June & July Bookmail Giveaway

Good Afternoon dear readers, 

I hope you had a great week and have some good plans for the weekend. I plan on visiting a few museums here in Lisbon and spend some time reading. I will also prepare my blog anniversary post that will be published on the 5th of August, and I am really curious to see if you’ll like it. I’ll be posting a few stats and do a general recap of what we’ve been doing here for the past 6 years.

But today’s post is dedicated to a monthly tradition we’ve been having here, the monthly book mail giveaway! You’ve probably noticed I skipped the June Book Mail Giveaway and that was mainly because I didn’t have time to prepare the post, so today I am putting together the June and July Book Mail Giveaway! That means we will have 2 different winners this time, one for each month 😊

If you’re new here, I’ve decided to offer on a monthly basis an ebook copy of one of the books I’ve received through the mail during that specific month to one reader. To apply to this month’s giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me you’re interested, if you’d like to talk about these books, please do so. I love hearing your opinion  🙂 And if you’d like to have extra entries, follow From Pemberley to Milton’s Facebook and Instagram page’s and share the giveaway info on these platforms(don’t forget to tagg me so that I can keep track of your entries). 

So far readers have received copies of The Price of Pride by Abigail Reynols, Nine Ladies by Heather Moll, Dangerous Magic by Monica Fairview and Along for the Ride by Alix James, and The Long Journey Home by J. Dawn King.

During the last 2 months I have received 5 books in the mail, so the winners of this giveaway will be able to pick an ebook copy of any of the below books:

John Eyre by Mimi Matthews – Source: Purchased

A Learned Romance by Elizabeth Rasche – Source: Gift from Publisher

Misunderstandings & Ardent Love by Susan Adriani – Source: Gift from Publisher

Nameless by Julie Cooper – Source: Gift from Publisher

Susan  by Alice McVeigh – Source: Gift from Author


I will also post this giveaway on From Pemberley to Milton’s Facebook and Instagram page’s so that participants from all platforms are eligible for this giveaway 🙂

Good Luck everyone!

Good Luck Everyone!


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18 responses to “June & July Bookmail Giveaway

  1. Ginna

    Yay for book giveaways! I am very interested in Julie Cooper’s “Nameless”, and “Misunderstandings & Ardent Love” by Susan Adriani.
    (I can’t talk about them until I’ve read them.)


  2. Robin G.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I am interested in Nameless and Misunderstandings and Ardent Love.


  3. Zoe

    Such generosity! Thanks to the publishers and authors for indulging us so often I’d love Susan’s book as post-hunsford is my absolute favourite trope in p&p variations. Wouldn’t say no to an older Darcy/Elizabeth with Nameless though!


  4. Sophia Rose

    Yes, it has been crazy busy these last few months. Going to the museums sounds like great fun.

    If I won, I’d love to receive a copy of John Eyre, Susan, or A Learned Romance. Thank you so much for the generous opportunity to win one of them.


  5. sheilalmajczan

    I am interested in any of the first 3 listed: John Eyre, A Learned Romance by Elizabeth Rasche or Misunderstandings & Ardent Love by Susan Adrian. Thanks for a chance to win a copy.


  6. Glynis

    Congratulations on almost reaching 6 years of blogging Rita.
    Some lovely books here but obviously I don’t qualify as gifting books to the U.K. is well nigh impossible!
    Here’s to many more years and hopefully another meeting at Pemberley?


  7. Thank you so much for the generous opportunity and Congratulations on reaching 6 years blogging. If I won I would be interested in A learned romance by Elizabeth Rasche and Misunderstandings and Ardent Love by Susan Adrain.


  8. maomac

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary! May you continue for many more. I am most intrigued by Nameless, Misunderstandings and Ardent Love, and John Eyre. I would happy with any of the books you have listed.


  9. So many of these titles are on my wishlist so I’m definitely interested. Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  10. caroleincanada

    I can hardly believe we are at the end of July already! Thank you for your generosity…I would be very interested in the first three: John Eyre, A Learned Romance and Misunderstandings and Ardent Love! Enjoy those museums!


  11. Luisa1111

    Best wishes on your blog anniversary and thanks for sharing. I’d like to win either Nameless or Misunderstandings and Ardent Love.


  12. TC

    I have heard of most of these (probably from you), but I haven’t any yet. I’m looking forward to your anniversary post, too.


  13. buturot

    Wow, those are great collections of new stories. Thank you for this giveaway and giving away an ebook of one of these new stories.


  14. If I were to win, I’d love John Eyre.
    Thank you for the chance.



  15. Lois

    Thanks for yet another great giveaway!


  16. Deborah

    I’ve been following your blog for about a year and have enjoyed your posts and reviews very much. Congrats on 6 years! As a relative newbie I’m looking forward to hearing a bit of your blog’s history. And what great offerings for a giveaway chance – Thank you!


  17. KateB

    Great choice of books. I’d love either A Learned Romance or Nameless if I’m lucky to win one. Thanks for the giveaway

    Liked by 1 person

  18. evamedmonds

    You are always so generous. I would love to receive Nameless and Misunderstandings and Ardent Love. Thank you!


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