Being Mrs Darcy by Lucy Marin

Being Mrs Darcy is not just another forced marriage story, it is an epic book that focuses on character development while keeping the narrative interesting and progressing at the exact right pace. 

I confess I thought the book would be too long for the premise it had, but in truth, it needed every single page and every single word in it. The writing is so compelling the reader is immersed into the story, and as the events take place, it becomes harder to remember the feelings the book incited in us in the beginning. The characters and their feelings grow throughout this book, and the reader follows their lead.

In Being Mrs Darcy, Elizabeth is spending a few days in Ramsgate with her father and Jane when she sees an argument between a young lady and a gentleman, she decides to intervene to assist the young lady, but the consequences are devastating. Gossip starts to spread involving her and Mr. Darcy who arrives at the scene shortly after Elizabeth’s intervention and he does the honourable thing, of course, and proposes marriage to Elizabeth, who has no other choice but to accept. But as you can see from this premise, none of them wanted to marry the other, so this is a forced marriage scenario not only to Elizabeth, but also to Darcy and even Georgiana who will play a big part in this story. 

In Being Mrs Darcy, Georgiana’s character is very different from the usual characterization we see of her, and in the beginning of the book I just wanted someone to put her in the right place. I think I hated Georgiana in this book, and that never happened before, so you can see how different and interesting her character is. However, I ended up loving the portrait Lucy Marin did of Darcy’s sister, she was not mean just because it was useful to the story, she had a true depth into her that I truly appreciated. Her character had to go through as much growth as Elizabeth and Darcy, and even if she does repent in the end, she never betrays who she was and how she behaved. We end up understanding her a little too, and that is because she was not a one-dimensional character, she was a reflex of real people who have many layers, and this was definitely something I was expecting from Elizabeth and Darcy’s characters, but not Georgiana, so it was a nice surprise to see that Lucy Marin decided to go beyond a flat character.

What I loved the most in this book was the character growth and how the scenes and dialogues contributed to that growth. Elizabeth goes through a lot in this book, and even if I felt pity for her during most of the book, I couldn’t comprehend why she was behaving like that. It took me some time to truly understand her character and where she was coming from. It was the same with Darcy, I started by being confused by him, hating him, and loving him. The characters are so well developed that we feel for them everything we feel towards real people. We all feel different things for the same person in different situations or phases of our lives, and that is what happens between the reader and the characters in this book. 

Being Mrs. Darcy is beautifully simple yet complex in the sense that despite the fact the story is simple, the characters have so many layers to them, that we feel transported into their lives, and into their daily struggles. I felt depressed with Elizabeth’s loneliness and overjoyed with Darcy’s defense of her in the end of the book. 

All the new Darcy family members were a nice addition to the narrative and I must say that in the beginning I didn’t like any of them, however, when I reached the end of the book I loved them all. 

Mrs. Bennet has a very small part in this book, but she was certainly a character I loved! I believe that with every single character the author demonstrated a true understanding of human nature and Mrs. Bennet was no exception. The only character I didn’t like was Mr. Bennet, but even he was an example of a perfect character.

Being Mrs Bennet is a masterpiece that involves readers in a story that has depth and interest and I believe it was the best book I’ve read this year. It doesn’t have a simple Elizabeth and Darcy love story, it takes these characters into a path of discovery and understanding that makes the book a must read. I highly recommend it.


You can find Being Mrs Darcy at:

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20 responses to “Being Mrs Darcy by Lucy Marin

  1. Sophia Rose

    The way you described how you felt this book was worth every page it had and all the emotions has me sorry I haven’t picked it up sooner. Great review, Rita!


    • I was a little unsure myself because it is such a huge book, and the story really is simple, but there is something in the way Lucy Marin developed these characters that pulled me into it. I wanted to spend more time in their company and see how their lives would progress. I think you’ll like it too Sophia 🙂 Thank you for stopping by 🙂


    • Lucy Marin

      If you do give it a try, I hope you like it. I originally posted BMD online ages ago and it was much, much longer. Yikes! 😀


  2. sheilalmajczan

    I read and loved this story. I have read it in its entirety twice and one part in particular several more times…when he comes back from London. Love the “after the stormy night part” also. Great review.


    • There are definitely parts which are worth re-reading Sheila, but this is one of those that I loved as a whole I think. In some books we can clearly remember one scene or the other because they stand out, but to be honest, on this one, I think the entire book is worth re-reading 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and sharing your love for this book 🙂


    • Lucy Marin

      Thank you, Sheila. Your support means a lot to me.


  3. Great review, Rita! I agree with you 100%. This book is a masterpiece with incredible depth to the characters.


  4. Lucy Marin


    Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I am thrilled you enjoyed BMD.


  5. Glynis

    I first read the posted version of this which was even longer, but have since read this published one!
    I love your review Rita. I too felt so, so sorry for Elizabeth, coping with her loneliness and despair and I was so relieved when she finally got some happiness and support from Darcy. As for Georgiana? Definitely a character!
    I’m glad you enjoyed it.


  6. Rita, what a great review of this wonderful story. I read this story as a WIP and enjoyed it. It was ~900 pages long. When I finished reading it, I started reading it again. I was so excited to learn Ms. Martin was going to publish it , I immediately brought the book to have in my Library. The young, spiteful character of Georgiana was wonderfully portrayed. Elizabeth was such a strong character that adapted to make the best of her circumstances. Darcy was so cold in the beginning and then truly fell in love with his wife. Everything about this book was wonderful and I would highly recommend.


  7. alexandrariverstories

    I bought the book but didn’t have the time to read it yet. I was waiting for the moment I’d get into a “forced marriage”-scenario-mood but your review certainly showed that this is far more than that.
    Thank you, Rita, for letting me know I have a great book waiting for me. This feeling (eagerness combined with the security in the knowledge it’s good and thrill for what is to come) is priceless!


  8. Xena Anne

    I loved this book. Georgiana was a real piece of work, but I think she eventually grew up a little.


  9. Christina Boyd

    Great review!!


  10. KateB

    Great review Rita of my favorite FMS book. I read it many times online and I read the published version and listened to the audiobook.
    I found Elizabeth’s behavior consistent with her personality though she wasn’t her usual , witty self for a big part of the book. I believe she would have made a decision to adjust her behavior In these circumstances. Mrs. Gardiner’s letter of advice before Elizabeth’s marriage was unfortunately true and Elizabeth would have followed it. I loved the description how she felt she was losing herself and my heart was breaking for her. The Hunsford scene was one of the best I’ve read.
    There were a few scenes and characters I missed from the original version, but I understand that such a huge story had to be heavily edited. I just hope that one scene will find it’s way back in an update or another edition. The one from a ball in which Martha Sims and Caroline get their just desserts. Pretty please Lucy 🙏🙏


    • Lucy Marin

      I do love that scene. Both ladies deserved a good set down. 😂 Perhaps I can post it as an outtake somewhere; I’ll see what I can come up with. Thanks, KateB.


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