The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart by Nancy Campbell Allen

The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart is a Victorian romance which will delight readers with its fascinating characters and action-packed storyline.

The heroine in this book is Amelie Hampton, a naïve girl who is focused on being an independent woman and therefore works as a columnist for the Marriage Gazette. The story starts when she decides to secretly observe a blind date between two people who are meeting due to the Gazettes matchmaking adds and discovers one of them is none other than Harold Radcliffe, a gentleman she has been pining over at her book club. It is when she is spying the couple that she meets Michael Baker, a strong and dashing detective who is investigating the suspicious death of Mr. Radcliffe’s late wife.

The narrative will explore the investigation that will see Michael Baker and Amelie Hampton join forces to solve the mystery behind Mr. Radcliffe’s character, but it is not the unknown that will keep the reader glued to the book’s pages. This book is unputdownable due to the electrifying dialogues and scenes between Michael and Amelie. Their romance captivated me from the very first scene until the last one and it was the main reason why I couldn’t put this book down.

In this story, there is much more happening then a romance between two characters, so its pace is quite fast, but also extremely satisfying due to the banters between Michael and Amelie. Their dialogues and reactions to one another made me laugh, sigh and even cheer out loud for their happiness. I loved their arguments as much as I loved their romantic gestures, and I couldn’t wait to read the next scene as soon as the one I was reading was over.

As mentioned before, for me the mystery was secondary in the sense that it existed to allow the romance to be built, but I also liked the way it was written. Even if there was no surprise in the end, I enjoyed every step taken by these characters to solve the mystery because every scene was beautifully written, entertaining and surprising. The reader may know who did it, but he never knows what will come next in the investigation.

The writing in The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart is excellent as it made me visualize every scene and every character. This was the first time I read anything from Nancy Cambell Allen but it will certainly not be the last.

Summing up, The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart is an entertaining mystery where the romance takes a predominant role and will captivate most readers. The main characters are enticing, and the secondary make the reader want to see a sequel. I highly recommend this book.


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5 responses to “The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart by Nancy Campbell Allen

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rita. I enjoyed being in Victorian London with this couple, too! I am looking forward to the next book by Nancy. Best, LA


  2. Sophia Rose

    Love it when a romance pair has great dialogue scenes. This sounds great.


  3. maryvad

    Fantastic review,Rita! Your enthusiasm for this book was so evident throughout your review. Isn’t it wonderful when you stumble upon such a book? I’m adding it to my TBR list. Thank you for bringing this gem to our attention.


  4. alexandrariverstories

    This is a beautiful and very tempting review!
    I have her Steampunk romances but I haven’t read them yet so now I’m seriously tempted!!! 😉


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