Giveaway Winners

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. it’s a bit cloudy and chilly here in Portugal, but that is not so bad because it allowed me to have a very relaxing day indoors. Apart from my family, my books were a great company over the weekend, and I am happy to say that some 5 star reviews are coming your way this month šŸ™‚

As always, I’m super late in posting my June Book Mail Giveaway, but today I am announcing the winners of the May Book Mail giveaway, and hopefully next weekend I’ll be able to publish the next giveaway.

Apart from the May Book Mail giveaway winner, I would like to announce the two winners of Twists of Fate, Joana Starnes new book which will be released this week.

Thank you so much for visiting Joana and for being so generous to our readers. It is always such a great pleasure to have you here!!!

Without further ado the winners are:

May Bookmail Giveaway

*** Joy Friday***

Twists of Fate

*** Robin G.***

*** Mihaela***

Congratulations ladies! As always, can you please contact me throught e-mail ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so your prize may be sent to you? Please provide me with the email address to which the book may be sent to you, and the Amazon store in which you have an account.

Happy Reading everyone!


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11 responses to “Giveaway Winners

  1. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks Rita for another giveaway.

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  2. Sophia Rose

    Happy Reading, Joy and Robin!

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  3. sheilalmajczan

    Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy.

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  4. Congratulations to the winners!

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  5. buturot


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  6. J. W. Garrett

    Congratulations everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks so much, Rita, and everyone who followed the blog tour! I’m hugely grateful for your kind words and wonderful support!


  8. Glynis

    Many congratulations! Enjoy!


  9. Mihaela

    OMG! Thank you so very much!


  10. Joy Friday

    Thank you, thank you!


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