Then Comes Winter signed paperback giveaway


Last December From Pemberley to Milton was lucky to participate in “Then Comes Winter” blog tour with a review of the anthology, but the book had started an incredible journey way before that.

This past November, “Then Comes Winter,” a collection of winter themed short stories, embarked on a trip to visit the hometowns of the talented authors who contributed to its making. Along the way through three countries, the traveling copy of Then Comes Winter has been collecting autographs and souvenirs and visiting special places in each region.

The book’s final stop is yet undetermined. Its wanderlust will end once a winner is chosen on February 14, 2016 through this rafflecopter drawing which will determine the lucky winner whose bookshelf will house the only paperback of the anthology signed by all the authors and the editor. Be a part of this unique journey and enter to be that final destination.

Are you the one lucky reader to win the “Then Comes Winter” paperback that is traveling the world to be signed by all twelve authors? Enter today to be the final stop on it’s road trip. In the meantime, enjoy some of the photos from the roadtrip thus far. And follow along on it’s final stops through the US.

Posts under progress2

Can you guess where the pictures were taken? Care to try?

This giveaway is open worldwide. Click on the below link to participate and be entitled to win a unique copy of Then Comes Winter 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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5 responses to “Then Comes Winter signed paperback giveaway

  1. Christina Boyd

    I wish I was on this road trip! Lucky book has already visited:
    Washington state, USA
    British Columbia Canada
    Alberta Canada
    Ontario Canada
    Michigan USA
    Maryland USA
    Bucharest Romania
    Enroute to:
    South Carolina USA
    California USA (3 stops)
    Oregon USA (2 stops)
    Final stop: lucky winner!

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  2. Sophia Rose

    Hey, Rita! Thanks for posting TCW’s travelogue and about the giveaway. It’s been fun being part of the journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is so special. What a wonderful gift it will be.

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