Tempted by Nicole Clarkston

tempted5 stars

Tempted is an epic story whose events start in 1900 and where readers will see an unlikely romance to grow between Elizabeth Bennet, a fierce American young woman, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a wealthy English dandy.  

The main story takes place in England and is alternated with flashbacks of events that occurred in Wyoming and which explain Elizabeth’s arrival in London. This non-linear approach is very interesting because it keeps the reader engaged in the story making it hard to put down the book.  

My favorite aspect of Tempted was definitely the writing style, and apart from the non-linear storytelling, the fact that the story has several narrators was another feature I loved. The narration of the chapters is also alternated, however, the order by which the narrators appear is not random. When a certain scene culminates into an important situation for one character, it is that character who will narrate the following chapter.  This provides the book intensity and gives the reader a sense of closeness to the characters that in turn makes it engaging.  

As mentioned before, Tempted is very well written, and even though it is a big novel, I read it very quickly because Nicole Clarkston’s writing style is very fluid. There were many aspects I loved about in this book, but what captivated me in the first place was the Wyoming setting. The descriptions of the landscape and the frontier lifestyle that we witnessed were vivid and made me eager to visit Wyoming, even if it is obviously a very different place now.

The storyline is focused on Elizabeth and Darcy, however, there are many secondary characters that contribute to the richness of the story and Billy Collins is certainly one of them. He doesn’t have a huge role in the plotline, however, his willingness to help Elizabeth, his enthusiasm with the English culture and his entire personality made me cherish him as I don’t think I’ve ever cherished a Mr. Collins character before. I loved the fact that he got to have his own story and HEA. Georgiana was another interesting character whom I learned to like, and Anne was very intriguing! But if another secondary character deserves a shout out, it is Mary! Even though she takes a small part in the story I loved what Nicole Clarkston had in the bag for her, I loved her HEA, her remarks, and her letters.

Speaking of which, another aspect I loved in this book were the letters that were exchanged between the characters, they were a beautiful way to make the reader privy to the characters feelings, and once more another element that brought intensity to the story.

Summing up, Tempted is a heart-wrenching love story that demonstrates that love cannot be summoned, that true love is never extinguished, and that it is the flame that lights our lives. It is extremely well written, as is usual with Nicole Clarskton’s books and I highly recommend it.


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13 responses to “Tempted by Nicole Clarkston

  1. This is a wonderful review, Rita! Congratulations, Nicole; the story sounds fascinating!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sheilalmajczan

    When Nicole wrote this story, she offered to name a character after me. Since my last name is not at all one you would associate with Regency or such stories I asked her to use my mother’s maiden surname, Covington. Thank you, again, Nicole. Loved the story…of course. Have loved all her stories, some of which are variations on North and South.


  3. editingzeal

    Nicole, is this a reissue? I have a copy from 2018 of the same title.I was so excited to read another of yours, until I saw I had it when I tried to get. So, I’ll just read it again. That’s the one benefit of my brain damage.:)

    Betty Campbell Madden


  4. Glynis

    What a great review Rita! I also loved this book. As you say Nicole has such a way of writing her characters! To make Billy Collins likeable is an achievement indeed! I did find it a little angsty (you know me and my love of happy all the time) but I was still captivated and thoroughly enjoyed it.


  5. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Wonderful Review. I, too, enjoyed this book. Thanks.


  6. Great review, Rita! I loved this story, too. You make excellent points about all of the reasons it’s wonderful.


  7. mihaelahercaud

    Wonderful review! I actually am persuaded now to read this book! I confess that, while having read almost everything by Nicole-under-every-name (😁💜), this one I avoided. Your stellar appreciation and the details you give away weigh a lot.


  8. Kirsten

    A beautiful review that certainly temps me to read it myself 😀


  9. Rita, I’m so glad you loved Tempted! I kind of consider this my favorite book because of the challenges in writing it and the sweet friendship I got to write between Darcy and Elizabeth. I’m absolutely over the moon that you enjoyed it and deeply honored by such a thoughtful review. ❤


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