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NorthFanger by Jayne Bamber – Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

I am very happy to welcome once more at From Pemberley to Milton author Jayne Bamber because she is an author who keeps surprising me with every new book she releases. She has amazed me with the wonderful cover of Outmatched, captivated me with the blurb of Madness in Meryton and now she is once more raising high expectations with NorthFanger, a vampire mash up between Pride & Prejudice and Northanger Abbey! This book has all the ingredients I usually need to love a story, so I hope I am able to read it soon 🙂

I hope you all enjoy the excerpt we are bringing you today, and don’t forget there is a giveaway going on 🙂

I would like to thank Ms. Bamber for visiting once more, and wish her luck with this new release 🙂


A campy, vampy fusion of Pride & Prejudice with Northanger Abbey…

Elizabeth Bennet and her cousin Catherine Morland travel into Kent to visit the recently married Collinses in the village of Hunsford, near the great estate of Rosings Park. Elizabeth anticipates that the visit will be very dull indeed, while Catherine believes adventure and romance await them there, just as in the gothic novels she adores.

Within a week, both women have their expectations subverted by the sudden arrival of a vampire into their midst. The ladies at the parsonage take flight, accompanied by the outraged Colonel Fitzwilliam, his outwitted cousin, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy – and an out-of-control fledgling vampire.

Proving herself indispensable during the undead Darcy debacle, Elizabeth becomes the heroine her cousin Catherine always knew she was – and enviously wishes to be herself – as she leads them to Bath in search of the wily Silas Bennet, an expert in all matters vampiric.

But amidst the hunt for Uncle Silas, other predators enter the fray, all in search of one very old man, and a very young vampire. In Bath they encounter the Tilneys, the Thorpes, and an array of familiar faces and vicious villains bent on wreaking bloody havoc, leading a merry band of misfits to take shelter in a place too spooky not to hold secrets of it’s own: Northanger Abbey.


You can find NorthFanger at:

and on Kindle Unlimited


Hello, dear readers! It is such a treat to be back at From Pemberley to Milton to share one last excerpt of my new release, NorthFanger

If you’ve been following my blog tour, you will know from other excerpts that Georgiana Darcy appears at Rosings after being made a vampire, and Elizabeth Bennet saved the day. The excerpt I am sharing today takes place after Lizzy, Charlotte, Colonel Fitzwilliam and the Darcy siblings have decamped from Kent and fled to Bath, where they are searching for Elizabeth’s Uncle Silas, a vampire expert who has taught her a great deal of supernatural know-how. The merry band of misfits are laying low in Camden Place, enjoying a rare night of respite from Catherine Morland’s lurid imagination and curiosity, and George Wickham’s villainous pursuit….


Darcy and Elizabeth went through their new evening ritual when Georgiana awoke; after she had fed, Mrs. Collins asked to join them, and she half-dragged Richard in by the hand. As there was no need for secrecy, they congregated in the drawing room with the doors closed and the servants all busy below stairs. The fire roared, Georgiana asked to play the pianoforte while ‘her humans’ awaited their dinner, and for an hour or more Darcy was at leisure to revel in the normalcy of it all. 

It was a welcome relief that he was not obliged to speak. He held a newspaper in his hand, and even gave it the occasional glance, but his penchant for watching and soaking in his surroundings won out soon enough. He was not often so easy in company, particularly when called upon to speak at any length, but his environs were familiar, and their small party becoming nearly so; the informal intimacy, the idleness and utter lack of crisis was a balm to his spirits. 

He was not ignorant of the quiet conversation between Mrs. Collins and Richard, nor the firm but encouraging demeanor the widow had applied to render Richard more civil than he had been in several days. However, Darcy was chiefly occupied in observing Elizabeth. She stood at the pianoforte, helping her keep time with the music. At times Georgiana was prone to play horridly fast, but she had begun to laugh it off, even make a sort of parlor trick of it, and Darcy fairly glowed with pride.

Elizabeth caught his eye and smiled warmly at him; Darcy felt a rush of joy as he imagined such a scene unfolding at Pemberley, the two women he adored so sisterly together – and Elizabeth in his house, smiling at him thus, until he took her by the hand and led her upstairs to….

“Lizzy,” Georgiana cried with a tinkling laugh. “Listen to how fast I can play Mozart!”

“That is very fast indeed – I can scarcely see your fingers move – it is all a blur to me. You had better take care, dearest – let that be a trick you only show those who know your secret.”

“Of course. But you must all dance! I will keep very regular time – unless I do not, and then you will all be obliged to dance very quickly, and how I shall laugh.” Georgiana spun around in a flash, her arm bent back so that her fingers still played perfectly. “See! I need not look at the keys! I will play and you will dance, and I can watch you all.”

Richard gaped at Georgiana – Darcy could see his cousin’s uneasy acceptance waning, but Mrs. Collins stood and offered him her hand with playful expectancy. “Remarkable,” she breathed. 

Elizabeth had not observed this – she said, “I do not expect my poor widowed friend will dance, but-”

“Of course I will,” Mrs. Collins cut her off. “The day shall come very soon, Eliza, when nobody shall tell me what I can and cannot do – better to begin directly, I think. At any rate, I have not danced since the twenty-sixth of November, it is high time to remedy that!”

Darcy chuckled – it was the sort of effusion he might have expected from Bingley. Georgiana, however, fumbled at her playing. The twenty-six of November – it was the night she had been taken. 

Darcy was on his feet in an instant, but Elizabeth was faster. Darcy joined them and laid his hand on Georgiana’s shoulder, his fingers brushing accidentally over Elizabeth’s. She began to move her hand away but Darcy captured it; he looked into Elizabeth’s eyes as Georgiana resumed her playing. “We have not danced since the twenty-sixth of November, either.”

A pretty blush spread across her cheeks, and Elizabeth looked away. She tapped Georgiana on the nose and laughed. “Your brother and I quarreled when last we danced. What do you think, shall I stand up with him again?”

Georgiana looked up and Darcy gave her a pleading look. She tapped her chin with her left index finger, her right hand still keeping time with the music. “What did you quarrel about?”

Darcy drew in a sharp breath, but Elizabeth knew better than to speak the name that would cause his sister such distress. “First impressions,” she drawled.

“Well, your first impression of William cannot have been worse than your first impression of me – he is very shy in company, you know – but if you can give me such a second chance, you can do no less for William.”

“You declined to dance with me at Lucas Lodge, and again at Netherfield when your sister was ill – besides, I know I cannot frighten you.”

Elizabeth relented, her expression hinting that she had always intended to, and as Darcy took her hand, he realized that Georgiana was playing a waltz. Elizabeth’s eyes flashed with momentary surprise, and she spared a wry smile and delightful arch of her eyebrow in Georgiana’s direction, but tipped her chin up as if rising to a great challenge when Darcy began to lead her through the steps. 

He had but a moment to savor the feel of her in his arm, before she addressed him with incredulous mirth. “We shall have the misfortune, I fear, of passing another dance together speaking of disagreeable people – I understand Caroline Bingley was here.”

“She was,” Darcy replied, groaning internally. Elizabeth was radiant in his arms – he had no wish to think of Caroline Bingley at such a time. “She left her card – she is staying with the Hursts. The butler informed her the house is not receiving callers, as there is a widow in residence.”

“I appreciate your discretion – she saw me approaching the house – I am glad she knows I have some chaperone,” Elizabeth said, her rosy lips twisting into a wicked grin. “I was obliged to leave my address in the Visitor’s Book, and I feared she would be writing to Jane, and as soon as my mother read the note she would be telling all of Meryton that I….”

Darcy chuckled, the euphoria of the moment rendering his memory the Bennet matron’s antics a little more amusing than it had ever been. “Oh yes, that you are waltzing with Mr. Darcy, among such a merry band of misfits.” He made a sweeping gesture toward his cousin and Mrs. Collins, who seemed lost to all but each other. 

She rewarded him with more tinkling laughter. “I believe I can safely say this is very near the exact scenario she would conjure up!” Elizabeth looked away, laughing at Georgiana. “Turn around, I cannot dance properly with you making such looks!”

Relieved that his sister was no longer looking on, Darcy drew Elizabeth closer, drinking in the sight of her blushing once more. “I think you dance beautifully, Miss Bennet.” 

“Do you mean to frighten me after all?”

Darcy did not answer right away. He gently pressed his fingertips against her back, guiding her through the steps of the dance, afraid to break the intense gaze they shared. He caught himself leaning in, as if to kiss her, the world around them utterly gone – at the last moment he caught himself and stilled. They stopped dancing, Elizabeth’s skirts rustling at his legs as she leaned in to steady herself against him. Darcy kept his face just inches from hers as he whispered into her ear, “Teasing woman, I mean to flirt with you, and I think you know it.”

Jayne Bamber is offering one ebook copy of NorthFanger to my readers. To apply to it please click on the Rafflecopter link.

Good Luck everyone!



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Eco Friendly Christmas gifts, an Etsy Shop & 2020 Christmas Giveaway



Good Afternoon dear readers,

December is approaching but with the new confinement I’ve been facing in Portugal I’ve been feeling it’s Christmas time for some weeks now. That means that my Christmas tree was already made, all my Christmas presents were bought, and all my Christmas postcards are ready to get in the mail, so I thought it was about time I post my yearly Christmas Post 🙂

I’m not sure if many of you know, but I have been trying to have a more sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle, therefore, this year I have tried searching for Christmas presents that would either be environmental friendly, or utilitarian and came up with the below list. If you haven’t started getting your Christmas gifts yet, you may find some good ideas below 🙂


1 – Jane Austen Soap Bar

There is nothing more sustainable then a soap bar in a cardboard package. I have stopped buying any kind of soap that comes in a plastic container, so I thought this soap was a really cool idea 🙂

It is Lavender scented, made in the USA from domestic materials and it is not tested on animals. Each piece of mini soap is 2oz 2.25″ x 1.75″ x 1″ and in my opinion a great Christmas gift.

You can find it at: – $ 5,85 


2 – Jane Austen Lotion Bar

This Jane Austen Lotion Bar follows the same logic as the Soap bar, it appears to be an interesting alternative to the liquid ones that come in a plastic container. I found it at Northanger Soapworks, and even if they still have some things which appear to come in plastic bags, this one comes in an aluminum container and it can be refilled, so it seemed like a good environmental choice. 

According to them the solid lotion bar is exceptionally rejuvenating for dry winter skin. It’s not for washing–it’s a blend of luxurious oils that are solid at room temperature. Place it between your palms, and as it warms, rub it into your hands and dry areas. It’s like lip balm for the body!

If it weren’t for the shipping costs, I would get one myself 🙂

You can find it at:

Northanger Soapworks – $ 11


3 – Jane Austen Flower Growbar


This confinement has also made me realise how important it is to have some green at hour houses, especially when people live in a small apartment like myself, so I thought this growbar was a really fun idea! It is 100% eco-friendly, the coir is made with coconut fibres and is a sustainable alternative to peat. The recyclable film wrap is made from sugar cane, so what else could I hope for?

You can find it at: – 12 £


4 – Jane Austen Mask

Wearing a mask has become almost as natural as wearing pants nowadays, but using one for four hours and putting it in the garbage is not very eco friendly is it? I thought this one looked like a good alternative because instead of using it once and throwing it away, it can be used endlessly and all we have to do is change the filters. On Amazon they have mentioned many advantages concerning this mask but before buying it, I would read everything very carefully. I am not an expert in masks and I don’t know if this one will be appropriate for your needs. I did find it a good idea though, and I may get one myself 🙂  

You can find it at: – $ 17,99


5 – Jane Austen Reusable Coffee Mug

Single use coffee cups are just terrible for the environment and completely unnecessary. I used to love them, mainly because we didn’t have many in Portugal, but now that I’ve started paying attention to our environmental footprint, I cannot understand the need to use them, especially when reusable coffee mugs are so much cooler!I mean… Jane Austen Reusable Coffee Mug? that is awesome! I love this one 🙂

You can find it at: – $ 16,96


7 – Austenesque Reviews Mug

Anf is for some reason you’re using single use cups at home, why not replace them for beautiful Austenesque mugs? There are many out there, but the ones Meredith from Austenesque Reviews has created are just adorable!

You can find it at: 

Austenesque Reviews Etsy Shop – 9,62 Euros


8 – Jane Austen Reusable Water Bottle

Did you know that Americans buy 29 billion water bottles a year and that for every six bottles people buy, only one is recycled?  And did you know that it takes at least up to 1,000 years for every single bottle to decompose, leaking pollutants into our soil and water along the way?

I haven’t bought one single plastic bottle for a very long time because I am always with my reusable water bottle. If you haven’t got one yet, what about an Austen themed one? Isn’t this one beautiful? I loved it 🙂

You can find it at: – $ 20,99


9 – JAFF Christmas Books

What kind of literary blog would this be if I made a list of Christmas gifts that didn’t actually include books? And if you choose to get  ebooks or audiobooks, you’re choosing an eco friendly option too 🙂

There are too many books out there I could recommend, but instead, I thought it would be interesting to get your attention to recently released Christmas themed ones. I haven’t read them, so I cannot recommend them, I can only add that they seem quite interesting for this time of the year. 

Already Released:

Unexpected Gifts – 0,99$


Christmas Time After Time – 3,99 $


A Very Bennet Christmas – 3,99$


Available for Pre-Order:

A Miracle in Meryton – 2,99$


Snow Falls in Longbourn – 3,99 $


10 – Jane Austen Bookmarks

Bookmarks may not be the most eco friendly gift of this list, but if instead of an ebook you choose a paperback, you’ll certainly need one, right?

Well, I know there are many bookmarks out there, but with the extra time I had this year, I started making a few myself. I love arts and crafts and I’ve been experimenting different things, one of them were laminated bookmarks. Because I’ve made quite a few, I thought it would be a good idea to create an Etsy Shop and sell them there, so if you like bookmarks, take a look at the ones I have there 🙂 I have also created a 2020 From Pemberley to Milton Christmas Box Set with some of the postcards I’ve been creating if you’re curious 🙂

You can find them at: 

From Pemberley to Milton Etsy Shop – From 1,50 to 2,50 Euros

I couldn’t end my Christmas Post without a giveaway could I? This year I’ve decided to try something new so I am doing a Rafflecopter giveaway! It’s my first time doing it, so I hope all works out well 🙂 If there is any issue with it, please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Since I’ve finally gained the courage to open an Etsy shop to try to reduce the number of stuff I have at home, I thought it would be nice to offer to my readers some of the things I have listed in this new shop, so I’m offering to one reader 1 of my 2020 Jane Austen Christmas Box Set. But the giveaway doesn’t end there, I would also like to offer 1 signed copy of The Second Chance by Joana Starnes and 1 You Have Biwitched Me Pillow Case.

Summing up, there are 3 prizes up for grabs:

1 2020 Jane Austen Christmas Box Set

1 signed paperback of The Second Chance by Joana Starnes

1 You Have Biwitched Me Pillow Case

The giveaway is international and all you have to do to apply is comment on this post and click on this Rafflecopter link, and follow the instructions there, of course 😉

Good Luck everyone!


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The Gentleman and the Thief by Sarah M. Eden – Excerpt

Hello dear readers,

I hope this week is treating you well 🙂 Mine has been a good one because not only have I been working on some innovative projects at work, but also creating new pieces with my arts and crafts hobbie.

Today I am very pleased to receive for the first time Sarah M. Eden at From Pemberley to Milton. Ms Eden is visiting with an excerpt of her recently released book The Gentleman and the Thief which I believe will be to your liking 🙂 You can find the blurb and excerpt below, and if you’re curious about it, you can still visit all the other blogs on the tour to read more about the novel. 

Thank you for visiting Ms Eden, and thank you for all the hard work with the organization of the tour Laurel Ann 🙂


A standalone novel in The Dread Penny Society set in 1865 London brimming with secrets, scandal, suspense, and romance.

From the moment Hollis Darby meets Ana Newport, he’s smitten. Even though he’s from a wealthy, established family and she isn’t, he wishes he could have a life with her by his side. But Hollis has a secret: the deep coffers that have kept his family afloat for generations are bare, so he supports himself by writing penny dreadfuls under a pseudonym. If not for the income from his novels, he would be broke.

Ana Newport also has a secret. Though she once had a place in society thanks to her father’s successful business, bankruptcy and scandal reduced his fortune to nothing more than a crumbling town house. So Ana teaches music during the day, and at night she assumes the identity of the “Phantom Fox.” She breaks into the homes of the wealthy to reclaim trinkets and treasures she feels were unjustly stolen from her family when they were struggling.

When Hollis’s brother needs to hire a music tutor for his daughter, Hollis recommends Ana, giving him a chance to spend time with her. Ana needs the income and is eager for the opportunity to get to know the enigmatic gentleman. What neither of them expects is how difficult it will be to keep their respective secrets from each other.

When a spree of robberies rocks the city, Ana and Hollis join forces to solve the crimes, discovering that working together deepens the affection between them. After all, who better to save the day than a gentleman and a thief?




You can find The Gentleman and the Thief at:

and on Audible







Installment I, in which our Hero enlists the help of a brave and kind Neighbor and encounters a most dire Prediction!


The grand estate of Summerworth sat nestled between a raging river and the windswept moors. Its turrets and towers loomed large, declaring to all who drew near that this was the home of a noble and exalted family. Yet, within its palatial walls, a mournful sadness wrapped ice around the heart of the only person who lived therein.

After great tragedy and heartrending loss, only Mr. Wellington Quincey remained of those who had once made their home in the splendor of Summerworth. His family had dwindled to only one; the Summerworth staff had dwindled to only two.

Wellington’s despondency had rendered the house an almost unbearably sad place to live. His sorrows were many. His companions were few.

For all his anguish, he was not an unkind gentleman. Those who knew him liked him. Many a heart ached at his suffering and isolation. His family was gone. His home was remote.

He had all but given up on finding companionship and love and a new beginning by the time he reached his twentyfifth year. Loneliness was his lot in life, and he would endure it. But there was one thing he could not sort out. How was it an estate as far from neighbors as his, so devoid of staff and visitors, was the victim of an unending string of thefts?

Jewelry had disappeared. Silver. Paintings. Priceless heirlooms. His trusted servants hadn’t the least idea what precisely had befallen Summerworth. The missing items could not be located. No clues had been left behind. He was utterly and completely baffled.

It was with this mystery hanging heavy on his weary mind that he mounted his trusty steed and dedicated a morning to riding a circuit of the estate. He was not at risk of being beggared by the thefts, but neither could he ignore the growing list of pilfered items. Who could possibly be taking them? What ill-intentioned thief was bringing such misery to his already painful life?

He rounded a turn in the path as it passed the cottage of the estate steward. Elmore Combs had remained in his post after the death of Wellington’s grandfather some fifteen years earlier, Wellington’s father ten years after that, and Wellington’s older brother a mere two years ago. 

Combs’s daughter, Tillie, stood outside, pulling laundry off the clothesline. Wellington had known Tillie since they had been children running and skipping and laughing through the meadows and lawns and streams of Summerworth. They had been dear friends during those long-ago days. He hadn’t seen as much of her the past few years as he would have liked. Life had demanded too much of him.

“Good morning, Tillie.” He pulled his horse to a halt beside the house. “How are you faring this fine day?”

She folded a sheet against herself and smiled at him. “I’m well, sir.”

“You needn’t call me ‘sir,’” he said as he dismounted. “We have been friends all our lives.”

Tillie laid the sheet in her large basket. “But you’re grown now, and the master of the estate. Things ain’t quite what they used to be.”

He pulled another sheet from the line and began folding it himself. “Are we not still friends, Tillie?” 

“You’re hardly here anymore. I’ve a closer friendship with the hedgehog who lives in back of the cottage.”

Her words struck deep. Heaven forgive him, he had been neglectful. He’d lost his grandparents, his parents, and his brother. He seldom saw his friends from Cambridge. He had no true friends amongst Society in London, merely a list of vague acquaintances. He kept to himself, a shield against the grief of losing people he felt close to. But it meant he remained painfully lonely.

“I could come help you fold laundry,” he offered. “Then we could talk as we work.”

Amusement danced in her eyes. “Folding laundry ain’t for the master of the estate.”

“I’m doing it now.” He dropped the sheet into the basket. “Besides, who will even see me working other than you and your father? This needn’t be a source of teasing, unless you mean to engage in jests at my expense.”

“’Course not.”

He took down a serviceable-looking apron and folded it as well. “If laundry is off-limits to me, what will you permit me to do? Sweep the front stoop? Weed the kitchen garden? Are either of those acceptable for a ‘master of the estate’?”

She folded a shirt, no doubt her father’s. “I suspect you’ve spent time weeding and sweeping at your own house, it being short-staffed like it is.”

“Lately, I’ve invested most of my time attempting to locate a virtual treasure trove of missing things.”

Nothing remained on the clothesline. She took up the basket and held it against her hip. “Things’ve been swiped?”

“Quite a number of things,” he said. “Jewelry. Silver. Paintings.”

“And you’ve not located any of it?”

He shook his head. “I fear this mystery will prove utterly unsolvable.”

He walked beside her back to the quaint and inviting cottage. The door stood open, allowing them to enter without a pause.

Her father was inside and greeted Wellington. “Welcome, Mr. Quincey. Have you come on estate business?”

“I stopped to offer a good morning to my lifelong friend but have been rightly informed by your daughter that I have not been an attentive companion to her these years.”

Mr. Combs turned wide eyes on his child. “Tillie. You’d speak so critically to a gentleman of his standing? ’Ave you taken leave of your manners, girl?”

“Pray, do not scold her,” Wellington insisted. “I was rightly chastised, and I mean to make amends.”

“How?” Tillie never had lacked for boldness.

“We spend little time together, as you rightly observed, and I have a maddening riddle at the estate. Perhaps you might help me sort it.”

She looked intrigued. If she agreed to join the hunt for the elusive thief, he would have her company again. The house would not be so empty. The joys of their childhood friendship would bring light back into his darkened world. 

“Would you help?” he pressed. “I would be greatly obliged.”

“I do have a knack for sorting mysteries.” She carried her basket to the table. “We could solve this’n together.”

“I would be deeply indebted to you.” He turned to Mr. Combs. “A great many things have gone missing up at the manor house, odd bits and large pieces. I cannot for the life of me guess where they’ve gone or who might have taken them. You would not begrudge Tillie some time spent helping me discover what’s happened to them, would you? I would not, for all the world, wish to add to your burdens here.”

“We’ll manage,” Mr. Combs said. “Besides, I’m curious to know who—or what—has been making off with your things.”

“‘Or what’?” Wellington repeated.

Tillie nodded. “My father is quite well versed in all the old tales and creatures: pixies, fairies, changelings, redcaps.”

“You suspect my thief is a mythical monster?” The moors were filled with mystery and magic, but Wellington hadn’t thought such had bled onto his own estate. “Is that your theory as well, Tillie?”

“I think we’d best assume anythin’ is possible.”

“Mark me, children, there’s more in this ol’ world than can be seen or understood.” Mr. Combs eyed them in turn. “Unless you proceed with a healthy dose of respect for what you can’t explain, you’ll forever be chasing what you can’t foresee.”

Chapter 4, pages 40-41

Sarah M. Eden is a USA Today best-selling author of witty and charming historical romances, including 2019’s Foreword Reviews INDIE Awards Gold Winner for Romance, The Lady and the Highwayman, and 2020 Holt Medallion finalist, Healing Hearts. She is a two-time “Best of State” Gold Medal winner for fiction and a three-time Whitney Award winner. Combining her obsession with history and her affinity for tender love stories, Sarah loves crafting deep characters and heartfelt romances set against rich historical backdrops. She holds a bachelor’s degree in research and happily spends hours perusing the reference shelves of her local library. 

You can contact her throught the following links:


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Back to the Bonnet by Jennifer Duke – Excerpt

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope this week is treating you well and that you’re keeping safe. Today I am ecstatic to receive Jennifer Duke at From Pemberley to Milton for many different reasons. To start, it is Jennifer’s first visit, secondly she is here to talk about a book whose cover is absolutely stunning (and y’all know how I feel about covers), and last but definitely not least, because she is bringing an excerpt of a book whose premise I absolutely love! I cannot wait to read this book and share my thoughts about it with you.
Jennifer Duke is sharing with us an excerpt of her first published work Back to the Bonnet where she explores how Pride & Prejudice could look from the unique perspective of plain, overlooked but clever Mary who happens to have inherited a bonnet that allows her to travel in time.
This premise has two key aspects I absolutely love, first, it is about my favourite sister (Elizabeth excluded of course), and secondly it involves time travel! How perfect is this?
I would like to thank Jennifer Duke for reaching out to me and writing this type of story, I hope this is not your last visit to From Pemberley to Milton.
To you all, I just hope you like this excerpt and share your opinion with us in the comments 🙂


“Oh really, Miss Mary!” He lowered his voice and leant closer. “Does convention hold you back? You who deny all conventions of time, twisting it from its proper course?”

Matrimony is not a destiny that attracts plain but clever Miss Mary Bennet.

With her family’s fortunes threatened by their own foolish mistakes, deceptive rogues and the inconvenience of male heirs to her family home, the future looks unstable, even bleak. But Mary possesses a secret weapon . . . a bonnet that allows her to travel in time. 

In orchestrating events according to her own inclinations, Mary takes an unconventional route to protect her family from ruin. However, she is unprepared for the dark path down which duty and power will lead her.



You can find Back to the Bonnet at:

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

and on Kindle Unlimited





Excerpt from Volume One, Chapter Twelve – ‘Sermons & Scandals’

    Mr Chamberlayne bowed. “Will you do me the honour?”

    “Thank you,” I whispered, placing my hand in his. “It is most kind of you to ask me when there are so many other women to chuse from.”

    “But, my dear, there is no other Miss Mary Bennet.”

    As he led me down the dance, I made a small squeak, unable to hide my surprise.

    “What is it? Did I tread on your toe?” he asked, before taking the hands of the lady next to me and turning about with her.

    “My sister Lizzy,” I said, when he was opposite me once more. “She’s dancing with Mr Darcy.”

    He squinted over at them. “What of it?”

    To me, the look shared by Lizzy and Mr Darcy might either betray a mutual desire to partake in a duel or to make straight for Gretna Green. “She always said she would never dance with him.”

    “Women are always changing their minds about one thing or another,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Not at all like men.”

    I glared at him. “Lack of obstinacy is hardly a flaw. However, you won’t find me being so changeable.”

    “Of course not,” he said, smile lines creasing at his eyes. “You never change anything, do you?”

I continued in conversation with him at supper and Charlotte came to sit opposite us.

    “You surprise me, Miss Mary,” said Chamberlayne. He made to pour me wine but I placed my hand over the glass. “I thought you would be an advocate of Mary Wollstonecraft’s ideas.”

    “What I mean is that there are certain roles we adopt in society and certain boundaries within which we navigate that have been established for our own good and to ensure stability.”

    “You just want to be careful that a boundary does not become a noose,” he said.

    “Whatever do you . . .” my words trailed off as my attention was drawn to Mama who was toasting Jane’s good fortune with anyone who would clink glasses with her. Her boasts rang out across the room that Jane would soon be engaged to Mr Bingley and that this piece of good fortune would throw the rest of us into the way of other men of wealth. I clutched my cutlery, feeling the heat rise in my cheeks.

    Chamberlayne glanced at her. “Can I serve you some chicken, Miss Mary?” he said, spearing a slice from the dish in front of him.

    I ventured to look at Mr Bingley who, thankfully, appeared not to have heard Mama. Mr Darcy, on the other hand, was regarding her with an expression of unconcealed alarm. Lizzy, too, had gone quite red and even whispered to Mama in an attempt to prevent further inappropriate speeches of unfortunate volume. 

    I assumed that Lydia’s cheeks were merely rosy from the amount she had had to drink, rather than from any kind of embarrassment, for she chattered away merrily, holding out her glass to be refilled by an obliging officer.

    “It is a most elegant room,” said Charlotte, taking in the high ceilings and fine windows. “Mr Bingley has found himself a most charming residence, do not you think?”

    “Indeed,” said Chamberlayne, grasping the subject with enthusiasm. “Though I admire older buildings. Your house is Elizabethan, is it not, Mary?”

    As I looked up from my plate, I realised that my friends were trying to draw me out of my mortification. “It is.”

    “A manor built in the traditional E shape, for the queen,” said Charlotte.

    “Indeed,” I said, “though I like to think of it as an M. It could be an M you know, if seen from another perspective.”

    “How whimsical! Is that because of your own name?” asked Chamberlayne.

    “No. You see, at the age of six, when a historical book taught me that Queen Elizabeth had had her cousin Mary executed, I considered that, from another angle, the E shape might look like an M. So, in my mind, our house has been M shaped from that time, in solidarity with the unfortunate queen who lost her liberty and her birthright, followed by her head, of course.”

    Chamberlayne laughed. “She did try to have Elizabeth assassinated, though.”

    I shrugged. 

    When supper was cleared away and people began to get up from their seats and mingle about the room, Mr Bingley tapped his glass with a spoon.

    “I should just like to thank you all, once again, for joining me at Netherfield this evening. I for one am having a most agreeable time.” A grin stretched across his face. “All there is left for me to wish for is a song. The pianoforte awaits! Whom can we persuade to sing for us?”

    The gathering had quietened to listen to Mr Bingley and the muteness continued in the general tentativeness that is generally felt when no one wishes to push themselves forward as the focus of attention. In the lull, a twittering of laughter could be heard. I looked towards a door which must have led to the small room with the paintings. There was another burst of giggling but louder this time.

    “Surely we can prevail upon somebody?” said Mr Bingley.

    Miss Morris, a girl I did not know well, looked frantically about the room, then rushed over to open the door. The doorway framed the room inside like a theatre curtain drawn back to reveal a scene from a licentious play. Mr Denny sat in a too relaxed posture on the chaise longue and Lydia threw her arms about him and kissed him on the lips. Catching sight of their scandalised audience, Mr Denny moved Lydia aside.

    “Miss Morris, allow me to explain. I did not know that Miss Lydia was about to—”

    “We’re meant to be engaged!” wailed Miss Morris as she fled the room to the accompaniment of shocked gasps, piteous comments and accusations.

    Mama had been struck into silence, which was quite something. Papa went white. Lizzy was crying with humiliation and Jane looked close to fainting when Miss Bingley swooped upon her saying, “You will get your family out of this house at once. At once, Miss Bennet.”

    Through the doorway I could see the painting of the woman holding the bonnet and the other standing behind. It seemed almost as though they were looking at me, willing me to do something.

    “We’re going.” Lizzy gripped my arm, frowning at me. “Mary, I do not see how you can be smiling at a time like this. We need to leave. Now.”

    Tearing my gaze from the portrait, I looked at Lizzy. “I’ll get my bonnet.”

Jennifer Duke grew up in Basingstoke – a town in Hampshire, England, which Jane Austen visited for shopping and balls when her family lived in the nearby village of Steventon. Loving stories from a very early age and being the second of four sisters, Jennifer delighted in reading stories to her younger siblings.
She went to Bath Spa University to study English Literature with Creative Writing and gained a 2:1, later going on to achieve a distinction for her MA in English Literature at Oxford Brookes University.
She has had many jobs – including coffee barista, trainee English teacher, nursery nurse, nanny, housekeeper and dog walker – but kept returning to writing fiction.
A longstanding love of Jane Austen’s novels led to her first published novel Back to the Bonnet.

As well as writing, she is interested in mindfulness, environmental issues and painting. She loves animals, history, art, travel and being out in nature. Currently, she is working on a fantasy novel inspired by ancient art at Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave in the south of France, a story set 35,000 years ago – a slight change from Regency England! She also has plans to write a post world war two romance inspired by Jane Eyre.

Back to the Bonnet is available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook formats.

You are cordially invited to sign up to Jennifer Duke’s newsletter via her website homepage or contact page.




Goodreads page 

Twitter: @JenniferEDuke

Facebook: @inkwellies

Youtube: Jennifer Duke – author



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Fitzwilliam Darcy Undone by Sue Barr – Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope this week is treating you well and that you’re keeping safe. After a busy day at work, I am really happy to return to Bonnetland to receive Sue Barr at From Pemberley to Milton. Sue’s first visit was back in 2017 with a review of her book Caroline, and this time she is here with an excerpt of Fitzwilliam Darcy Undone which focuses on mainly Elizabeth and Darcy.

I hope you all enjoy it, and don’t forget, let us know your opinion to enter the generous giveaway the author is offering.

Thank you for visiting once more Sue, and thank you for all the help with the organization of the tour Christina!


Thank you for hosting me today and allowing me to share an excerpt from my latest release, Fitzwilliam Darcy ~ Undone.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Fitzwilliam Darcy becomes completely undone by his affection for one Miss Elizabeth Bennet. In canon, ODB admits that he ‘began to feel the danger of paying Elizabeth too much attention‘. I float the premise he felt the danger the first night at the Assembly. How did I come up with that saucy thought? In the line above he calls her Elizabeth, not Miss Bennet. He’s well and truly caught although he puts himself through the wringer for another five months before stumbling into a dismal proposal that was doomed before he even placed a size thirteen into his mouth.

I began to think – what if a little touch of magic hurried him along? This scene immediately follows Darcy after the fated Assembly ends.

Warning: although this scene is not explicit, there is a somewhat intimate action that may leave some readers uncomfortable.


She was dreaming of him.

With her hair pinned up in a simple bun, wearing the lovely dress she had on earlier in the evening, Darcy knew immediately she was reliving that night’s assembly. He saw himself, standing stiff along the edges of the ball room, watching her with hooded eyes. So, that was how she saw him, dark and brooding. Dream Darcy approached her and asked her for a dance. Something he regretted not doing in real life.

“I thought I was not tolerable enough for you Mr. Darcy.”

Another thing he regretted, most heartily. It was time to adjust her view of him.

With a whispered word, he replaced the ‘dream’ Darcy with himself and replied, “I was a fool, Miss Elizabeth. You are the handsomest woman of my acquaintance.”

Her eyes widened and she laughed. Without another word, he took her hand and drew her to the dance floor, willing the orchestra to play the scandalous waltz and gathered her close. Her figure was light and pleasing, her scent a now familiar mixture of lavender and honeysuckle. The crowd dissipated and soon it was only he and Elizabeth swirling around the empty room. She tilted back her head and laughed again, exposing the long line of her neck.

Without thought, he brushed his mouth over the sensitive area behind her ear, drawing the tender skin into his mouth and softly sucked. She turned her head, which gave him better access and he feathered kisses down her neck to the small pulse which hammered against his lips. One hand slid around her waist, the other cupped her breast. Urgency thundered through his body and he clamored to possess her, yet knew he could not. To take that which she did not want to give willingly, was wrong.

He lifted his head and gazed down at her. Within his arms, her face was achingly close, her eyes wide and questioning. His gaze drifted down to her mouth, her lips ripe and plump, ready for the picking. Her flawless skin shimmered in the candlelight and he soaked in all the details, committing them to memory Dear God in heaven, he needed to be with her. Alone. For hours on end in order to slake this thirst. He planned on exploring every inch of her with his hands and mouth.

“Mr. Darcy?”

Her whisper held a hint of confusion. With one thought, Elizabeth could leave the dream. That she stayed within the circle of his arms told him she was not afraid and nothing kept her there, save her own desires. It also told him that she trusted him.

She trusted him.

His arms fell to his side and she stepped back.

“Thank you for the dance, Miss Elizabeth.”

He gave her a polite half bow and released the dream back to her. Before he left for Netherfield, he shimmered into the sister’s bedroom and stood at the foot of their bed. Jane, a soft smile on her face, slumbered peacefully. Elizabeth showed signs of waking, so he whispered a few words, waved his hand in an intricate movement and left their chamber.

She’s the outcast in her family…

Elizabeth knows she’s different from the rest of her family. She has visions and strange dreams and sees things others do not. With the advent of the odious Mr. Darcy and his friends from Netherfield Park, as well as the amiable Mr. Wickham of the _____shire Militia, her powers seem to increase and her greatest fear is that she won’t be able to contain them and will be discovered.

He has eight hundred years of tradition to uphold…

No Darcy has married a non-magical woman since arriving on the shores of England with William the Conqueror in 1066.  However, his kind – Miatharans – are dwindling in numbers. Miatharan magic only flows through aristocratic blood lines, so his strange obsession with Miss Elizabeth Bennet is puzzling as she is not of noble blood. Just a country squire’s beautiful daughter who has him slowly becoming undone.




You can find Fitzwilliam Darcy Undone at:

and on Kindle Unlimited




Sue started writing in 2009 and sold her first manuscript in 2010. Always a reader of Regency romance, she discovered Jane Austen Fan Fiction in 2014 and almost immediately wanted to know – Whatever happened to Caroline Bingley after her brother and Mr. Darcy became engaged to a Bennet sister? From that question, her first JAFF book ‘Caroline’ was launched.

You can contact her through the following media:





Amazon Author Page:




Sue Barr will giveaway an ebook of this latest novel to 3 random winners for entire blog tour. Follow the tour and join in the comments to be entered to win. Sue will choose the random winners and announce the winners on social media on December 5.

Good Luck everyone!


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Mischief & Mayhem by Christie Capps

This Pride and Prejudice novella has a very interesting premise, and one I always like to see. In Mischief & Mayhem Mrs. Bennet has another child after Lydia, and he is a baby boy who will change not only the family dynamics but also the view people have of Mrs. Bennet. I always find this a very interesting plot because this small detail may change the entire storyline and even the personalities of all the Bennet’s. What would happen if the entail was broken? Which would be the consequences in the characters personalities? In this case, Christie Capps decided the baby boy would be born when Lydia was around 13 so the difference in the Bennet’s personalities is not substantial, but he does cause many funny changes. Can you imagine how protective Mrs. Bennet will be? What about Lydia? She will no longer be the favourite child, will she?

Mischief & Mayhem starts right after Jane has fallen ill at Netherfield, but this time, apart from the three younger Bennet sisters, Mrs Bennet also takes young Tommy with her on the visit. During this time, the toddler is fascinated by Darcy and when he tries to walk towards him, he places himself in a dangerous situation that requires Darcy to take a swift action and save him. This small incident has several consequences that will affect the story and the interactions between several characters. Mrs. Bennet changes her opinion of Mr. Darcy and lets him know he’s no longer considered a proud and disagreeable man, which in turn makes him question what Elizabeth thinks of him and how to change her opinion. Elizabeth herself will start looking at Darcy in a different manner, especially because Darcy and young Tommy develop a very cute link to one another. We can almost say a true bromance was developed between both “gentleman” and it was endearing to see how caring Darcy was.

The dynamics of the relationship each Bennet has towards Darcy was definitely something I enjoyed in this novel. We see Mr. Bennet enjoying his time with Mr. Darcy so much that he even forgets about his heir, and seeing Mrs. Bennet warming up towards him and treating him as a hero in a non-hysterical manner was delightful! The relationship between Mr. Darcy and Mrs. Bennet was one of the things I loved the most in this novella, especially Darcy’s understanding of her personality and fears and his defense of her. Seeing Mr. Darcy defending Mrs. Bennet from Lydia’s comments made me fall in love for him,  but of course, it was Elizabeth’s change of heart I loved the most. It was adorable to see her getting to know him better, to start trusting him and lastly falling in love with him, just like I did.

My only quibble with the story was Caroline’s outspokenness, even though that was a pivotal point to the story because it allowed Mr. Darcy to come to Elizabeth’s defence (and who doesn’t love to see him do that?), but it is hard to imagine she would be so outspoken and direct in front of everyone.

Overall, this is one of those perfect sweet stories that have it all: romance, humour and action. It can easily be read in one afternoon and I recommend it to one of these winter cold afternoons with a cup of tea and a blanket near you, it will certainly increase a sense of wellbeing in you.

P.S – Have you seen this cover? Isn’t this the most beautiful baby photo you have ever seen? I absolutely love this cover! It’s adorable and wintery (if that is a word…).

You can find Mischief & Mayhem at:

Kindle Unlimited and on Audible


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Giveaway Winners

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope you’re all having a nice weekend. I’ve been home bound this weekend and I took the time to work on some postcards. I wasn’t very inspired so I was only able to create one design I consider good enough, even if not ideal. What do you think of it? It’s not the best I’ve created is it?

Maybe I should have spent my weekend reading, right? What about you? Did you read anything good this weekend?

To close my weekend I would like to thank the Jennifer Joy for visiting From Pemberley to Milton and for bringing to my readers 4 books of her latest book, Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager. As always it was a pleasure to have Jennifer here, and I hope her excerpt left you curious about this book. I know I am very curious, and I believe this will be one of the first I’ll read in 2021 🙂

But I should be announcing the winners of this giveaway, so without further ado, here they are:

Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager

*** taswmom ***

*** Glynis ***

*** deborahanne2 ***

*** J. W. Garrett ***

Congratulations ladies! As always, can you please contact me throught e-mail ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so your prize may be sent to you? Please provide me with the email address to which the book may be sent to you, and the Amazon store in which you have an account.

Happy Reading everyone!


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Pride and Pyramids by Amanda Grange

Pride and Pyramids is an exciting yet comforting Pride and Prejudice sequel released 8 years ago and that I should have read sooner.

The story begins 15 years after Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding, and we are immediately privy to their happy marriage and extensive offspring. They have six children of different ages who captivate readers hearts for different reasons. The authors took the time to reveal to the reader all their personalities and incorporate them in a relevant manner into the narrative. I loved getting to know each one of them, but little Margaret, who has a bigger role in the story, was obviously my favourite.

The plot begins when the Darcy’s receive a visit from Edward Fitzwilliam, Colonel Fitzwilliam’s younger brother, who entices them with his enthusiasm to travel to Egypt, just as his father did in his youth. Elizabeth loves the idea of an adventure and convinces Darcy to make the trip of their lives taking the children with them. They invite Sophie Lucas, to whom Elizabeth wants to provide a good moment, and Paul Inkworthy, an artist in charge of producing paintings portraying the family’s adventures. But they will also be joined by an uninvited guest who will provide the reader many funny moments.

As the Darcy’s embark on an adventure neither of them will forget, we will see a completely different part of the word full of history and mystery. I loved travelling along with the Darcy’s and seeing this different place through their eyes. I would love to travel to Egypt as I am very curious about all its history and I believe a trip like this, 200 years ago, might have been something incredible. I was amazed with the authors’ ability to make me feel I was right there with the characters and to create an unequalled environment that provided a sense of wellbeing.

Pride and Pyramids doesn’t have one single focus, the story provides us with descriptions of incredible and exotic places, tackles family relationships with which the reader can relate to, explores a love triangle with new characters, has an exciting supernatural mystery and all the while without foregoing Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship. I cannot believe it could be more perfect than this. Both Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are older and I enjoyed witnessing between them a love that is steady and mature, and I even got very interested in the other romance in the book.

While reading this book I could feel it was written at a time when Jane Austen Fan Fiction literature wasn’t saturated yet because the plot is very different and innovative without falling in the exaggeration trap. It is a very balanced book with characters who are respectful of Austen’s prose yet new and fresh.

Pride and Pyramids is an exciting book with ancient curses, the pyramids, the Nile, a loving relationship between the Darcy’s and an exquisite writing. I could not recommend this book enough, plus every chapter of this book ends with a cliff hanger that forces the reader to continue reading, making it a page-turner novel.


You can find Pride & Pyramids at:


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Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager by Jennifer Joy – Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

Please join me in congratulating Jennifer Joy on the release of another book in the Dimensions of Darcy series! Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager was released last week and is the 4th installment of this standalone series.

In this promising story Mr. Darcy’s mother is still alive, so I am very curious to see how that will affect the entire story and even Darcy’s personality. Jennifer Joy brought an excerpt for you to have a glimpse of what you’ll find in this new book, and I hope you like it. Let us know what you think of it in the comments and apply to the generous giveaway Jennifer is offering 🙂

Thank you for visiting once more Jennifer, it is always a Joy to have you here (see what I did there?).


Thank you for letting me share a special snippet of my latest release with your readers, Rita! 

The Setting: Lady Anne has invited several young people to her house for an indoor picnic. It doesn’t take her long to see in Elizabeth the lightness and humor her son so desperately needs. Involving Mrs. Gardiner and Georgiana in her scheme, Lady Anne “helps” our dear couple along.

Here’s a peek at what happens:


Darcy was contemplating how to get Wickham away from Miss Packer without giving any erroneous ideas. The last thing he needed was to suggest a weakness which Wickham would exploit. In a duel of charm, Wickham would win. Nor did Darcy wish to display any charm to Miss Packer when the mere sight of her soured his mood and left a bitter taste in his mouth. 

It was a relief when he saw his mother spirit Miss Elizabeth out of the room. He hated that she had endured Miss Packer’s sly cuts in his home.

Besides, Colonel Donavan had enjoyed her conversation long enough. 

The military man watched Miss Elizabeth leave the room, but he did not attempt to follow her. Darcy was grateful, though he did not spare a nod of approval when the colonel met his glance. Glares came too easily to Darcy, and Colonel Donavan soon broke eye contact to continue in conversation with Mr. Chamberlayne, Lord Percy and his sister.

Georgiana approached Wickham and Miss Packer, wisely standing closer to Miss Packer. Darcy decided to join them, and had risen to do so, when Georgiana addressed the room. “Miss Packer has agreed to play a duet with me. Colonel Donavan, would you please assist us with the pages?” Georgiana added with a smile that showed her dimples. 

The gentleman was overjoyed to be of assistance, as happy as Miss Packer was to display her talents yet again. 

Darcy spared the two no more notice. His attention was on his sister. She never performed for anyone aside from him and their mother … and Mother was not even here, he realized as he looked about the room. She would not want to miss Georgiana’s brave display. 

He looked around again, but he saw neither his mother nor Miss Elizabeth. Striding toward the doors leading out of the hall, Mrs. Gardiner stopped him. “Mr. Darcy, I believe we are of the same mind. Lady Anne will want to see her daughter play. She will never forgive herself if she misses it. I believe I remember her mentioning that she wished to show my niece your conservatory. Do you think they might have gone there?”

Darcy glanced across the hall to the glass-enclosed conservatory which led to the garden at the back of the house. Looking over his shoulder to see the ladies situating themselves at the pianoforte bench, he decided he had just enough time to check. “I will look. It is an overgrown jungle in there, and I fear you would get lost in the tangled labyrinth.”

Mrs. Gardiner smiled. “Always looking out for the welfare of his friends. I thank you, Mr. Darcy, and will warn you not to get lost in your pursuit.”

Darcy crossed the hall, pausing just inside the opening of the conservatory to listen for his mother’s voice. 


Slipping past the wicker chairs positioned under the first palm, he followed the path surrounded by pots of the exotic plants his mother loved to cultivate. She had a nurturing touch and a love for the countryside which she had seen fit to contain in one room which she crammed with flowers, shrubs, and trees. Darcy rarely entered the conservatory. All the green made him ache for Pemberley, the miles of verdant fields spotted with sheep and lined with rock walls. 

Deep in the room where the air was humid, earthy, and sweet, he saw Miss Elizabeth. Delicate curls fuzzed around her forehead and cheeks, and he could not help but remember the nickname he had given her. Lively Lizzy. She wore no crooked bows, but her expression was every bit as alive and full of wonder as it had been that day.

She tilted her head back, her eyes wide and her mouth open, admiration escaping from her lips as the sun glistened across her face between the shade of palm leaves. 

“I feel as though we have traveled to the jungles of India. It is so warm and the foliage so thick, I half expect an elephant to charge through the vegetation. Or a tiger,” she said, looking to the side. Nobody was there. “Lady Anne?” She spun in a circle.

Darcy stepped forward. “I thought you preferred dragons.” 

Her eyes danced. He would have recognized the blend of mischief, excitement, and curiosity in her cognac eyes anywhere. “Dragons are for caves, whereas right now, I find myself in a jungle. And lost, at that. I seem to have wandered away from Lady Anne. I could have sworn she was standing beside me moments ago.”

Darcy tried to control his smile. “It would not be the first time someone has been lost in this cramped maze. She is probably around the next corner.” He extended his arm for her to take, only realizing how closely they would have to walk when they started down the path and bumped into each other. He glanced down at Miss Elizabeth, but she did not seem to notice, so enthralled was she with her surroundings. He tried not to concern himself with the limited room pushing them closer, but he had difficulty thinking of anything else but his nearness to Miss Elizabeth. 

Mother was not around the corner. 

He shoved his hand through his hair. Where had she gone? And why had she left without telling Miss Elizabeth she was leaving or where she was going? That was not like his mother. 

Notes of music trickled into the conservatory, and Darcy remembered why he had come into the room in the first place. “Georgiana is playing a duet with Miss Packer. Mrs. Gardiner said she thought she saw my mother bring you here, and I had thought to retrieve both of you so you might see her exhibit.” He felt like a babbling fool, and yet, he could not help but continue, “Georgiana never plays for company.”

“That explains it perfectly. I was so enraptured with the plants, I did not hear Lady Anne suggest we leave. She must have assumed I followed her. We must join them immediately.” Miss Elizabeth’s step slowed, her gaze absorbing her surroundings as though she were attempting to memorize the place. 

As badly as Darcy wished to leave the sweltering conservatory and return to the parlor, he did not have it in his heart to remove Miss Elizabeth from the room which had enchanted her. Not yet. He looked about him, seeing the plant-encased path as she did, traipsing through the jungle in search of tigers. 

Rounding the final curve leading them back to the open glass doors and the hall, and finding it clear of predators, Darcy spotted the wicker chairs. Motioning toward them, he said, “I do not wish to interrupt Georgiana by appearing in the middle of her performance. Would you mind remaining a while longer?”

 “What a wonderful idea!” 

One would think he had given Miss Elizabeth the most thoughtful gift when, in truth, he now was in no hurry to leave. 

Her smile reached her eyes, and her cheeks glowed with pleasure. “I had not realized how much I missed the countryside until I stepped inside this room. Green has always been my favorite color. There is something calming and comfortable about it.”

He knew that. He wondered if she still had her green ribbon. He had seen her wear one at the assembly, but he did not think it was the same one he had given to her. That had been too many years ago.

“Do you miss Hertfordshire?” he asked, taking a seat beside her.

She thought before giving a reply. “It is not Hertfordshire I miss, but the countryside itself. The open spaces, the rolling green fields spotted with sheep and cows. I enjoy the excitement of London, but I do not think I could be truly happy living here all the time.” She looked up at him. “How do you do it?”

Nobody had ever asked him that question. Perhaps it was because he knew she understood him, he answered more honestly than he otherwise would have. “It is a necessity I endure until I am able to restore my family to our proper place. We belong at Pemberley.”

Her smile faded. “I did not mean to bring up distressing memories.”

Darcy stopped her. He was not sorry, and he did not wish for her to be either. “It was distressing to leave our ancestral home, to know it was lost. But the memories I have of Pemberley and the plans I hope to bring about in the future fill me with purpose. It is what I live for.”

She smiled softly, swaying to the music echoing from across the hall. “I should like to have a purpose so worthy.”

He looked at her questioningly, but she did not elaborate. Instead, she changed the subject. “Georgiana reminds me of my sister Jane. She is one of the kindest, gentlest people I know. She is lovely in every way.”

“Is Miss Bennet as shy as my sister?”

“Very much so, although she has the added burden of younger sisters who are not in the least bit shy, and I believe she strives to offset their ebullience with her quietness.” 

As openly as she spoke of her family’s faults, Darcy would not punish her honesty by criticizing them. “It is amazing how distinct people are, even within the same family. How they change.”

She raised her eyebrows. Had she been four-years-old, she would have asked outright. Age had not calmed her curiosity, but it had given her tact. 

He answered her unspoken question anyway. “My father was a good man and a loyal friend to those he allowed to know him fully. He inspired confidence in his friends and trust in his tenants. He always knew exactly what to say in any given situation.” He stopped, his throat tight.  

“It sounds like you admire him a great deal.”

“I did.” Despite everything his father had done, despite his isolation, Darcy had admired him. He wished he could be more like how he remembered him before. 

And that scared Darcy. What if his character altered as his father’s had? Would he disappoint his mother and sister? Would he break their hearts as Father had broken his? 

“Lady Anne still speaks highly of him. What a happy home you have had, Mr. Darcy.”

“They were two red fish,” he mumbled.

Her smile spread across her cheeks, into her eyes, and into Darcy’s chest. Her joy wrapped around him like a blanket warmed by the fire, the soft comfort that melts the bones and provokes deep sighs of contentment. 

“I would like to see the vase again sometime,” she said.

He rubbed his hands over his arms against the chill of less-pleasant memories. He would show it to her someday, but not today. Not right now. He ought not to have mentioned the fish, but they were a fitting symbol of what his parents had been to each other. Mother still missed Father. Darcy did too. He missed the way he had been … how their family had been. “Maybe next time you visit Georgiana.” 

The music stopped. How long had he and Miss Elizabeth been conversing? It could not have been more than a few minutes, and yet he felt as if they had shared a great deal of history. He felt as though he had known her always.

He shifted in his seat to rise, uncomfortable with how comfortable he was near her.

“Mr. Darcy—” Miss Elizabeth twisted her fingers in her lap and chewed her bottom lip until it turned crimson. She looked everywhere but at him, as if she wished she had not said his name. When she finally did meet his glance, Darcy saw her worry, and he wished he knew how to erase it.

He has one shot at regaining Pemberley.

Fitzwilliam Darcy has worked tirelessly to earn back his family’s estate. But the current master of Pemberley holds all the cards … and he knows his advantage.

She has one shot at finding love.

Elizabeth Bennet lays her happiness on the line when her freedom is threatened. Now, she has one month in London to fall in love her way, or she will have to marry to secure their home.

One toss of the dice will choose the winner.

With the help of Darcy’s mother and sister, Elizabeth finds her place in society … and in Darcy’s heart.  Can a cautious man be convinced that love is a risk worth taking? The odds are stacked against him when Darcy faces an impossible choice: Pemberley or Elizabeth?

Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager is a sweet and clean romantic suspense variation of Jane Austen’s timeless classic, Pride and Prejudice. It’s the fourth book in the Dimensions of Darcy series of standalone novels.




You can find Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager at:

and on Kindle Unlimited




Jennifer Joy would like to offer four ebook of Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager to some of my readers. The giveaway is international and to apply to it all you have to do is let us know what you thought about this excerpt. The giveaway is open until the 13th of November and the winners will be announced shortly after that.

Good Luck everyone!


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Giveaway Winner & Freebie info

Good Afternoon everyone,

I’m sure many of you are attending the JAFF Reader-Writer Get Together this weekend, but I was already a little late in announcing the winner of As Only Mr. Darcy Can by Laura Hile, so I took a small break from the panels to announce it today.

Laura Hile is one of my favourite writers and it was a pleasure to receive her at From Pemberley to Milton once more to share with you an excerpt of her most recent novel. I hope you all enjoyed it and that you’ll give this book a try 🙂 One of you may start reading it very shortly, so I may as well announce the winner. So here it is:

As Only Mr. Darcy Can

*** Cristina***

Congratulations Cristina! As always can you please contact me throught e-mail ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so your prize may be sent to you? Please provide me with the email address to which the book may be sent to you, and the Amazon store in which you have an account.



Also, I’ve seen on Facebook several FREEBIE announcements, so in case you’ve missed those, here are they:

Jane Austen Fan Fiction currently FREE

Book Blurb:
Can fandom go too far?
Alison Bateman adores Jane Austen, especially Pride and Prejudice. Within the book’s pages she finds escape from everyday strife, that is until she becomes one of its characters. Instead of the beloved heroine of the novel, Alison transforms into her silly and ineffectual mother, Mrs. Bennet. Not one to be idle, she uses her new role to try and curb the unruly behavior of the youngest Bennet daughter, never suspecting the consequences her meddling will have on the romance at the heart of the novel. A story of survival in a fictional universe, Being Mrs. Bennet is a lighthearted take on Austen’s classic tale.
Alexa Adams is the author of Tales of Less Pride and Prejudice, The Madness of Mr. Darcy, Darcy in Wonderland, and several Austensque novellas and short stories. She is an American residing in Europe where she is co-founder of the Jane Austen Society of Switzerland. Keep up with her scribblings at and for Alexa Adams:“Once again, author Alexa Adams has forged a new path and given us a story that defies the convention of Jane Austen variations and continuations.” – Musings from the Yellow Kitchen“Alexa Adams is not afraid to try different and creative approaches in her books. She turns the unthinkable into reality and creates stories that readers will hardly forget.” – From Pemberley to Milton“Ms. Adams has a beautiful command of language and successfully captures Jane Austen’s satirical tone in her writing. I compliment Ms. Adams’ on her talent for emulating Austen’s voice.” – Austenesque
Book Blurb:
This short novella explores a simple question: What if Lady Catherine was just a little more rude, prompting Mr. Darcy to make a more Persuasion-esque proposal?
Readers considering this work should be aware that, unlike the Constant Love series, this novella is written in third-person present tense, so if they routinely read only past-tense writing, they may wish to peruse the sample before purchasing.
They should also be aware that it uses lines from Jane Austen’s Persuasion as well as Pride and Prejudice. Readers who have not read Persuasion are encouraged to read that novel first, less because of spoilers than because it is absolutely wonderful.

Folly and Forgiveness – FREE 

Book Blurb:

Elizabeth Bennet’s insistence on marrying for love has unintended consequences when she defies her mother and refuses Mr. Collins. With Longbourn left in mourning, Elizabeth must work through her guilt and grief, only to discover how little she has understood anyone around her. As others prepare for weddings, Elizabeth is left to wonder how she will find love when her judgment is so abominable. Though she tries, can she really change?

Fitzwilliam Darcy knows the Master of Pemberley has a duty to find a suitable bride. As tempted as he is by Elizabeth, she is far from suitable. When Mr. Bingley refuses to leave Hertfordshire, Darcy finds himself staying as well to protect his friend, then staying to protect Elizabeth from Mr. Wickham’s increasing attentions. Darcy struggles to balance claims of his heart against claims of duty, only to learn he faces another obstacle. The more he speaks with Elizabeth, the more he fears that making an offer may not be sufficient to make her his wife.

If you are a fan of Jane Austen adaptations, vagaries, fan fiction, and sequels, then open a sample of Folly and Forgiveness now.

Folly and Forgiveness: A Pride and Prejudice Variation is a full-length novel of over 100,000 words.


Recognizing Love – FREE 

Book Blurb:

Secrets will surface…
Accepting Mr. Darcy’s proposal and allowing him to assume a love she does not yet feel pains Miss Elizabeth Bennet but she is certain she can love him…in time. After all of the miseries he endured to salvage her youngest sister’s reputation, how could she not come to love such a man?

Unfortunately, Lady Catherine arrives, bringing even thornier complications. With the many objections Darcy’s family will have regarding his marriage to the daughter of an unremarkable country squire, what more trouble can Lady Catherine stir up should she learn Elizabeth’s secret?

In this Pride and Prejudice variation, what will Mr. Darcy do when he learns his beloved has accepted him although her heart is not engaged?

New through Kindle Unlimited, Recognizing Love is a Jane Austen adaptation of about 73,000 words. If you are a fan of Pride and Prejudice variations, vagaries, fanfiction, and sequels, check out Recognizing Love today.


Second Son – FREE 

Book Blurb:

What if, instead of being born the heir to Pemberley, Fitzwilliam Darcy had been a second son?
In a time when birth order determines who inherits everything or nothing, Fitzwilliam Darcy must find his own path – excelling in the profession he chuses. When tragedy strikes, he is called to fulfil his role as the “spare,” struggling to meet the demands placed upon him, overcoming the distrust of those who wish him to fail, and devoting himself to the good of Pemberley’s dependents.
Disgusted with Society, and scorned by the sister he loves, Darcy visits his friend in Hertfordshire, where he meets the Bennets of Longbourn. He discovers in their second daughter, Elizabeth, a new source of hope and purpose for his life. When his family questions the lady’s fitness to be Mistress of Pemberley and demands he fulfil his responsibilities to his family and the legacy of the Darcy name, Fitzwilliam is left torn between duty and his heart…
Duty has taken his dreams once, is Pemberley to take Elizabeth from him as well?
Second Son is a full-length novel and a variation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, using British and historical spellings.
Both the Darcy and Bennet families differ somewhat from canon.


Darcy’s Love of a Rose – FREE 

Book Blurb:

The village of Meryton has been taken over by the militia. First the officers demanded money to “keep the citizens safe”. Then the females of the area begin to disappear.
Elizabeth Bennet refused to stand by when her sister, Lydia becomes one of those who vanished, confronting the officers for the return the young girl. This leads to Elizabeth being taken by the officers.
Unlike the other females, Elizabeth is not taken to be sold to men in other countries, she has caught the eye of the man in charge of the criminal activities. In her escape, she meets the Darcy siblings. Will they be able to aid Meryton and the community surrounding it? Who is the man behind the criminal activity?


The Capture of Fitzwilliam – FREE 

Book Blurb:

Fitzwilliam Darcy and his cousin, Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, are on a horse buying journey in Wales when they are taken prisoners and forced to work in a slate quarry. And there are only a few weeks left before Darcy’s wedding to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Fearing her daughter’s betrothed will not return in time for the wedding, and having been told by the heir to Longbourn that Darcy is engaged to his cousin, Anne de Bourgh, Mrs Bennet is afraid of what will happen to her when her husband suddenly falls ill. Mr Collins is determined to have Elizabeth as his wife, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Will Collins force a wedding, with the aid of Mrs Bennet? Or will Darcy rescued in time to save his lady love?

Happy Reading everyone!


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