6th Blog Anniversary & Giveaway

6th aniversary

Good Afternoon everyone,

Today I woke up to a message from WordPress congratulating me on my 6th Blog Anniversary! That’s right, it’s been 6 years already! It’s been an exciting journey so far with many adventures, great reads, and most of all, incredible new friends made along the way.

Blogging can be a bit tiring at times, and it occupies a lot of my after-work time, but I still love doing it as well as being a part of this community, so hopefully I’ll be here celebrating with you many more anniversaries 😊

As always, I though it would be nice to share with you some statistics of what I’ve been doing throughout the years, but this time I decided to bring some new data as well.

But let’s start with a general overview: 

Published Posts

Since the 5th of August 2015, I’ve published 462 posts (I’ve decided not to count giveaway winners’ announcements, book deals announcements, etc.), and I am very happy to see that half of those posts were reviews. In fact, I am a bit surprised with that fact because I always feel that I am behind on my To Be Reviewed pile, so it makes me happy to know that I’ve been able to review an average of 33 books per year, especially because I still have 5 more months this year to raise the average 😊. What do you think? Should I make that a 2021 goal? I bet I can raise the average to 35, don’t you think?

posts per year

If I look at the type of posts I’ve published in each year, I can see a tendency to increase the number of reviews (again, 2019 was an atypical year because I felt the need to read less JAFF books for a while) but all other type of posts have remained stable at the exception of Guest Posts which had a boom in 2017. I’m sorry to see that My Jane Austen Road Trip Posts have not increased, and I blame Covid for that, but hopefully I’ll be able to change that in 2022. Fingers Crossed!

What do you think of these statistics? Do they correspond to what you’d like to see here at From Pemberley to Milton? Which are the type of posts you like the most?

reviews per year

As mentioned above I’ve reviewed 231 books throughout the years, but how many authors I have I reviewed? Well, I’ve reviewed 120 different authors! That gives me a pretty good picture of what is out there in the genre, don’t you think? But that also means that some authors are recurrent, so let’s take a look at the authors I’ve reviewed the most at From Pemberley to Milton: 

Most reviewed

Victoria Kincaid, Jennifer Joy and Maria Grace are on top of the most reviewed authors list, and again, I was a little surprised with how many books from these authors I’ve read. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything from Victoria Kincaid, and I wasn’t expecting to have reviewed so many books from Maria Grace. I guess time just flies by and reviews keep coming, increasing these numbers without me even realizing it.  Joana Starnes is next as I’ve read 8 of her books, and that is not so surprising for me, in fact I though she would be on top of that list.

Abigail Reynolds, Cassandra Grafton, Christie Capps, Elizabeth Adams and Nicole Clarkston complete this list as I’ve reviewed 5 books from each of these authors, and I believe some of them will go up on the list as I have a few of their books in my current TBR.

But does this mean these are the authors I read the most?

Most Read Authors

Well, it kind of does, but there are a few other authors I’ve read just as much, like Jan Hahn (long time favorite), Kara Louise (who I should read shortly) and Regina Jeffers (who I will certainly read shortly). So why haven’t I reviewed all the books from these authors that I’ve read? Well, some of them were read before I even I had the blog, so I wasn’t reviewing them at the time, I guess I’ll need to re-read them, right? That is an effort I’ve been trying to make, especially when audiobooks of “older” books come out. As time is limited and there is an ever-growing offer out there, I try to revisit books I’ve read some time ago through the audio version, hopefully this will allow me to solve this situation. Also, sometimes, if I read a book and I don’t take notes or review it immediately, I tend to forget what I liked or disliked, so sometimes, I read some books that I don’t review because I am lazy (that’s the ugly truth). I promise to do my best to avoid this in the future!


I decided to keep it simple this year, so this is about it when it comes to stats, but if you’d like to see any other type of graphics or statistics, please let me know and I’ll include them next year, or maybe even when I announce the winner of the giveaway next week. I absolutely love statistics and graphics, but I would also love to publish only what interest you, so let me know if there is anything you’d like to see. Also, we’ve done some surveys to readers in the past, is that something you’d like to see done once more? Which type of information would you like to know?

Last question (hum…or couple of questions). Which type of posts do you prefer to see published? And in the case of reviews, which type of books do you prefer to see reviewed? Variations? Moderns? Older ones, recently released? Known authors? Unknown authors?

Let me know, I’m all ears 😊

NEW giveaaway time

To celebrate From Pemberley to Milton’s 6th anniversary I will be offering one ebook to one of my followers. The winner may choose any book I’ve reviewed in the past 6 years. You can check them out by author or by genre. Navigate through the website, and let me know which one calls your attention 🙂 The giveaway is open until the 13th of August and I’ll announce the winner shortly after that. 


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34 responses to “6th Blog Anniversary & Giveaway

  1. Jen D

    I had a thought or two about some stats in regards to the reviews: as you progress through older publications and posting more reviews, I would love to see a chart of how many of those books were originally published at a specific time frame i.e. 2000-2004, 2005-2009, 2010-2015, etc. I also would love to know if the highest rated books (the 4.5 and 5 stars) are mostly from variants, Regency romance, or some other genre/subgenre. Thank you for all your posts and the happiest congratulations to you on this blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. KateB

    Congratulations on such a wonderful anniversary. I love your reviews and am looking forward to more of them. Thanks for the giveaway

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glynis

    Many, many congratulations Rita! Such an achievement, especially while working full time!
    My favourite posts I would say are the reviews as I can tell whether I would enjoy the book or not. To be honest I especially love books where Darcy and Elizabeth get together early for one reason or another. (Surprise, surprise 😉)
    I’m a huge fan of rereads and am so grateful that I’m retired so I can indulge myself (isolation helped as well!)
    Please keep up the fabulous work Rita. 🥰


  4. Sophia Rose

    Happy 6th Blogoversary, Rita! Blogging is such a labor of love (emphasis on the labor after the early days are over) and I know many appreciate visits to your blog including me. Can’t tell you how many books I’ve put on my wish list after seeing them highlighted or reviewed here.
    Neat seeing the stats on your six years and how it all divides. Interesting to see how blog life went year after year and the difference between top authors reviewed and top authors read.

    Wishing you more years of blogging and enjoying books here, Rita!


    • Thank you so much for all your support throughout these years Sophia 😊 It is a work of labor, but I do love it, especially when I see my “online” friends stopping by and sharing their thoughts with me 😊 It may take me some time to get back to you guys, but I always read your comments and they always bring a smile to my face 😊 Hopefully we’ll have many more years of JAFF bringing us together.


  5. Robin G.

    I enjoy all of your posts, but if I have to choose, I’ll say reviews are my favorite. I also have been going back to read old books that I know I enjoyed, but have forgotten why. 🙂 I’ve started adding quick little notes to the book for future reference. Congrats on 6 years!


    • Thank you so much Robin! Isn’t it cool to go back to older books? I wish I had more time to go back to more of them. I hope to be able to go back to a few in September, but that will always depend on the TBR growth. Fingers Crossed 🙂 And thank you for stopping by!


  6. sheilalmajczan

    Congratulations on your blog’s 6 years.


  7. J. W. Garrett

    Happy 6th Anniversary. We hope you have many more. Love the graphics. They certainly tell a story, don’t they? Blessings on the rest of this year and the planning for next year.


  8. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Congratulations! 6 years of blogging is amazing. I f you pick me, I’ll go for Cass Grafton Mr. Darcy’s Persuasion, although there are so many more to choose from. Thanks so much! And may your blogging continue!


  9. Congrats on your anniversary! So thankful for your blog.


  10. What an amazing accomplishment, Rita! 6 years, hundreds of books, and so many authors 😍 As one of those authors, I want to thank you for all the time, care, and effort you put into making your blog a lovely, positive place for both readers and writers. Congratulations!


  11. caroleincanada

    Congratulations, Rita! It’s hard to believe it has been six years already! I always enjoy your posts and authors visits. Thank you for keeping us all well entertained and connected! It is a great community!


  12. Ginna

    Boy, time sure does fly! It doesn’t seem that long ago when you started.
    I enjoy the reviews the most, because it helps me decide whether I will enjoy reading the book or not.


  13. Congratulations! Happy Blogiversary! Wonderful accomplishment.



  14. Lois

    Happy Blogiversary! Reviews are my favorite topics for posts. There are so many books being published that it’s helpful have some basis on which to pick how to spend my available reading time. I’ve read works by most of the authors you list. I prefer variations over moderns.


  15. Jan Hahn

    Congratulations on six great years, Rita! Your blog is one of my favorites and especially your reviews. I find them fair and honest, and I enjoy reading your assessment. I appreciate the time and effort you devote to supporting Austen-related works. Here’s to many more years of your lovely blog. 💕


  16. Congratulations on 6 years of outstanding reviews!


  17. Congratulations, Rita! Happy Blogiversity!🍾🎉📖💐. I would love some older stats. I love your reviews because it gives me more information on a book if I want to purchase. I would love to see a list of books that are 5+ stars and are reread over the years. I would also love to see some information about audiobooks.


  18. buturot

    Congratulations!!!Appreciate you, the blogs/reviews and giveawyas.

    This is very generous, thank you for a chance to win a copy of one of the great books your have reviewed.


  19. Carol Perrin

    Happy Anniversary. I enjoy any of your reviews. Older books or newer releases doesn’t matter. While I prefer Regency versions and mainly purchase them, there have been modern stories that are in my library. There are so many authors that I purchase their books just because they’ve written them! Keep up the great reviews and congratulations on your Anniversary!


  20. Joy Friday

    Sending an immense thank you for all the work you do to make your blog a valuable read! It’s no easy chore, obviously, so it must be a labor of love. I find all your reviews useful except for the modern variations. My personal favs are those told from Darcy’s POV or those where ODC get together early in the story. Much appreciation for the chance to win and Happy Anniversary!


  21. TC

    Congratulations and Good Job! I enjoy all of your posts, but I think I most like the author interviews. I also like reviews of new authors or old-but-excellent books I may have missed, including non-P&P JAFF, even though those are my favorite. It is harder to find non-P&P JAFF (and N&S), so I’m interested in knowing about them when you find them. I also really appreciate your sales posts. I don’t know how you find so many JAFF books on sale at once. Thank you for your helpful and interesting posts and for the chance to win from such a broad selection! Thank you for the reminder of the list of your reviews. It is a good resource.


  22. Congratulations on achieving a great milestone, Rita! You have been consistent in blogging and reviewing books that you read, unlike me. I wonder how you find the time and energy to continue in this interest. I seldom blog nowadays as I’m busy with my career.


  23. Elin Eriksen

    Happy 6th anniversary, Rita!
    Thank you for sharing your reviews with us readers 🙂


  24. Congratulations to you on your blogiversary! I’m so impressed by your reading stats too 🙂


  25. Christina Boyd

    Fantastic! Thank you for All you do. Happy reading!


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