Silver Buckles by Grace Gibson

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What if Mr. Darcy realizes his mistake in offending Elizabeth at the Meryton Assembly and decides to offer an apology? And what if they do dance together and start off on more friendly terms ?

In Silver Buckles the story is relatively simple, and because of that, it is refreshingly interesting. There aren’t unnecessary misunderstandings or farfetched changes in the story. Silver Buckles is a low angst novel that places our beloved characters in drawing room and uses a vibrant writing to make the story progress.

What I loved the most about this book were the flirtation and the dialogues between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.  Many authors mention repeatedly how witty Elizabeth is and how Mr. Darcy and she are equals in terms of intelligence, but Grace Gibson didn’t mention that, she showed it to us, which proves her quality as a writer. The playfulness and vivacity of Elizabeth and Darcy’s dialogues kept me interested in the story until the last page because I always wanted to know what they would say to one another next, and this definitely sold the book to me.

Another aspect I loved about this book is Elizabeth’s relationship with Mary. The middle daughter is one of my favourites and I always believed that if her sisters would pay her more attention she would prove to be great company. Grace Gibson proved this by having Elizabeth help Mary develop into an adoring lady, and I adored it!

Jane Bennet is another character whose plotline will surprise some readers, and I confess that once more I loved the outcome she had. Col. Fitzwilliam and Georgiana were two other secondary characters I enjoyed, and who filled their job as supporters of the story.

Grace Gibson penned a story that is simple yet catching and where some of the characters are refreshingly different, but where Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth stay very true to themselves. For me this was the most important, I love to see some differences in the secondary characters because that makes the story more interesting and unpredictable, but I cannot bear to have different Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s. Grace Gibson did just that.

Summing up, Silver Buckles is an extremely well written book where the author shows the reader what is happening and reveals the characters personalities by having them behave in a certain manner instead of just telling all of these things. For me this is a sign of a quality book and I highly recommend it.


Audiobook Narration:

Elizabeth Bennet’s Level

The audiobook of Silver Buckles is one of the most original narrations I have ever heard. Instead of having one narrator, we have two: Stevie Zimmerman who narrates the chapters told from Elizabeth’s point of view, and Neil Roy McFarlane who narrates the chapters told from Mr. Darcy’s point of view. The fact that we have the chapters being told from two different points of view, and having each of these narrated by different people made me feel connected to each character more deeply. I clearly heard Elizabeth’s voice when Stevie had the stage and Mr. Darcy’s when Neil took it over. I believe the audiobook may be the best version of Silver Buckles, and I recommend getting a copy through audible.


You can find Silver Buckles at:

Kindle Unlimited and on Audible


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9 responses to “Silver Buckles by Grace Gibson

  1. Congratulations, Grace on this wonderful review! Thank you, Rita, for sharing your thoughts on Silver Buckles. Having two talented narrators must be the best of both worlds!

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  2. J. W. Garrett

    Beautiful review, Rita. I loved this book for the very same reasons that you mentioned and highly recommend it. Blessings.

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  3. Glynis

    Thank you Rita, a lovely review! I have this book and as you can guess I loved it for all the reasons you stated!
    It definitely fulfilled my love of low angst, I’m also fed up of reading many chapters of misunderstandings so yes this was a definite winner for me ❤️

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  4. I loved that it started with some flirty banter after his apology. This was a fun one and glad you liked it, too, Rita.

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  5. gracegibson4970

    I truly appreciate that lovely, thoughtful review, Rita. Thank you!


  6. caroleincanada

    Lovely review, Rita! I too loved this book and the banter between Elizabeth and Darcy. What a unique way the audio book was done in!

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  7. sounds wonderful.


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  8. sheilalmajczan

    I loved this story. Thanks for sharing here.

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