Modern Persuasion by Sara Marks

In this modernization of Persuasion we will meet Emma, a renowned editor who  is currently working for an important publishing company that has recently picked up a project to release the first book of a well known screenwriter named Frederick Wentworth. Emma and Frederick are all of a sudden obliged to work with one another in the promotion of his book, but what most people don’t know is that Emma and Frederick used to be in a relationship when they were studying, and that when they finished their degrees Frederick proposed to Emma, and she rejected. At the time, Emma decided to follow her dreams and remain in NYC to work on her career instead of giving that up and move to LA with Frederick, but the question that remains is, was that the right choice? 

Is her career more important than true love? And can she still be happy with the man she refused in her youth?

The dichotomy between dedication to a career and dedication to family was an aspect I really appreciated in this book, and to be honest I was team Emma on this one. I usually team up with Wentworth because I think Anne is too weak and lacking a backbone, but Emma is a little different then Anne. I found her character more strong willed than Anne Elliot and I fully understood and agreed with her reasons to reject Wentworth’s first proposal. In this story, I think she is the one in the rights and I truly loved her character. I also enjoyed Frederick’s character and I only wish we would have seen more scenes of these two in the book. The writing style was very engaging and the story moved along in a quick pace, and though this was also something I appreciated, at times I would have prefered to have slowed down a little and get more Emma/Frederick page time. 

Some of the secondary characters were really annoying, but in my perspective that is a positive aspect about the book because, let’s face it, they are annoying in Persuasion too. Maybe I am being influenced by the wonderful narration I heard, but these secondary characters with all their singularities were in fact one of the aspects I loved the most about the book. They gave life to the story and made the narrative much richer. 

The other aspect I absolutely loved about this book was the setting. The reader is presented with a lot of behind-the-scenes information on the publishing industry, and for a bookworm like me, who loves to know more about the industry (and kind of wishes she worked in it), this was certainly a treat!

Modern Persuasion is an excellent modernization of Persuasion and I think the author was able to develop this story in a believable and relatable fashion. The characters are engaging, the plot is stimulating and the travels around the country to promote the Frederick’s novel gave this book the perfect pace. 

I highly recommend it to those who cannot get enough of Anne and Wentworth 🙂 .

Audiobook Narration:

Elizabeth Bennet’s Level

This was the first book I ever heard narrated by Diane Lehman, and I absolutely loved her style! She was the perfect narrator for this story because with her vivid and enthusiastic narration she was able to enhance the characteristics of each character, namely the secondary characters. I truly enjoyed listening to this story and that is partly because of her. While listening to this audiobook  I didn’t feel like listening to a book, I felt like living a story. I highly recommend this narrator for modern settings.

You can find Modern Persuasion at:

and on Audible


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3 responses to “Modern Persuasion by Sara Marks

  1. sounds wonderful–enjoyed your review.



  2. sheilalmajczan

    Persuasion is my second favorite of JA’s books. Thanks for sharing. Sounds lovely.


  3. sheilalmajczan

    I did read this and reviewed this – had to check on that as I read so many I don’t remember all the titles or even all the story lines.


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