Fallen by Jessie Lewis

I recommend asking Amazon for a sample of Fallen from Jessie Lewis because if you read the prologue, you’ll be bound to read the rest of the book. That is what happened to me. I read the first two pages and immediately knew I would stay up late reading this story.

Fallen opens with a lady realising that after being compromised by a gentleman he will not marry her. We later realise she is with child and it is that child that will change the entire story. When I read the prologue I guessed who the lady was, but I was far from guessing who was the father of sweet Anna. That mystery is kept right until the end, which was definitely a plus for me.

Fallen will closely follow canon and the main difference is the presence of a small child and the dynamics between the Bingley’s and Darcy, a fact that Elizabeth perceives and wonders about. Why does Darcy seem so displeased with some of Bingley’s attitudes? Why does he seem keen on diverting certain subjects from conversation? Why does Miss Bingley seem so bipolar, displaying different attitudes every day? Who is young Anna? And what is her connection to the Netherfield residents?

The answers to those questions may seem small differences, but because of them, Elizabeth and Darcy become closer to one another and are able to have many conversations that will give her a different light on his character. Slowly she starts falling for Mr. Darcy, especially after all their walks at Rosings Park, where they share beautiful and soul bearing conversations. This was my favorite aspect of the entire book because we see Elizabeth getting closer to Darcy and slowly falling in love with him, which is something I always love in a novel.

The love story between Darcy and Elizabeth is deep, romantic and a little different than usual because the we can see that both love one another but are not getting together because there is still a bridge to cross, this provides the reader with a little angst but also the assurance of an exhilarating HEA.

Apart from all the Darcy/Elizabeth moments, I also enjoyed immensely the dialogues behind the usual scenes. We can finally see what the Bennet sisters tell one another when they are together, and even Kitty has a say when the Bennets are in their parlour. This detail made me enjoy the book much more and even like Jane Bennet, who is a character I don’t particularly love. These dialogues allow the reader to get to know all characters much better, and to see them as part of the story, instead of props simply added to make it work. The characters in Fallen are real and complex, which makes the prose richer and the enjoyment of reading it bigger.

The structure of the book makes it a compelling read with small chapters that keep pulling the reader into the next one, and the writing style is exquisite. Summing up, Fallen is a very romantic novel with a little mystery that will please all readers. I highly recommend it.

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6 responses to “Fallen by Jessie Lewis

  1. Glynis

    Thank you Rita, a wonderful review! I’m determined to read this one as I do love stories when Elizabeth and Darcy are working together without all the misunderstandings.
    There are so many good books coming out but I must say that this is definitely high on my list!


  2. J. W. Garrett

    Excellent review. I loved this story. I was clueless for far longer than you apparently. It took me a while to guess what was going on. I loved how the mystery went way into the story before it was revealed. WOW! You don’t usually see that pairing for sure. Blessings, stay safe, and healthy.


  3. alexandrariverstories

    Thank you for the review, Rita, even though I read only the first paragraphs.
    I have purchased the book (I’m a book-bulimic, what can I say?) but I haven’t read it. Afraid of spoilers I stopped reading your review after the first two paragraphs. If it’s a mystery, I want to solve it!
    Still, the 5 stars and your introduction are enough to make me drool. I can’t believe how many books I need (“need” is a far better word than “want” in my case) to read!!!


  4. maryvad

    Hi Rita,

    Loved reading your thoughts on this one.
    I’m still stuck with bookitis and seem unable
    to concentrate on any book.
    Perhaps I’ll get round to it later in the year.
    Stay safe. 🍀


  5. Wow, thank you for such a great review Rita! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed Fallen, and the way it played in and around the canonical scenes. It was fun playing with the backstory whilst keeping the chronology largely the same. It gave a different perspective to Elizabeth and Darcy’s developing relationship that made the denouement particularly satisfying to write. Happy new (and safe) year to you and all your readers!


  6. sheilalmajczan

    I read and enjoyed this story. Also a 5 star review from me.

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