Reviews by Genre

The Jane Austen Fan Fiction literary genre is very diversified and there are books for all tastes. Lately this diversification has been growing with several new books being released within the realm of fantasy, religion, paranormal etc, so I thought you’d like to have an easy way to peruse my reviews concerning your favourite genre. For that, I’ve created several sub pages where you’ll find the reviews aggregate per genre. Because my favourite genre is Variations set in regency, that’s where you’ll find most of my reviews, but I’ve also created the following pages:


Prequels & Sequels

Different Eras & Time Travel

Secondary Characters

Austen Inspired & Other Austen Novels

Mash Ups

Because the number of books I read and review are reduced in some genres, I’ve congregated some of them in the same page as, for example, prequels and sequels, but on those pages you’ll have more information about the book genre.

I’ve also added books that have a different POV or that have paranormal elements under the Variations genre, because in fact they are a variation of the original story, even if they have Vampires or werewolves in it. But I will also make a note concerning those books so that it is easy for you to identify them.