The Mist of Her Memory by Suzan Lauder

In The Mist of Her Memory something happens to Elizabeth after she receives Jane’s letter at Lambton which causes not only some memory loss, but also some confusion regarding the events that surrounded Lydia’s elopement. The reader is unaware of what caused this memory confusion and is forced to go through the mist of Elizabeth’s memory along with her. Suzan Lauder crafted this story with a skill that impressed me because we could feel the confusion and frustration Elizabeth felt with the entire situation, and like her, we just wanted to know exactly what happened. 

The first chapters of this book are bewitching and the reader feels immediately transported into a Pride & Prejudice variation he doesn’t quite comprehend yet, but which he feels compelled to understand. This story and the manner in which it was written was so different it captured my attention for a long time. It was exciting not to know what was happening and why the characters were acting in such a strange manner. 

I loved the writing style in this book, the way sentences were built and the words chosen were enticing and gave me a sense of wellbeing throughout the story. The entire ambience of the book is compelling and somewhat magical, it forces the reader to feel something, and in my opinion these are always the best books. 

Apart from the writing style, one of the aspects I loved the most about The Mist of Her Memory was the fact that both Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are in love with each other from the very beginning. This allowed me to witness many touching and heartwarming moments, and to rejoice in the love and trust they showed towards one another. The strength of their convictions and love is undeniable in this story, even when all odds were against them, they believed in one another and never gave up on their convictions.

The mystery in the story was very well built and another plus in this book. I do not believe most readers will ever be able to answer all the questions that arise throughout the narrative. 

I truly enjoyed listening to this book and I was only slightly frustrated to see that it dragged a little towards the end. I found it hard to believe that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy would spend so much time together without speaking what was on their mind, and it also felt like the Bennet family wasn’t reacting to Lydia’s situation as they should. 

Summing up, The Mist of Her Memory is an enthralling book that is able to capture and hold the reader’s attention for a very long time due to its crafty writing style, the innumerous mysteries that need answering and the intense passionate love the characters have for one another demanding a happy ending. I do recommend this book, especially to readers who want a creative storyline that is simultaneously exciting and believable.


Audiobook Narration:

Elizabeth Bennet’s Level

Neil Roy McFarlane was the perfect voice for this story. The pleasantness of his voice along with his ability to make the reader engaged with it made me want to listen to this book non-stop until I understood what was happening. He has a natural pacing ability that allowed me to get immersed in the story and forget about any other technicalities.


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10 responses to “The Mist of Her Memory by Suzan Lauder

  1. sheilalmajczan

    I read and enjoyed this story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, Rita! I thought Suzan came up with a brilliantly original story here! A must read for JAFF readers!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Sophia Rose

    This was a clever one. Glad you liked it, too, Rita.

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  4. Janet T

    Thank you for such a well-written review, Rita. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I agree with you on Suzan’s writing style and how well she wrote her mystery. It kept me guessing! I’m also happy that you liked Neil’s narration of the book. I thought he did an excellent job. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I loved this book too! 🙂


  5. suzanlauder

    I too was pleased with the vocal quality Neil Roy McFarlane brought to this project, and I truly believe he made my book better. Obrigada, Rita, for highlighting his achievement!

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  6. caroleincanada

    Lovely review, Rita! I loved this book and the way it was laid out for us, the reader. And that cover was just perfect too!

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  7. Jan Hahn

    Great review, Rita! I’m so glad Neil narrated Carol’s book. She’s such a good writer, and he has such a great voice and loads of talent. The two of them made for a lovely collaboration.


  8. Glynis

    A perfect review Rita! I truly enjoyed this book especially because my favourite types of stories have Darcy and Elizabeth in love from the start, even if they have to deal with problems! The culprit? Who knew?!


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