When the Sun Sleeps by Alix James

When the Sun Sleeps in the living proof an author can develop an entirely new story that is able to engage the reader and allow him to savour the sweet moments between the characters without ever feeling the action is being rushed to a conclusion. 

In this novella, Fitzwilliam Darcy has lost everything that is dear to him and embarks on a trip to Scotland to try to leave all the sadness behind him, but when he stops at an him and hears the lady in the next room humming a song that is not only familiar but also very dear to him, his emotions take over him. Elizabeth is travelling with her Gardiner relations throughout the peak district and something in the gentleman’s voice who comes to her every night through a closed door sounds very familiar, maybe too familiar. But it could not be him, could it?

When the Sun Sleeps provides readers a story of second changes and hope. It develops a beautiful and intimate relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth that is endearing and will have you reading the entire novel in one single sitting. The dialogues between these characters are just perfect, and the feelings the novel entices in the reader are enough to make this a noteworthy story.

Mr. Darcy’s story is a little sad and dark on this novella, but instead of focusing too much on that, the author decided to focus on Elizabeth’s ability to bring Darcy into the light once more, in mending his wounded heart and give him his much deserved happiness. This is something all readers will appreciate in this story. Another aspect readers will love is Darcy’s vulnerability. We are used to see a strong unyielding Mr. Darcy, and in When the Sun Sleeps we meet him as a man in shatters in dire need to love and hope. That is what Elizabeth will give him in a wonderful romance. 

I read When the Sun Sleeps in one single sitting and loved every second of it. It is a short and very well written sweet story that I highly recommend to all my readers. 

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16 responses to “When the Sun Sleeps by Alix James

  1. maryvad

    Hi Rita,

    This sounds like a lovely read one that offers a different perspective of Darcy.
    Seeing his vulnerabilities reveal his human traits and how much he seeks
    a life partner,one to reveal the sun when he’s in shadow.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Stay safe. 🍀

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  2. sheilalmajczan

    I read and loved this story. I plan to reread it. Melancholy at first but then – oh, so sweet. 5 stars from me.

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  3. Glynis

    Didn’t you just love it Rita? What a fabulous story! I don’t know about you but the start made me cry, I felt so sorry for Darcy! What he needed was Elizabeth and the lovely lady in the next room reminded him so much of her!
    Loved this so much!

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    • Yes, it was so sad, but that was also soooo endearing! I loved this broken side of Darcy, it was very moving! And Elizabeth’s longing for what was lost was also sad, endearing but also exciting because we knew they would mend each others hearts in the end 🙂 I loved their dialogues and how they opened their souls to one another 🙂 LOVED this novella 🙂


  4. I love this review, Rita. I am definitely reading it 🙂

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  5. J. W. Garrett

    I’m like Sheila, the first time I read it, I was hit with the melancholy, but I want to read it again so I can write a review. This time… I know the end and can enjoy the interactions between our main characters. Heavy sigh.

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    • I know I am the minority on this one Jeanne, but I confess I have a thing for melancholy in JAFF. It seems more real and intense for me, and the rewards in the end always feel better. I really loved to see this broken Darcy 🙂


  6. sounds like a lovely story


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  7. Thank you for this lovely review, Rita! I am so glad you enjoyed When the Sun Sleeps. That was one story that sort of wrote itself, and I sobbed a little as I was typing it. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments!

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    • I absolutely loved this one Nicole. It was pure perfection, and in my opinion the best Alix James novella you’ve released so far. Please keep them coming like this, and don’t be affraid of the melancholy, I love that 🙂


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