Transforming Mr. Darcy by Melanie Rachel

4 stars

Transforming Mr. Darcy is a fairy tale novella in which many different aspects of fairy tales such as Cinderella or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs influences the storyline of Pride and Prejudice. Readers must be perfectly aware that this novella is a fairy tale, and therefore, will depict many unrealistic situations. If you are unwilling to accept that, it is best for you not to read the book, or you’ll be disappointed. However, if you are willing to accept the fairy tale aspect of this novella, then you will have a great time as this story is funny, romantic and entertaining.

This story starts with Mr. Bingley and his party’s arrival at Hertfordshire, and we witness the well known “she is tolerable, I suppose, but not handsome enough to tempt me” scene, however, this time, it is not Elizabeth who hears the comment, it is her fairy godmother. In this magical story, fairies are rare, and therefore most people do not believe they exist, but the Bennet family still has two of them, and their main function is to help the young ladies of the household to find suitable husbands (yes, this is a dreamy situation for Mrs. Bennet). When Elizabeth’s fairy godmother hears this insult, she is outraged and starts using her magical powers to get back at Mr. Darcy for his rudeness. This is very funny in the beginning, but as things progress, Elizabeth is forced to intervene, lest her fairy godmother goes to far in her revenge and as Elizabeth tries to protect Mr. Darcy, she sees a different side of him, and obviously, her feelings become much stronger than she would have liked.

I found this story lighthearted, funny, but also well thought of and romantic. The author found a very creative way to make both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy improve what they needed to improve to recognize the worth in each other and to be the perfect pair. The story is also very well written, and that was actually the only way the author could have make this story work for a reader such as me. To be honest, I never thought I would like this type of book, but the characters and the plot are very well built. I was able to understand where the story was going, what was the purpose of each character and what was the conducting line of the plot, so I ended up liking this novella very much.

I enjoyed the beginning of the book immensely because it was very funny, and as the story progressed, and the fairy tale deepened, I started thinking that the end could either make it or break it because everything could make perfect sense in the realm of a fairy tale, or it could be just a Pride and Prejudice story with fairy tale elements added in it without a logical of its own. I am pleased to say that everything made perfect sense in the end. I particularly liked the ending of this book when Elizabeth’s fairy godmother explains which was her plan the entire time. I had already guessed there was much more to it then we are made to think of initially, but the author was able to explain everything in a very satisfying manner.

Summing up, Transforming Mr. Darcy is a bright and clever fairy tale novella where the characters from Pride and Prejudice are forced to look at their flaws and work on their personalities to achieve happiness. It is a story where both Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth prove the strength of their love under dire situations, and where HEA is a much-deserved reward. I recommend it to readers who enjoy short, funny and entertaining stories where reality is not mandatory. I never expected to like it as much as I did, but Melanie Rachel certainly knows how to tell a story and engage readers in satisfying and intense stories 🙂 

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7 responses to “Transforming Mr. Darcy by Melanie Rachel

  1. Sophia Rose

    I have this one on the list to read and I’m more enthused to read it now after seeing what you thought.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you like it Sophia. I saw some reviews from readers who didn’t like it because of the fairy tale element, but I think that if you’re ready to accept that, you’ll enjoy it. It is well written and very entertaining :))


  2. J. W.

    What a delightful review. I already have this book and need to move it in the lineup of books I need to read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love that cover. Just look at his expression and her back is to the camera. Perfect. Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glynis

    What a coincidence Rita, I bought this book on Tuesday and haven’t read it yet so I was extra pleased to read your review. I’m like you and do enjoy Melanie’s writing so I look forward to reading this.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Thanks for your review. I think I’ll check it out.


  5. Charlotte

    Who doesn’t love a fairytale?… I certainly do. Whst a lovely review, I’ve added it to my list 🙂


  6. Michelle H

    I really liked this story. I didn’t know much about it when I started reading it. Sometimes I prefer not to read the reviews or the excerpts because I don’t want any spoilers. I just knew it was a new Melanie Rachel book and wanted to read her new book. I was aware of the Fairly Godmother thing and thought it would be a fun read. Well, it was fun but there were some pretty tense dark parts (as all good fairy tales have,) which made the story so much better as a P&P story OR a fairy tale. Good review, Rita.


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