Scent of Desire by Ayr Bray

This short story is a sequel that picks up events right after Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s engagement. The story develops with these two characters making all the arrangements for the wedding while fighting their growing attraction to one another. For a while, I feared this book would be one where the couple anticipates their vows, which would not have been to my liking, but I could not be more wrong. Despite their growing attraction, the couple is always proper, which makes the scenes after the wedding even more special.

One of my favourite aspects of the book was to see Elizabeth trying to protect Darcy from all the social gatherings they are forced to attend and from her mothers exuberances, I imagine Jane Austen would write something of the sort if she had written a sequel herself.

This is a short novella that can be read very quickly and that ends with Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding night. This final scene is an erotic one, and even if it is tastefully written, it occupied too many pages for my liking. I do believe, however, that other readers may enjoy this story immensely because as I mentioned before, propriety is always respected the scene after the wedding is written in a very beautiful manner.

If you are looking for a very short story with romance and some intimacy between Darcy and Elizabeth, then this book is for you.

Audiobook Narration:

Elizabeth Bennet’s Level

As all Stevie Zimmerman narrations, this one was very well delivered with all characters coming to live and being portrayed exactly as I imagine them to be. The narration is flawless, demonstrating once more that Stevie Zimmerman is one of the best narrators in the market.

There are currently no ebook versions of this book and Scent of Desire can only be found on Audible.


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2 responses to “Scent of Desire by Ayr Bray

  1. Glynis

    As you can probably guess Rita, I enjoyed this story. The lack of very angsty moments is such a relief when I just want a quick comfortable read.
    You probably wouldn’t believe I used to read Daphne DuMaurier, Mary Stewart, John Wyndham and Denis Wheatley but my reading tastes have definitely changed over the years and I prefer my Darcy and Elizabeth stories with less angst (at least between ODC)


  2. The covers leads one to believe it’s more sensual than the usual JAFF read, as you noted.



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