Kiss Me Good Night, Major Darcy by Georgina Young-Ellis – Excerpt & Giveaway

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I am very happy to open the Blog Tour for Georgina Young-Ellis most recent novel, Kiss Me Good Night, Major Darcy. This book is a different era romance that takes the characters from Pride & Prejudice to a WWII setting. Some of the best books I’ve read took place in that era, so I am very excited about the release of this book. Plus, this cover is incredibly beautiful, isn’t it? The cover alone would sell the book to me! But that’s not the only thing that made me excited about this book, the excerpt Ms. Young-Ellis brought today is pretty enticing too! I hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to apply to the giveaway 🙂

I would like to thank not only Ms. Young-Ellis for visiting, but also Meryton Press and Janet Taylor for allowing me to spread the word about this story 🙂 Thank you all!

Thank you so much for hosting me, Rita. I’m really excited about this release and about sharing this excerpt with your readers. I hope it makes them smile!


They walked quietly for a while. Lizzy was desperately trying to think of something to say when Darcy spoke. “What do you hear from Jane? Is she still in London?”

“No, she’s in Hertfordshire with the family. The younger girls too.”

“And how is she?”

“It’s hard to say. When we parted ways, she was tired like everyone else, but her spirits seemed good. It’s been six months since Robert’s death. That isn’t a lot of time in the scheme of things, and time, of course, is the only true healer. I also think that our work in the hospital does her an immeasurable amount of good. To know she’s helping young men get back their health warms her heart. I know it does mine. Then there are those we cannot help. In an odd, almost macabre way, this impresses upon Jane that she’s not alone in her grief. So many have lost so much.”

He nodded thoughtfully. “Charles is on leave at the moment too. I believe he may have sent her a letter asking whether he could come down to Longbourn for a day to say hello.”

Elizabeth looked up at him. “Can I ask you something…Fitzwilliam?”

He smiled down at her. “Of course.”

“Do you think Charles may be sweet on Jane?”

He bit his lip. “I’m not sure I should say.”

“Then that answers my question.”

“Elizabeth”—he turned to her in earnest—“this is to stay between you and me. He does like her. He cares for her deeply. But out of respect for her loss, and for Robert, he would never presume to court her—not yet anyway. He’s in a bit of a state if you want to know the truth. He liked her from the moment he met her and has felt guilty about it ever since.”

“I had a feeling,” she said as her smile broke from behind clouds of worry for Jane’s happiness.

“Do you think he has a chance? Someday at least?” Darcy’s fervent plea took Elizabeth aback.

“I can’t say for sure, but I think so. I know my sister, and I can see she feels something for him. Maybe it’s just friendship right now, maybe it’s appreciation, but I think it could grow.”

“Do you, Elizabeth? Do you truly?”

Were they still talking about Jane and Charles? She decided to deflect his question. “And what about you and Anne de Bourgh?”

He stiffened. “What about us? She’s my cousin—my first cousin.”

“Your aunt and Mr. Collins don’t seem to think that’s an impediment to a union.”

“Well, I do. She’s a nice young lady, but I feel nothing for her other than what one should feel for a cousin.”

“So, you’ll marry elsewhere?”

He smiled. “That’s a very direct question.”

She could feel herself blush. She had not meant what perhaps he thought she meant. “I just mean, maybe there’s someone else on your mind. Charles’s sister is very beautiful.”

He laughed out loud. “Caroline? No. She’s not my type.”

“But she seems so—”

“Arrogant? Snobby? Elitist? Is that what you think of me?”

She looked at him; he was serious now. “No, I mean—”

“I see,” he said quietly.

Why did she always have to say whatever was on her mind?

“There is someone who has caught my eye,” he went on. “And she’s quite the opposite of Caroline Bingley.”

“Well good, then, I’m glad to hear it.” Her heart sank, and she felt foolish for it.

“Here we are,” he said. They rounded a bend, and there was the lake spread out before them.

“Oh, it’s beautiful!” The water was crystalline, reflecting the bright blue of the sky. She hurried to the edge and dipped a finger in. “It’s not too cold!”

“No, our weather is still warm enough to keep the water temperate. In another couple of weeks, though, it will begin to cool off.”

“I wish I’d brought a bathing suit in my bag. I’d come back and swim.”

“Do you like to swim?”

“Very much but haven’t had the chance for a long time.” She slipped off her espadrilles and waded up to her ankles. “Oh, it’s lovely.” She could not resist going farther. She lifted her dress just a bit and went in up to her knees. “You should try it, Fitzwilliam.”

“I’m fine,” he said with a laugh.

She did not want to be indecent, but maybe just a bit further…

“Be careful, Elizabeth, there’s a drop-off—”

It was too late. The bottom vanished. She lost her footing and was completely submerged. Elizabeth touched the mud with her toes and bobbed back up, sputtering. “Oh, my goodness!”

On shore, Darcy was already pulling off his shirt and undershirt. Then he began to unbuckle his belt.

“No! NO!” she shouted, stunned to see his muscular chest, arms, and stomach. “I’m fine. No need to come in and rescue me.”

He stopped short of pulling off his trousers. “Are you sure you do not need rescuing? As you can see, I am prepared to do my utmost.”

She would not succumb to his gibe. “Yes. See? I can just touch the bottom. I’m getting out. It won’t do to paddle about in my dress.”

“Let me help you.” He kicked off his shoes and waded in, getting the bottom of his trousers wet. He reached out to her.

She took his hand and clambered up the steep, underwater slope. As she emerged from the water, Elizabeth felt her dress hugging her body’s curves and realized her walk back to the parsonage would leave her quite compromised.

“Here,” Darcy said, handing her his shirt. “I’ll turn around. You take off your frock and pull this on over your…underthings. I’ll keep my undershirt.”

It seemed a reasonable solution. He turned his back, and she wriggled out of her outfit. She put his shirt on over her wet slip, and although the shirt dampened immediately, it was at least better than the ultra-clingy dress.

And so, he in his undershirt and trousers, and she in his shirt, walked back to the parsonage, saying little on the way. If nothing else made her feel shy in his presence, this situation accomplished that.

As they neared the house, Mr. Collins peered over the garden wall where he was trimming his roses. “What on earth? What has happened?”

“Just a misstep at the lake,” replied Darcy. “Nothing serious.”

“But Elizabeth! You’re indecent!”

“Oh, stuff and nonsense,” she replied, hoping her blush did not reveal the fact that she did feel rather exposed. “I’ll just dash inside and get changed.”

“Have a good evening, Elizabeth,” Mr. Darcy said.

“You too, Fitzwilliam. Thank you for a delightful walk.”

“I’m sorry it turned into a swim,” he said with a smile.

“That was my fault entirely.”

“I hope you don’t catch cold.”

“I’m much heartier than that, Major Darcy.”

His eyes reflected tenderness as he gazed at her. “If you say so.”

“What are the two of you going on about?” Mr. Collins reprimanded. “Elizabeth, you will catch your death of cold if you don’t get in the house. And what would Lady Catherine think if she happened to drive by? I shudder to think of it.”

The couple ignored him.

“What about your shirt?” she said to Darcy. She began to take it off.

“No!” he cried throwing his hands out in appeal.

Collins puffed up. “I’ll have Charlotte wash and press it, and I will bring it to Rosings tonight so you can have it back right away, Major Darcy.”

“I wouldn’t hear of it,” Darcy said, never looking at the man. “I have plenty of shirts. I’ll get it from you the next time I see you, Elizabeth—my jacket too, which I believe I left inside. I hope it will be soon—not because I need them but because I’m only here for a few days. It would be nice to enjoy your company again.” He made a gesture that included the Collins household.

“Why certainly,” Mr. Collins unctuously said, “if Lady Catherine deems us worthy of a second visit while you’re here. We would have you come here to dine, but with the noise of the children and our humble table, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be up to her standards.”

“I’ll speak to my aunt,” Darcy said to Elizabeth. “We’d love to have you in to dine.”

“Oh, what an honor. I must tell Charlotte. Charlotte!” Mr. Collins rushed into the house.

“Until then.” Darcy smiled, turned, and walked away.

Lizzy watched him go for a moment, appreciating what she saw.

NEW book blurb

The wind ruffled Darcy’s hair. “You’re beautiful.”

Happiness surged through Elizabeth’s body like electricity. This moment was as close to perfection as she had ever known.

1943. World War II has torn the continent since 1939 and tested families, the Bennets included. Elizabeth and Jane nurse wounded soldiers and civilians in a London hospital. The other sisters volunteer as best suits their inclinations. Mr. Bennet rattles about Longbourn. Wickham sniffs about the edges of the estate—and the Bennet daughters.

Even the ever-present threat of death from the skies cannot prepare Jane and Lizzy for the most devastating news. The words one never wishes to hear are delivered by two officers, each scarred by years on the front lines. In the dark days that follow, devotion is tested, and affection blooms.

Kiss Me Good Night, Major Darcy drops Jane Austen’s timeless characters into the midst of the most horrific conflict in human history. Their trail twists and encounters those who would turn sacrifice to their profit. Follow the women of Longbourn as they navigate the rocks and shoals of wartime Great Britain to endure misunderstandings and discover lasting love.

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You can find Kiss Me Good Night, Major Darcy at:

NEW author bio

Georgina lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Jon, who is an artist and professor of Media Arts. In 2015, they moved from New York City, where they lived for eighteen years, to Portland Oregon. Their son, a professional musician and sound engineer, still lives in Brooklyn. Georgina is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and was a stage actress for many years. Born and raised in the Southwest, she went to school in New York, graduating from New York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. She’s also a language professor and, of course, a writer, recently graduating from Portland State University with a master’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature. In 2022 she was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to identify and connect with emerging female writers in Mexico and support them to free their literary voices. 



Contact Info




Blog, Nerd Girls, Romantics, and Time Travelers 




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Meryton Press is giving away six eBooks of Kiss Me Good Night, Major Darcy by Georgina Young-Ellis. To apply to it, all you have to do is click on this link.

Good luck everyone!

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35 responses to “Kiss Me Good Night, Major Darcy by Georgina Young-Ellis – Excerpt & Giveaway

  1. Thankfully Collins married Charlotte

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  2. Glynis

    Great excerpt! Well apart from Mr Collins’ interference! Darcy should definitely tell Elizabeth that she’s the one he admires. I have added this to my list as, alas, I never ever attempt to enter Rafflecopter giveaways any more after far too many problems!
    Good luck with this book, I love the setting.

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  3. Colleen

    Another unique P&P variation! The creativity that is out there is amazing.

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  4. Best wishes for a fabulous blog tour, Georgina! I hope you have fun! Thanks for the charming excerpt! 🙂

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  5. Jan Hahn

    Now, that’s the kind of walk Darcy and Lizzy should take! Loved the excerpt.

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  6. Robin G.

    Thank you for sharing an excerpt with us, along with the giveaway. Best wishes and congrats on the new book!


  7. suzanlauder

    Whew! That was an interesting excerpt, and Elizabeth seeing Darcy’s muscles must have been quite the thing for her! Have fun on the rest of the blog tour, Georgina, and obrigada to Rita for hosting!

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  8. Love this setting. Congrats on the release!


  9. I’m not normally a fan of nonRegency variations, but this one is too tempting to skip. I do like your writing and know it will be very well written, always a plus.


  10. TC

    I like the WWII setting and hope to read this soon.


  11. buturot

    Thank you for this excerpt. Love the blending of the old P & P with WWII time.


  12. Janet Taylor

    Loved the excerpt, Georgina! I agree with your comment above about it being nice to think about Darcy’s muscles! Yes, it surely is! Rita, thank you for hosting! It is always a privilege stopping by your blog.

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  13. taswmom

    Thank you for another lovely excerpt and another chance to win. I’m excited to read this setting.


  14. Michelle H

    Oh, I can’t wait. Want to read veerrrryyy soon. I loved the excerpt and I think the vintage cover is so very cool!! I’m kind of late to appreciating non-Regency JAFF settings, but WWII is a favorite setting of fiction for me. I know I’ll love this. Best of luck with this new book launch, Georgina. Thank you for the generous giveaway and of course, thank you Rita for hosting a stop on this blog tour.

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  15. Mihaela

    A shirt and a lake… I hope you’ll forgive me if my mnd went in another direction altogether – blame my recent visit to Chawton where a “certain” shirt is being exposed! 🙂
    This aside, I just love the setting – and the story does sound like a very interesting one!! I have just sent it to my kindle! I hope you had a great release day!

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  16. Wonderful, Mihaela, thank you!


  17. Ginna

    The time period in which you have set your story will make for interesting reading. I look forward to it.


  18. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Looking forward to reading. It sounds like a great tale.


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