Through Each Other’s Eyes by Aleena Ashe

Through Each Other’s Eyes develops a story where during the Netherfield Ball both Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth make a wish upon a shooting star, and wake up the next morning in the others body. 

I’ve read some body swap stories before but never have I read of Darcy and Elizabeth swapping with one another and I found it very amusing and enlightening. By going through each others lives, these characters learn to appreciate one another and leave their prejudice behind them, which also enables them to fall in love with one another much sooner in canon.

I particularly enjoyed seeing how Mr. Darcy adapted to the life at Longbourn and how he managed to deal with Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Collins and even take the time to help Mary. 

I found the story very entertaining and loved going through it, even if there were a few aspects I wasn’t particularly fond of. First, the characters do not appear too preoccupied with reversing the situation in which they find themselves in, and secondly the details concerning each others physical differences went a little too far for my taste. I understand that being in the body of someone from another sex may be strange, especially if the person doesn’t have a big knowledge of the human anatomy, but there were a few details that could have been avoided in my opinion. I would also have enjoyed the story a little more if the romance started happening after they were back in their original bodies. It felt strange to see them attracted to the other person, when the other person is in their own body. Nevertheless, I liked the story and these small quibbles did not prevent me from having a good time listening to it.

The book is short, with only 181 pages, and it does not possess a lot of depth or much complexity. The main plot is solved very easily without many explanations as to how that happened, so you need to be aware that this is a light and uncomplicated storyline that focuses mainly in the romance between the two characters and their interactions.

Through Each Other’s Eyes does not have a complex plot, nor does it have any angst, so I would recommend it to readers who are looking for a light and entertaining story without much depth into it.

Audiobook Narration:

Elizabeth Bennet’s Level

It is not easy to do a male voice while portraying a female character and vice versa, but the narrator was perfectly in line with the story and did a wonderful job. Siobhan Waring’s voice is very pleasing and the differences between male and female characters was flawless. I feel inclined to listen to other audiobooks narrated by Siobhan Waring.

You can find Through Each Other’s Eyes at:

on Audible

and on Kindle Unlimited


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4 responses to “Through Each Other’s Eyes by Aleena Ashe

  1. J. W. Garrett

    I have this and look forward to reading it. I especially liked your review. Blessings, Rita. Thanks for all you do for us. Stay safe and healthy.


    • Thanks for checking in Jeanne, I hope you like this one. It is not the type of book I usually like, but I did have a good time with it, especially because the audiobook version is really good. I loved the narration 🙂


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