May Bookmail Giveaway

Good Afternoon dear readers, 

Now that things seem to be back to normal and my social life is getting a little busier, I have less time to blog and therefore have not published my May Bookmail Giveaway when I should. However, I promised this would be a monthly event throughout 2021, so here is my May Book Mail Giveaway post!

If you’re new here, I’ve decided to offer on a monthly basis an ebook copy of one of the books I’ve received through the mail during that specific month to one reader. To apply to this month’s giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me you’re interested, if you’d like to talk about these books, please do so. I love hearing your opinion  🙂

So far readers have received copies of The Price of Pride by Abigail Reynols, Nine Ladies by Heather Moll, Dangerous Magic by Monica Fairview and Along for the Ride by Alix James. 

This past month I have received 4 books in the mail, so the winner of this month’s giveaway will be able to pick an ebook copy of any of the below books:

Pemberley by Emma Tennant – Source: Purchased

A Captain for Caroline Gray – Source: Purchased

There You Were – Source: Gift from Publisher

The Long Journey Home – Source: Gift from Author


I will also post this giveaway on From Pemberley to Milton’s Facebook and Instagram page’s so that participants from all platforms are eligible for this giveaway 🙂

Good Luck Everyone!


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19 responses to “May Bookmail Giveaway

  1. sheilalmajczan

    How generous of you. Thank you for that.


  2. evamedmonds

    What a wonderful surprise! I would love to have an ebook copy of The Long Journey Home or There You were. No matter when you offer the wonderful monthly giveaway, your readers of this blog are always grateful.


  3. Thanks for continuing to do this. Love the possible selections to choose from.


  4. KateB

    Great selection of books and a very generous offer. I’d love to win any of them


  5. Ginna

    Hi Rita, thanks for offering your giveaway. I am interested in “There You Were” and “The Long Journey Home”.
    So, since you’re a bit behind, will you be posting June’s Bookmail giveaway next week? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Colleen

    I am definitely interested. They all look good!


  7. Lois

    Hi – thanks for another giveaway. I’d be interested in “A Captain for Caroline Gray”


  8. Kim P.

    Lovely giveaway. I would be interested in There You Were. I read A Captain for Caroline Gray a few months ago and really liked it.


  9. Robin G.

    I am interested in “There You Were”. Thank you for doing this!


  10. Jen D

    Thank you for this giveaway. All the books look good, but I think I woulda be most interested in A Captain for Carolyn Gray. Thank you for all you do!


  11. Definitely interested! Thank you so much for making these monthly offers!


  12. Sophia Rose

    Ahhh, glad things are getting back to normal for you and you can get out with friends and family again.

    I enjoyed Captain for Caroline Gray. Those others look good, too.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Rita!


  13. Joy Friday

    I’m a voracious Austen reader, so I thank you very much for the chance to read one of these books.


  14. Lenora

    I would Love to win one of these books. I have heard of all of them except Pemberley.


  15. caroleincanada

    Enjoy getting back to ‘near normal’, Rita! We are in Phase 1 of coming out of a lock down just this month in Ontario. Thank you for continuing this special giveaway. I would be interested in ‘There You Were’.


  16. TC

    These all sound good. I hadn’t heard of three of them, but I have read and very much enjoyed “The Long Journey Home” (possibly Joy Dawn King’s best book yet with a couple of wonderful new characters in a 10-year-old boy and an older woman). It is hard to choose from the others, but if I were to win, I would like “There You Were”. Thank you for bringing these books to my attention.


  17. I feel that it is summer.. suppose to be a relaxed time but I seem to be busier than normal.

    Thanks for this blog (one of the very times for myself) and the chance to win an ebook


  18. Thank you for your kind offer, Rita. I would love to win There You Were as it is a new release and I haven’t get it yet.


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