Spies of Our Acquaintance by Brigid Huey- Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

I’m very happy to be welcoming Brigid Huey back to From Pemberley to Milton with her new novella Spies of Our Acquaintance. It’s the latest in the Skirmish and Scandal series from Meryton Press and it appears interesting! There will be spies, adventure, and above all Darcy and Elizabeth must face a difficult and challenging situation together which is something I always love to read in the book. This story seems perfect for an afternoon read, but I’ll let you read both the blurb and the excerpt so you can tell me if this entices you as much as it did me 😊

Let me know what you think in the comments and apply to the giveaway Meryton Press is offering.



In this scene, Elizabeth is studying Darcy’s character and may have overstepped a bit. She attempts to make up for it by offering him a chance to ask about her own follies, with interesting results!


“You seem to delight in finding fault with me, Miss Elizabeth. I cannot defend myself against your superior wit, but I shall claim to be loyal to those with whom I am on intimate terms.”

His look was so serious that Elizabeth bit her lip in consternation. She had provoked him beyond what was civil merely to understand him better. He closed his book fully, setting it on the table next to him. She could not allow him to leave after insulting his honour.

“Stay, Mr Darcy. Do not leave on my account. I meant not to imply that you are without honour or loyalty.”

He stared back at her, his dark brow stern and unyielding. She could not fathom what he was thinking but disliked the idea that she had insulted him.

“Come, I give you leave to ask me a question now,” she said, trying to lighten her tone. “I have delved into your character quite mercilessly, and here is your chance to do the same.”

“I do not claim to be a student of character as you do.” 

“That is no matter! It is only fair, sir. I have needled you about one of your follies, now you may ask about one of mine.”

“And do you mean to direct me in this as well, or do I have leave to ask any question?”

“You may ask whatever you wish, sir!” She smiled at him, hoping to put him at ease once more.

“You admit that you are a student of character—that you enjoy observing the vices and follies of others.”

“I am a student of character, though I would not wish you to think that I make a habit of laughing at others. I simply take pleasure instead of pain in these natural occurrences.”

“As I have seen. If I may be so bold: you have not allowed the follies of Miss Bingley to affect you as they may have affected many other young ladies.”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at this little speech. He was being very direct indeed.

“My question is this then, Miss Elizabeth. When forming your opinions of others, do you allow yourself to be swayed by your prejudices?”

“I hope not, sir. What is your assessment?”

“I am merely trying to ascertain whether your feelings towards me have been moulded by my egregious remarks at the assembly. I myself would find it hard not to form a prejudice against one who insulted me.”

Elizabeth said nothing for a moment. Her thoughts towards him had been influenced by his behaviour at their first meeting. She had not thought herself prejudiced against him unjustly, though perhaps to form an opinion about a person after one interaction was allowing oneself to be prejudiced.

“I believe you may have discovered a truth about which I was not aware, sir, though I am not ignorant of my own vices. For example, I can be quick to anger, and I am of a rather passionate nature, I am afraid.”

“I doubt very much that being of a passionate nature is something you should regret.”

His eyes had grown dark, and Elizabeth felt herself leaning towards him. His lips parted, as if he meant to say something, but he merely stared at her. She jumped as the clock on the mantel chimed the hour. 

“Is it that late?” Her mind was strangely muddled. “I must return to my sister, Mr Darcy. If you will excuse me.”

He had risen when she had and now offered her a courteous bow. “I hope you find Miss Bennet well, Miss Elizabeth.”

She thanked him and left the library for the quiet and relative calm of her sister’s sick room.


French spies in Meryton!

Can the beloved characters of Pride and Prejudice “keep calm and carry on” when Napoleon’s war comes to their neighborhood?


After Mr Darcy apologizes for insulting her at the Meryton Assembly, Elizabeth Bennet begins to see another side to the gentleman she has sworn to hate forever. As their acquaintance grows into friendship, Elizabeth finds herself intrigued by this man from Derbyshire.

Darcy, meanwhile, cannot stop thinking about Miss Elizabeth. After the nefarious Wickham appears in Meryton, Darcy resolves to warn her of the man’s previous offenses. Matters become more urgent when Wickham proves to be involved in espionage for the French!

When Darcy and Elizabeth are captured by a French spy, they must work together to find a means of escape. With reputations and hearts at risk, what consequences will result from their perilous adventure?


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The novella, Spies of Our Acquaintance, may be purchased on Amazon US and Amazon UK. It is available as an eBook, a Paperback, and through Kindle Unlimited. The audiobook, narrated by Stevie Zimmerman, should be released in six to eight weeks.


Brigid Huey has been in love with Jane Austen since first seeing the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice as a young girl. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two kids and spends her free time reading and writing. She also has an assortment of birds, including five chickens and too many parakeets. She dreams of living on a farm where she can raise as many chickens, ducks, and goats as she likes and write romance novels in an airy study overlooking the wildflowers.

Other Books by Brigid Huey

A Chance Encounter in Pemberley Woods

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You can contact Brigid Huey through the following media:

Website:  https://brigidhuey.com/

Facebook Author Page:  https://www.facebook.com/AuthorBrigidHuey/  

Email:  brigidhueywrites@gmail.com

Instagram:  @brigidhueywrites 

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/BrigidHuey

NEW giveaaway time


Meryton Press is giving away an ebook of Spies of our Acquaintance to a commenter here, and the giveaway is open internationally until the 3rd of September.

Good Luck Everyone!


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17 responses to “Spies of Our Acquaintance by Brigid Huey- Excerpt & Giveaway

  1. Thank you so much for hosting me, Rita!


  2. Loved their conversation.


  3. Robin G.

    That was a great conversation, and a little romantic tension is never amiss! Good luck with the new release.


  4. sheilalmajczan

    I just borrowed this from Kindle Unlimited so will be reading it soon. Best wishes with the new release.


  5. Jen D

    I loved the right amount of tension in this piece, which made it easy to read. There was a slight bit of fun as well. Thank you for posting this excerpt!


  6. Sophia Rose

    Looking forward to this one! Fun premise.


  7. taswmom

    Oooh, I loved this excerpt, as well as the premise the blurb sets forth. I love that he’s got her realizing her prejudice so soon.


  8. Glynis

    I also love Darcy and Elizabeth working together to foil their enemies so I already have this on my list and look forward to reading it.
    Great excerpt, thank you!


  9. Thank you for hosting, Rita! Wonderful excerpt, Brigid! 🙂


  10. Janet Taylor

    Thank you for hosting Brigid, Rita. It’s a pleasure to visit your blog and read a good excerpt from this novella. Thank you for sharing it, Brigid.


  11. Colleen

    This looks intriguing.


  12. sounds wonderful.



  13. caroleincanada

    Ooohhh! I can just feel the electrical currents between them! Wonderful excerpt! Congratulations, Brigid!


  14. Ginna

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!


  15. buturot

    Enjoyed that conversation (and the passion) Thank you for sharing


  16. evamedmonds

    It is a good thing that Elizabeth and Darcy are forming a friendship if they are caught by the French spies. Of course Wickham would be a spy – there’s money there for him! Thank you for the excerpt and giveaway.


  17. J. W. Garrett

    I didn’t read the excerpt as I have just borrowed it from KU. I am behind in my looking at my email. Blessings to BH and hope it is a great success. Take care out there.


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