A Very Merry Mix Up by Jennifer Redlarczyk

A Very Merry Mix-Up is a very short novelette you can read in less than one hour, making it perfect for the busy reader without much time on his daily life, but who is in need of a sweet and entertaining story.

In A Very Merry Mix-Up, the characters drink a wine that has magical properties when drunk on a full moon night. The consequence is a multiple body swap in Kent on All Fools Day. Elizabeth wakes up in Charlotte’s body and Mr. Darcy wakes up in Mr. Collins body, which creates a very funny scene in the opening of the book.

The day progresses with the couple getting to know each other better, while Colonel Fitzwilliam is trying to solve this conundrum.

Because the story is so short, it progresses very rapidly and there isn’t much time for character development, which also means the changes in Darcy’s character and Elizabeth’s growing love for him occur in the course of one day. I believe the writer’s intention with this novel was simply to create an amusing short story that would provide the reader a pleasurable hour of entertainment, and that was definitely achieved. I had a great time reading it 🙂

My favourite aspect of the book is the two word note that Darcy leaves to Elizabeth at the end of the day, and I only wish the author had made this a full length novel because the plot has a lot of potential and it could be a very funny and romantic book. Nevertheless, these 48 pages are definitely entertaining and are a good read if you are in the mood for a quick romantic and funny story.

You can find A Very Merry Mix-Up at:



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9 responses to “A Very Merry Mix Up by Jennifer Redlarczyk

  1. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Thanks so much Rita for mentioning my fun little novelette. I’m so happy you enjoyed this tale and thanks for sharing here with other readers! ♫


  2. What a clever idea! This sounds so fun!


  3. Thank you, Rita for this thoughtful review! Congratulations, Jennifer! This sounds like an imaginative and entertaining read!


  4. Sophia Rose

    Body switching would make for some hilarious or awkward moments. Sounds like a cute one.


  5. Glynis

    I totally enjoyed this short story which I have since read again! Darcy in bed with Elizabeth? Shock horror!
    Obviously the Colonel was involved so had to try and sort it out!
    I agree that I would have enjoyed a longer story but I did love it anyway.


  6. sounds like it has a bit of a Shakespearean twist.



  7. sheilalmajczan

    I’ve read several stories in which body switches occurred. Always interesting. Thanks for sharing here. I’ll check it out.


  8. sheilalmajczan

    I see I did read this and left a review. I enjoyed it.


  9. Thanks for your wonderful review, Rita. I have read this story twice and enjoyed reading it.


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