The Mystery of the Missing Heiress by Riana Everly

The Mystery of the Missing Heiress is a prequel to P&P where we follow the events during which Georgiana is at Ramsgate from Darcy’s perspective. I loved how the Riana Everly was able to give a new life to what happened at Ramsgate and that it was told from Darcy’s perspective, but not focusing too much on Wickham. This novella’s goal is to introduce the reader to Alexander Lyons, a private investigator who will be a major character in book 1 of the Miss Mary Investigates series, but it was done in a very interesting manner because while allowing the reader to get to know this character better, the author develops a clever and dynamic twist to the whole Ramsgate affair. Let’s just say the events weren’t exactly as we usually see them occur in other books.

Alexander Lyons is a very interesting original character and I absolutely loved his intelligence, happy manners and the fact that he is in a way a self made man. He is a mixture between Darcy, Bingley and Mr. Thornton and I am eager to get to know him better in Death of a Clergyman.

I also loved Darcy’s character and how we started to see a couple of changes in him. In this Pride and Prejudice Prequel, we start to see how Darcy is ready to change for Elizabeth, how he only needed someone to guide him away from his proud manners. I enjoyed seeing this pre-Elizabeth Darcy, how he behaved during the Ramsgate situation, but above all how he interacted with other friends and acquaintances.

The Mystery of the Missing Heiress is a very short prequel novella meant to acquaint us with an original character, but I highly recommend it to those who love Darcy. It is true that Elizabeth is not present in this story, and this is not a romance, but it is very entertaining, and elucidative concerning Darcy’s character.  I enjoyed it immensely. 

You can find The Mystery of the Missing Heiress  (currently FREE) at:


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5 responses to “The Mystery of the Missing Heiress by Riana Everly

  1. Glynis

    I totally agree Rita! I’m so glad you recommended that I read this before Death of a Clergyman!
    I’ve now just finished that one and loved it as well!
    I didn’t see that solution coming!!!!
    A great series so far?


  2. Grace Gibson

    This sounds like a great story – thank you!


  3. Sophia Rose

    Oh neat! I didn’t realize there was a prequel so I will definitely snag this one first before diving into the following mystery.


  4. caroleincanada

    Great review, Rita! I have this on my Kindle and I look forward to reading it soon!


  5. J. W. Garrett

    Thanks, Rita for hosting. Oh, I have this and am looking forward to reading it. This looks like a fun and exciting series. Blessings on its success. Be safe, everyone.


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