Dare to Refuse Such a Man by Mary Smythe

dare to refuse such a man4.5 stars

Dare to Refuse Such a Man develops a very innovative and fun trope. What if Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy fall madly in love but Mr. Bennet refuses to accept Mr. Darcy’s proposal?

What if Mr. Bennet goes beyond his refusal, and does everything in his power to separate Elizabeth from Mr. Darcy? What if all he truly wants is for Elizabeth to marry Mr. Collins? What could be his motivations?

In Dare to Refuse Such a Man Mr. Darcy we will see a very different Mr. Bennet, one who is not Elizabeth’s support, but her antagonist. I found this very interesting, but I confess that what I loved the most was to see Mrs. Bennet taking up the role we usually see associated with him.

In this story Mrs Bennet becomes Elizabeth’s ally and reveals an intelligence many thought did not exist. We often see Mr. Bennet as a caring father who will do everything for Elizabeth, and with his support she feels safe from Mrs Bennet, who is usually the antagonist, but in this book it’s the other way around and I absolutely loved it. I was not expecting Mrs Bennet to be such a friend to Elizabeth and to help her so much. It was refreshing, interesting, and funny because Mrs Bennet is very smart in this book, but her intelligence is turned towards her goal, which in this case, is to have Elizabeth marrying Mr. Darcy. 

The strategies Mrs. Bennet finds to help Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are very funny and I was impressed with her ability to manipulate the entire Meryton society to her favour. This was definitely the highlight of the book for me. 

I love angsty books, but I also love to read stories where Elizabeth and Darcy join forces against an external antagonist, which is exactly what happened in this book. They must find the strength in their love to persistently follow their dreams and never give up. I believe this will be very appealing to most readers, especially the ones who do not like angst in their novels. 

There were a few details such as Wickham or Lady Catherine’s later appearances in the book which I could live without, and even if it was not a quibble, I would not have minded to have a smaller book without those secondary interferences at a time when our couple is already strongly attached to one another.

Summing up, Dare to Refuse Such a Man is a low angst novel where our dear couple must join forces to fight for their love. It is a sweet and uncomplicated novel that will appeal to most readers. I recommend it to those looking for a sweet romance with some humour in it.


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15 responses to “Dare to Refuse Such a Man by Mary Smythe

  1. sheilalmajczan

    I read and enjoyed this story. I recommend it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glynis

    As you can guess Rita, I loved this book! It’s always my preference to have Darcy and Elizabeth as a team fighting against evil! Yes I was especially impressed with Mrs Bennet and her sister! Blocking Mr Bennet’s wishes at Avery opportunity! Great story!


  3. Mary Smythe

    Thank you so much for your lovely review! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and recommend it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I should be the one thanking you for writing this story and for showing us a very different Mr. Bennet, and especially a very fun Mrs. Bennet 😉 I loved her in this novel 🙂


  4. J. W. Garrett

    Great review, Rita. I loved this story. I always enjoy it when D & E get together at the beginning of a story. They certainly had a time with Mr. Bennet. However, I’ve never seen Mrs. Bennet as the white knight before. She let Mr. Collins know her opinion in no uncertain terms. That was hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Lovely review. I read the story and agree with your assessment. Thanks so much for featuring here.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Christina Boyd

    Great review as always! Glad you enjoyed this novel.


  7. love how the roles are transposed–sounds wonderful.


    Liked by 1 person

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