Tempt Me by Julie Cooper – Deleted Scene

Good Afternoon everyone, 

How are you today? Have you wished Colin a happy birthday yet? I can’t believe he is turning 60 today! I’m not sure if he is your Mr. Darcy, but he is always the one I imagine when I am reading a book, even when he is a vampyre like in Julie Cooper’s new book, Tempt Me

Have you heard about this book yet? It was just released this week, but it is next in line on my TBR. I expect to start reading it next week and have a review ready near Halloween. 

I know not many of you have such a great interest in the paranormal like I do, but I still hope you give this book a chance. I’ve never read anything from Julie Cooper but her previous book, The Perfect Gentleman was a huge success and Tempt Me is already receiving incredible reviews so my expectation is really high. I love vampyre stories, and I believe she is a very good writer, so I imagine this will become a favourite 🙂 

Today she is visiting with a deleted scene of Tempt Me and I hope you all enjoy it 🙂

I would like to thank Mrs. Cooper for visiting, and Quills & Quartos for inviting me to be a part of the tour 🙂


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single vampyre must be in want of a wife. Someone biddable, her memories easily expunged to allow for strange, inexplicable deeds and baffling circumstances. A tractable creature, of average intelligence, willing to attend to the business of producing heirs and keep out of all else. A girl easily moulded, incurious, indifferent, and demanding nothing beyond access to his fortune.

Fitzwilliam Darcy knows exactly who he needs. He can fix on the hour, the spot, the look, and the words which laid the foundation for an obsession he rejected. But ten years later, at an assembly in an obscure village in Hertfordshire, he finds himself in the middle once more.

His needs are unalterable. But can he resist the one woman he truly wants?





You can find Tempt Me at:






Alone with Elizabeth in the carriage once again, Darcy gazed moodily out the window. He

had extended himself with unusual effort to his wife’s relations in a bid to win her approval; as things stood, he wished he could determine the success of his efforts with a tad more accuracy. 

He had been trying to gauge her frame of mind since signing the registry this morning, meeting very little success. The journey from Hertfordshire to London with the broken-hearted Jane might have been torturous, except that nearly the whole of his attention was fixed upon his wife—cataloguing her every smile and frown, tallying which attitude prevailed. Towards the end of the journey, he’d been certain she was growing upset, and could not determine if the pending separation from Jane or the coming night with him was more to blame.

He wanted her. Profoundly. Every smile was a fist to his gut, her every touch a prelude to an ache of desire. Without being certain how much intimacy would be required to initiate bonding, a ruthless part of him speculated on just how far he might be able to go before triggering it. Not only the beast within calculated. Elizabeth expected to be a wife, and he did not want to leave her a ‘widow’ believing herself unattractive to him, feeling his rejection. The urge to cherish and adore her was from the deepest and best part of his fractured heart.

At least Mr and Mrs Gardiner’s fears on her behalf had eased. Now, if only he could erase his own, he might begin to fathom hers.

The carriage pulled up in front of his townhouse. He watched Elizabeth peer out at his home, her mouth dropping open.

“Mr Darcy…this is…I am overwhelmed.”

He could not tell if she thought it grandiose and overblown or if she were impressed. It irritated him that he cared about such an insignificant detail; it was only a building. He said as much.

Elizabeth gave him a look. “Yes. And Saint James is only a house.”

He smiled. “I do not want you to be awed. Perhaps a bit pleased. It is your home.”

She smiled back. “Our home,” she corrected.

Darcy knew he had no right to the ridiculous pleasure he took in her words. The housekeeper, butler, and most of the permanent staff were lined up to greet them, and he used the distraction to divert his thoughts. Still, it was with great enjoyment that he introduced Elizabeth as Mrs. Darcy, again and again murmuring the treasured appellation. He allowed himself to escort her to the Mistress’s chambers so that she might rest after their lengthy journey…and also so that he might see her reaction to her new rooms, as he had dreamed of doing for so long. He was glad, after all, that they had made time to come to London; he would always be able to picture her here in the lonely years ahead.

She did not disappoint. “It is lovely!” she gasped, wandering through to lightly touch and admire.

“I hoped you would like it,” he admitted. “But if you desire any changes, you need only say the word. I will leave you to rest now, and have Mrs Ashford send a girl to help you.”


Mr Darcy was gone before Elizabeth could protest that she was not the slightest bit tired and needed no assistance. She did not wish to be left alone in a room so elegant, so strange and new, so unfamiliar. How long would it be before this felt like her home? she wondered. The entrance of the lady’s maid recalled her to the present. Mrs Darcy, she repeated to herself. You are Mrs Darcy. Remember!

The servant who presented herself, however, appeared even more nervous than Elizabeth. It had the effect of reassuring her, as her natural confidence rose to the fore in the face of the girl’s uneasiness.

“I’ve been in service as a lady’s maid, ma’am,” Maggie said diffidently, “but none of my former mistresses had such hair as wilful, um, I mean…as splendid as yours.”

Elizabeth laughed. “My hair refuses to cooperate at the best of times, Maggie. For now, I will settle happily for the removal of the pins. There are so many today, my head aches.”

Once her hair was released from its confinement and braided into a loose plait, she allowed Maggie to help her disrobe and change into a plain white nightdress before excusing her. It felt odd to rest midday, but her nearly sleepless night and the stresses of the day suddenly overwhelmed her. She would lie down for a short while, she decided, sighing with pleasure as the soft mattress gave beneath her. Luxurious. In moments, she was asleep.

Julie Cooper, a California native, lives with her Mr Darcy (without the arrogance or the Pemberley) of nearly forty years, two dogs (one intelligent, one goofball), and Kevin the Cat (smarter than all of them.)  They have four children and three grandchildren, all of whom are brilliant and adorable, with the pictures to prove it. She works as an executive at a gift basket company and her tombstone will read, “Have your Christmas gifts delivered at least four days before the 25th.”  Her hobbies are reading, giving other people good advice, and wondering why no one follows it.

If you want to know more about Julie Cooper or Tempt Me, please do not forget to check the other blog tour stops 🙂


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19 responses to “Tempt Me by Julie Cooper – Deleted Scene

  1. What a lovely deleted scene. I have read 5 star reviews and I am excited to read this book.

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  2. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    I greatly enjoyed the Perfect Gentleman and look forward to reading Tempted. Thanks for featuring Julie’s book and the deleted scene. Best Wishes on the new release.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glynis

    I love this cover and everything I’ve read about this book! so I’m really looking forward to reading it! I’m ok with vampyres etc as long as it’s well written and I’ve been told there isn’t TOO much angst.
    Thank you for sharing this deleted scene, I can’t believe Darcy left Elizabeth alone but I suppose it will make sense when I get to read it?

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  4. Love that scene. Thanks for sharing.


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  5. Thanks for sharing this deleted scene.

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  6. This deleted scene makes me want to read the story even more!


  7. Jen D

    What a lovely and beautifully tense scene. There is something about Darcy as vampyre that attracts me: the charisma, power, and good looks taken into another vent, along with the intelligence I expect from Mr Darcy in canon and JAFF. Thank you for the opportunity of the contest.


  8. J. W. Garrett

    I grabbed this as soon as it launched. Rita, like you, I love a Darcy vampire or ever how it is spelled. I look forward to reading this and your review. The excerpts that I have seen so far have been amazing and make me want to abandon the book I am currently reading. Of course, I would NEVER do such a thing. Snicker… Julie, your book has tempted me [OK, pun intended]. Blessings on its success. Everyone stay safe and healthy.


  9. Lucy Marin

    Love the extra scene! Tempt Me is next on my TBR list. Congrats, Julie!


  10. I loved The Perfect Gentlemen and I am so excited to read Tempt Me! Thank you for sharing this deleted scene!


  11. Dung

    I love deleted scenes, thanks for sharing!


  12. KateB

    I’m not find of vampire stories but the writing is so good it pulls you in. I’ll are this book to my list. Congratulations


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