Lovers’ Meeting by Catherine Lodge

In Lovers’ Meeting Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy meet after a carriage accident where Mr. Darcy shows, not only to her, but to all society in Meryton what a true gentleman he is. He also proves to be a man of action who is not afraid to do what it takes to help others in need, and as this is the opening scene, it will change the perceptions of the main characters towards one another and consequently the story. Even if we do see some of the most familiar scenes, the tone of the book is very different and it was that difference in tone that captivated me the most in this novel.

It is a short book of only 212 pages, however, it is full of action, so the pace is very fast which is something I personally like. Apart from the carriage accident, the reader will witness a catastrophic flood, the last wishes of a dying friend, Lydia’s misfortunes, and much more, so there is no dull moment in the narrative. Nevertheless, I believe the story would benefit if there weren’t so many things happening in such a short period of time because they all seemed to appear and disappear a bit too fast without letting the reader get immersed in them, especially towards the end of the book, which seemed a bit abrupt.

The fast pace and multitude of obstacles is contrasting with the character development we see in Darcy which is another highlight in the story. There is a certain melancholy and vulnerability in Darcy’s character, that being a bit out of character, really worked for me and was in fact my favourite aspect of the book. Darcy’s personality and introspection made me feel closer to him, and it revealed a side of Darcy we don’t usually see but that is just as charming and appealing. This Darcy is not only altruistic, but also someone who looks inside to try to understand why he hasn’t found happiness yet, and his insecurity along with the path taken throughout the story, made him even more worthy of finding his happiness at the end of the book. 

Another aspect I liked in the story were the letters exchanged between Darcy and Elizabeth. I always like to see letters in a story, and in this case, it was wonderful to be privy to their intimate communication. 

Lovers’ Meeting is an action packed story with a somehow different Darcy that is just as appealing as the usual portrayal often seen in austenesque novels. Darcy’s personality, the introspective tone of the narrative, and the multitude of unexpected twists we find throughout the story make this a captivating book that I recommend to other readers 🙂 

You can find Lovers’ Meeting at:

Kindle Unlimited and on Audible


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16 responses to “Lovers’ Meeting by Catherine Lodge

  1. Yay, glad to see you liked it. I’ve got this one to read for some point.

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  2. Glynis

    An early attraction between ODC? Lovely! It seems Darcy isn’t arrogant and haughty in this one and Elizabeth is impressed from the start? This is definitely on my ‘must read’ list!


  3. lucysmarin

    I am glad you enjoyed the book, Rita. I liked it, too, and I enjoyed reading your review. 🙂

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  4. sheilalmajczan

    I read and enjoyed this story. Great review.

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  5. Michelle H

    Lovely review, Rita. I liked this story as well. I agree with your assessment of too many events happening in such quick succession. For me, I wished for Darcy and Elizabeth to be together more, but then we wouldn’t have those letters. :/ I did very much like the things you did, namely the way Darcy is portrayed.


    • Thank you MIchelle! That was precisely it. In the beggining I even thought we would have a lot of Darcy and Elizabeth interactions, but then with the many events taking place it wasn’t possible to have them together so long. But as you say, that also gave us the letters 🙂
      The fact that I enjoyed Darcy’s character is a surprise for me because usually I don’t like it when characters deviate from what we are used to see, but in this book it worked really well and it changed the entire tone of the story. I really liked it 🙂


  6. Enjoyed your review.


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  7. maryvad

    Hi Rita,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this story. It sounds like a swift and satisfying read.
    Stay safe. 🍀


  8. Really lovely review, Rita! I agree with you about loving this more vulnerable and self-aware Mr Darcy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Meredith! I find it curious to have loved Darcy’s character so much because I don’t usually like it when the main characters deviate from their most known traits, but in Lovers’ Meeting this worked really well, Darcy’s character changed the tone of the book completely and it helped create an environment I really enjoyed. I am glad you liked him too 🙂


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