Eco Friendly Christmas gifts, an Etsy Shop & 2020 Christmas Giveaway



Good Afternoon dear readers,

December is approaching but with the new confinement I’ve been facing in Portugal I’ve been feeling it’s Christmas time for some weeks now. That means that my Christmas tree was already made, all my Christmas presents were bought, and all my Christmas postcards are ready to get in the mail, so I thought it was about time I post my yearly Christmas Post 🙂

I’m not sure if many of you know, but I have been trying to have a more sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle, therefore, this year I have tried searching for Christmas presents that would either be environmental friendly, or utilitarian and came up with the below list. If you haven’t started getting your Christmas gifts yet, you may find some good ideas below 🙂


1 – Jane Austen Soap Bar

There is nothing more sustainable then a soap bar in a cardboard package. I have stopped buying any kind of soap that comes in a plastic container, so I thought this soap was a really cool idea 🙂

It is Lavender scented, made in the USA from domestic materials and it is not tested on animals. Each piece of mini soap is 2oz 2.25″ x 1.75″ x 1″ and in my opinion a great Christmas gift.

You can find it at: – $ 5,85 


2 – Jane Austen Lotion Bar

This Jane Austen Lotion Bar follows the same logic as the Soap bar, it appears to be an interesting alternative to the liquid ones that come in a plastic container. I found it at Northanger Soapworks, and even if they still have some things which appear to come in plastic bags, this one comes in an aluminum container and it can be refilled, so it seemed like a good environmental choice. 

According to them the solid lotion bar is exceptionally rejuvenating for dry winter skin. It’s not for washing–it’s a blend of luxurious oils that are solid at room temperature. Place it between your palms, and as it warms, rub it into your hands and dry areas. It’s like lip balm for the body!

If it weren’t for the shipping costs, I would get one myself 🙂

You can find it at:

Northanger Soapworks – $ 11


3 – Jane Austen Flower Growbar


This confinement has also made me realise how important it is to have some green at hour houses, especially when people live in a small apartment like myself, so I thought this growbar was a really fun idea! It is 100% eco-friendly, the coir is made with coconut fibres and is a sustainable alternative to peat. The recyclable film wrap is made from sugar cane, so what else could I hope for?

You can find it at: – 12 £


4 – Jane Austen Mask

Wearing a mask has become almost as natural as wearing pants nowadays, but using one for four hours and putting it in the garbage is not very eco friendly is it? I thought this one looked like a good alternative because instead of using it once and throwing it away, it can be used endlessly and all we have to do is change the filters. On Amazon they have mentioned many advantages concerning this mask but before buying it, I would read everything very carefully. I am not an expert in masks and I don’t know if this one will be appropriate for your needs. I did find it a good idea though, and I may get one myself 🙂  

You can find it at: – $ 17,99


5 – Jane Austen Reusable Coffee Mug

Single use coffee cups are just terrible for the environment and completely unnecessary. I used to love them, mainly because we didn’t have many in Portugal, but now that I’ve started paying attention to our environmental footprint, I cannot understand the need to use them, especially when reusable coffee mugs are so much cooler!I mean… Jane Austen Reusable Coffee Mug? that is awesome! I love this one 🙂

You can find it at: – $ 16,96


7 – Austenesque Reviews Mug

Anf is for some reason you’re using single use cups at home, why not replace them for beautiful Austenesque mugs? There are many out there, but the ones Meredith from Austenesque Reviews has created are just adorable!

You can find it at: 

Austenesque Reviews Etsy Shop – 9,62 Euros


8 – Jane Austen Reusable Water Bottle

Did you know that Americans buy 29 billion water bottles a year and that for every six bottles people buy, only one is recycled?  And did you know that it takes at least up to 1,000 years for every single bottle to decompose, leaking pollutants into our soil and water along the way?

I haven’t bought one single plastic bottle for a very long time because I am always with my reusable water bottle. If you haven’t got one yet, what about an Austen themed one? Isn’t this one beautiful? I loved it 🙂

You can find it at: – $ 20,99


9 – JAFF Christmas Books

What kind of literary blog would this be if I made a list of Christmas gifts that didn’t actually include books? And if you choose to get  ebooks or audiobooks, you’re choosing an eco friendly option too 🙂

There are too many books out there I could recommend, but instead, I thought it would be interesting to get your attention to recently released Christmas themed ones. I haven’t read them, so I cannot recommend them, I can only add that they seem quite interesting for this time of the year. 

Already Released:

Unexpected Gifts – 0,99$


Christmas Time After Time – 3,99 $


A Very Bennet Christmas – 3,99$


Available for Pre-Order:

A Miracle in Meryton – 2,99$


Snow Falls in Longbourn – 3,99 $


10 – Jane Austen Bookmarks

Bookmarks may not be the most eco friendly gift of this list, but if instead of an ebook you choose a paperback, you’ll certainly need one, right?

Well, I know there are many bookmarks out there, but with the extra time I had this year, I started making a few myself. I love arts and crafts and I’ve been experimenting different things, one of them were laminated bookmarks. Because I’ve made quite a few, I thought it would be a good idea to create an Etsy Shop and sell them there, so if you like bookmarks, take a look at the ones I have there 🙂 I have also created a 2020 From Pemberley to Milton Christmas Box Set with some of the postcards I’ve been creating if you’re curious 🙂

You can find them at: 

From Pemberley to Milton Etsy Shop – From 1,50 to 2,50 Euros

I couldn’t end my Christmas Post without a giveaway could I? This year I’ve decided to try something new so I am doing a Rafflecopter giveaway! It’s my first time doing it, so I hope all works out well 🙂 If there is any issue with it, please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Since I’ve finally gained the courage to open an Etsy shop to try to reduce the number of stuff I have at home, I thought it would be nice to offer to my readers some of the things I have listed in this new shop, so I’m offering to one reader 1 of my 2020 Jane Austen Christmas Box Set. But the giveaway doesn’t end there, I would also like to offer 1 signed copy of The Second Chance by Joana Starnes and 1 You Have Biwitched Me Pillow Case.

Summing up, there are 3 prizes up for grabs:

1 2020 Jane Austen Christmas Box Set

1 signed paperback of The Second Chance by Joana Starnes

1 You Have Biwitched Me Pillow Case

The giveaway is international and all you have to do to apply is comment on this post and click on this Rafflecopter link, and follow the instructions there, of course 😉

Good Luck everyone!


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26 responses to “Eco Friendly Christmas gifts, an Etsy Shop & 2020 Christmas Giveaway

  1. Glynis

    Is it nearly Christmas then? I suppose it must be as a house down the road has flashing lights inside and out as well as a tree with baubles in the garden!
    Some lovely gifts there. Great choices Rita!
    I’ve already done most of my shopping and I fear the P&P would be too much for me anyway?
    Good luck to all in the giveaway, I don’t enter Rafflecopter giveaways!


    • I think Christmas came early this year Glynis, at least it feels that way to me. I think it is because I’ve spent much more time then usual at home… Thank you for stopping by and I’m sorry for the Rafflecopter. I decided to try it this time 🙂


  2. sheilalmajczan

    Lovely gift suggestion. Thanks for the giveaway chance. Stay safe.


  3. Sophia Rose

    We have been making like efforts to have a care toward using less plastic and more natural consumables. Yay, I love Northanger Soapworks products and just ordered some more during her weekend sale. I love the travel mug and coffee mug you picked.
    Congrats on your Etsy store! I’ll be over there to shop before long. 🙂

    Happy Christmas, Rita!


    • Thank you Sophia 🙂 I don’t have a lot of things at the store yet, I’m taking it baby steps because it’s just an hobbie 🙂 I’m glad you’re also reducing your plastic consumption, I believe more and more people are getting aware of how important that is 🙂


  4. J. W. Garrett

    Thank you, Rita. It seems so strange that Christmas is just around the corner. Blessings on the success of your Esty store. Be safe, everyone, stay healthy.


  5. Mary Preston

    This is all just so fabulous.


  6. Pam Hunter

    I love all your gift ideas. We all need to be eco-friendly, I agree. Thank you for such a wonderful Christmas giveaway! Take care and stay safe!


  7. Enjoyed the list. Thanks for sharing.


  8. What a wonderful list with fantastic ideas!



  9. Michelle David

    I think we all want Christmas early this year because we need some extra magic and joy. It’s been a long rough year and we’re all tired. Some lovely ideas and thanks for sharing them.


  10. Cristina Silva

    Great ideia Rita! It’s always a good move if it’s a sustainable move. I also started changing my consumption habits this year. Have a great season and stay safe.


  11. Rita Santos

    Desta Rita, I just love this post and the great ideas of eco friendly Xmas gifts you have shared! Thank you so much for that and of course I’m going to apply for the giveaway! Kisses, my dear friend

    Liked by 1 person

  12. ForeverHis

    I always appreciate your posts on FB. Congrats on opening an Etzy shop. Stay well.


  13. evamedmonds

    Thank you for the list and for your generous giveaway.


  14. buturot

    Intereting items Rita. I need to visit Etsy more often to look at various possible gifts/items.

    Thank you also for this generous give-away.


  15. T C

    Thank your the ideas and for the giveaway


  16. Hi friend! Yay for your Etsy shop! I am off to check it out! I love your Eco-Jane Austen list! What a brilliant way to combine two things we love! I have not seen a grow bar before, that seems like such a lovely idea, I’d be interested to try it out, but I have sadly learned I do not have a green thumb…may even have a black thumb! And you are so very sweet to include my mugs! Thank you! 🥰


  17. caroleincanada

    What a fabulous Jane Austen eco-list, Rita! Congratulations on your Etsy store and those bookmarks and cards look lovely. I am nearly done my Christmas shopping as I was concerned if I waited too long, I wouldn’t find what I was looking for! I plan to check out the face masks that both you and Meredith (different ones) have found for us! Stay safe, healthy and sane!


  18. Wonderful list of eco-conscious gifts via From Pemberley to Milton!


  19. Pingback: Giveaway Winners | From Pemberley to Milton

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