Nowhere But North

Nowhere But North is a character driven book that uses flashbacks to enlighten the reader about the life events that shaped the characters personalities. It starts with what appears to be a forced marriage scenario, which is not only shocking but also innovative in the north and south variations genre, and it develops into a heart whelming love story of two newlyweds who are still learning about what married life is all about. The main story will alternate with chronological flashbacks that will transport the reader into the past to witness several marking events that contributed to the characters development, and allow him to better understand each character.

It is not easy to go back in time and remain truthful to characters who were created by another author, let alone show us how their personalities developed, and the fact that every single flashback was pure perfection in the North and South realm shows a deep character knowledge, and a writing skill that very few have. In fact, I believe only a couple of authors would be able to write such a perfect North and South Variation, which is in my opinion as good as Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South in terms of character development. Had I not known these flashbacks were written by Nicole Clarkston, I could have easily believed that Gaskell had written them herself considering they are perfectly in line with the characters she created.

I have always been fascinated by John Thornton’s life and this book was the first to give me the pleasure of reading about it. I had always been curious about his father and his childhood, about his journey from a teenager into adulthood, I always wanted to know how he made it, how he became a Mill Master after everything that happened to him, and thanks to this book I was finally transported into the past and made the wonderful journey of his life alongside with him. I witnessed him in his worst moments, I felt his struggles and insecurities and now I feel I understand this man even better and respect him all the more because of it. His life story is so interesting that it deserves a place in a North and South variation book and Nicole Clarkston did a wonderful job at making that happen.

Apart from the profound character knowledge Nicole Clarkston demonstrated with this book, venturing into flashbacks alternated with real time events showed a tremendous writing talent. Nicole Clarkston certainly knows how to write a beautiful story with interesting and complex characters while maintaining it clean, and captivating the reader at the same time. The transitions into and from the flashbacks are absolutely perfect, with the scene of a chapter being somehow connected to the scene in the next chapter, even it that scene is happening several years later. It takes true talent and courage to craft such a complex story the way Nicole Clarkston did and she deserves to be praised for such a magnificent work.

I loved the initial scenes between Margaret and John, when they were still afraid to let their emotions be known, but also decide to be honest with one another. I am clearly an angsty type of person and books with angst are usually my favourite, but it was nice to see that in this book no unnecessary angst was present. The characters already had too much to overcome in their life so it was nice to see that, at least amongst them, there were no unnecessary misunderstandings. Nicole Clarkston knew how to perfectly balance the emotions in this book, making sure they were realistic, but taking care not to make the story too dark, the result was an incredible book that made my heart ache at times and tears come to my eyes, but which also made me smile with the tenderness that was emanating from the pages. Margaret and John’s love was pure and stout and it was a joy to see how their companionship grew with each page that I turned and how passionate they both were about one another.

It is hard to say what I enjoyed the most about this book because I loved it all, the character insight and development, the writing style, the flashbacks, John Thornton, their relationship, the romance, the secondary characters and how it all came into place, John Thornton (I know I already mentioned him, but the character is so swoon worthing that I have to mention him twice), the balance, etc.

I am completely rendered to this story and I honestly consider this is the best North and South variation book I’ve ever read. I loved both No Such Thing as Luck and Northern Rain from this author, but I believe that with Nowhere But North Nicole Clarkston took the stakes into a completely different level. This book is a masterpiece that should not be missed by anyone who enjoys good literature and I highly recommend it to all readers.

P.S – I have to talk about the cover!!! Isn’t it beautiful? To me it looks absolutely perfect! It reflects exactly the story and environment we will find in the book. We can feel the tenderness between the characters in it and the entire setting transported me to the books scenes. The detail of the compass inside the O, and which we will see separating the chapters inside the book, is the cherry on top of the cake! It is my favourite cover from Janet Taylor so far, and I’ve loved them all 🙂


You can find Nowhere But North at:



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Obstacles – Cover Reveal

Good Morning everyone,

I hope you’ve enjoyed this beautiful week and that you are as ready as I am for the weekend! I had to travel to Germany on business this week so I decided to stay a little longer and do some sightseeing in Berlin which I hadn’t visited in over a decade. This time I’m visiting the city alone and even if it is strange for me to be all by myself for a couple of days, I’m finding it quite nice because not only I get to go exactly where I want to when I want to, but also because it gives me plenty of me time which I’m using to catch up with my TBR pile 🙂 The problem is that new books keep coming out and I am often taken off track. The latest book that took me away from my TBR pile was Obstacles by Belén Paccagnella. She is a new Meryton Press author who decided to take our dear characters into a completely different environment, and I have been feeling the need for something different lately, so this caught my attention.

But let me share the book blurb with you so you may know of what I’m talking about.

Not all obstacles are restricted to the show-jumping arena…

Though Elizabeth Bennet lives an uneventful life instructing young equestrians at Longbourn, the family farm, she dreams of winning a show-jumping competition on Liddy, her spirited mare. But her life is upended when a team of world-renowned riders arrives at Netherfield, the neighbouring estate, and uses it as their training headquarters. As she assists the newcomers and their prize-winning mounts, she meets William Darcy, a wealthy and arrogant—albeit talented—rider with Olympic aspirations. He first insults and then ignores Elizabeth, and her feelings teeter between disgust at his hauteur and admiration for his equestrian prowess. As she discovers first-hand the rigors of a world for the elite, will Elizabeth change her perspective about love, trust, and the foibles of her own family?

Originally known as “Obstacles to Overcome,” Obstacles pays homage to Pride and Prejudice in the highly competitive world of equestrian show jumping.

Different right? I had never heard of a premise like this and I can easily see it becoming a movie, but do you know what else caught my attention? The cover! You know how I love covers, and I really liked some details on the cover of Obstacles like the scrapbook and the scissor. These small details can make a huge difference:) Also the back cover is equally appealing, I can clearly picture Elizabeth Bennet in that environment, I know that in regency she is not that fond of horses, but if you think of a modern Elizabeth, this is just how I imagine her 🙂

Fun fact: the horses on the back cover where running in the fields surrounding Netherfield from the 1995 adaption when Janet visited the place in 2012. She took the picture herself and decided to use it here because it was fitting to the story 😉

But I’ll let you take your own conclusions and move along to the BIG COVER REVEAL🙂


So what do you think of it? Have you heard from this book before? What about the author? Do you want to find out more about her? You can read all about Belén I’m the author bio below 🙂

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Belén Paccagnella discovered the world of Jane Austen fan fiction after watching the 1995 BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice. In her teens, she lived in Brazil when her family moved to the city of Curitiba due to her father’s work. She moved back to Buenos Aires a few years later, where she studied agronomy but finally pursued a different career and started working in the development administration of shopping centres.

In 2001, she started writing both Regency and modern stories adapted from the Pride and Prejudice storyline, merging drama, humour, and adventure while creating characters with unique traits.

Belén still lives in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, where she shares her home with her daughter and her pets while spending her time working, reading, and writing.

It’s already on Amazon!

If the blurb and cover got you curious, please don’t forget to follow the blog tour in the usual blogs starting on September 17th!

Also, if you want this book to be uploaded to your kindle as soon as it is out, you’ll be happy to know that the book is available for pre-order from today until the 3rd of September!

If you look for it at amazon it is already there! You can follow this link to go straight to it 🙂

The book will be released on September 4th, and I’m looking forward to read your reviews of it 🙂

As I mentioned earlier I am currently traveling in Germany on business and yesterday when I was about to pay for a postcard I was buying, I saw this amazing tote bag!!!

Of course I couldn’t resist and bought every single one the store had, unfortunately they only had 3, so I’m keeping one to myself, I’m offering another one to a dear friend and I thought that one of my readers may like this bag too, so I’ll be offering it to a randomly chosen reader.

You know the drill, just comment on this post and let me know you’d like the tote bag. The giveaway is international and is open until the 8th of September.

Good luck everyone!


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And the winner is…

Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I posted the review of An Arrange Marriage by Jan Hahn, who is definitely one of my favourite authors, and because I had an extra paperback of her book The Journey, I decided to offer it to one lucky winner. Today I’m pleased to announce that the winner is:


*** Carla Santos***


Congratulations Carla! I hope you enjoy this book 🙂 Can you please send me your address to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so that I can send the book to you?

Happy Reading!!



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A Weekend With Mr. Darcy

A Weekend with Mr. Darcy is the first book of the Austen Addicts series first published in 201o but that I have only discovered last year. Sometimes I wonder how I have missed some books and this is clearly one of them.

It is a modern Austen inspired romance that will bring together several Janeites at a Jane Austen Conference in the English countryside, and it describes my perfect holidays (if we consider time travel is not yet possible).

Can you imagine a country manor full of Janeites attending the most diverse events dedicated to Jane Austen? Wouldn’t that be a dream? I absolutely loved the entire scenario this author created; the conference with all the events, the estate descriptions, the conversation the characters had, their discussions, etc. I felt I was in that manor with my fellow Janeites having the conversations we frequently have online, and part of me wished I could one day participate in an event such as the one Victoria Connelly created.

At this conference we are introduced to two main female characters, Katherine Roberts, a professor at Oxford University with whom I connected immediately and  Robyn Love a hopeless romantic trying to figure out who the perfect companion should be, her high school boyfriend Jace or Dan a dashing young man she meets at the conference.

In a Weekend with Mr. Darcy we are transported into a Jane Austen conference where not only we will relate to many of the discussions taking place but also accompany the romances of these two main characters.

I mentioned earlier that I related immediately with Katherine and she became a favourite of mine along with Warwick, her love interest. I liked their love story and their interactions even if I was a little a disappointed at him for taking so long to make the right thing. But I cannot say the same regarding Robyn. To be honest, this character bored me and I couldn’t like her. I didn’t dislike the character, I just could not like her. I think that one of the purposes of having two main characters in this story was precisely to be able to reach a broad audience and to capture the attention of everyone, and that worked out for me because even if I didn’t love Robyn I was always eager to read more about Katherine. While I didn’t love Robyn, I’m sure many readers will prefer her character to Katherine’s and will be more interested in her love story with Dan. This is particularly interesting, and it reminds me a little of the differences between Elizabeth and Jane. I prefer Katherine’s stronger character, but I’m sure other readers will related more to Robyn’s insecurities and dilemmas.

I really enjoyed this book and considered it a fun, light romance that will appeal to all Janeites.

My only quibble with A Weekend With Mr. Darcy is the fact that the author repeats the expression “she said” constantly throughout the book which distracted me from the story, and it is one of the reasons why I couldn’t give it 5 stars. Nonetheless I recommend this book to every Janeite, I’m sure you will all relate with it 🙂

You can find A Weekend with Mr. Darcy at:


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An Arranged Marriage Review & Giveaway

As the name indicates An Arranged Marriage starts with Elizabeth agreeing to marry Mr. Darcy as part of what she believes to be an arrangement. Shortly after her refusal of Mr. Darcy at Hunsford, her father dies, and Mr. Darcy comes to the rescue by offering his hand in marriage to Elizabeth once more. She accepts his hand to save her family, but is led to believe their marriage will be something very different…

An Arranged Marriage is told from Elizabeth’s point of view with a first-person narration and the scenes are so good that I wish I could also read this story from Darcy’s perspective. This is something I feel quite frequently when the scenes are very intense or interesting and Jan Hahn is a master in creating that type of scenes! The moments between Darcy and Elizabeth are so tantalizing that I would love to know what he was thinking and feeling at each moment.

In the beginning I considered Elizabeth too childish and spoiled but that impression soon went away as she started to fall in love with Mr. Darcy and resemble the Elizabeth we all know. Her character becomes very true to Austen’s creation but Jan Hahn added something else, a little jealousy 🙂 This additional feature made me love this book even more because it brought more intensity of feeling to it.

The romance is exquisite and written with such eloquence that it becomes irresistible. It is slow, intense, believable, and whimsical at the same time and Jan Hahn proves once more to be an expert in this genre, writing everything one would like to see developed in a forced marriage scenario.

After the angsty beginning, which is by itself another ingredient to make me love a book, Jan Hahn took the time to show us how blissfull Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s marriage was. We could read how everything ended up for all characters and we had the time to savour those delicious moments. This is very typical of Jan Hahn and once more she did not disappoint, she creates an angsty story and then gives us a little mush to balance everything and please all types of readers.

Apart from Darcy and Elizabeth’s characters which I loved, the relationship between Georgiana and the Colonel was also endearing and I wanted to keep reading about it every time a new scene between them arose.

I highly recommend this book to all readers! As always, Ms Hahn presents us with a quality book full of romance and intensity between Darcy and Elizabeth, a book we don’t want to let go until we finish it, and that makes us dream about it once we’ve reached the end.


You can find An Arranged Marriage at:



I would love to offer you a copy of this book, but unfortunately I don’t have an extra one, I do however have an extra paperback of The Journey, one of my favourite books from Jan Hahn, and also one of my all time favourites. I was very lucky to receive a signed copy of it and because I already had a paperback, I am now in a position to offer it to another reader.  I must say it has been read so it is mildly used. If you would like to win it anyway, please comment on this post and I will enter you in the giveaway. The giveaway is open until the 16th of August.

Good Luck everyone!


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What’s Past is Prologue Review & Giveaway

Having read so many wonderful reviews of Side By Side Apart I was very expectant about Ann Galvia’s second book, What’s Past is Prologue. In this sequel Galvia approaches Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship in a very realistic manner by bringing into the narrative topics that are not always present in this type of literature, but which could also be a little controversial, and not to everyone’s tastes, due to the detail with which they are explored.

It wasn’t easy for me to get into the story in the initial chapters, and I believe it will be beneficial for readers to either read the blurb or reviews explaining the premise before starting to read this book. In What’s Past is Prologue it is Jane who goes on the trip to Derbyshire where she meets Darcy and reunites with Bingley. While there, she receives a letter from Elizabeth telling her about Lydia’s elopement and Darcy still saves her, but when Mr. Bennet discovers his involvement he goes to London to ask for explanations, and Darcy confesses he has intervened only because of Elizabeth. Due to this confession, he feels obliged to propose and Elizabeth feels obliged to accept. Of course she knows Darcy loves her still, but she accepts mainly because of gratitude and is not yet in love with him. We don’t see any of these events taking place because the book starts right after their marriage when they travel to Kent to help Lady Catherine with estate matters, so it’s important to know this before reading the book in order to get some context when the narrative begins.

The story starts at Rosings where the couple is accompanied by Kitty and Georgiana. Elizabeth is still adapting to her married life, struggling with her own insecurities, feelings and society’s expectations as well as Lady Catherine’s disrespect and Anne de Bourgh’s cold manner. Surprisingly we don’t see Darcy come to the rescue of his wife as I would have expect and he has little intervention in the treatment his wife is receiving from his family.

The story is told from Elizabeth’s point of view and her misapprehensions and insecurities made the narrative dispassionate, cold and dry in my opinion. There is a lot of focus in physical aspects, though not in a sexual way, and not much in the love that Darcy may feel for her. He is seen as an insatiable man and this could have been interesting if we could see it as a demonstration of love, instead we see Elizabeth looking at this as an obligation to provide an heir to Pemberley. We know that Darcy loves her, and she even welcomes his caresses, but it is always too mechanical for my taste.

Readers who like a lot of Darcy and Elizabeth time will be happy to know that there are a lot of scenes between them and several long dialogues. This is something I always like to see on a book, but I confess that their dialogues felt too cold and distant, and I only started to feel a true connection between them towards the end of the book.

I enjoyed the characterisation of Sir Lewis the Bourgh and his opinions on the education of women, this along with the literary mentions were a good addition to the narrative and kept my interest every time it was brough up.  Lord Wortley’s second son, Thomas Fitzwilliam, was also an addition I enjoyed in this book. It is hard to read him at first, but I ended up liking the character and would even like to see more of him in this story.

My main quibble with this book was the lack of passion and story developments in the sense that I kept expecting something to happen, but never did. I thought that some character behaviours would lead to some interesting revelations or for something to be uncovered, but that never happened. This book was not intended to be an action driven book, I believe Galvia’s main interest was to have a character driven novel, but I didn’t feel any connection to either Elizabeth or Darcy and for that reason some action would have helped me to keep invested in the book.

I believe What’s Past is Prologue is a book that may appeal to readers interested in feminist stories not only because of Sir Lewis de Bourgh’s views of women’s education and role in society, but also because of the trust that Darcy places in Elizabeth. Their dialogues show that Darcy sees Elizabeth as an equal with whom he can discuss serious matters regarding the estate and daily issues that may arise. This was what captivated me the most about this book and I believe readers with feminist sensibilities will appreciate it too.


You can find What’s Past is Prologue Review at:



Ann started writing sometime before she knew how letters functioned. Her first books were drawings of circus poodles heavily annotated with scribbles meant to tell a story. Upon learning how letters were combined to represent words, she started doing that instead. This has proven to be much more successful.
Sometime after that, she decided she wanted to study Anthropology and sometime after that, she decided she liked cats more than dogs. And sometime after that, she decided to become an educator and teach a new generation of kids how to combine letters to represent words, and use those words express ideas.
And sometime after that, she realized all she really wanted to do was write, which probably should have been evident from the beginning.

Connect with Ann at the following places: Twitter | Facebook | Blog



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Good Luck everyone!


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And the winners are…

Good Afternoon everyone,

Today is the 3rd anniversary of From Pemberley to Milton and I had planned to publish a huge post accompanied by a major renovation of my blog with a new organization and new menus, but as usual my real life got in the way and I didn’t have time to prepare everything. Apart from all the work hours, last month I spent lots of time out of the house. Rui and I went for a romantic getaway to celebrate our wedding anniversary, the following week we decided to go to the theatre, and my best friend came to stay a few days with us which meant dragging me to the gym, taking me to a concert and of course, lots of dinners and talks at home, so my “blog time” was affected and today, instead of a new From Pemberley to Milton I am only bringing you the names of the giveaway winners of Modern Love.

I will still renovate the blog and throw an anniversary party, but it will have to be postponed until the end of the month. Until then, maybe you can let me know what you would change in this blog, what you would keep and why you visit it the most. Maybe you can help me make the renovation even better!

But going back to today’s post, I listened to the audiobook of Beau North’s modern novella and loved it so I published a review a couple of weeks ago and she decided to take the opportunity to offer this book to some of my readers. She was very generous offering 10 e-book copies, and I would like to thank her for that, I’m sure the winners will appreciate this gesture 🙂

The lucky winners are:

*** BeckyC ***

*** Darcybennett ***

*** Raquel ***

*** Regina ***

*** Evamedmonds ***

*** JanisB ***

*** Carla Santos ***

*** integr67 ***

*** Rellaenthia ***

*** Tamara ***


Congratulations everyone! I hope you enjoy your prizes 🙂 Can you please send me your address to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so that I can send the books to you? Can you please contact me until the 11th of August? unfortunately if I don’t hear anything from you, I’ll have to draw other winners.

Happy Reading!!


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Master of Her Heart

What if a 21st century student from Oxford was transported to the 19th century industrial city of Milton to study the society of that time as a preparation for her thesis?

And what if she encountered and fell in love with John Thornton while she was there?

Would there be hope for such a love? Would it ever work?

I found the premise of this book very interesting, after all who wouldn’t want to go back in time and meet our romantic hero? Even better, who wouldn’t want to become his love interest?

The initial chapters of this book were very refreshing because having the presence of a 21st century character allowed the author to use a lighter language that was pleasing and agreeable to read, but as the story progressed it became too distracting to me because it started to be incongruent with the setting of the story. The main character, who is an historian, continuously says words such as “nope” which obviously raises the attention of the people form the 19th century and I would like to think that an historian going back in time would pay more attention to these kind of words that clearly did not exist back then, especially as she is specializing in this time period.

Also, she seems to forget the rules of propriety of Victorian England by asking Mr. Thornton to kiss her without any arrangement between them, and he seems a little out of character by not only kissing her, but not raising too many issues with the fact that she had kissed other people in the past.

I really liked the premise of the book and the the last chapters were also very innovative and refreshing to read in a N&S variation. The author did a great job in the development and adaptation of John Thornton’s character in the last chapters, I won’t say how or why because that would be a big spoiler, but that was very well achieved and if readers can forget about the rules of propriety of Victorian England they may enjoy this book very much.

Unfortunately I could not, and I was really upset by the behaviour of the female character especially as she was an historian, so this was only an ok read for me that clearly took an innovative approach.


You can find Master of her heart at:



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Son of a Preacher Man

Son of a Preacher Man is a beautiful romance with an introspective tone that along with its characters take us into a journey of self discovery and acceptance from their teenage years into adulthood.

It was one of my favourite books this year and I have to start this review by saying I highly recommend it to readers who are looking for a character driven novel with an unforgettable love story.

I don’t usually like modernizations but I have recently started reading different era romances and I’m glad I did because I would have been missing incredible books such as this one.

The story starts in the end of 1950’s in a small town called Orchard Hill where we are introduced to Billy Ray, a young man like no other with a great sense of duty, righteousness, respect and kindness, but a little naive with the ways of the world. He is the son of the preacher and that is evident in his upbringing and personality, making him the perfect catch if you ask me. The story is entirely told from his point of view so we get to know him a little better than Lizzie, the girl who is struggling to cope with the treatment she receives from the townspeople due to her reputation. Her character is hard to define, particularly because Karen Cox did an excellent job with the character developments in this novel. Both Billy Ray and Lizzie’s personality evolve throughout the story as would be expected of young people who are still learning who they are and who they want to be, and that is part of the charm with Son of a Preacher, it takes us into this beautiful path of self discovery and the characters we knew in the beginning of the book are not the ones we will find in the end, in essential they are still the same, but they have matured into sensible loving people.

As you can see the character development was one of my favourite aspects in this book, but the love story doesn’t stay behind in my preference. I loved the fact that it also evolves, it also goes from something sweet into a solid love that will not abate. As the characters grow and change so does their love for one another, and what could have been just a sweet memory from the past, becomes a life changing romance which needs to fight very different battles from what we are used to. Another aspect of the book I loved were the antagonists to this love story, there were a few characters that made it harder, but the true antagonists were the couple’s fears, insecurities and misconceptions. It was so endearing to see how they were both able to be understanding and protective of each other at different times of their lives. These characters were truly hard to resist 🙂

The secondary characters were also well-developed and interesting to read about and it’s even hard to say which one I loved the most because they were all  essential to make this story so good, they were all developed in a way that made them perfectly integrated in the storyline. I loved the Quinlan family and all their members, Lilly reminded me a little of Lydia but in a charming way and Mrs Quinlan remains a mystery to me, but it was their family’s circumstances, their life, and how they responded to their difficulties that made me love them so much.

We can’t call this story a P&P variation, but there are many similarities in the characters we find throughout the story and readers will be happy to see Mrs Gardiner and Richard’s interference in it or even smile at the similarity with which the male character saves the female character’s younger sister.

Son of a Preacher Man is like no other book I have ever read, the character development was impressive and had a magnetic pull to it, the romance was believable, true, inspiring, life changing and passionate, the writing was addictive and the message of hope, forgiveness and love that is transmitted throughout the novel made it one of the best books I’ve read this year. It will most definitely be on my favourite list from 2018 and I am sure I will not forget this story in the next few years 🙂

“I don’t want to erase it, because our pasts led us to the here and now. What we have to learn is how to accept the past for what it was and change our separate paths to one we can walk together”

You can find Son of a Preacher Man at :


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Modern Love Review & Giveaway

Modern Love is more than a romance between two complex characters, it is a novel that explores human insecurities and inner struggles of real people with what some may consider unconventional backgrounds and lifestyles, but is in fact a true portrayal of our society and the people in it.

While listening to the audiobook narrated by the talented Becca Martin I kept having a feeling of familiarity, as if I was speaking with my best friend. The writing style is fluid and modern and it was like a breath of fresh air. I am already used to Beau North’s compelling writing style but this story surprised me by being both profound and light at the same time. The author approached sensitive topics that could bring a darker side to the book, but she kept the story light, fresh and natural, a tone that Becca Martin captured perfectly in her narration, doing justice to the quality of Beau North’s writing.

The chapters in the book alternate between both characters’ perspectives and that kept the narrative appealing but also allowed us to better understand Alice and Will whom I really loved.

Alice is a modern girl recovering from a bad breakup and some addiction issues, she’s brave, strong, intelligent and even though I liked her and what she represents, my favourite character was Will, her love interest. Will is the epitome of perfection to me, intelligent, sexy, mysterious, caring and rich. Alice may bring more depth into the story, but Will captured my heart, and I think their love story will capture yours 🙂

I highly recommend Modern Love to mature audiences who are interested in a fresh and unique approach to love and life. In it you will find a real love story without embellishments that will take you into an adventurous roller coaster of emotions.


You can find Modern Love at:

and an



Beau North is giving away 10 e-book copies of Modern Love, so if you haven’t read this beautiful story yet, now you have a chance to read it for free. To enter this giveaway please comment on this post until the 31st of July and let us know why you would like to read Modern Love.

The giveaway is international and winners will be chosen randomly and announced here at From Pemberley to Milton in the beginning of August.

Good luck everybody!


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