An Angel in Her Pocket by Brenda J. Webb

an angel in her pocket4 stars

An Angel in Her Pocket is a Pride and Prejudice Christmas novella inspired by It’s A Wonderful Life, a movie that I haven’t seen but that is now under my radar.

In this book, a very peculiar angel, Grace Angelini, decides that during the Christmas season she needs to solve a situation that should not have occurred. In her opinion, Elizabeth Bennet shouldn’t have rejected Mr. Darcy’s proposal, so her mission is now to create the conditions for a second proposal to happen so that ODC may live happily ever after.

The story takes place some time after the P&P events, and in this novella, Mr. Bennet dies shortly after Lydia’s elopement and Mr. Collins takes over Longbourn, forcing the Bennet sisters to find accommodation elsewhere. Elizabeth is living in London with the Gardiners and looking for employment when Grace intervenes and finds her a position as governess to a sweet little girl whose Godfather happens to be Mr. Darcy.

This is a very sweet and cozy novella with a very interesting writing style. I’m not sure if this is also an influence of the movie, but the book is very cinematographic in the sense that the reader feels he is living in the story. We feel as if we are just there with the angel, Elizabeth and Darcy, and that makes the book very engaging.

I really liked the premise, and the fact that we are privy to the angel’s discussions concerning what is happening below, it is a very different take on P&P and it makes this story very diverting. I also liked the antagonist in this story, and the fact that she was not Miss Bingley. Elizabeth’s rival is just as annoying and conniving, and I loved how Brenda Webb developed her character.

In such a short novella, I would have liked to have more page time dedicated to Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. The moments they shared were really sweet and romantic, but I was left craving for more.

Summing up, An Angel in Her Pocket is a short Christmas story that will engage readers attention and warm their hearts. It is a very sweet and vivid story with romance, humor and even some adventure. It can be easily read in one afternoon and I recommend reading it during the Christmas reason 😊

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5 responses to “An Angel in Her Pocket by Brenda J. Webb

  1. Thank you for your review, Rita! Brenda’s books are always a delight to read!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sophia Rose

    I’ve seen that others really love this one and I am prepared to love it knowing it meshes It’s a Wonderful Life with P&P. Glad to see what you think, Rita!


  3. Glynis

    It is lovely isn’t it? Like you, I’m always ready for more Darcy and Elizabeth time but at least we get our happy ending (well that’s definitely a given with Brenda’s books)


  4. This sounds like a sweet read. I love It’s a Wonderful Life ❤


  5. Charlotte

    Sounds really lovely!! A sweet and cozy story is just my thing 🙂


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