Winners Announcement & August Bookmail Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

How are you today? I know I’ve been absent for the past week, and I must apologize for that. I took some vacation time and spent the last week in Ireland where I had hoped to have some time to read and blog, but then…Ireland happened! I mean, what was I thinking? It was kind of obvious I wouldn’t have time for anything else apart from enjoying that beautiful country, right? I should have planned everything a little better, but I confess that spending the entire week visiting the country without anything else on my mind was wonderful!

Unlike many people, I never had a huge curiosity towards Ireland, so I was pleasantly surprised by it and ended up loving the country. The landscapes are stunning and much more diverse than I was expecting, the people are super nice and funny and I even found some incredible literary places! (ok, on this end, I confess I could have done better, but I was mainly thinking about the hikes I would do when I planned the trip and didn’t leave much time to explore Dublin where most of these places would be).

I should have visited MoLI (Museum of Literature Ireland) and researched other literary related places like the house where Oscar Wilde lived (my hotel was on that street, so I passed by it few times but didn’t give it much attention). Nevertheless, I was able to visit the Book of Kell and the Long Room at Trinity College Library.

Long Room

It is wonderful, isn’t it? I hope that these books are perused from time to time, it would be a pity if they were only on the shelves for people to look at.

I also discovered a wonderful room dedicated to Irish literary works in the EPIC museum (by the way, this was the best museum I’ve ever visited, if you ever decide to visit Dublin I highly recommend it).

Isn’t this an interesting idea? I felt like a child removing the books from the shelves just so I could hear its narration for a while.

But anyway, this post is not supposed to be a blog travel one, so I’ll go directly to the point. Because I didn’t blog last week, I have to announce the giveaway winner of Spies of Our Acquaintance by Brigit Huey who visited last month with an excerpt, and I still need to show you the book mail I got in August so we may have the usual monthly giveaway, so without further ado, the giveaway winner of Spies of Our Acquaintance is:

Spies of Our Acquaintance

*** Jen D ***

As for the book mail, I received quite a few books, which means the TBR is once more out of control, the good thing is I will have a few more weeks off this month, and I plan to use them to read! Ireland was great, but now I need vacations where I will only eat, read, sleep and repeat, do you know what I mean?

But I digress, the books I received on the mail during August were:

Find you in Paris by Alix Nichols – Source: Purchased

The Olive Branch by Sarah Courtney – Source: Gift from Author

Twists of Fate by Joana Starnes – Source: Gift from Author

The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth by Victoria Kincaid – Source: Purchased

Elizabeth Abroad: France by Sophia Grey – Source: Purchased

august bookmail giveaway

You know the drill, just leave a comment on this post to apply to the giveaway until the 16th of September, I will announce the winner shortly after that.

I will also post this giveaway on From Pemberley to Milton’s Facebook and Instagram page’s so that participants from all platforms are eligible for this giveaway 🙂

Good Luck everyone!

Good Luck Everyone!


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19 responses to “Winners Announcement & August Bookmail Giveaway

  1. Glynis

    Congratulations to Jen D!
    Some great books Rita, I’ve read all but Elizabeth Abroad France but I know how expensive postage is so don’t expect to win.
    I loved your holiday photos, I’m so glad you managed to travel safely.
    Happy reading!


  2. sheilalmajczan

    Congratulations to the winner, Jen D. I have that book on my Kindle from KU to read next. Thanks for another chance to win a book. Flash Flood watch again in effect here. Hope everyone is safe where they are.


  3. So glad the Ireland visit was a joy! The landscapes are gorgeous and I still remember Trinity College and the chills I felt looking at the Book of Kells. Sarah Courtney’s book has been on my radar so I’m eager to get around to reading that.


  4. Loved seeing this very interesting museum you discovered. I will certainly look it up once I feel comfortable traveling.


  5. ForeverHis

    Happily read your post. The EPIC museum sounds fascinating. Glad for the video.


  6. Robin G.

    That museum does seem wonderful. Glad you enjoyed your trip.


  7. Sophia Rose

    Ahhh, that is so wonderful that you got to visit Ireland and see both beauty and cultural places. The Epic museum looks cool.

    Happy Reading, Jen!


  8. evamedmonds

    I am glad you got to Ireland and had a good time. It is truly beautiful. Epic Museum is so unusual. I was awed to see the Book of Kells. Thank you for this giveaway.


  9. TC

    Your Ireland vacation sounds like it was meaningful and leaves open things to do next time. Are you planning a trip to France, or is it a coincidence that two of these books appear to be set there?


  10. Christina Boyd

    What an extraordinary trip! Bucket list. And what a great stack of books. I’ve read Joana Starnes’s so far—and loved it.


  11. Mary Preston

    ‘The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth’ by Victoria Kincaid is on my list.


  12. Kirsten

    How wonderful to hear that your visit to Ireland was such a good one! The picture and video are lovely!! It is still on my travel wishlist (Ireland) as I have been curious about all that green and sheep since my teenage years 😉 My travellist is almost as long as my book wishlist. Well not really, I have way more books that I would love to read compared to places to visit. But there are so many great stories, like these ones & I am always wanting to escape with a fun book. So little on tv to watch, not much oppertunity to do other things so, yes it would be rather nice to win something. Thanks for the chance and congrats Jen D!


  13. Sounds like a trip.

    Thanks for the giveaway, I would like to enter for Twists of Fate and Elizabeth Abroad: France.


  14. What a wonderful trip you had Rita! The picture is stunning and I am sure it was amazing in person. Stay safe.


  15. Congratulations!

    How wonderful to have been able to travel.



  16. Lois

    Thanks for hosting another giveaway. I’d love to have a library like either (or both!) of the two you visited.


  17. I’m so glad you’ve had such a magical time away, Rita! Hope all your batteries are fully charged now, and that the happy memories will keep you smiling for many months to come. I’m also hoping that all this madness and travel restrictions go away, so that you could come back to the UK soon.
    So relieved that the paperback made it to you! Hugs and have a lovely autumn!


  18. buturot

    Wow, thanks for sharing your vacation. (I would love to visit such place) And Thanks for this new giveaway.


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