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An Interview with Elizabeth Adams & Sons of Pemberley Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

Today I bring to you a very special post, my very first video interview! I’ve been wanting to try this new feature at From Pemberley to Milton for a while and when I was contacted by Elizabeth Adams, who was about to release Sons of Pemberley, I thought she would be the ideal person to embark on this adventure with me. She is talkative, extrovertive and is not afraid to try different things, so who better to try this interview format with then her?

I also thought it would be interesting to bring you into the conversation, so instead of asking her questions myself, I decided to ask her the questions readers on facebook told me they would like to see answered. I hope you all got your answers, and that you enjoy watching Elizabeth’s enthusiasm while speaking about Sons of Pemberley, the life of a writer and Captain Wentworth 🙂

We didn’t practise anything before, so it was pretty much a spontaneous interview (ok, we did change our outfits and hair style, but that was about it), so please do be patient with us, the next one will more professional 😉

Thank you so much for doing this with me Elizabeth!!! I had a lot of fun talking to you, and I hope this is the first of many video interviews we do together 🙂



Here’s the link to Elizabeth’s website with the outtake she mentioned in the interview.



Netherfield, Hertfordshire, 15 October, 1811

“Why must we go to Longbourn?” whined Miss Bingley.

“Because they invited us and we accepted. It is now the polite thing to do to arrive,” replied her brother.

“But they are ridiculous!”

Bingley sighed. “If you are truly so against going, I will tell them you are unwell and you may rest here on your own for the evening. I’m sure one less person at table will not make much of a difference.”

Caroline did not like dining with her country neighbors, but she liked dining alone in her room while her guests were at the home of a family with five comely daughters even less.

“Are you unwell, Miss Bingley?” asked Lady Anne. She had entered the parlor before either of the Bingleys noticed her presence.

Flushing, Caroline answered, “Not at all, my lady. Simply wondering at the wisdom of our dinner arrangements.”

Bingley gave his sister a hard look, but she ignored him.

“The country is not Town, Miss Bingley. There are not amusements on every corner. We must take our entertainment where it may be found, and we must make friends where we can, or it will be a lonely winter indeed.”

“Of course, my lady.” Caroline scrambled for a response that would improve her in the great lady’s eyes. “I was worried about leaving Miss Darcy and young Luke here on their own, that is all.”

“Oh, well if that is all, you needn’t have worried. Mrs. Bennet was concerned about the same thing. How lovely that you both had the same turn of mind. She has invited them along. I did not think it appropriate for Luke to attend, but Georgiana will be joining us.”

Caroline could do aught but smile tightly and ask if the carriages were prepared, for she was ready to depart.

They filed into the entryway and Lady Anne caught her eldest son’s eyes. His lips twitched, but he showed no other sign of having heard her conversation with Miss Bingley.

Due to the size of their party, two carriages were readied. Lady Anne somehow arranged it so that Georgiana rode in the Bingley carriage with Mr. and Mrs. Hurst and Miss Bingley while Lady Anne rode with her son and his friend in the Darcy carriage.

“Mr. Bingley, I hope you do not mind the intrusion,” she ignored her son’s cough, “but I wanted to speak to you about your relationship with Miss Bennet.”

Bingley looked surprised, but sat up straighter and said, “Yes, my lady?”

“What are your intentions towards her?” she asked plainly.

“Towards Miss Bennet?”


“Well, I, that is, I hadn’t thought, I mean, my intentions are not dishonorable.”

“But are they honorable?”

Bingley spluttered.

“Let me be more specific. Do you intend for this to go beyond flirtation? Are you waiting to know her better with the potential of proposing marriage to her?”

Bingley’s eyes widened comically and before he could begin spluttering once more, Lady Anne continued.

“Miss Bennet is a gentleman’s daughter and a sweet girl besides. She has lived her entire life in the country with precious few visits to Town. She is not accustomed to being trifled with, and forgive me, but she does not know your reputation for falling in and out love at a moment’s notice.”

“Well, I—”

She held up a hand to forestall further response. “It is clear that you like her. And why would you not? She is a lovely girl. But I thought you should know how your actions are being perceived.”

Having gone from curiosity to indignation to confusion, Bingley now answered cautiously. “And how are my actions perceived?”

“You danced with her twice the first night you met her. When you saw her at Lucas Lodge, you monopolized her attention for most of the evening and danced with her again. When she called on your sister, you escorted her out to her carriage. When she came for tea, you joined us as well. At the Gouldings two nights ago, you barely left her side. Knowing all of this, how do you think those actions are being perceived?”

He sank back into the squabs, suddenly pale. “Have I committed myself then?”

She laughed lightly. “No, not as yet. It would take a great deal more than marked attentions to force a wedding, but not much more to engage your honor.”

What relief he had begun to feel was short lived. “How should I proceed?”

What if Lady Anne Darcy was alive to meet Elizabeth Bennet?

A sweeping tale of tragedy, devotion, and betrayal—spanning over 25 years and two generations—this family saga explores the life Fitzwilliam Darcy would have had if his mother had not died young.

An up-close view of the Darcys’ marriage and Fitzwilliam’s childhood … a retelling of the circumstances that shaped the man we have come to love … a reimagining of the friendships and relationships that formed each iconic character … a tale of love, loss, heartbreak, and triumph—this is Sons of Pemberley.



You can find Son’s of Pemberley at:

and on Kindle Unlimited





Elizabeth would like to offer one ebook copy of Sons of Pemberley to one of my readers. The giveaway is international and will end on the 18th of December.

All you have to do to participate in the giveaway is comment on this post. Every comment earns an entry in the drawing.

Good Luck everyone!


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A Life Worth Choosing by Anngela Schroeder – Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

Today I am very happy to receive Anngela Schroeder at From Pemberley to Milton with an excerpt of her upcoming release A Life Worth Choosing. After reading A Lie Universally Hidden I am always very curious towards Ms Schroeder’s work and A Life Worth Choosing sounds like an appealing book, so January can’t arrive soon enough 🙂 That’s right, the book will only be released in the beginning of next year, but until then, you can read this sweet excerpt 🙂 I hope you like it as much as I did. I found it very different and refreshing, we can see Elizabeth and Darcy have a very different relationship than usual at this point, so I am very curious to see where the story goes from here. 

Thank you so much for visiting Ms Schroeder, I wish you all the best with this book 🙂


“You could not have made me the offer of your hand in any possible way that would have tempted me to accept it.”

Reeling from the unexpected rejection of his proposal, Fitzwilliam Darcy prepares to quit Hunsford for London but not before he defends himself against Elizabeth Bennet’s accusations. He cannot forgive her harsh words; her assertion Mr. Wickham would have made a better son has cut him to the core.

Suffering an accident while delivering the fated letter, he wakes to a world he does not know—and to those who do not recognize him. With a new life, a different  name, and a fresh chance at winning the woman he loves, Darcy must decide which is A Life Worth Choosing ––the past he remembers or a future he has created for himself.



Happy December, Rita. Thank you for having me at From Pemberley to Milton. I hope both you and your readers are doing well. I have been working hard on getting my newest release, “A Life Worth Choosing,” ready for publication in January but am grateful for the opportunity to stop by and share a small snippet with you. 

The excerpt I chose is a scene where Darcy and Elizabeth have come upon each other while walking in Rosings’ woods. They have become friends and not had the ‘battle of wits’ from the original text, as circumstances are much different. Elizabeth gives us a small insight into her altered belief about marriage, much to Darcy’s curiosity. 

I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and look forward to your reviews when “A Life Worth Choosing” is available on Amazon in January of 2021. 


“Do you often walk this early in the morning?”

“I do, but rarely so far. I was lost in thoughts and was unaware of how far my feet had taken me.” 

A deep chuckle came from his throat, and she wondered at the comfort she felt in the sound. “That has happened to me on occasion when I am wandering through my estate and wished I could forget my obligations and just reside in nature for a time.”

“We are kindred spirits, Sir. Too often my mother has had to send one of the maids out onto the estate looking for me.”

“And where would they often find you?” he asked, a grin spreading across his face. 

Her breath caught, and she lowered her eyes, hoping he could not read her admiration. “Depending upon the season, they would often find me in a tree with an apple or curled at the base of my favorite stump reading.”

“And in the winter?”

She bit her lip and snickered. “Winter was when I shamed my mother the most.”

“I cannot imagine you shaming anyone.”

She struggled to hide her smile. “But you are not a mother attempting to marry off her five daughters. We girls were not obliged to household chores for my mother feared it would diminish our luster to a man of high standing. And even then, the only interested party was Mr. Collins.” She shrugged her shoulders and smiled up at Mr. [Darcy]. “In the winter, our maid would discover me at Lucas Lodge. There, my dear friend Charlotte and I would sit in the kitchen and listen to their cook, Mrs. Marks, who had come over from Ireland. She would tell us stories of her homeland and the myth of St. Patrick. But, even better, she taught us how to bake: Irish soda bread, biscuits, cakes. Slathered with fresh cream, Charlotte and I would make ourselves sick. 

“And Mrs. Bennet did not approve?”

Elizabeth laughed at her memories. “Had my sister Jane, or even Lydia, found their way into Charlotte’s kitchen, I am certain her acceptance of this pastime would have been much different. However, she was not keen on her second eldest daughter discrediting her place in society by enjoying kitchen work. Once again, you can see how her fears have not held weight with our comparative prospects.”

They continued walking, over a bridge, before he replied, “And your other sisters? They have no interest in what you find as curiosities?”

“My other sisters? Oh, no, sir. My youngest Lydia and then Catherine, or Kitty, who is just a year older, has no time for walks, books, or treats from a kitchen. Their heads are filled with officers as, much to my mother’s delight, an encampment of the militia has just been quartered in Meryton.”

“You are not excited by the sight of a red coat?” he asked, reaching up to pluck a leaf from an overhanging branch.

“No, not at all. I dare say, it is pleasant to have so many new faces nearby, but these officers go against everything my mother has ever wanted for us. They are young, unlearned, and struggling to live off of their pay. How could their circumstances ever encourage felicity in a marriage with so little prospect?”

Darcy’s brows rose at her pronouncement. “That sounds quite mercenary.”

She felt her cheeks coloring as she formulated a response to his teasing. “It is not that I am mercenary, sir. I am a realist. I once believed that only the strongest love would induce me to matrimony. Yet, I see that I might not have all the choices to guarantee my felicity in life. Therefore, I will not lose my heart to just anyone but will take care to lose it to a man who can provide well for me.” She paused for a moment before continuing. “Charlotte once said that ‘happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance.’ I do not wholly believe that to be true, but, imagine if a man of good breeding and intellect were to present himself to me, and was in possession of three thousand a year, I might allow my heart to be touched.” 

“Even if there was no love?”

“I do not wish to risk the same fate as [others before me]. No, a woman’s chances are too uncertain for objection but also too precarious to be picky. You see, Mr. Fitzroy? Another good reason you have been blessed to be born who you are—the master of a grand estate.”

Anngela has a degree in English with a concentration in British Literature and a Masters in Education. She loves to travel, bake, and watch college football with her husband and 3 rambunctious sons. Her weaknesses are yellow cake with chocolate frosting, her father’s Arabic food (namely grape leaves, and falafel), and frozen Girl Scout Thin Mints. She lives in California where she dreams of Disney adventures and trips across the pond.

Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads Instagram

Anngela is very kindly offering a giveaway of either a signed hardcover (US only) or an ebook (kindle, international ) copy of A Life Worth Choosing to a randomly selected commenter on this post! To enter the giveaway please comment this post until the 18th of December.


And don’t forget to follow the blog tour, there are more news about this book and more giveaways being offered 🙂



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Gentleman Jim by Mimi Matthews

Gentleman Jim was the first book I’ve read from Mimi Matthews and I can only wonder why I have never read anything from her before. From the moment I started reading this book I couldn’t stop, and when I got to the end of it, I couldn’t let go of the feeling of loss for not being in the company of its characters anymore. That is how addictive Gentleman Jim is!

This regency romance focuses on the lives of Margaret Honeywell, loving daughter and heiress to an estate called Beasley Park, and Viscount St. Clare, a mysterious nobleman who has a striking resemblance to Nicholas Seaton, a boy who used to be a groom in Margaret’s estate and her long lost soulmate. The first chapter will reveal us the relationship between Margaret and Nicholas and explain why he fled the estate promising to return to her one day, but after that brief introduction, the story moves forward 10 years and we will find Margaret in a very different situation. It is then that she meets Viscount St. Clare and her life takes an unexpected turn.

It is hard to tell what I loved the most in this book because I honestly loved everything about it. Mimi Matthews is a natural storyteller and her writing is compelling and addictive. She has the ability to make the reader feel he is in the middle of the story with the characters, to feel their sorrows and share their hopes, and the connection the reader establishes with these characters makes this an irresistible story. The original plot, which uses some elements of The Count of Monte Cristo, one of my all-time favourite books, was also one of the highlights in the book. Gentleman Jim is action packed, full of adventure, mystery and romance. The parallel between Edmund Dantes and Viscount St. Clare was an exciting detail, and the revenge theme in it made me love to hate Frederick Burton-Smythe.

The romance between Margaret Honeywell and Viscount St. Clare was absolutely perfect. The book had several intense and magical scenes that demonstrated exactly how powerful and special their feelings for one another were. Their relationship is not merely full of passion, but also based on a true and trusting friendship. I particularly liked to see this pair getting together to fight the adversities against them instead of fighting misunderstandings between them. Their trust and faith in one another, along with their reactions to the trials their relationship faced, was inspiring and endearing.

The original characters in Gentleman Jim are another reason that explains why this book is so enthralling. Margaret Honeywell is the perfect heroine, “she is tiny but fierce”, brave, loyal and witty. I loved to see her challenging Fred, taking matters in her own hands and following the clues to prove Nicholas true parentage. She is not unrealistically perfect and has her own problems to face, but she was always daring and unafraid to challenge society’s conventions. Even though I loved Miss Honeywell, Viscount St. Clare is the character with whom the reader will fall in love. I found myself sighing and I believe that if I ever met him I would swoon. He is handsome, mysterious, full of charm, self-confident, with a strength of spirit that is irresistible and the cherry on top of the cake is that deep down he has a hidden fragility. He feels he has never really been loved or belonged somewhere so he needs to be reassured of his value. In my perspective, all these elements constitute the perfect receipt for a romantic hero.

Gentleman Jim is an exhilarating story that I cannot recommend enough. Readers won’t regret reading this book and will only wish they could prolong their time in this setting and with these characters. Mimi Matthews is certainly an author I have to keep reading.


You can find Gentleman Jim at:

and on Audible


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Freebies & Books on sale


Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well today 🙂 I am posting this unscheduled post today because on my daily perusal I noticed we had more books on sale then usual, so once again, I thought it might be nice to put together all the ones I could find. We’ve had major sales going on lately with price reductions coming from the Quills & Quartos collection, the Austen Variations authors, and now Meryton Press is also doing a book sale! These are usually easy to find and I would advise you all to stop at their respective pages to see what is going on, but I also noticed that today several books from J. Dawn King and her alias Christie Capps along with a few others were on Kindle Countdown, so I decided to put them all here 🙂

Also, please note these were the prices when I publish this post, so make sure you look at the price once more because it may have changed.

Jane Austen Fan Fiction currently FREE

Book Blurb:
Mrs Bennet misses her daughters now they are all married. Therefore, she decides to invite them to Longbourn for Christmas. The only difficulty, as her husband points out, is the enmity between Darcy and Wickham.
Mrs Bennet arrives at an ingenious solution. They will have two Christmases. One on Christmas Day for Lizzy, Jane, Kitty and Mary and one on Boxing Day, for Wickham and Lydia alone.
They enjoy a festive day with four of their daughters, but when a certain uninvited Reverend arrives, Darcy and Lizzy decide to stay at a coaching inn to make room for the new arrival. At the inn they meet Wickham and Lydia. Lydia is in early labour and gives birth to a daughter at the inn. The impact on Wickham of the arrival of his new daughter is profound and surprising.
As the new parents are advised not to leave the inn by their physician, Lizzy sends a message to her father and suggest that the family visit her at the inn instead. The Bennets and their daughters hurry to the inn the next day and enjoy another Christmas on Boxing Day with Lydia and Wickham.
Only one person is disappointed – the Reverend Collins who hopes to deliver his new Christmas sermon.
Find out more in this affectionate and funny continuation of the classic novel.

Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 0,99$


A Baby for Mr. Darcy – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

When those you love the most become your worst enemy
Fitzwilliam Darcy is on the run…with a baby!
When an emergency summons Mr. Darcy back to London during the Netherfield ball, he discovers a newborn in his study along with a note. Now, he must guard a secret that could shatter his family and put the child in danger. But that isn’t his biggest challenge. He must find a wife—a woman he can trust with his charge and with his heart.
Elizabeth Bennet’s prospects for a marriage based on love are taken away from her when her father makes a deal with Mr. Darcy, a man she despises. When she learns the identity of the baby and the true identity of the man she married, will their marriage of convenience develop into a love for the ages?
Together they face slander, intrigue, family pressure, and prison. Will their marriage survive? Will the baby thrive? Or, will forces much larger than themselves destroy everything Darcy and Elizabeth hope for?
This Regency variation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice by bestselling author, J Dawn King, is appropriate for all ages.


A Reason to Hope – 0,99

Book Blurb: 

Desperate circumstances equal desperate decisions
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy has reason to believe he does not have long to live. Knowing he needs an heir, he offers marriage to the only lady who has caught his eye and held his interest: Miss Elizabeth Bennet.
Once exposed to the gentleman’s vulnerability, Elizabeth realizes she may have misjudged him. When he extends to her the opportunity of eventually becoming an independent woman, she accepts his unexpected offer to wed. Both vow to feel only gratitude toward the other. The last thing either wants is to suffer the heartbreak of falling in love when their future is uncertain.
As the couple explore treatment options and listen to sound advice, they are drawn into a love that will last through the ages. Will Darcy and Elizabeth overcome all odds to have their happily-ever-after? (Of course! I always write happy endings.)
This 20,000-word angst-filled Regency variation (appropriate for all ages) by bestselling author Christie Capps can be read in an hour or two.


The Letter of the law – 0,99

Book Blurb: 

One month to find a wife he can live with forever.
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is desperate. If he doesn’t marry within 33 days, he loses guardianship of his sister to his cantankerous aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh. His diligent search within the ton was in vain, so he heads to the country with his mind filled with determination and his heart hoping for love.
Miss Elizabeth Bennet is desperate. Her father’s disinterest in their estate has resulted in concern for the future of her family. When circumstances become precarious, Elizabeth accepts an offer from the last man on earth she suspected would be interested in marriage to her.
Will the hero and heroine of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice find their happily-ever-after when the odds and the wickedest of enemies are against them?
Follow Elizabeth and Darcy in this novel-length Regency romance as J. Dawn King takes them through a sweet adventure where their happiness comes only if they obey The Letter of the Law.
By the author of Amazon bestsellers Compromised! and The Abominable Mr. Darcy.


Friends and Enemies – 0,99

Book Blurb: 

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” Sun Tzu, 5th Century BCE
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the hero of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, has his world turned upside down when his character, of which he is particularly proud, is called into question by those whom he trusts.
Will he learn from his mistakes or remain his own worst enemy?
When he discovers a secret which could destroy not only the reputation of his beloved sister but threatens her very life, he can no longer hide behind his mask of social indifference. Dismaying circumstances will test the strength of his personal beliefs and convictions as well as his devotion to family and friends as a rival from his past determines to ruin him and take everything Darcy holds dear. Out of the flames of adversity, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, once scorned, becomes a beacon of hope.
Can love grow from adversity? Is happiness possible?
In this full-length novel set in Regency, England, true friendships are made, enemies are revealed, and happily-ever-after is on the horizon. Or is it…


Lost & Found – 0,99

Book Blurb: 

When he lost his heart to her, he found happiness.
Miss Elizabeth Bennet is missing—vanishing without a trace from the library at Rosings Park.
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy feels duty-bound to find the most frustrating young lady of his acquaintance. He is Elizabeth’s sworn enemy. Yet, when he comes to her rescue, she is forced to rethink her opinion.
Trapped together for hours, each layer of their character is revealed until their masks are gone, and their worst fears are shared. Will Mr. Darcy’s arrogant pride keep him from finding tender affection and happiness? Will her prejudice withstand trials so a man worthy of her affection will not be lost?
In this sweet, angst-filled Regency variation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, our dear couple overcome all odds to find a love for the ages…or do they?
Lost and Found is about 100 pages in length and is appropriate for all readers.


Mischief & Mayhem – 0,99

Book Blurb: 

How much trouble could one small baby be? Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are about to find out.
Fitzwilliam Darcy avoids unsavory characters, unattached females, and messy babies–until he meets the Bennet family from Longbourn in Hertfordshire. Something about one of the daughters and the only son intrigues him until thoughts of them fill his waking hours and his dreams.
Elizabeth Bennet despises Brussels sprouts, sewing, and men who think too highly of themselves–especially Mr. Darcy. When her brother shows a decided preference for the arrogant oaf, will she continue to hold onto her resentment or discover for herself what the baby finds so appealing?
After a valuable piece of jewelry goes missing and aspersions are cast, can two opposing forces work together to solve the crime? Will opposites attract? Can a toddler who admires them both help them to admire each other?
This fun-filled 20,000-word novella set in Regency England is written by the bestselling author of Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day and Lost & Found.


Mr. Darcy’s Perfect Match – 0,99

Book Blurb:  

When secrets are revealed and a family agenda works against him, can Fitzwilliam Darcy recover his damaged spirits and find happiness?
Following his disastrous proposal to Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy returns to London from Kent, broken-hearted and dejected. One bright spot penetrates his sea of despair: his sister, Georgiana, has finally recovered her spirits from the grievous events at Ramsgate the previous summer. She has forged a new friendship with Miss Hester Drake, a lady who appears to be an ideal friend. In fact, Lady Matlock believes Miss Drake is Darcy’s perfect match.
Upon Elizabeth’s arrival at the Gardiners’ home from Kent, she finds that her sister Jane remains despondent over her abandonment by Mr. Bingley. But Elizabeth has information that might bring them together. She convinces her uncle Gardiner to write a letter to Mr. Bingley, providing key facts supplied to her by Mr. Darcy.
When Bingley discovers that his friend and sisters colluded to keep Jane’s presence in London from him, how will he respond? Given the chance, will Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth overcome their past misunderstandings? What will Darcy do when his beloved sister becomes a hindrance towards winning the lady he loves?

 A Most Civil Proposal – 0,99

Book Blurb: 

“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” When Fitzwilliam Darcy spoke these words to Elizabeth Bennet as part of his marriage proposal, they expressed his concealed feelings completely, but their meaning was at odds with the rest of his prideful and arrogant offer of marriage. It was therefore rather easy for Elizabeth to reject his offer in much the same manner. But what if Darcy, never one at ease when trying to speak of inner sentiments, had realized beforehand how his intended proposal would sound to the young woman he hoped to make his bride? What if he had attempted a much more civil and thoughtful proposal of marriage? Could Elizabeth Bennet have coldly and angrily rejected an offer made in such a manner? A Most Civil Proposal, a variation on Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” examines and explores how the lives of the two main characters and their families and friends might have turned out differently had Darcy realized his error beforehand and thus avoided being so forcefully instructed and corrected by the love of his life.


An Arranged Marriage – 0,99

Book Blurb:  

Can a marriage of convenience ever lead to true love? Immediately after Elizabeth Bennet refuses Mr. Darcy’s proposal at Hunsford, her father dies, leaving Longbourn entailed away and little fortune to sustain his widow and daughters. Six months later, the Bennet family receives a visitor with a most unusual offer that promises to save the family from financial and social ruin. Elizabeth’s sense of duty forces her to enter into an arranged marriage with a man she does not even like. Told from Elizabeth’s point of view, An Arranged Marriage is a compelling twist on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Can Elizabeth overcome her feelings of anger, resentment, and suspicion toward her new husband and – the most bewildering sensation of all – a growing attraction for the last man in the world she ever wished to marry?


The Journey – 0,99

Book Blurb:  

Shortly after the Netherfield ball, Elizabeth Bennet begins a journey to visit her relations in London with her travelling companions, Mr. Bingley’s sisters and the proud, arrogant Mr. Darcy. Suddenly, their carriage is abruptly stopped, and Elizabeth hears the menacing cry, “Stand and deliver!”
The leader of a band of highwaymen, Nate Morgan, a handsome, masked rogue, plans to seize Elizabeth for his amusement, but Darcy steps forward and offers himself as a hostage in her place. When his proposal fails to secure Elizabeth’s release, Darcy makes a shocking declaration-Elizabeth is his wife!
At a time when a woman’s future could be ruined by the slightest hint of scandal, Elizabeth’s reputation will depend not only upon the actions of a hero but a villain as well. Filled with danger, excitement, daring and passion, The Journey follows Jane Austen’s beloved characters from Pride and Prejudice as they embark on a fateful journey that changes their lives forever.


A Will of Iron – 0,99

Book Blurb:  

From the Author of The Red Chrysanthemum.
Only days after his disastrous proposal, the untimely death of Anne de Bourgh draws Fitzwilliam Darcy and his cousin Colonel Alexander Fitzwilliam back to
Rosings Park before Elizabeth Bennet has left the neighborhood. Their return finds Rosings swathed in mourning. In death, Anne is revealed as having lived a rich life of the mind, and she plotted rather constantly to escape her loathsome mother, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Anne’s journal—spirited into the hands of Elizabeth and Charlotte Collins—holds her candid observations on life and her family. It also exposes her final, and sadly fatal, means of outwitting her mother. Anne’s Last Will and Testament, with its peculiar bequests, sends Lady Catherine into a tailspin and throws into turmoil every relationship amongst the Bennets, Darcys, Fitzwilliams, Collinses, and even the Bingleys! Was Anne de bourgh a shrewder judge of character than Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy combined?
Includes mature content.


An Eventful Year in Derbyshire – 0,99

Book Blurb:  

What unexpected and exciting events will shape the lives of our favourite residents of Derbyshire, not to mention the Wickhams and Lady Catherine de Bourgh? Can Bingley and Darcy successfully join forces to wrest success and survival from an array of threatened reversals and cataclysms? What scandalous news will spread afar, disturbing the (incomparably outrage-prone) sensibilities of Lady Catherine? Will some of the skeletons in the closet of Her Ladyship’s husband creep out to dance before the eyes of her family?

Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 1,99$

An Unlikely Missionary – 1,99 

Book Blurb: 

When the practical Charlotte Collins is unexpectedly sent on a missionary journey to India, she must examine her values and find her place within a world of dark intrigue. Join Mrs. Collins as she traverses a path beset with comedy, mystery, tragedy, and joy.


Mysterious Mr. Darcy – 1,99

Book Blurb:  

The events of this Pride and Prejudice ‘what-if’ occur three years later than the original, but before the Netherfield Ball. Mr. Darcy receives a visit at his isolated manor in Cornwall. It is Charles Bingley, and he is there to ask for a favor… He needs help with his new estate, Netherfield.
As for Miss Elizabeth Bennet, there is nothing she likes more than a laugh – except for a mystery. From the moment she first encounters Mr. Darcy, she senses he is hiding something. But the more she tries to find out about who he is, the more evasive he becomes. However, Elizabeth soon turns her attention to someone else. As Mrs. Bennet points out, Mr. Darcy is a nobody, and Elizabeth needs to marry someone who can provide for her and her sisters.
Meanwhile, Mr. Darcy doesn’t want anyone to know about the scandal that haunts him from the past. He certainly doesn’t need someone like Miss Bennet, who asks him questions and tries to slip him up. Fortunately, he is more than equal to the task of putting her off. What he doesn’t expect is that before he knows it, he finds himself longing to tell her the truth.
Are Elizabeth and Darcy meant to come together in this variation, or is Elizabeth destined for somebody else?

Note: Mysterious Mr. Darcy is not a mystery. It is a ‘what-if’ in which Mr. Darcy has to deal with the consequences of his past, a past that will change the shape of his future.


Fortune & Felicity – 1,99

Book Blurb:  

In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Elizabeth and Darcy have a second chance to get things right. Will they be able to come together this time, or will pride intervene yet again?
Seven years after Darcy’s disastrous proposal, Darcy is in need, not of a wife, but of a governess for his young daughter. Imagine his surprise when he discovers Elizabeth Bennet on the list of possible candidates provided by the employment agency. The question is, should he take her on as a governess, or would he be playing with fire?
Elizabeth Bennet is forced by her reduced circumstances to take on a position. However, when Mr. Darcy invites her for an interview, she is embarrassed and humiliated. How could she possibly live under the same roof as the man she had rejected so strongly seven years ago?
Whatever decision she makes, there will be a high price to pay… one way or the other.


Mr. Darcy’s Pride & Joy – 1,99 

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Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are engaged at last, and Mr. Darcy is preparing to take out a special licence to get married quickly. But, just when everything seems to be going just right, he encounters opposition from an unexpected quarter. Then, when his engagement is announced – to someone else – Elizabeth, understandably, begins to doubt his sincerity. Perhaps their love is doomed after all… Find out more in this third part of the Darcy Novels series, a Pride and Prejudice variation

Mr. Darcy’s Challenge – 1,99

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In this humorous Pride and Prejudice Variation, Mr. Darcy is determined to win Elizabeth Bennet’s hand in spite of her rejection and he has a strategy worked out. He will rescue Lydia Bennet from Wickham and will return to Longbourn to convince Elizabeth to marry him. But when a chance encounter prompts Darcy to propose once again to Elizabeth before he has rescued Lydia, his plans go horribly wrong.
Broken hearted, disillusioned and bitterly regretting his impulsive action, Darcy sees no point in assisting Miss Bennet. After all, rescuing Lydia might save Elizabeth’s reputation, but why should he care when they have no future together? His code of gentlemanly conduct, however, demands that he fulfill the terms of his promise to her. Once again, Darcy finds himself faced with impossible choices: helping Elizabeth when she is certain to marry someone else, or holding onto his dignity by turning his back on the Bennets once and for all.
Pride and love are at loggerheads as he struggles to choose between his mind … and his heart.
Volume Two of The Darcy Novels continues the story began in Mr. Darcy’s Pledge but can be read as an independent book as well.


Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit – 1,99 

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When Darcy proposes to Elizabeth at Hunsford, she declines his proposal with courtesy instead of anger, and he is left to discover on his own why she will not marry him. How can our beloved couple find their way to each other when Darcy doesn’t know what she holds against him?

What Hope Has Done – 1,99 

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“I would tell you that I was driven mad with love for you, but I suppose you would not like a mad person very much.”

After Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy are married, what becomes of her other sisters? Discover their stories in the What Time Has Done series.
Jane and Charles Bingley are settled in their new home at Whitewood Hall near Kingston—but their lives there are not as happy as they could be. A neighborhood family with great influence has determined that the Bingleys are unworthy of their notice. Jane brings her sister Kitty to live with her, but is sorry to have so few worthy friends to share with her. Among the worst of the offenders is Mr. Thomas Sterling, a brilliant, headstrong, proud young man who is the influential family’s heir. Thomas considers Kitty far beneath him—but she cannot be intimidated by his bullying, and he slowly develops an interest in her as he sees how unlike other women she is.
Kitty’s coldness toward Thomas cannot shake his affection toward her, and as they spend more time together, they fall by degrees deeper in love. Thomas’s parents, however, are still prejudiced against the match. Knowing Kitty has changed Thomas for the better, but has he changed enough to risk all he has in the hope of finding happiness with Kitty?

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