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Books on sale

Hello everyone, 

I know Black Friday was last week and therefore possibily many books were on sale but I was out of the country, and to be honest, didn’t spend much time looking for books on amazon so I am sure I missed many sales, but today, as I was looking at amazon I realized many books were still with reduced prices so I figured I might as well share my findings with you 🙂

As you know, these are not all the books that are currently on sale, just the ones I could find on my search.

If you know of any other books on sale please do not hesitate to share them with us :


Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 0,99$

Bluebells in the Mourning – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice is readapted in this regency tale of love in the face of tragedy. Mr. Darcy is thwarted in his attempt to propose to Elizabeth Bennet at Hunsford when he encounters her minutes after she receives the sad news from Longbourn of her sister’s death. His gallantry and compassion as he escorts her back to Hertfordshire begins to unravel the many threads of her discontent with him. While her family heals from their loss, Darcy must search London for answers – answers that might bring justice, but might also just mark the end of his own hopes with Elizabeth. Is it true that nothing can be lost that love cannot find?


Elizabeth & Darcy: Unquenchable – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

True love is born of passion in this short, highly romanticized, steamy variation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, Pride & Prejudice. Mr. Darcy, a man respectable, refined, and restrained, finds his very sense of self shaken by the violent, tremulous emotions evoked by his meeting Miss Elizabeth Bennet at a simple country dance. Which will win over within him–the well-bred, mannered gentleman, or the animal of passion?
Elizabeth Bennet has never known romance until she finds herself pursued by the enigmatic but beautiful Fitzwilliam Darcy. Will she succumb to his charms, or maintain virtue and keep him at bay?
Classes clash and all rules are thrown away in this whirlwind pas-de-deux. Elizabeth & Darcy: Unquenchable is a very steamy retelling of Jane Austen’s novel, featuring Austen’s characters placed in new, exciting situations, and should be enjoyed responsibly by readers of a certain age.


The Memory House – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

IN 1859, MISS KITTY CATHCART is young and in love—with the wrong man. Her father, a wealthy industrialist, has firm plans for her future, and intends to see that his spirited daughter follows through with them, willingly or not. Tension builds and passions flare, and by the end of a hot summer’s night, three people have gone missing and the work of a rising novelist has been abruptly stopped. A reputation is in ruins and a fortune will be lost.

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS LATER, the bones of a young woman are unearthed in the garden of the Cavendish house on the edge of Hyde Park. Josie Minton cannot help but wonder over the fate of the young woman. As she and the handsome owner of the house begin to investigate, a long-buried tale of love, betrayal, and the whereabouts of an obscure Victorian authoress begins to be revealed.


Desiring Darcy Box Set – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

For the first time ever, enjoy these four stand-alone Pride & Prejudice steamy variation romance stories by JL Pearl as one boxed set. Join Our Dear Couple as they discover one another like never before, again and again. Each story is bound to leave you craving more of their mysterious, heady connection.
This boxed set includes:
“Alone with Mr. Darcy”
“To Dance with Mr. Darcy”
“Touched by Mr. Darcy”
“Elizabeth & Darcy: Unquenchable”
These JAFF stories feature characters from Jane Austen’s beloved novel, Pride & Prejudice, set in new and very steamy romantic scenes. They should be enjoyed as such by readers of a certain age.


An Unexpected Turn of Events – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

Thomas Bennet unexpectedly outlives his wife and must make his way in a new life. Can he use the opportunity to become a better man, or will he let this chance pass him by? This is the sequel and finale to Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit and Love’s Fool: The Taming of Lydia Bennet.


The Unread Letter – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

After rejecting Mr Darcy’s proposal at Hunsford, Elizabeth Bennet is surprised when he finds her walking the next day and hands her a letter. Without any expectation of pleasure—but with the strongest curiosity—she begins to open the letter, fully intending to read it.

It really was an accident—at first. Her shaking hands broke the seal and somehow tore the pages in two. Oh, what pleasure she then felt in tearing the pages again and again! A glorious release of anger and indignation directed towards the man who had insulted her and courted her in the same breath. She did feel remorse, but what could she do? The letter was destroyed, and Elizabeth expected that she would never see Mr Darcy again. 

Home at Longbourn, she discovers that her youngest sisters are consumed by a scheme to go to Brighton—and Elizabeth finds herself drawn to the idea of a visit to the sea. But the surprises of Brighton are many, beginning with a chance meeting on the beach and ending in unexpected romance all around.


 Beneath Mr. Darcy – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

I looked to the ground, my eyes unfocused. The sound of my own breath filled my ears, muddling my thoughts. He took my chin in his hand and lifted it, gently but surely, and I blinked, gazing into his eyes.
They all but bore into my soul.
“Say it, Elizabeth. Say he is the man you want, and I will step aside. I swear.”
My tongue grew thick in my mouth. My voice threatened to betray me. I knew what duty demanded but I could not obey. I could not lie.
I could never lie to him.
“He is not,” I finally whispered. In answer, his hands reached for my back, pulling my body close against his own.
Elizabeth Bennet is to be wed. But mere weeks from the happy day, her world is thrown into chaos when she meets the darkly mysterious Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Now she is torn between duty and desire, and with every passing day she finds she uncovers more of a hidden past–and more of her own heart.
This is the first book in a series of very steamy Pride & Prejudice variations, featuring Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in new romantic and sensual situations.



Which Season Brings – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

Such was the aftermath of the Netherfield party’s departure from Hertfordshire on the heels of the ball. What if Mr. Darcy returns with his friend Mr. Bingley to Hertfordshire during the Christmas season?
Darcy’s reasoning is sound. He simply means to be of service to his lovesick friend. There’s also the matter of wanting to protect Miss Elizabeth Bennet from his nemesis, George Wickham. What if Darcy’s true motive is of a rather more personal nature—one that he is not even aware of himself?
When asked, by those who know her best, how she feels about Mr. Darcy’s return, Elizabeth insists his reasons can have nothing at all to do with her. Blinded by her dislike of the proud gentleman from almost the first moment of their acquaintance, will Elizabeth finally see what others see when the season brings Mr. Darcy and her back together again?
Which that Season Brings is a delightful ‘happy for now’ novella which reimagines Jane Austen’s timeless classic, combining just enough of the old to satisfy your want of nostalgia and enough of the new to quench your desire for another romantic escape with Darcy and Elizabeth.
That the story unfolds at Christmas time makes it all the more special—all the makings of a sweet, holiday treat.


Civil Pemberley – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

The most beloved “Pride and Prejudice” moments and characters weaved within an epic and steamy romance. This “What If” Jane Austen inspired tale delves into an adventure story, full of espionage and intrigue. Well-received by the upper classes in the country’s capitol, no one suspects this charming young woman to be a wolf amongst sheep. Elizabeth Bennet is not who she appears to be. As war rages on, Elizabeth is expected to carry out her role as spy. Her life and the safety of her family depends upon it. But what happens when she realizes her values align with those of the enemy? Will the love of a handsome young officer, Captain Darcy, endanger her? Excerpt: But Mr. Collins is not the only person who is disapproving of Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam’s conversation this evening. “Have you met my cousin?” When Elizabeth appears unsure, he elaborates. “You see that handsome fellow across from us?” He gestures over his shoulder and Elizabeth peers across the table and meets the eyes of the man to whom the Colonel must be referring. The man’s expression darkens and he quickly looks away. If his face did anything but frown, Elizabeth admits to herself, he would be quite handsome. “The man who brought the frown to the party?” she teases, wondering if he can hear them. “Precisely. He has been out of sorts of late, but tonight he seems determined that no one, least of all me, should enjoy themselves.” “Are you on good terms?” “We are, though we are of opposite dispositions. That is Fitzwilliam Darcy. And a recent development puts him a rank above me as Captain.” Before she could learn more, the Colonel is engaged by the lady on his left, leaving Elizabeth alone to feel the stares that came her way, especially from Mr. Darcy.

Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 1,99$


Choice and Consequence – 1,99$

Book Blurb: 

Fitzwilliam Darcy has been chasing after the villainous George Wickham for months, to no avail. In need of respite, he and his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam accompany their friend Charles Bingley to Hertfordshire to assess the estate he has leased there. Darcy expects little pleasure in the small town of Meryton, so finds himself surprised indeed to be instantly captivated by the charming—if a trifle impertinent—Elizabeth Bennet.
Elizabeth Bennet swears she has no interest in matrimony at present, and would be happy to see all her sisters well settled before her. That is, until the enigmatic Mr. Darcy came into the neighborhood and upended all her ideals about herself. Both are candid about the reasons a match between would be undesirable, yet the friendship they agree upon inevitably gives way to deeper feelings.
On the very night Darcy and Elizabeth acknowledge their attachment, Darcy’s elusive quarry turns up seeking him. Wickham’s claims of innocence and an inheritance take Darcy to London, where an attempted compromise leads to confrontation with his uncle, the Earl of Disley. Then, as Elizabeth has become a player in the family drama, he explains all before he is drawn away again to Surrey by a letter regarding his sister, Georgiana.
Elizabeth is determined not to allow separation from Darcy to dampen her spirits, and their romance blossoms further through correspondence. Bolstering her happiness is the discovery that a relation she never had chance to meet generously left each Bennet daughter a legacy that greatly increases their prospects. In London for the Season with her sisters Jane and Catherine, Elizabeth is relieved to find acceptance from some of Darcy’s noble relatives, though their notice inadvertently leads her to the very man whose heinous actions already cost one girl her innocence…and whose attempt at escape might just cost Elizabeth her life.

The Correction of Folly – 1,99$

Book Blurb: 

Elinor Dashwood has found herself disappointed in love. Not only are the odds of a match between her and Edward Ferrars “insurmountable”, there’s the little matter of his secret engagement to another young lady.
Colonel Alan Brandon hasn’t had an easy time securing a loving partner. His first love was coerced into an unhappy marriage with his elder brother, and Elinor’s younger sister Marianne refuses to see past his age.
These two practical people find solace in each other’s company, both of them suffering their heartbreak in secret and in silence. Then comes the day when Brandon accepts there is no sense in pining for someone who thinks he’s too old for marriage. At the same time, Elinor concludes she will have to let go of her dreams if she is to have any kind of happiness.
Moving on isn’t easy for either of them, but Elinor and Brandon soon discover that hope can be found even in difficult times, and often it is the unlikeliest of people with whom one falls in love.


Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 2,99$

The Recovery of Fitzwilliam Darcy – 2,99$


IN 1789 A TERRIBLE CRIME IS COMMITTED, plunging one family into grief as another rejoices in the gift of an unexpected son. Two decades later, a chance meeting leads to the discovery of the lost heir of Pemberley and the man who knew himself as Mr William Lucas is restored to his birthright as Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley. 

DISCOVERING THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS PAST means leaving behind everyone and everything he has ever known and loved—including his childhood best friend and soon-to-be betrothed, Elizabeth Bennet. Tormented by questions about himself, and his place, Darcy struggles to understand and adapt to his changed identity and his new life. He must contend with a father buried in the shadows of the past and family relationships he does not understand. 

The truth has come out. Some have gained by it, some have lost by it, and I am in the middle. I cannot possibly make everyone happy. No matter what I do, someone will suffer. No matter what I do, shall suffer.

Somehow, he must find a way to do right by his new and old families, especially if he is to avoid losing Elizabeth forever.

Pemberley’s New Mistress – 2,99$


Mr. Darcy was only nine years old when his family began to whisper about the suspicious new baby that had joined the de Bourgh family—a child who had evidently been adopted, but whose true parentage was an utter mystery. Hating the concealment that the de Bourgh family seemed intent on preserving in the case, the rest of the Matlock family shunned them, particularly refusing to accept or acknowledge the girl.

Eighteen years later, Mr. Darcy’s world is upended when his uncle becomes privy to information about Mr. Darcy’s sister that could derail all her future plans. To protect her from Sir Louis’s threats, he agreed to marry the young lady whose history nobody truly knows. Elizabeth becomes Pemberley’s new mistress, and only she can help Mr. Darcy learn the truth about Sir Louis and liberate them both from his influence once and for all.

Elizabeth de Bourgh never expected her father to arrange a marriage for her. Sheltered and protected by her overbearing mother, she had always dreamed of discovering the world beyond Rosings Park. Now, she seems fated to go from one gentleman’s house to another, with no power to prevent any of it.

Furious and betrayed, Elizabeth learns that her family is not at all what it seemed. Her new husband, compelled by blackmail and equally driven to uncover the truth about Sir Louis de Bourgh, joins her in an investigation that leads them across England and into the path of criminals, where they find unexpected adventure and mystery. Though they have never gotten along, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy must trust each other in order to succeed in their plans; they must both be fearless in order to save the people they love.

There You Were – 2,99$


“I was not looking for love, but there you were. I cannot stop it, I cannot indulge it, so I must put distance between us and hope that time will heal this fever I have.”

ABANDONED BY HER MOTHER and ignored by her father, it is hardly any wonder young Elizabeth Bennet’s curiosity soon brings about trouble and marriage to a man she does not love. Colonel Fitzwilliam’s family—save for his cousin Mr Darcy—despises her, and life is not what she dreamed of. As she matures and grows from an impetuous girl into a woman, Elizabeth’s most reliable source of friendship and comfort becomes Mr Darcy. When tragedy strikes, leaving her a widow, she is free to discover who has been in her heart all along.

DARCY HAS ALWAYS BEEN INTRIGUED by the girl his beloved cousin married, and finds himself drawn into helping her after her husband’s death. Over time, admiration turns to love. Admitting his feelings to her – or even himself – could lead to ruin, but denying his passion could shatter him.

THERE YOU WERE is a Pride and Prejudice variation with Jane Austen’s beloved characters placed in unique situations of the author’s creation.

Becoming His – 2,99$


For the first time in one collection, read all eight serialized installments of JL Pearl’s steamy romance with a murder-mystery twist. From Parts 1-9:
She was nothing but a girl at a forgettable country dance. Tolerable. But not handsome enough to tempt him.
So why can’t he stop thinking about her?

His eye is on her. His will is iron.
An evening breeze pushed Mr. Darcy’s hair from his face. “You have much to learn, Miss Elizabeth.”
His voice was soft and low. Elizabeth leaned forward ever so slightly, just enough to catch his scent on the air, and whispered, “Then teach me.”

Death is certain.
But love is eternal.

Becoming His, an eight-part serialized Pride & Prejudice variation, delivers tantalizing “what ifs,” scandalous impropriety, and a matter of life and death.
This story is very steamy and should be enjoyed by readers of a responsible age.

The Recovery of Fitzwilliam Darcy – 2,99$


IN 1789 A TERRIBLE CRIME IS COMMITTED, plunging one family into grief as another rejoices in the gift of an unexpected son. Two decades later, a chance meeting leads to the discovery of the lost heir of Pemberley and the man who knew himself as Mr William Lucas is restored to his birthright as Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley. 

DISCOVERING THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS PAST means leaving behind everyone and everything he has ever known and loved—including his childhood best friend and soon-to-be betrothed, Elizabeth Bennet. Tormented by questions about himself, and his place, Darcy struggles to understand and adapt to his changed identity and his new life. He must contend with a father buried in the shadows of the past and family relationships he does not understand. 

The truth has come out. Some have gained by it, some have lost by it, and I am in the middle. I cannot possibly make everyone happy. No matter what I do, someone will suffer. No matter what I do, shall suffer.

Somehow, he must find a way to do right by his new and old families, especially if he is to avoid losing Elizabeth forever.

All That This Entails – 2,99$


I am the daughter of a Duke!

ELIZABETH BENNET COULD SCARCELY CREDIT THE NEWS when a letter sent to her father, from relations she did not know existed, informed them that untimely and unfortunate events would result in Mr Bennet inheriting the dukedom of Everard. In the blink of an eye, the Bennets’ lives are transformed— Elizabeth and her four sisters are wealthy, titled, and the talk of the ton

AT PEMBERLEY, FITZWILLIAM DARCY is still stinging from Elizabeth Bennet’s rejection of him at Hunsford when he learns the extraordinary news. Elizabeth Bennet—now Lady Elizabeth—has been elevated in an extraordinary fashion and is soon to become the most sought-after lady of the season. 

But Darcy’s heart still belongs to her, as much as it ever did, and he sets off for London determined to win her hand. But can he prove to her that he has changed, particularly when her entire life has just altered? 

This Pride & Prejudice variation is a novel-length tale using the characters of Jane Austen in a story of the author’s imagining. 

Lovers’ Meeting – 1,99$


Journeys end in lovers’ meetings, every wise man’s son doth know— William Shakespeare

IT IS A TRUTH UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED that the disastrous first meeting of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet at the Meryton Assembly provided each with a ready-made set of prejudices to apply to the other. But when a horrific rural accident reveals Darcy to be a man of active, intelligent benevolence, and Elizabeth, in the absence of her appalling family, to be an extraordinary lady of courage and decision—then surely the course of true love will run smoothly.

BUT ALAS, THE LOVERS’ MEETING is not the end but a new beginning. For though they have found each other, a seeming multitude of complications—a catastrophic flood, the last wishes of a dying friend, Lydia’s misfortunes, a dastardly Member of Parliament, and even their own fears— contrives to come between them and their journey’s end.LOVERS’ MEETING is a Pride and Prejudice variation.

I Hope this has been helpfull everyone!

Happy Reading!

Disclaimer: The Amazon links used in this post are affiliate links.


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Happy by Accident…or Not? by Michelle D’arcy – Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

Today I am thrilled to welcome Michelle D’arcy for the first time at From Pemberley to Milton. Michelle D’arcy is a reader who had to write her own story so she gained the courage to become a self publishing author. She has just released Happy by Accident…or Not? and today she is bringing you an excerpt of her debut book along with a giveaway of 2 ebook copies of Happy by Accident…or Not?

I am always super happy to welcome at my blog people who are brave enough to go through with this dream, but I am particularly happy to welcome Michelle D’arcy, someone I knew as a reader and am able to introduce as an author to you now.

Thank you so much for visiting Michelle! It is a pleasure to have you here! I wish you all the happiness with this book, and who knows, maybe we will even have more in the future.

I hope you all like this excerpt, and don’t forget to apply to the giveaway 😊


Excerpt from Chapter 9

“It was a surprise to see that you did not stand up with your cousin for the first set, after all,” Darcy finally dared to say. 

“It was also a surprise to me! Apparently he felt dizzy just prior to the set and I did not wish to put his health in danger.” 

“How very unfortunate for him…” 

“Yes…very unfortunate and quite sudden. I couldn’t help noticing you talking to him and I… I wondered if the conversation might have affected him in some way,” she said, looking at him meaningfully. There was a hint of a smile on both their faces, but neither was comfortable or confident enough to speak openly. 

“It might have; Mr. Collins asked for my advice on a delicate matter…” Darcy seemed hesitant to divulge more. After a few seconds of deliberation, he continued, “He wished to know my opinion regarding his choice of a wife… In fact, he wished to be sure my aunt would approve of the lady.” 

Elizabeth turned pale, then crimson. Surely Mr. Collins did not mean her! He would not dare to speak to Darcy of her she hoped, only to find out the disturbing truth a moment later. 

“And may I ask what you told him?” she enquired. 

“I told him that, while the lady he mentioned to me is worthy of admiration, I doubted she was the right wife for him, or that she would meet Lady Catherine’s requirements of modesty and obedience.” 

Her cheeks burned with mortification as she imagined that conversation. Its effect must have been strong, since Mr. Collins had not approached her again and had been in Sir William Lucas’s company ever since. Was she truly saved from future mortification at the hands of her cousin?

“I am afraid that could have been the reason for his sudden dizziness,” Darcy concluded. 

“Very likely; should I dare to thank you, Mr. Darcy?” 

“I do not see why, Miss Bennet. I have done nothing but be completely honest with Mr. Collins.” 

“And yet, I do thank you,” she smiled. “Your honesty is most valuable to me.” 

“I am glad to hear that,” he said with a frankness she did not miss. “Had I known Mr. Collins had changed his mind, I would have gladly taken his place…for the first set. I assumed you would dance with him and since I promised to dance with my friends’ sisters, it seemed logical to ask Lady Eleanor. I still have to stand up with Miss Bingley and Miss Cranford.” 

“Oh…” she said, surprised by his admission and pleased with the explanation. And relieved, she admitted to herself, hoping her expression would not betray her feelings. “I am glad to see you are a little fond of dancing, Mr. Darcy. And I agree with my father — you do seem to possess excellent dancing skills.” 

“My fondness for dancing depends on my partner. As for my dancing skills, I hope to have the chance to prove them to you during our set,” he said hoarsely. 

“I look forward to it, Mr. Darcy.” 

“Miss Bennet, may I be so bold as to ask you a question? You might find it inappropriate, so I would not mind if you refused to answer it.”

Her cheeks burned again. “Please do, sir. I doubt you could ask anything improper.”

“If I had known that Mr. Collins had withdrawn his request, and I then had asked you for the first set, would you have danced with me twice? The first and the supper set?” 

The question took her completely by surprise and his intense stare discomposed her even further. Before answering she licked her lips, which were suddenly dry. 

“If you had asked me for two sets, Mr. Darcy, I would have gladly accepted.” 

“I am very glad to hear that, Miss Bennet. And since I did not do so earlier, I cannot let such an opportunity pass by now, so I will ask you this very moment. Would you do me the honour of dancing the last set with me too?” 

Her eyes were locked with his, ignoring everything and everyone around them. 

“I would be happy to, Mr. Darcy,” she managed to respond. 

The expression of heartfelt delight on his face melted her heart and she knew her own expression was no different. 

“Happy by Accident…or Not?” is a Regency “Pride and Prejudice” novella variation that combines romance, humour, a little bit of angst, original twists and new characters mingling with the well-known and much-loved characters from the original novel.
The story begins the day after the party at Mrs. Phillips’ house and the disturbing conversation during which Wickham reveals to Elizabeth his past misfortunes caused by Darcy.
On a cold autumn morning, Elizabeth takes a long walk to clear her thoughts and to escape Mr. Collins’s annoying attentions.
Her solitary reverie is interrupted by cries for help and she discovers Mr. Bingley, who has fallen from his horse and is lying at the edge of a marsh. While Elizabeth tries to assist him, Darcy appears in search of his friend. With the threat of a storm approaching, Darcy hurries to fetch more help and Elizabeth remains with Bingley — a good opportunity for them to disagree about Darcy’s character.
Mr. Bingley’s wounds are not severe, but serious enough to affect his plans for the ball. Also, the disclosure of his argument with Miss Elizabeth will trouble Darcy, contradicting all his previous beliefs about the woman he secretly admires.
Therefore, the two gentlemen must decide how they want to proceed with the ladies of their hearts.
With several surprise visitors attending the Netherfield Ball, with opinions and feelings changed, with secrets unveiled and the truth finally exposed, our beloved couples will interact, argue, reconcile, bear some misunderstandings and suffer from a little bit of jealousy before they reach their well-deserved ‘Happily Ever After’.

happy by accident or not





You can find Happy By Accident…or Not? at:

and on Kindle Unlimited






Drawing on her background in the drug industry, Michelle knows that the best tonic for the mind is a good book and a healthy imagination. 

Michelle discovered Jane Austen through the Hollywood adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, starring Lawrence Olivier, when she was 14. She has never looked for her own Mr Darcy because she thinks she shares too many similarities of character with him . And perhaps more than she would like to admit with Lady Catherine too!

A greedy reader and a meagre sleeper, Michelle fell into the JAFF universe in early 2000 and happily witnessed some great stories coming to life! A steadfast cheerleader, prolific commenter and opinion-giver, sometimes headstrong and obstinate — especially when defending Darcy, who in her eyes can do no wrong — she has made a lot of friends among JAFF authors and keeps in contact with many of them. 

Encouragement from a dear friend, help from another with a magical red pen, and a sudden increase in courage, persuaded her to finally put on paper some ideas that had been dancing in her mind for some time.

NEW giveaaway time

Michelle D’arcy would like to offer 2 ebook copies of Happy By Accident…or Not? to two lucky readers who stop by at From Pemberley to Milton to read the excerpt of her book. You know the drill, to apply to this giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment with either your opinion or a question. I’m sure Michelle will be happy to answer to all of you 🙂 The giveaway is international and is open until the 3rd of December.

Good Luck Everyone!


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A Heart for Milton 10th Year Anniversary – An Interview with Trudy Brasure & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

This week we’ve been celebrating the 10th anniversary of A Heart for Milton which was one of the first North and South Fan fiction books to be published. Trudy Brasure has posted some information about this on her blog More Than Thornton on Monday, I’ve published my review of A Heart for Milton last Wednesday, and today we are closing the celebration week with an interview!

I hope you all had fun with us along the week, and that your love for North & South keeps growing 😊

Thank you so much for visiting Trudy, as always, it was a true pleasure to welcome you at From Pemberley to Milton 🙂

First of all, I would like to welcome you to From Pemberley to Milton once more Trudy, it’s been 5 years since our last interview, and I think the 10th anniversary of A Heart for Milton calls for a new one!

This is certainly a milestone, and I would like to start our interview with that. Looking back, do you think much has changed in the North and South Fan fiction world?

You know, there really hasn’t been much change. After ten years, there are still very few published N&S fan fiction novels and only a handful of authors. Where are the Thornton vampire and zombie stories?! I mean, Thornton is just perfect for a vampire variation! LOL.

Although the published N&S fan fiction realm is somewhat lacking, I believe the unpublished N&S fan fiction world is more active.

You are perfectly right, why don’t we have a vampire Thornton? Which was the most farfetched fan fiction story you’ve read so far?

That would probably be the one I read that had a modern setting in which one of the side characters was a murderer! I suppose that’s getting close to a vampire story?


That is certainly different from your own stories, looking back, would you do anything differently in your writing career?

I wish I had kept my writing habit going. I’ve long fallen out of the routine of writing after publishing my second N&S novel. Perhaps I should have treated my writing talent more as a career instead of just a hobby.

I may be partial by saying this, but I do wish you regain the writing habit 😊 Is there any particular plotline you’ve never tried penning down, but would love to see written?

Not so much a plot line, but I think it would be fun to see fan fictions of this story in different eras and cultures. Maybe one set in India, or during the Italian Renaissance! I happen to know there may be one coming that is set in America during the Civil War.

I’m glad to know a new book may come out soon, especially because many books have been published after A Heart For Milton, but lately I haven’t noticed many new novels coming up. Do you believe people are loosing interest in Mr. Thornton?

I don’t believe people are losing interest in Thornton. At least from my perspective as a N&S blogger and a participant in N&S social media circles, I find people who are desperate to read all the N&S fan fiction they can find. The closing down of the Internet forum C19 has eliminated access to some really good fan fiction stories that aren’t found anywhere else. I have tried to encourage some of these authors to publish their N&S stories to make them more available. I know there is a stigma for some authors in publishing fan fiction.

What do you think that could be done to encourage more writers to publish their stories?

Well, for beginners, I’d love to invite P&P writers that also adore John Thornton to give it a whirl. I’m not sure why fan fiction writers on Internet sites don’t try publishing. I would encourage readers to suggest it to them. Maybe these writers feel intimidated by the publishing process? Maybe a mentor group could be set up to help N&S fan fiction writers self-publish.

It’s curious that you mention P&P authors because as you know I love both P&P and N&S, and I believe there are less N&S variations because it is not as easy to change something in the story as it is in P&P, so the variation possibilities are more limited. Why do you believe there are less N&S stories then P&P?

You know, I hadn’t really thought about whether the story itself limits the possible variations in comparison to P&P. Is it that the plot is very connected to certain events happening? I can think of two reasons why it may be more difficult to come up with variations for N&S:  there aren’t quite as many auxiliary characters to play with (neither John nor Margaret have many siblings or friends), and both John and Margaret are really tied down with their position in life. Neither of them are free to wander around in social circles and meet up in various social circumstances. They have restricted daily roles to play (Margaret must keep her family going, John must tend to the factory) that don’t allow much room for variation. Also, maybe the dirtier and harsh details of N&S make it less attractive or more intimidating for fan fiction writers. The setting of N&S includes poverty and social and economic class conflict – it isn’t all pleasantness and refinement.

Of course, P&P has unequaled standing as a classic favorite. N&S is still not as widely known. If it weren’t for the BBC’s mini-series, I’m sure we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

And this brings me to a practical point. The market for N&S stories is much smaller. If authors are looking to make decent income from their writing, then an Austen variation will likely fetch a good amount more than a N&S variation.


In our last interview 5 years ago you mentioned a work in progress, was that replaced by Falling for Mr. Thornton? Or should we still expect a new novel soon?

Falling for Mr Thornton was a project I started to help keep the Thornton fires burning! I wanted to add something new to the lineup of what was out there. And since I wasn’t moving forward very fast on my own works, I thought an anthology of short stories might be something we could all pull together within a short time. And we did it!

I still have two N&S variations that I’m working on. And I do intend to finish them, although I cannot promise when! I’m hoping to get some cozy writing time this winter, here in Vermont.


Falling for Mr. Thornton was an incredible work and I cannot express how grateful I am that you decided to bring all those authors together for an anthology. What can you tell us about that project? How was it like to work with other people who love North & South as much as you do?

I started reaching out to authors I knew might be willing to come up with a N&S short story. Those authors who had already published N&S and P&P fan fiction were top on my list, but I also wanted to entice a few authors who love N&S but had only ever published P&P stories to give writing a N&S story a try. I really was trying to expand the market! Nicole Clarkston was invaluable in helping me coordinate and put together the whole project. We almost had a few more P&P authors join us, but they were too busy with current projects to jump in and join us.

It was great to see what we all came up with; I was amazed at all the different storylines. I enjoyed working with everyone. It’s truly a pleasure to get to know more authors who love N&S. It’s a great fandom to be part of.

Do you believe it is possible to repeat that experience?

I’d definitely be up for it! I’m sure there are authors out there who might like to try to write a N&S storyline.


You mentioned 2 works in progress, can you tell us something about them? Or are they still a secret?

You never want to give away too much, so let’s see… The first is my imagination of what might happen if Margaret met John before she ever moved to Milton. The second begins with Mr Bell coming to tell Margaret her father has died. It’s another variation of events from this crucial point of the story.

I love those ideas and I am looking forward to see them published 🙂 Thank you so much Trudy, it was such a pleasure to celebrate this 10th year anniversary of A Heart For Milton’s publication with you this week. I can’t believe it’s been that long! I hope we can continue to spread out the word, and show people how incredible and romantic these stories can be 😊

Let me also say that I’m really grateful for the special bond between the P&P community and the N&S community. It’s like a sisterhood. N&S is the little, less-known sibling.

I appreciate the way the Austen fans welcome Gaskell fans into their wider, more established circles. It’s a lovely ‘family’ to be a part of.

To celebrate this anniversary, Trudy Brasure along with other North and South Fan Fiction writers got together and put up a bundle prize for one lucky reader. Each one of them has donated at least one book, so the winner will receive many different North and South fan fiction copies. Check out Trudy’s Blog More Than Thornton to learn more about this giveaway.

Good luck everyone!


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A Heart for Milton by Trudy Brasure

4.5 stars

If you have just finished reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell or watched the BBC miniseries with Richard Armitage and feel there’s got to be more to it, then search no more, A Heart for Milton by Trudy Brasure is the answer to your wishes.

This book was released 10 years ago, and even if I’ve read it a while back, I never reviewed it, so this week I took the time to re-read the Portuguese translation of the book (which I highly recommend to my Portuguese and Brazilian friends) to be able to finally review it.

My opinion after all these years hasn’t changed, and I strongly believe A Heart for Milton should be the first N&S fan fiction book any reader should read because it has exactly what every reader wants after either reading the book or watching the mini series: a slower, stronger and deeper ending to the story.

The North & South ending is too abrupt, and Trudy Brasure changed the final moments in the story by creating yet another memorable train scene. I wish I could see Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe playing it!  It is so powerful, so intense and so beautiful that it is truly a scene readers will never forget. In fact, the first chapters of the book are all very powerful and give a slightly different ending to the story as the couple reunites much sooner then in the original book, but certainly in a more satisfying manner. Is it too bad to say that North and South should actually end the way Trudy Brasure penned it? I mean no disrespect to Ms. Gaskell, but truly, North and South would be much better if the ending was what Trudy Brasure wrote down until the train scene.

After the couple reunites, we will see in A Heart for Milton a sequel of sorts as the lives of Milton’s habitants is unfolded slowly and between many endearing and passionate moments between our dear couple.

The story itself doesn’t have any big driver pushing it forward, it focuses instead on all the interactions between Margaret and John during their married life, so if you are looking for an action-packed book, this one is not for you, but if what you need is more of Margaret and John, then this is a must read.

I found all characters to be true to themselves and consider this is the perfect book for those who found the romance in the ending of North & South lacking. This book will give you plenty of that, and more, as we get to know the Thornton’s entire life in the pages of this book!

A Heart for Milton is certainly a mark in North & South fan fiction, and anyone who enjoys that story must read this book. It will give readers everything they felt was lacking in the original story and will melt everyone’s hearts with the beautiful romance we witness in its pages. I highly recommend this story, both the original and the Portuguese translation Um Coração para Milton, which is beautifully translated.

You can find A Heart For Milton at:

and the Portuguese version at


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Total Want of Propriety – An Interview with Cherith Boardman & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

I am pleased to welcome for the first time at From Pemberley to Milton Ms. Cherith Boardman, an author I’ve met at the JAFF Writer/Reader get Together, and who caught my attention immediately by letting me know that her book Total Want of Propriety takes place, in part, in Portugal. It’s not everyday that I see a Pride and Prejudice variation taking place in my own country, so you may imagine how happy I am to receive Ms. Cherith today and to have an opportunity to ask her all about that, and many other aspects of her career and books.

In fact, she has just released the second volume of Total Want of Propriety, so we will discuss several aspects of this book too.

Have you heard about it before? Have you read volume 1 yet? What about this author? Is she an author you already knew? In any case, I hope you enjoy reading her interview even more then I enjoyed doing it (not sure if that’s possible 😉).

There is also a giveaway so don’t forget to leave your comment in the end to apply to it. You may just share your opinion about Ms. Cherith’s books or ask her any questions you’d like, I am sure she will love replying to all your questions 😊.

Thank you so much for visiting Ms. Cherith, it was a true pleasure to welcome you at From Pemberley to Milton, and I hope this is the first of many visits.

Welcome Ms Cherith, it is a pleasure to welcome you here at From Pemberley to Milton. I always like to know more about the authors who are visiting, so what can you tell us about you?

Thank you, Senhora Rita; I thank you for having me on the blog.

I am the mother of the ten best children ever, and Gamma to the cutest granddaughter. My dh, of 31 years, and I have seven daughters and three sons, and yes, they are all ours.

I have always been an avid reader and, since childhood, have amused myself by changing stories in my head. Thus, fan fiction is a good fit for me: I can write my changed stories between caring for my family.

How did you discovered JAFF, and why did you decided to start writing in the genre?

A small-town librarian knew of my love for Jane Austen and excitedly met me at the door one day, bearing Darcy’s Story, by Janet Almer. Over the next few years, another small-town librarian, a full-blown Janeite, and I traded stories back and forth.

My writing journey came as a result my reading. I was in a car accident, rendering me bedridden with several surgeries for more than a year, leading to my purchase of my first Kindle, where I predominantly read JAFF. I noticed there were no stories featuring Darcy as a younger son, and the premise of Second Son, my first book, was born.

Second Son was released a few years ago, and our most recent readers may not know about it, what else can you tell us about it? 

I love the Maya Angelou quote: “I wrote my first book because I wanted to read it.”

That is Second Son for me. The idea, “What if, instead of being born the heir to Pemberley, Fitzwilliam Darcy had been a second son?” came to me, and I wanted to READ that story. I explore how Darcy’s early years might have been; his chosen profession (as a second son); his transition to Pemberley’s master; how this might affect our beloved canon story; and how love can help one reach their full potential.

It’s interesting to know you decided to write something you’d like to read yourself, which sub genres in JAFF do you prefer to read?

Like most prolific readers, I read just about everything in JAFF – moderns, fantasy, mysteries – and enjoy most tropes. The exception is: the dreaded Forced Marriage Scenario, FMS. My favourite tropes are Lizzy-is-not-a-Bennet and evil-Jane, and I adore stories where Darcy and Elizabeth get together early and work together to overcome obstacles.

Did these preferences influence your writing?

In my third book (and two others I have outlined), definitely. Mistaken Premise, my current work-in-progress, is a Lizzy-is-not-a-Bennet story, for example. In Second Son and Total Want of Propriety, the influence was minimal. The romantic arcs between ODC is not overly angsty, but it does develop over time, as they become friends and confidants first, then fall in love; then in both stories, I show how their bond makes them stronger both as individuals and a couple.

I know you’ve just released book 2 of Total Want of Propriety, but I would like to know a little more about book 1 first, what can you share with us about that story?

Total Want of Propriety, Volume 1: Darcy’s Reformation is an off-canon Pride & Prejudice variation and went live on November 1st. One of the themes is Darcy’s hypocrisy and how his family is not any better than Elizabeth’s – they just have titles and more money. Another theme throughout both volumes is recovery following past trauma. Darcy grows and stretches beyond his comfortable zone in Volume 1 as he trades the familiar world of Pemberley for the foreign climes of Portugal.

Well, you know I’ve got to ask, but why did you decide to take ODC to Portugal?

In Total Want of Propriety, Darcy finds it most expedient to protect Georgiana by removing her from England for a time. Since Volume 1 is set in 1812, that narrowed the locales where I could send them.

As I researched options, I found Portugal fit my needs perfectly. It was interesting and fun to weave Portugal’s history and locales into my P&P variation amidst the backdrop of the Peninsular War. In all my research, I fell in love with Portugal, and it became my favourite aspect of this story.

As you may understand I am very partial to this part of your book, and I would love to know which were your favorite findings when researching about Portugal.

Everything? I found the long history between England and Portugal played well into the story. I LOVED the azulejos, the filigree, the traditional dress – including the wedding dresses. The diverse architecture, variety of topography, and even the Great Earthquake of 1755 all found their way into the story.

Is there any memorable scene that takes place in Portugal? Can you tell us a little about it?

Both the proposal and wedding take place in Portugal, and I think readers will really like the Portuguese wedding customs that found their way into ODC’s big day. It added a fun element to the story, and some of these ultimately became Darcy family traditions.

Wow! Darcy and Elizabeth getting married in Portugal? I’ll have to take this book to all the places they visited and take beautiful photos of it there! But all this takes place in book 1, so what can we expect from book 2?

In Total Want of Propriety, Volume 2: Georgiana’s Reclamation, we say a very reluctant farewell to Portugal, though Darcy and Elizabeth, now married, carry its influence home with them. The theme of healing continues, especially regarding relationships. It is in Volume 2 where we really get to see the strength of the bond and love between ODC shine as they work together to overcome the naysayers of his family and the Ton.

While I am sad to know we will be saying goodbye to Portugal, I am intrigued about the healing theme. Are we to expect a lot of introspection in these books? Can you tell us more about Darcy and Elizabeth’s struggles without major spoilers to readers?

I know authors are to avoid it, but doesn’t the original P&P have introspection as we watch Lizzy’s viewpoint change? I think introspection is a natural part of our genre – and of life; so, yes, TWoP has introspection as Darcy struggles with his failings, and learning that he cannot control life. And for Lizzy, the introspection is about not allowing hurtful voices to have a tenancy in her head.

Introspection is certainly an aspect that will please many readers! Which type of readers do you believe will enjoy your stories the most?

Any reader who enjoys a LONG, complex, off-canon story would like my books (fans of Linda Wells, for example).

It’s curious that you mentioned the length of your books because that seems to be a characteristic of your writing. Why do you choose to write lengthier books?

When I sat down to write Second Son, I did not intend to be “long”; it just evolved. I love to read, and I’m a faster than average reader. During my bedridden days after the accident, I was easily going through 3-5 books a day, and I grew to like stories which would take me a full day to read.

In Second Son, I needed to set up Darcy’s pre-canon life, then I wanted to explore how it would change things betwixt ODC. In the end, that story spanned his entire life; the biggest complaint I get in the reviews is that I didn’t end SS at the wedding, but I like the ending.

For Total Want of Propriety, there are three significant plot lines – Darcy, Elizabeth, and Georgiana – braiding in and out of each other, and two subplots, which peek in and out of that braid like ribbons. It was Georgiana’s arc which necessitated the second volume.


Another interesting aspect you referred was the off-canon story, aren’t you afraid that will affect sales?

Again, as a reader, I prefer off-canon stories, not liking “variations” which merely regurgitate the original with only one or two changes. Another frustration I have is when there is a significant change, either in backstory or early in canon, but then the rest of the story proceeds as canon. I suppose this might be another reason I’m a long writer, if I change canon – Darcy as a second son or Lizzy leaving Longbourn after refusing Collins, for example – I want to explore how it affects the story to its end.

As for sales, I am aware that my stories are not for everyone, and I am okay with that.


And what is your main goal as a writer?

When I set out to write Second Son, I decided I was writing it for me: a book I would read and enjoy. I also knew I would publish, because I knew I would hold myself to a higher standard. (However, I now want to revise SS; I have learned so much as an author since then – and still am – and I know there are many mistakes in there.)

For Total Want of Propriety, and now Mistaken Premise, these are both ideas that came to me as I was writing SS, and again I write them for me – but to share with others, too.

Thank you so much for visiting Ms Cherith, and for the patiente to answer to all my questions 🙂 It was lovely to have you here today!

. .

Total Want of Propriety, Volume 1: Darcy’s Reformation

At the first light of dawn the morning after the dance at Netherfield, a carriage speeds north as Fitzwilliam Darcy flees the temptation wrought by Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s pert opinions and fine eyes. His heart yearns for the intelligent beauty, but he knows his duty to Pemberley, and his family, and cannot risk exposing his beloved sister to the total want of propriety evidenced by the rest of the Bennet family.

A month later – and now resolved to follow his heart – Darcy hastens towards Bath after Darcy learns of Elizabeth’s expulsion from her family for refusing to marry Longbourn’s heir, Mr Collins.

Soon confronted with the truth of his own family’s wanton lack of propriety – and Elizabeth’s dislike of him – Darcy must do all he can to protect his sister from her own folly, while hoping to earn Elizabeth’s forgiveness for his arrogant presumptions…

And ultimately win her heart.

Total Want of Propriety, Volume 2: Georgiana’s Reformation

In the aftermath of their tumultuous early acquaintance, the newly married Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy spent their months in Portugal building a flourishing relationship built on respect and the deepest love as they learned to support each other through the myriad trials besetting them – especially the peevish and bitter Georgiana.

Returning home to England, the Darcys reunite with their loved ones and take up the reins of their duties at Pemberley and elsewhere, whilst finding their place within Society. When suddenly faced with disastrous opposition from the Fitzwilliam family, Darcy and Elizabeth must present a united front before London’s Upper Ten Thousand. Can they endure the unforeseen attacks, unparalleled scrutiny, and unwarranted gossip as they defend their marriage and love against the onslaught?

Battle lines have split Society, and the war has begun. Who will support them? Who will betray them? And might Fitzwilliam’s and Elizabeth’s growing communion provide the means of Georgianna’s Reclamation?

Please Note: Total Want of Propriety is a single story spread across two volumes, Darcy’s Reformation comes first, and Georgiana’s Reclamation comes last. Both volumes are necessary to complete the story.

Warning: Total Want of Propriety: Darcy’s Reformation has an instance of fade-to-black, non-sexual violence, and both volumes deal with the themes of physical, emotional, and mental recovery from the trauma of physical and verbal abuse.

You can find Total Want of Propriety at:


And now, a GIVEAWAY! Ms. Cherith Boardman came bearing a gift for one of my readers. She would like to offer to one lucky reader both volumes of Total Want of Propriety.  Just make a comment on this blog until the 3rd of December and we will pick the winner to receive an ebook copy of both volumes of Total Want of Propriety.

Good luck everyone!


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A Splendidly (Un) Suitable Match by Jennifer Joy

a slendidly (un) suitable match

In A Splendidly (Un) Suitable Match Jennifer Joy decided to change the events in the story right from the beginning, and that made the entire plotline very interesting.

In this book Col. Fitzwilliam sees is heart broken by a lady of the ton, and to cheer him up, Mr. Darcy invites him and Georgiana to go with the Bingley entourage to Netherfield. When the party arrives at Meryton, a rumor that one of the gentlemen is suffering from a broken heart soon spread out, and Elizabeth Bennet, having had a brief encounter with Mr. Darcy believes him to be this gentleman. Her perception of him is immediately altered, and that means her reaction to him is also different, which in turn will influence his treatment of her…you see where I am going, right? There are no prejudices, and our dear couple starts their relationship in a more amiable manner.

This story is angst free, and the reader is gifted with beautiful parlor scenes that allow Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy to get to know each other without pride and prejudice. This book is perfect for readers who love to witness this couple fall in love without many external obstacles, but it will also please readers who are fond of a little humor.

Jennifer Joy, along with a few other authors, always finds a way to make me smile or laugh with small nuances she adds in her writing, and her books are always fresh and agreeable to read. A Splendidly (Un) Suitable Match is no exception, and I know that readers who prefer low angst will simply love this one and will laugh as I did while seeing the characters react to the adventures of Mrs. Hurst puppy. He will be the center of the story 😊

I personally also liked seeing Georgiana stepping up and leaving behind a meek young lady who is afraid to speak her own mind.

Caroline Bingley was the only villain in this book and the only source of opposition to Darcy and Elizabeth’s love, but it wasn’t her machinations that I loved the most, it was witnessing her realizing what true love was. This was a beautiful scene, and I would have like to see more of these throughout the book.

Summing up, In A Splendidly (Un) Suitable Match is a tender and uncomplicated story that will give readers looking for a sweet romance a very agreeable afternoon.


Audiobook Narration:

Elizabeth Bennet’s Level

Stevie Zimerman is a safe bet when it comes to narration. She has such a pleasant voice, and perfect English accent, that it can never go wrong. In A Splendidly (Un) Suitable Match she proved that once more. Great narration pacing, excellent voice differentiation for different characters and a pleasant steady voice make this audiobook a good bet to enter this sweet story.



You can find A Splendidly (Un) Suitable Match at:

Kindle Unlimited

and Audible



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Book Blogs in JAFF

Hello everyone,

How are you today? And how was your weekend? I hope it was as good as mine 😊

I spent most of it at the JAFF Writer/Reader Get Together where I talked to wonderful people who love the same things that I do, listened to interesting panels, and even had a chance to participate in one myself!


This year I was invited by Victoria Kinkaid to speak at the blogger panel along with Meredith Esparza from Austenesque Reviews and Sophie Andrews from Laughing with Lizzie. Sophie was going to approach social media in JAFF, and I thought that it would be nice to take same data concerning blogging with me because I always felt that people didn’t know much about blogging and bloggers in this community. I spoke about it with Meredith, and she kindly accepted to join me in this project, so we worked together to build 3 surveys to all those involved in the book blogging industry: Bloggers, Readers and Writers. After we retrieved the results, we analyzed them and presented them at the conference, but I know some of you didn’t have a chance to be there, and I’m sure many of you participated in our surveys, so I thought that it would be nice to share the results with you here today.

Before we move along, I just want to share with you how much I loved working with Meredith on this project! She was an amazing partner, and it was really nice to have someone like her to discuss ideas with and improve the project 😊

I also want to thank everyone who dedicated some of their time filling the surveys, they were really informative and important for our presentation, and even for our blogs as we are now aware of a few things we need to improve 😊 So let’s take a look at what you told us, shall we?

What do Book Bloggers Actually Do?

  • Read Books
  • Post Book Reviews on multiple platforms: Blogs; Amazon; Goodreads; Facebook, etc
  • Revisit the book in other Blog Posts weeks or months later
  • Favorites Lists; Recommendations; etc
  • Giveaway management (selecting and announcing winners; receive winners contact’s; share them with authors, etc)
  • Interview Authors
  • Work on guest posts/excerpts/cover reveals, etc.
  • Answer to authors and readers emails
  • Answer to blog posts comments

How much time do they spend doing it?

We had 11 bloggers answering to our survey. The majority of them has been blogging for over 10 years (46%) and they read many books per year to be able to keep up with their blogs. 36,4% of them read between 51 and 100 books a year, and 36,4% read between 31 to 50. 91% of these bloggers admitted that the books they are reading are review requests from authors or publishers and this is further proof of the connection that exists between bloggers and authors in this community. 

But let’s go back to our initial question. We already know bloggers spend many hours reading books to review (especially if they are slow readers like myself), but if we do not count with the hours spent reading, exactly how much time do they dedicated each week to their blogs? And how many posts do they publish on average each month? (should have used the same scale, right? Live and learn…).

Time dedicated to blogging

45,5% of bloggers spend between 1 and 5 hours each week creating content, answering to emails, organizing their agenda, etc, but the majority of them (54,5%) spends more then 5 hours per week working on their blogs. This means that most bloggers dedicate at least one working day each week to their blogs, and all out of love for this genre because let’s face it, this is not our just, it’s just our hobbie.

Posts Per Month

The time they dedicate to their bloggs is materialized in more then 6 posts per month for the majority of bloggers. Of course that the more posts a blogger publishes, the more time he needs to dedicate to his/her blog, and I can tell you from my personal experience that it is not easy to keep up with 2 posts per week. In fact, when we asked bloggers what their main struggle was, the common word we saw in the comments was time. Bloggers wish they had more time to do more, improve their blogs, innovate their content, reduce their stress levels, but alas, each day only has 24 hours, so we do the best we can with the time we have 🙂

How do bloggers impact readers and authors?

This is the material question isn’t it? I mean, why spend so much of our time to blogging if it doesn’t have any impact?

We started by asking authors if they visit blogs to promote their books and if they ask bloggers to review their books. 

It came as no surprise to us that the majority of authors does visit blogs to talk about their books, and even more request bloggers to review their books. 

authors visiting blogs


review requests

So, do they notice any impact on their sales after visiting a blog? Let’s face it, writing is a job just like any other, so authors need to sell books to continue writing, and to sell them, they need to reach out to readers, which means they expect their blog visits to have some impact in their sales. We didn’t ask authors how they can tell a post or a review in a blog has an impact in their sales, but we are assuming they notice the number of sold books in the days following a blog visit.

impact on sales after blog visit

While 30,6% of authors doesn’t see an impact on their sales after a blog visit, and for 22,2% this is not applicable (probably those who do not visit blogs), 47,2% do admit to see an increase in their sales after visiting a blog. This number increases when we are talking about reviews, and that is something I find particularly interesting. 

impact on sales after review

If we look at the percentage of authors who believes their sales increase after a review is published in a blog, it is slightly higher with 55,6% of authors seeing an impact. So this tells us that even though all types of posts have an impact on sales, the reviews are the ones that most help authors sell their books. That is also interesting because reviews are also the type of post readers value the most, so readers and authors are in agreement here 😊

Of course this is the authors perspective, and probably their findings immediately after a blog visit or blog review, but what are readers saying? Could they have a different perspective? 

What do readers say?

Well, readers say they do buy books based on bloggers reviews or suggestions, and they may not buy the book immediately after the post was published in the blog, they may do it a few days later, or maybe even a few months later, but when asked on a scale from 1 to 5 how likely they are to be influenced to read or not read a book based on a bloggers review, 52,3% answered 4 and 26% answered 5, so around 78% of readers are likely to read a book based on a bloggers suggestion.

And if we look at the graphic below, we can see that 96,5% of readers buy books based on bloggers suggestions. That is not a small number is it?

books bought based on bloggers suggestion

When does a review impact readers?

How can we explain that 96,5% of readers claim to buy books based on bloggers suggestions, but only 56% of authors claim to notice that? Well, the answer is simple, readers don’t read reviews only on the day they are published, they also check the bloggers archives or databases. I’ve remodelled my blog this year to have menus that would allow readers to navigate the blog and find older reviews (searching by author or genre) and excerpts, and I know some of my fellow bloggers do the same, so we do try to have the content available months and years after it was initially published. 


As you can see, 59,3% of readers admits to check a blog’s archives to see older reviews, and these readers are in fact visiting blogs quite frequently, and some of them faithfully over time. 52,3% of readers state they visit between 4 and 6 blogs, and they do it if not daily, at least several times a week as the following graphic demonstrates: 

visits to jaff blogs

What else have we learned?

Our surveys had several open questions and those allowed us to better understand our readers and authors alike. They even allowed us to understand we are not alone and that most bloggers struggle with the same issues we do, but also find rewards in the same matters. 

We discovered as mentioned earlier that the bloggers biggest challenge is the time they require to keep a blog active, but we also confirmed that authors who visit blogs mostly have good interactions and enjoyed the experience. It was really important for us to read so many encouraging comments, so thank you dear authors!

We’ve also learned that some authors are apprehensive about reaching out to bloggers, or do not know how to do it. This was particularly important to discover, because we had no idea (at least I didn’t) that this was happening, so if you are an author and you would like a bloggers assistance in spreading out the word about your book, all you need to do is send us an email and telling us you have a new book coming out, I’m sure we’re all happy to help, and I also believe readers will appreciate getting to know new authors through our blogs. On a personal note, I’ll make sure to update my blog and make my email contact more visible, and also add links to my Facebook and Instagram accounts, that may help 🙂

We have also discovered that both authors and readers want more reviews in our blogs, and that combined with the bloggers biggest challenge may be a hard goal to accomplish. I’ve just checked, and this year I’ve published 42 reviews, unfortunately I really do not think I can do more 😦 I will try, I promise, but I don’t think I’ll be able to publish more than 50 each year. I can, however, improve the layout and navigation of my blog as that was another issue readers mentioned they would have like to see improved in blogs. How’s that for a compromise?

The last interesting finding we had with the survey was that readers would like more critical reviews, and that is something that I can also do my best to accomplish. It is not always easy to find the right balance in a review, and I always try to be fair, but I can also work on more objective yet spoiler free reviews 😊 Let me know if I am improving, will you?


What do you think?

So, what did you think of our findings? Was this interesting? I didn’t publish every single graphic, nor did I add everything we discovered, as that would have been too extensive, but I hope that what I’ve shared was of any use to all of you. 

And if it was, let me know. Who knows we’ll make this a tradition and repeat this survey on an yearly basis 😉 If you’re up to it, of course as this survey will never be possible without your contribution. So let me finish by saying a big THANK YOU to all who participated in our survey, and also another huge THANK YOU to Meredith for working with me on this, and of course to Victoria and Summer for all the hard work they put out each year to make the JAFF Writer/Reader Get Together a reality. 




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October Bookmail Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

It’s been a long time since I’ve published one of my book mail giveaway posts, but the truth is I haven’t received any books in the mail over the last couple of months, which is always a pity, but also good news for my TBR which is still out of control, but not as scary as it was a while ago.

During October I received 2 books in the mail, so I’m back with these posts! You know the drill, just let me know in the comments you’re interested in the giveaway and you’ll be eligible for the giveaway. The winner will be randomly picked and announced on the 27th of November, and he/she will be able to pick any of the books mentioned below in ebook format.  

The giveaway is open until the 26th, and unfortunately, I can only offer ebooks on site, so you’ll have to have an account there.

The books received in the mail during October were:

In Essentials by Hellen Williams – Source: Purchased

A Longbourn Entanglement by Monica Fairview- Source: Gift from Author


I would also like to take this opportunity to talk to you about a survey me and Meredith from Austenesque Reviews are organizing.

Meredith and I will be speaking at the Blogger Panel of the JAFF Get Together this weekend and we would love to collect and share some data about blogging with all who are participating.

To do that, we have created 3 surveys to 3 different audiences: Bloggers, Readers and Authors. We would truly appreciate it if you could help us by filling the survey that is directed to you (if you’re a blogger, fill just the blogger survey, and if you’re an author, fill just the author one).


Reader Survey:

Blogger Survey:

Author Survey:


Thank you everyone!


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In Essentials by Helen Williams

IE Final FC 100921 M

In Essentials is definitely a unique story with a premise that may not please everyone, but which compelled me to buy and read the book.

In this novel, Elizabeth Bennet becomes suddenly ill after the Hunsford proposal and the unknown and uncurable disease changes her life dramatically. Elizabeth’s strength is forever lost, and many of the simple joys of life that she took for granted, such as taking a long walk in the countryside, are no longer a reality.

As you may imagine the tone of the book is very dark and the characters will suffer throughout the entire story, but it is beautifully written and certainly different then anything you’ve seen before in JAFF.

I personally loved the premise and the unique approach the author took because Ms. Williams explored the human nature, and the characters reactions to adversity, in a blunt but honest manner. Most characters behaved as expected, and it was precisely the fact that they all remained who they truly were in essentials that made me enjoy the book. My particular favorite was Mary Bennet, who did not surprise me, but was able to stand out in the narrative and seemed the most balanced character in the entire storyline.

As I mentioned before, I did like the premise, and I especially liked the fact that the ending is not the usual fairy tale one, so that was certainly not an issue for me (even if it may be for others), however, I would have liked to see more plot development. At moments, I felt the story was not progressing, or that it was solely focused on Elizabeth’s health progression, which may have been the authors goal, but I personally would have liked more drivers in the plotline.

Nevertheless, In Essentials is a tale of courage and optimism that I enjoyed reading. It shows the readers a love stronger than everything, with Mr. Darcy showing a devotion, tenderness and courage that will reach everyone’s hearts, and with an Elizabeth Bennet who will make everyone proud due to her obstinacy, strength, and positivity (even if too forgiving in my opinion).

You can find In Essentials at:

and on Kindle Unlimited 


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A Hopeful Holiday by Heather Moll – Excerpt

Good Afternoon everyone,

I’m not sure how the weather is like on your side of the world, but in Portugal it is clear winter has arrived, which means I am starting to get very interested in Christmas stories! Does this happen to you too?

I just feel that some months ask for specific types of books, and even though we’re still in November I’m already looking at Christmas stories 🙂

The excerpt I’m sharing today is one of those stories. A Hopeful Holiday from Heather Moll looks like the perfect book to read in one afternoon, the plot sounds sweet and captivating and it has the perfect length for me! Plus, after reading Nine Ladies I kind of got hooked up with her writing. Have you read it yet?
What  about this new book? Have you heard about it yet? I hope you like the excerpt and please, do not hesitate to share your opinion with us 🙂

Thank you so much for visiting Ms. Moll, it is always a pleasure to have you at From Pemberley to Milton 🙂


Hello Rita and thanks so much for welcoming me back to the blog! It’s release week for my Pride and Prejudice novella A Hopeful Holiday. Today I’m sharing with your readers an excerpt from early in the book. After not returning to Hertfordshire with Bingley, Darcy and Elizabeth meet again over the Christmas holiday when Elizabeth is visiting the Collinses and Darcy and his cousin are visiting Lady Catherine. 

It’s Christmas evening, and Elizabeth has joined the party at Rosings while the Collinses stay home with their newborn son. In this scene, Lady Catherine has decided that Elizabeth will come to her New Year’s Eve masquerade—whether she likes it or not.


Lady Catherine hesitated for a moment. “No, you must attend the ball. I know what my notice and kindness can do for a young woman. There will be eligible men in attendance and should any of them take a fancy to you, you might find yourself settled near to me.” Elizabeth saw Darcy’s posture shift as he exhaled loudly. “You may come for dinner and stay at Rosings the night of the ball, and my carriage shall take you home the day after.”

“I fear I have no dress for a masquerade, or even a mask.”

Colonel Fitzwilliam now came nearer. “Lady Catherine has trunks of attire; some guests come early to select from her stores. She has a fine Roman emperor garb that I plan to wear.”

“If you tell her that, it ruins the surprise of a masquerade,” Darcy said drolly. Elizabeth tried to imagine what manner of masquerade habit Darcy would choose that would suit his usual gravity.

“You are very welcome for my attentions, Miss Bennet,” said her ladyship, who then went to Mrs Jenkinson to ask if Anne needed her fire screen moved.

Elizabeth was about to say that she had not accepted the invitation, but she supposed that it hardly mattered. Of course she must attend; Charlotte would have no peace if she refused.

“You are in high luck to meet with such attention and indulgence,” teased Colonel Fitzwilliam. “You ought to be very much obliged to her ladyship for thinking of you.”

“I am sure Mr Collins will express all of my gratitude for me.”

He smiled. “Still, Lady Catherine’s masquerade is always a large, pleasant ball. Will you dance with me?”

“I shall look forward to someone in a toga petitioning for my hand.”

“Fitzwilliam,” Lady Catherine called. “Come here. I want you.”

He gave a long-suffering look and crossed the room to move the fire screen for Miss de Bourgh, and she was left with Darcy. If not for the presence of the others, she would thank him for all he had done for her family. They looked at one another for a long moment, neither saying anything.

“Did you spend the day in mirth and festivity with the Collinses, Miss Bennet?” Darcy finally asked.

She smiled. “Young William is rather young for Hunt the Slipper or Blind Man’s Buff; it was a quiet day compared to what I am used to.”

“If you were at Longbourn, would brown beer have gone round the room while someone sang lively songs?”

“Yes, along with a Christmas pie and many friends.” She wondered what Christmas at Pemberley must be like. “Miss Darcy is not alone at Christmas, is she?”

“No, not at all. She is with my uncle in town; I shall see her in January.”

“I was surprised to learn that you were to come to Rosings when you had just been here at Easter. I thought you would be at Pemberley at this time of year.”

“I often am—I prefer it above all else, but—” He thought for a moment, and then took a step nearer. Elizabeth’s heart beat fast to have him so close. He lowered his voice and said, “I drew the short straw.”

“Oh!” She burst out in surprised laughter. “You do not mean it!”

He smiled, his own amusement better contained. “I do. Every December we gather to draw lots to see who shall attend her at Christmas. It is always two of us—none must suffer her alone—and Fitzwilliam and I drew the shortest.”

She was now laughing so hard it drew the attention of Lady Catherine, who demanded to know of what they were talking.

“Miss Bennet was talking of Mrs Collins’s little boy,” Darcy said, giving her a smile before turning round. “He is already a charming child.”

“That he may be, Miss Bennet, but I want to hear some music. The rest of us are to play snapdragon, but we do not need you.”

Darcy looked ashamed at this demand and, in fact, had opened his lips to protest, but Elizabeth shook her head. It is not worth it to argue with Lady Catherine. She was able to leave; Darcy would have to suffer her for the rest of his life. “I do not mind,” she said to him softly before walking to the instrument. She noticed a mistletoe bough hanging by it and wondered if Lady Catherine would force Miss de Bourgh to stand under it until Darcy passed near.

To her surprise, Darcy followed her to the pianoforte. “Shall I turn the pages?”

Elizabeth felt her heart pound. Would Darcy be solicitous if he felt nothing for me?

Darcy did not seem to notice the mistletoe hanging very near to them. It struck her forcibly how much she esteemed him now, how much she wanted to be esteemed in return by a man of such sense and virtue. She longed to know at that moment if, should she stand under a mistletoe bough, Darcy would pluck off a white berry and kiss her.

He was awaiting her answer; she smiled shyly at him and was nodding when Lady Catherine called his name.

“No, the family must play snapdragon at Christmas. Miss Bennet’s playing may not be as well as Anne’s, had she learnt, but she is a decent enough performer not to need your help.”

Elizabeth felt that Darcy’s eyes were repeatedly turned toward her, but between the games, her playing, and Lady Catherine’s conversation, they did not speak for the rest of the evening. Their only interaction was when it was time to leave. She was in the hall awaiting his carriage when Darcy joined her. He took her cloak from the servant and put it round her shoulders, with a soft, “Merry Christmas, my dear Miss Bennet,” before returning to the drawing room.


Darcy and Elizabeth might have come into Kent thinking they had no reason to hope, but things warm up quickly and by New Year’s Eve and the masquerade ball they’ll be eager for a chance to confess their feelings. A Hopeful Holiday is available now.

Is the holiday season a perfect setting for a second chance at love?

After secretly arranging Lydia and Wickham’s marriage, Mr Darcy encouraged Bingley to return to Jane. While his friend is now happily married, Darcy regrets not having the courage to pursue Elizabeth in the autumn. As 1812 draws to a close, Darcy rallies his spirits to spend the Christmas holiday with Lady Catherine.

Elizabeth Bennet wanted to show Darcy that her feelings for him had changed, but he never returned to Hertfordshire and she fears Darcy could never tolerate being brother-in-law to Wickham. For a change of scene and with the hope of lifting her spirits, Elizabeth accepts an invitation to visit Charlotte Collins and her new baby at Christmas.

Lady Catherine’s New Year’s Eve masquerade ball is the social event of the season and, amid the festivities and mistletoe, both Darcy and Elizabeth hope for a reason to make their affections known. But will her ladyship’s interference, the sudden appearance of her scheming nephew, and Elizabeth and Darcy’s insecurities prevent them from finding happiness during the holiday season?

girl in black cape

You can find A Hopeful Holiday at:

and on Kindle Unlimited


Heather Moll is an avid reader of mysteries and biographies with a masters in information science. She found Jane Austen later than she should have and made up for lost time by devouring her letters and unpublished works, joining JASNA, and spending too much time researching the Regency era. She is the author of Nine Ladies, Two More Days at Netherfield, and His Choice of a Wife. She lives with her husband and son and struggles to balance all of the important things, like whether or not to buy groceries or stay home and write. Visit her blog and subscribe to her newsletter for a freebie and monthly updates.

TMDAN Moll headshotwebsite:
FB: @HeatherMollAuthor
Instagram: @HeatherMollAuthor
Twitter: @HMollAuthor
Book Bub:

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