Mischief & Mayhem by Christie Capps

This Pride and Prejudice novella has a very interesting premise, and one I always like to see. In Mischief & Mayhem Mrs. Bennet has another child after Lydia, and he is a baby boy who will change not only the family dynamics but also the view people have of Mrs. Bennet. I always find this a very interesting plot because this small detail may change the entire storyline and even the personalities of all the Bennet’s. What would happen if the entail was broken? Which would be the consequences in the characters personalities? In this case, Christie Capps decided the baby boy would be born when Lydia was around 13 so the difference in the Bennet’s personalities is not substantial, but he does cause many funny changes. Can you imagine how protective Mrs. Bennet will be? What about Lydia? She will no longer be the favourite child, will she?

Mischief & Mayhem starts right after Jane has fallen ill at Netherfield, but this time, apart from the three younger Bennet sisters, Mrs Bennet also takes young Tommy with her on the visit. During this time, the toddler is fascinated by Darcy and when he tries to walk towards him, he places himself in a dangerous situation that requires Darcy to take a swift action and save him. This small incident has several consequences that will affect the story and the interactions between several characters. Mrs. Bennet changes her opinion of Mr. Darcy and lets him know he’s no longer considered a proud and disagreeable man, which in turn makes him question what Elizabeth thinks of him and how to change her opinion. Elizabeth herself will start looking at Darcy in a different manner, especially because Darcy and young Tommy develop a very cute link to one another. We can almost say a true bromance was developed between both “gentleman” and it was endearing to see how caring Darcy was.

The dynamics of the relationship each Bennet has towards Darcy was definitely something I enjoyed in this novel. We see Mr. Bennet enjoying his time with Mr. Darcy so much that he even forgets about his heir, and seeing Mrs. Bennet warming up towards him and treating him as a hero in a non-hysterical manner was delightful! The relationship between Mr. Darcy and Mrs. Bennet was one of the things I loved the most in this novella, especially Darcy’s understanding of her personality and fears and his defense of her. Seeing Mr. Darcy defending Mrs. Bennet from Lydia’s comments made me fall in love for him,  but of course, it was Elizabeth’s change of heart I loved the most. It was adorable to see her getting to know him better, to start trusting him and lastly falling in love with him, just like I did.

My only quibble with the story was Caroline’s outspokenness, even though that was a pivotal point to the story because it allowed Mr. Darcy to come to Elizabeth’s defence (and who doesn’t love to see him do that?), but it is hard to imagine she would be so outspoken and direct in front of everyone.

Overall, this is one of those perfect sweet stories that have it all: romance, humour and action. It can easily be read in one afternoon and I recommend it to one of these winter cold afternoons with a cup of tea and a blanket near you, it will certainly increase a sense of wellbeing in you.

P.S – Have you seen this cover? Isn’t this the most beautiful baby photo you have ever seen? I absolutely love this cover! It’s adorable and wintery (if that is a word…).

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7 responses to “Mischief & Mayhem by Christie Capps

  1. sheilalmajczan

    I think I read this twice already. Truly enjoyed it.

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  2. This premise sounds fun and intriguing! Adding to my TBR list!

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  3. What a lovely review, Rita. Thank you. I actually found the cover first then needed to write a story so I could use it. There is something about adding a baby to the mix.😁


  4. Glynis

    So true Rita! Fabulous cover and fabulous story! I love little Tommy, he obviously has great taste when deciding who he should befriend! 🙂

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  5. Great review, Rita! I loved this story. Little Tommy helped Elizabeth and Darcy to fall on love with each other. I would recommend this book.

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  6. J. W. Garrett

    Delightful review, Rita. I have read this story and simply loved it. And that cover… oh my gosh. What an adorable baby. Bless his little heart.

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  7. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    I enjoyed reading this book very much. I alway love JAFF stories with children.

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