2020 Achievements & 2021 Goals

Hello everyone,

It’s the last day of the year, and I remember that last year I started this post saying that 2019 took a long time to come to an end. Ironic isn’t it? If 2019 took a long time to come to an end, 2020 was much, much worse! I feel like I’ve aged 5 years during this year. 

As you know I love travelling and I had planned a road trip to the USA in 2020, so apart from all the other constraints we had with Covid, I was very disappointed to have missed my trip and to stay confined in Portugal the entire year. However, 2020 did bring some good things 🙂 Despite the terrible tragedy we faced, me, my family and friends remained healthy the entire time,  I read much more, and definitely blogged much more! Plus, I was able to accomplish some long standing goals which I never thought I’d be able to get through. For 2020, and before Covid striked us,  I had established the following 4 goals:

  1. Re-design the blog and create an archive containing all my posts (in an organized manner)
  2. Read more books in Portuguese 
  3. Read at least 5 paperbacks
  4. Listen to at least 12 Austenesque Audiobooks

Surprisingly, for the first time I was able to achieve them all! How wonderful is that? I’ve finally re-designed the blog and now I have dedicated pages to audiobook reviews, to author interviews, excerpts, reviews by subgenre, author etc. The change was simple in terms of design, but I was very proud to have finally done it. 

I’ve also managed to read more books per year then ever and even listen to more audiobooks then I had planned.  So let’s see what I was able to achieve in 2020, shall we?


As I said I, I posted more then ever with 132 posts published in 2020, and from those, 52 were reviews which is also a big increase.

I had never published so many reviews before and I am really proud of the number I was able to achieve! Last year I had only published 19 reviews and the year prior 38, so this was definitely a good evolution, I hope I am able to keep up in 2021 (even if this is a challenging number for me). But if I’ve published 52 reviews it means I’ve been reading much more too doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at that:

68 books and 16,866 pages read is a record for me, and I am not sure I’ll be able to match these numbers in 2021, at least if things get back to normal, but then again, I am listening to more audiobooks nowadays and that means I can read and listen to two book simultaneously which increases the ammount of books I am able to read, so…let’s wait and see.

From these 68 books the most popular (The Hunger Games),and least popular (Vivendo em Voz Alta), were not JAFF books, which is not a surprise because this year I was also able to read more Non-JAFF books then usual.



Variations occupy the biggest number of books read, and I believe they always will because they are indeed my favourites, but this year I was also able to read 15 Non-JAFF books, some of them were historical romances like Gentleman Jim or Lakeshire Park, but many of them were Stargate SG-1 books (remember some of them even made it to my favourites list last year? Well, this year I continued reading them) and others were books in Portuguese, which means I also achieved my goal of reading more books in Portuguese 🙂

Modernizations and sequels were the genre I read the most after Variations and Non-JAFF, followed closely by Austen Inspired which is usually a subgenre I don’t read a lot.

In 2021 I certainly hope to read more Secondary Character books, I was surprised to have only read one this year (funny because it made it to my 2020 Favourite Read Books), and that is definitely something I want to explore more. I know most of you only read Darcy & Elizabeth based novels, but I do crave for other things to spice up my JAFF TBR,  And which leads me to the next graphic! Most of the books I read were based on Pride and Prejudice, of course, but I did read 5 Persuasion based novels, and 1 Northanger Abbey (a first actually). I hope to keep up with this trend next year, and maybe even try other Austen novels (except Emma, I really dislike Emma).

And when were all these books published? I’ve been trying to read more books published before 2015, but still the big majority of books I read this year were released in 2020 or 2019. I guess that is normal because we always feel tempted to read new releases, but still, I’ll try to read more oldies next year 🙂


If we look at the format of books read, things have changed dramatically since last year! I used to read mainly ebooks until I started mixing up all stories I was reading, so I decided to change to paperbacks some time this year, and now they are almost even in terms of percentage with ebooks. I am hoping to have a bigger percentage of paperback books read next year comparing to ebooks, and I also hope to contoninue listening to many audiobooks 🙂 Audiobooks was the format I used the most this year to get my JAFF fix and I can see that happening next year too, I simply love audiobooks, and they are the best company while I am doing chores or taking a stroll in the park 🙂


So, obviously one of my goals for 2021 is to read more paperbacks and listen to more audiobooks, but I need to establish more goals don’t I?

So my 2021 Goals are the follwoing:

  1. Read at least 20 paperbacks 
  2. Listen to at least 20 audiobooks
  3. Read more older books (published before 2015)
  4. Read more seconday character books or other Austen Novels
  5. Conquer my paperback TBR (I know…it’s not realistic…but one can dream)

What about you? Are you establishing any particular goals? Whatever your goals are, I hope you will be able to achieve them and that you have a WONDERFUL 2021!!! Hopefully it will be much better then 2020 🙂

This will be my last post of the year, and first one of 2021 will bring to you my favourite read! I am looking forward to see if you share any favourites with me 🙂 Until then:

Happy New Year everyone!


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13 responses to “2020 Achievements & 2021 Goals

  1. Melissa Makarewicz

    Great job and great new goals!
    I’m planning on reading more nonfiction, more Austen fan fiction, and more new-to-me authors. Happy New Year!


  2. Christina Boyd

    Happy New Years, Rita! So glad that you were able to read and listen as much as you did this year. XO


  3. maryvad

    Hi Rita,
    I think we’ve all read more books this year which is one positive from this wretched year.
    May I wish you and yours a very bright,healthy and happy New Year.
    Stay safe.


  4. Glynis

    What an accomplishment Rita! I’ve also read a lot more this year because of the circumstances. I don’t have audiobooks so mine are mostly ebooks with an occasional paperback thrown in, but mine are all P&P inspired and concentrate on Darcy and Elizabeth.
    I have no idea what I would have done during this forced isolation without my books, there have been many excellent new releases this year and of course I have to reread so many.
    I hope you achieve all your goals in 2021, including your travel plans, and wish you a really happy, healthy New Year.


  5. Rita, Great Job! Well done!!🍾🎉🎉🍾. Happy Holidays to you! I really enjoyed your video interview…maybe some more in the new year?
    Blessings and stay safe


  6. Impressive, Rita! and so organized with all your stats and colorful pie charts. I’m proud to have my very own slice of the pie as the author of your one and only Northanger Abbey book! Wishing you a great 2021. And if you make it to the US, I hope you’ll get to my corner of it. 😀


  7. Jan Hahn

    I love your graphs and charts and stats, Rita, and I’m impressed with how many books you’ve read. You’ve taken a terrible year and used it to your advantage. Congratulations! Hope 2021 will be much better for you and for all of us.


  8. Sophia Rose

    Way to go reaching all your goals! Yes, this year has had it’s ups and downs, but never dull even if it lasted forever. 🙂 You did great with the reviews and hitting a high mark on reading numbers. Of the Austenesque, I think variatios was my big one, too.

    Have a great 2021, Rita!


  9. sheilalmajczan

    Congratulations on all your hard work. I, too, am impressed with the graphs and statistics you posted here. I could never do this so my hat is off to you. Well done. Happy New Year to everyone. May it be a safe and healthy one considering what we are ending.


  10. Congratulations!

    Happy New Year!



  11. Congrats on meeting your goals, Rita! The pandemic has certainly given us more time to read (my spouse and I frequently comment on it). I’ve loved seeing your photos of Portugal! It’s on my list of places I want to visit. We were confined to Canada this year, despite previously-planned international trips. We’re hoping for better in 2021.

    Happy New Year!


  12. Yay for the awesome stats!! I am so glad you accomplished your goals, Rita! Way to go on all the extra reading, reviewing, and blog updating you got done! I think it is really great!

    And great goals for 2021! I like your goals of reading older releases and more other Austen novels stories – I’d like to do that myself…but like you said it is hard because you want to tackle the TBR pile first!

    Very neat that you had a very even distribution on the formats you read/listen to your story. Do you like doing it evenly like that or do you want to increase or decrease any formats in the next year?

    Wishing you a very happy start to 2021!!


  13. caroleincanada

    Congratulations, Rita! I, too, read more than I thought but my TBR pile grows faster than I can read! One of my goals this year is to re-read some old favourites. I plan to start with ‘The Hobbit’. Here’s to a Better & Brighter New Year!


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