Christmas at Pemberley by Abbey North

Christmas at Pemberley is a P&P sequel where the Darcy’s are hosting the Christmas celebrations at Pemberley for the first time with both their families present. Well, all of Lizzy’s family is present and Lady Catherine is also amongst the guests, even if Anne doesn’t make any appearance and no one else from Darcy’s family is there. 

With this havoc of guests, this book had everything to be an entertaining and funny story, but unfortunately it didn’t’ convince me.

George Wickham appears uninvited at Pemberley and the family’s reaction to his presence is somehow permissive which didn’t suit well with me. I would not expect Mr. Darcy to allow him to remain at Pemberley, especially because in this story George Wickham’s character was completely lascivious, always staring at a pregnant Jane, trying to force Georgiana into something else, and later on trying the same with Elizabeth. The fact that Wickham sat and dined at the same table with Lady Catherine was also something I didn’t find believable but which could work if the intent had been humorous, which was not.

Apart from the fact that these characters gather at Pemberley because of Christmas celebrations, there isn’t any other hint that this is a Christmas book. No Christmas traditions or even spirit are present. It is more of a sensual novella, with at least two intimate scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth, which in my opinion, also didn’t seem to fit the story. 

As a Christmas novella, I think it lacked the Christmas spirit, as a sensual story, well…I’m not usually a fan of the genre, but I have appreciated a few I’ve read and this one seemed just out of place. These scenes didn’t seem to fit in an environment where Wickham’s physical abuse of Lydia is being discussed, and they were also a little too “vulgar” for my taste. 

This is a very short story and because I listened to the audio version, it only took me an hour to finish it, so you may still give it a try while you do some chores at home. I may try to listen to another book from this author because this story may be an isolated case and it was the only book from her I read, but I do not recommend this particular story.  


Mary Bennet’s Level

To be fair, the story didn’t help me enjoy the narration, but I also add a quibble with the narrator’s low tone because it took me some time to adjust to it. I do think Verona Westbrook did a good narration, but for me it was difficult to adapt in the beginning.


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4 responses to “Christmas at Pemberley by Abbey North

  1. sheilalmajczan

    And with your review I will skip this one. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Christina Boyd

    I’ve never heard of this book. Thanks for the review and giving the author a try.


  3. J. W. Garrett

    Nope, not for me. Thanks, Rita for taking one for the team. Blessings and I hope you have a very blessed new year.


  4. Glynis

    Thank you Rita! It doesn’t sound like a book I would enjoy! I’m with you on Darcy accepting Wickham as a guest at Pemberley – no way!


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