Elizabeth’s love story,with their own particular style and wonderful portrayal of these beloved characters.
    I wish them continued success in their writing,especially in these uncertain times when the Muse seems to have abandoned many artists. I trust this will not happen to this motley crew!
    Thank you,Rita,for hosting.
    Stay safe. 🍀💐


  25. Gail W

    Great Q&A from 5 great authors! I have read books by each one and enjoyed them very much! I have read 4 out of your 5 first books – just not the N&S one. Happy 5 Year Anniversary!


  26. J. W. Garrett

    I love these authors and already own their books. I don’t think I have missed one. Thanks, Rita for spotlighting these fabulous authors. Well done. This was a great idea so we can show some love. Happy Anniversary.


  27. J. W. Garrett

    Oops. I just discovered that one of the books by Abigail Reynolds was a library book. I do not own it. I have read so many, I lose track of those early books I checked out at the library. I have now started my own personal library and I forget what I own and what I don’t.


  28. This was so lovely! Thanks so much, Rita, for the excellent questions and landing me in such illustrious company! I’m not just a writer but reader/fan, as well, and I love all these authors. Abigail and Kara’s books were a huge inspiration when I began writing. Because I don’t think it has been mentioned, Kara’s Master Under Good Regulation is one of my all time favorites and a must read novel for anyone who has ever loved a dog.


  29. Lois

    I’ve read books by Joana Starnes and Abigail Reynolds, but none of the ones you listed among your first reviews. I’ve loved what I’ve read so far from both authors and would be glad of an opportunity to read more, or to get acquainted with the other authors’ works.


  30. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this blog post, Rita. You’ve interviewed some of my favourite authors and asked them all the questions that a reader would want to know. Please don’t enter me for the giveaway because I think I have pretty much all the books already!


  31. Agnes

    I have read most of those 5 books, except for Unmapped Country and The Madness of Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections is my all time favourite (well, one of them), one I frequently reread and have even listened to more than once. I have to mention though that Pirates and Prejudice was the first ebook I purchased when I got my Kindle reader. I have read and enjoyed many of the other books mentioned as well… Thanks for the giveaway and many happy returns of the blog anniversary as I enjoy reading your reviews very much!


  32. I did read something from every author interviewed and was actually surprised when I realised this 😅 I guess I am more into JAFF than I thought!
    The Unthinkable Triangle has a special place in my heart and I know I’ve said this many times in your posts that I think everyone knows why! It was my first and the reason why we were reacquainted after some years!
    I do enjoy them all immensely, as I let myself be taken into the world and avoid judging literary-lay while I read. It’s always pure enjoyment reading JAFF (and NSFF) because the characters pull you in and the authors weave magic!


  33. These are some of my very favorite authors! I have read all of the books (except Unmapped Country) of the reviews you have written. I enjoyed reading the authors’ responses to your questions. Congratulations on your 5 years of your blog. I hope you continue with the blog and that all of the authors continue writing their books.


  34. pedmisson

    The only book I have not read that was listed is the North and South book. I purchased it while reading this article. Congratulations Rita on five years. I believe I own all of the books from these authors. If my name is drawn, pick another name and share the lovely books.


  35. Lucy

    I haven’t read all of the books mentioned here, but many of them are amongst my favorites. Thank you for the giveaway and congratulations on your anniversary



  36. karen

    I’m new to this blog but I love the books from some of these authors 🙂 Thank you for the interviews and giveaways 🙂


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