Epiphany by Jessie Lewis

Epiphany5 stars

Epiphany uses Anne de Bourgh as a catalyst to change the events in Pride & Prejudice as a letter from Georgiana sends the heiress of Rosings Park to Hertfordshire a little before Christmas.

After reading Georgiana’s letter, Miss De Bourgh is convinced Mr. Darcy harbors tender feelings for Elizabeth Bennet, and because of that, she decides to travel with Mr. Collins to Elizabeth’s hometown to get acquainted with her rival and take some action. This change in the story will put everything in motion, and soon we will have many of our known characters in Hertfordshire testing Mrs. Lucas patience and Mrs. Bennet’s nerves.

It’s becoming a tradition to read a Jessie Lewis novel in January, just like it is becoming a tradition to rate it 5 stars because her writing style is always captivating. With this I do not mean to say this book is similar in tone to her previous, because it is in fact very different, but it is equally engaging.

Epiphany is not a humorous book per se, and the characters are not characterized in a cartoonish fashion, in fact, the book is centered in the romance and the characters are very close to cannon in essentials, however, it is an extremely funny book which had me laughing out loud several times, and that doesn’t happen frequently. It has a very classy type of humor that I enjoy and that is not made out of silly situations, but of an incredibly well penned succession of dialogues and attitudes. The timing of everyone’s intervention in conversations was perfect, creating cross dialogues that, despite their difference in content, reminded me somewhat of Seinfeld in style, and I loved it.

The book’s pace is also perfect just like the many situations Jessie Lewis created in the story and that, allied with the characters unexpected attitudes, made this novel an engaging read. I have to stand out Mrs. Bennet whom I loved in this book. I was moved, diverted, and even appalled with some of her attitudes. From her kindness towards Mr. Darcy on Christmas day to her remarks to Anne De Bourgh, everything she did was perfect, and even if she takes a small part in this book, I believe she was the character I loved the most.

Anne de Bourgh who is crucial in the story is a controversial character. She was perfect for this story as she was simultaneously funny but rude, a villain and a protector, a nuisance and someone you needed to have around. At times I wanted to love her but couldn’t, and in the next pages I wanted to hate her and couldn’t either. She was like a family member you don’t exactly like but can’t imagine spending Christmas without.

Epiphany was the perfect book to start the year with, it is well written, engaging and incredibly funny while also providing the reader with a sweet romance story between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. I haven’t mentioned their romance yet because there are many other details I loved in the book, but this is an Elizabeth/Darcy centered story, and I highly recommend it.

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14 responses to “Epiphany by Jessie Lewis

  1. sheilalmajczan

    This was a 5-star book for me, as well.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Glynis

    Oh my Rita, what an incredibly lovely review! I’ve had this on my list since I first heard of it so I’m happy to see that it’s one I’m bound to enjoy! I can’t believe that Anne is trying to protect what she sees as her ‘property’ thank goodness Georgiana admits her error to Darcy!
    I’m looking forward to reading this one!

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  3. Rita I’m so happy you “got” Anne in this story. Thank you for such a lovely and insightful review. Happy New Year!


  4. Sophia Rose

    I’ve got this one still to read so I’ll have to come back for your thoughts, but I love seeing your high rating. Can’t wait!


  5. Great review, Rita! You’ve got me looking forward to this even more now!


  6. Kirsten

    What a fabulous review Rita, I haven’t read this one yet. So it’s something to look forward too!


  7. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Great review and looking forward to reading this book.


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