The Barrister’s Bride by Suzan Lauder – Excerpt & Giveaway

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I am very happy to welcome Suzan Lauder at From Pemberley to Milton today to close the blog tour of The Barrister’s Bride. Suzan decided to bring with her an exciting excerpt that depicts a scene I haven’t read in a long time and that made me want to read the book immediately! I’m kind of cursing my TBR right now because this story has apparently everything I enjoy, especially a rival to Mr. Darcy who appears to be none other than his older brother! But I will let you read it for yourself so you may understand my excitement about this excerpt

I would like to thank not only Suzan for visiting, but also Meryton Press and Janet Taylor for allowing me to spread the word about this story 🙂 Thank you all!

As the final stop on the blog tour for The Barrister’s Bride, I have a short, exclusive excerpt for the readers of “From Pemberley to Milton,” a favourite blog of mine since Rita is an excellent host. In this scene, Darcy is ruminating while he waits to speak to Elizabeth late on the night before they are to be wed. 


With nerves on edge, Darcy tapped his fingers on the top of the grand pianoforte expecting a quiet thrumming. He startled when a far more majestic sound than anticipated echoed through the room, prompting him to flinch and stop without delay. The hour was far too late for the disruptive noise, which would penetrate into the bedchambers on this floor and those above it. To wear off his nervous energy, he spun and paced a small area between the instrument and the window a few times, swinging his arms in tandem. Perhaps this bit of exercise would settle the frenetic beating of his heart, which was certain to be causing a loudness in the corridors itself.

That organ had burst to life sometime in the past week and had insisted upon his notice this morning when Elizabeth took his hand and asked to take on the role of mistress by visiting tenants, proving she was invested in their marriage. Or perhaps his heart had succumbed when she showed compassion towards an intelligent farmer and his children, standing beside him as a partner before they were even married. He was not sure of the exact moment, but his passion for Elizabeth had bloomed into a strong sense of love by the time he closed the door to his bedchamber upon their return home from the excursion.

How could he have waited so long to know he loved her? When Darcy had recognised the sensation within him, he had reviewed her letters from when they were separated in July, and was shocked. How had he not fallen for her over several instances in the past? Every sentence upon the page now sparked tenderness within him—those words elicited even greater feelings due to the recent realisation of his attachment. He stopped pacing and sat in a chair near the window.

The friendship she had begun to forge with his family members in London and now at Pemberley caught his notice. She was nothing but magical in her ability to enchant them all and to make shy Georgiana befriend her. Even they were close to loving her as if they were family.

He loved Elizabeth Bennet, who was upon the morrow to become Mrs. Darcy. Except, tied into that situation was a problem—the promise had not been hers, and he could not know what she would have chosen had she been consulted. In truth, had she a choice in the matter, practical considerations would lead one to conclude that he would not be her selection. They had little knowledge of each other beyond that of casual acquaintances, and although they liked each other, he had not pursued her as a potential wife. The possibility existed that she had not considered him as a potential husband at any point either. No, his brother had been the catch.

1200px-John_Broadwood_&_Sons_Grand_Piano (1)


NEW book blurb

A pact that will change their lives forever…

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a successful young barrister with a bright future. His late uncle has guided his career, made him his heir, and even selected a bride for him—sight unseen—whom he’ll meet and marry upon her majority. Who could have predicted that making the acquaintance of Miss Elizabeth Bennet in Meryton would throw those careful plans into disarray?

Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t know what to make of “Fitz” Darcy, who intrigues and draws her notice like no other. Despite Fitzwilliam’s warnings, she allows Mr. George Darcy, Fitzwilliam’s older brother and master of Pemberley, to charm her. Little does she know that she, too, has been promised in marriage by her late father—to an unknown barrister, no less. What is she to do when her hopes to marry for love disappear in the blink of an eye?

Is George Darcy’s suit in earnest? Can this mysterious bridegroom of her father’s choosing become the husband of her dreams? With the danger of duels and deceit, what will come of the initial attraction between her and Fitzwilliam? Will she become the barrister’s bride?

Note: contains scenes with adult content.

TBB Final FW1 S

You can find The Barrister’s Bride at:

and Kindle Unlimited

NEW author bio

A lover of Jane Austen, Regency period research and costuming, yoga, fitness, home renovation, design, sustainability, and independent travel, cat mom Suzan Lauder keeps busy even when she’s not writing novels based on Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, all of which are published by Meryton Press.

She and Mr. Suze and their rescue tabby split their time between a loft condo overlooking the Salish Sea and a 150-year-old Spanish colonial casita in Mexico. Suzan’s lively prose can be found on her Facebook author page,; on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as @SuzanLauder; and on her Meryton Press blog, road trips with the redhead

DSC09681 (2)

You can reach out Suzan Lauder through the following media:

Facebook author page




Meryton Press blog, road trips with the redhead.


This is the last stop in the blog tour but you can still check the previous posts 🙂 

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Meryton Press is giving away six eBooks of The Barrister’s Bride by Suzan Lauder. There is a swag giveaway by Author, Suzan Lauder, and it includes a personalized signed copy of the book, a Suzan Lauder reticule, an embroidered handkerchief, and a fan. Both giveaways are in this Rafflecopter link.        

Good luck everyone!


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Born to Be a Heroine by Christine Combe – Excerpt

Good Afternoon everyone,

I’m very happy to welcome back author Christine Combe to From Pemberley to Milton today. Ms Combe is celebrating the release of her newest book, Born to be a Heroine, in which characters from Pride & Prejudice will meet and befriend characters from Northanger Abbey! I always love the idea of mash ups, and this sounds like an intriguing one 😊

Ms Combe has brought an excerpt from Born to be a Heroine to share with you. I hope you like it! And if you do, there are more excerpts being shared in the other blog tour stops, so you can always read more 😊


NEW excerpt

Greetings, fellow Austenians! I’m so excited to be visiting From Pemberley to Milton again. Today I’m here to brag about my newest release, Born to be a Heroine. Now, the title might bring to mind Northanger Abbey, but this is actually a Pride and Prejudice story with Northanger characters in it!


Now that you have some idea what’s going on, here’s a sneaky-peek at chapter 2:


“Lizzy, you made it!”

Elizabeth Bennet smiled and held out her hands to her dearest friend. “Now Charlotte, you know very well that Mamma would not pass up the chance to meet the mysterious Mr. Bingley and his friends.”

Charlotte Lucas laughed as she glanced to where Elizabeth’s mother now stood talking to her own. “How much do you want to wager that they are discussing the fortunes of the gentlemen at Netherfield?”

Elizabeth feigned shock and gasped dramatically. “Charlotte Lucas, I am surprised at you! Gambling is an unladylike activity—whatever would Lady Lucas say if she heard you?”

Charlotte snorted softly—also an unladylike thing to do—before she replied, “I have no doubt my mother would not only make a point of saying how extraordinarily fortunate I would be should I catch the eye of one of the single gentlemen, but also the unlikelihood of my actually being so fortunate because I am a plain old spinster next to the likes of Jane and Elizabeth Bennet.”

Jane Bennet, Elizabeth’s elder sister, stood nearby and turned at the sound of her name. “Oh, dear Charlotte—how I wish you would not disparage yourself so! You are as handsome as any of us and you know it.”

Charlotte smiled. “It is most kind of you to say so, Jane, but I am seven-and-twenty and have not had a single offer of marriage.”

Elizabeth frowned. “If only ‘wife and mother’ weren’t the only respectable occupations for a young woman of genteel birth,” she groused. “Then those of us with more intelligence than the average society debutante could be appreciated for more than our ability to bear children and host dinner parties.”

“Lizzy!” cried Jane. “How can you say such things?”

“Very easily, Jane,” Elizabeth rejoined. “I would much rather be recognized for who I am and what I can do to better my community than simply as Mrs. Edward Smith.”

Jane only shook her head in apparent dismay; Elizabeth grinned and returned her gaze to scanning the room for their younger sisters. Mary, who was next after Elizabeth, sat primly in a chair by the wall, while the two youngest girls—Catherine and Lydia—were already engaged in dancing, each one paired with a young officer from the militia that had recently encamped in Meryton for the winter. 

Elizabeth suppressed a sigh. Ever since the militia had come to town, there had been nothing but red coats and officers in her sisters’ heads. Kitty and Lydia were wild about them, always running off to talk to one or the other of the militia anytime they went into Meryton. And their mother! Rather than curb such inappropriate behavior, she encouraged it!

She was just considering going to have a word with Lydia about her forwardness when the atmosphere in the ballroom changed perceptibly. Conversation all but stopped entirely, leading even Elizabeth to turn her head in the direction much of the crowd was now looking.

A large party had just entered, and she knew instantly they must be the new residents of Netherfield, for she had seen none of them before. There were an equal number of men and ladies—four of each—though one of the latter was a matronly lady dressed in a dark lavender gown trimmed with black lace that hinted of her being still in mourning.

Leaning close to Charlotte, whose father was now approaching the group with a wide, welcoming smile, Elizabeth asked in a low voice, “Your father was to meet Mr. Bingley this morning, was he not Charlotte?”

Her friend nodded. “He did, yes—and returned with a very thorough report.”

“Can you tell us who they are?” asked Jane.

“If I have Papa’s descriptions correct, I believe the young one at the front with the older lady on his arm to be Mr. Bingley, and the lady must be his great aunt, a Mrs. Allen—who I understand lost her husband very unexpectedly earlier this year.” 

Elizabeth nodded, having guessed as much. “And the others?” she queried. 

“The tall fellow should be Mr. Bingley’s friend, Mr. Darcy. Beside him are Mr. Morland and his sister Miss Morland, whose family are very close friends of Mrs. Allen; in fact, their father is the vicar at Fullerton, where they are from. Next is Miss Bingley, Mr. Bingley’s younger sister, and Mr. and Mrs. Hurst, who are Mr. Bingley’s brother-in-law and elder sister.”

Mrs. Bennet was bustling over then, and almost pushed her way between Charlotte and Elizabeth as she said to them, “Girls, girls! You’ll not believe what Lady Lucas has just told me. That tall gentleman has a greater fortune than Mr. Bingley—ten thousand a year!

Embarrassment flooded through Elizabeth—not only was her mother gossiping about Mr. Darcy’s fortune, but she was “whispering” quite loud enough for the whole of the Bingley party to hear. 

“Now, here is what the two of you must do,” her mother was saying. “Jane, as the eldest—and the most beautiful girl in the county—you must do everything you can to secure Mr. Darcy, for he has twice the fortune of his friend and a grand estate in Derbyshire. And you, Elizabeth, ought set your cap at Mr. Bingley.”

“Mamma, please,” said Elizabeth, trying to keep the exasperation out of her voice. “You know very well I’ve no interest in matrimony at present.” 

It was a statement that could turn into an argument—and had, several times. And though she knew the risk of bringing it up in the midst of a crowd of people, Elizabeth could not help herself reminding her mother she just wasn’t ready to be married.

“Oh, Lizzy, don’t be ridiculous,” admonished her mother. “You just haven’t met the right young man, but you will have once Mr. Bingley is introduced to us.”

“Which I believe he will be, presently,” spoke up Charlotte. “Papa is even now leading the gentleman this way.”

She was right—Sir William Lucas, smiling widely as he perpetually did, was escorting Mr. Bingley and the lady Charlotte believe to be his aunt over to them. They were followed by the two believed to be Mr. and Miss Morland. 

“Mrs. Bennet, how do you do this evening?” asked Sir William.

“Oh, very well, Sir William, very well indeed!” replied Mrs. Bennet with a flutter of her fan. “And you, sir?”

“Oh, I am quite well, as you can see,” the gentleman replied. “Now, I beg your pardon for interrupting, but our newest neighbor has asked for an introduction to your family. May I present Mr. Bingley of Netherfield, his aunt Mrs. Allen, and their friends Mr. and Miss Morland.”

Each person bowed or curtsied as they were introduced. “We are very pleased to meet you, Mr. Bingley,” said Mrs. Bennet. “All of you are most welcome to the neighborhood. Might I introduce my daughters to you?”

Bingley blinked, and Elizabeth was forced to temper the brilliance of her smile, for his eyes had fallen on Jane the moment the party walked up, and had not moved from her sister’s face. 

“Of course, ma’am,” he managed. “Please do.”

In moments, Mrs. Bennet had introduced her and Jane, and pointed out their younger three sisters. 

“Five daughters in one family!” cried Mrs. Allen. “I could scarcely imagine it, were I not so intimately acquainted with my dear friends the Morlands.”

Elizabeth looked to the Morlands and asked, “Is yours a large family then, Mr. Morland?”

He looked to his sister and the two shared a smile. “I should say, Miss Elizabeth. Catherine and I are two of ten children—I was born first and she fourth.”

Mrs. Bennet’s fan fluttered faster. “Good heavens. Ten children? I wonder your mother had the constitution, for I barely survived five!”

She leaned closer, peering at them with narrowed eyes. “How old are you, sir?”

Mr. Morland grinned. “I shall be two-and-twenty in December, ma’am.”

“And I turned eighteen only yesterday,” added Miss Morland. “Our youngest brother is four years.”

Elizabeth laughed. “Well, a belated happy birthday to you, Miss Morland. I am sure yours is a fine family, when you have heads and arms and legs enough for the number.”

“Oh indeed!” cried Miss Morland. “I very much love all my brothers and sisters, though I must admit that at times they do try my patience—especially the younger girls.”

Here Elizabeth shared a knowing look with Jane. “In that, Miss Morland, Jane and I can very much empathize.”

“Miss Bennet!” said Mr. Bingley, perhaps louder than he intended, as his cheeks grew rosy. “May I have the pleasure of the next dance? That is, if you are not already engaged.”

Jane’s smile was warm as she replied, “I am not engaged, sir.”

“Excellent!” said Bingley with enthusiasm. He turned to the young man next to him and said, “Morland, are you going to dance?”

Mr. Morland blinked. “Um, I should be delighted, as soon as I have myself a partner. Miss Elizabeth, are you engaged for the next dance?”

Elizabeth was delighted to be asked, for she’d been longing to dance and there never seemed to be enough partners—Meryton’s monthly assemblies always drew more young ladies than young men. 

“I am not, sir. Thank you, Mr. Morland,” she replied. 

“I want to dance, too!” cried his sister. “But I’ve not been introduced to any young men yet—perhaps I’ll go and talk Mr. Darcy into dancing.”

Bingley laughed. “I wish you luck, Miss Morland, for you shall need it. I’m afraid my friend Darcy doesn’t dance unless he is already intimately acquainted with his partner.”

Elizabeth was amused by the other young lady’s wide grin. “I accept your challenge, Mr. Bingley,” said Miss Morland, before she twirled away and headed over to where Mr. Darcy stood in brooding silence next to Mr. Bingley’s sisters.


Oh boy! Do you think Catherine will succeed and convince Darcy to dance? Check out the next stop o the tour to find out — or better yet, pick up a copy of theook to read  the whole story! Born to be a Heroine is available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover at Amazon!

A View Of Chatsworth House, Great Britain

NEW author bio

Christine, like many a JAFF author before her, is a long-time admirer of Jane Austen’s work, and she hopes that her alternate versions are as enjoyable as the originals. She has plans to one day visit England and take a tour of all the grand country estates which have featured in film adaptations, and often dreams of owning one. Christine lives in Ohio and is already at work on her next book. 

Author Pic 1

Blog: All That They Desire / Facebook: (1) Christine Combe | Facebook


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When Charlotte Became Romantic by Victoria Kincaid – Review & Giveaway

when charlotte became romantic4.5 stars

Charlotte Lucas is known for not having romantic pretensions, but why is that? Is it really in her personality to be a practical person, or did something happen in her past to make her this way? And if that is the case, is she really devoid of romantic ideals, or is she just trying to convince herself?

In When Charlotte Became Romantic the reader will learn about events that took place in 1810 in Bath intertwined with the events that occur in Pride and Prejudice in 1813 after Mr. Collins’ proposal to Carlotte Lucas. As the story progresses, we come to understand why Charlotte considers herself as someone practical and not inclined towards romance, but we also understand she wasn’t always like that.

Charlotte Lucas is one of my favorite secondary characters in Pride and Prejudice because I believe she has the potential for many different stories, and Victoria Kincaid did a beautiful job developing this Charlotte and giving her a more romantic nature.

As a reader I could easily connect with Charlotte Lucas and I personally loved the fact that the heroine is 27 years old in this novel. As I grow older it becomes a little harder to enjoy stories where the heroine is only 20 or 21. I find the maturity necessary for some of the stories more believable in someone who is a little older. Also, this gives characters more luggage and the additional life experiences make them more interesting and challenging as characters. This is exactly what Victoria Kincaid did with Charlotte Lucas, she created an unknown past tale for this character, and gave her more depth through it.

The male hero in the book is James Sinclar who was an original character I absolutely loved. I enjoyed his profession, the way he sees the world, the way he treats people and his honesty. In fact, one of my favorite parts of the book was a conversation he had with Mr. Collins where he pretty much told him what everyone would like to at some point.

Sir William and Lady Lucas are not the sweet parents we usually see in other variations, and their coldness towards their daughter took some time to get used to, but it was the perfect driver to make the story move forward, so it didn’t bother me much.

This book is not long, and it is very fast paced as Victoria Kincaid focuses on what is relevant for the story without the need to add unnecessary scenes or dialogues. She gives the reader many romantic and passionate moments between James and Charlote, which was something I found very satisfying.

I loved the small appearances Elizabeth Bennet made in this book and the connection between Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Darcy. In fact, I would truly love to read a sequel to this book where the Sinclair’s would play matchmakers in their first easter as a couple.

Summing up, When Charlotte Became Romantic is an absorbing and fast paced romance with the perfect length for readers who enjoy getting to know other characters apart from Darcy and Elizabeth. It is very romantic, and I highly recommend it to readers looking for a balanced quality romance.

You can find When Charlotte Became Romantic at:

on Kindle Unlimited

NEW giveaaway time

Victoria Kincaid would like to offer an ebook copy of When Charlotte Became Romantic to one of my readers. The giveaway si international and open until the 14th of May. To apply to it, all you have to do is leave a comment in this post. Let us know if you’re team Charlotte, of if you’d like to read any other secondary character novels from Victoria Kincaid. Did you know she also released When Mary Met the Colonel (one of my all time secondary character favorites) and When Jane Got Angry?

Good Luck Everyone!



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Books on sale

Hello everyone, 

I didn’t notice many books on sale this week so this isn’t the typical Books on Sale post, but it has come to my attention that Jadie Brooks books, which are currently at 1,99$, will go up to a regular price on the 13th of may, so I though it would be helpfull to let you know before the prices go up, in case you’re interested in getting them. Also, I spotted a freebie 🙂

As always, if you’re aware of any book on sale, please feel free to share with the rest of us 🙂



Book Blurb: 

An unexpected encounter between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth is the beginning of a deeper relationship between the two. It also causes Mr. Darcy to re-examine many of his lifelong beliefs about friend and foe alike. With Elizabeth’s encouragement, Mr. Darcy discovers that much of what he thought was true in the past was a web of deceit. How will he react to this knowledge as it is unveiled? Will he be able to right the wrongs he caused in believing the lies? Will what he uncovers damage the blossoming romance between him and Miss Elizabeth?
This story contains a non graphic scene of attempted sexual violence.

Currently at 1,99$ on Amazon.


Book Blurb: 

This story asks several questions. What if Mr. Darcy came into Meryton with the idea of seeking a wife and was first attracted to Jane Bennet? What if Jane Bennet was not a sweet, kind young woman everyone thought she was? How would things play out for Darcy and Elizabeth when he found out his error after he was engaged to Jane?

Currently at 1,99$ on Amazon


Book Blurb: 

William Collins, rector of Hunsford parish, was well-known for his obsequious manner and famous for his servile deference to his betters in social standing. However, he possessed one hidden, secret talent. He could smell trouble — literally

Currently at 0,99$ on Amazon


Book Blurb: 

This story is inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The course of the relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy takes a sharp turn when Elizabeth is viciously attacked. Mr. Darcy comes to her rescue even though she is devastated and does not wish to be helped by anyone. This non-graphic tale follows the pair through the pain, anguish, and fear follows the beloved characters for Austen’s novel as Elizabeth heals and Mr. Darcy tries to come to grips with the consequences of the assault on Elizabeth. Some of the characters show themselves in a different light and help in the journey while others remain the same or worse to try to cause more trouble along the way.
This non-graphic tale follows the pair through the pain, anguish, and fear that follows the beloved characters of Austen’s novel as Elizabeth heals and Mr. Darcy tries to come to grips with the consequences of the assault on Elizabeth.
Some of the characters show themselves in a different light and help in the journey while others remain the same or worse to try to cause more trouble along the way.

Currently at 1,99$ on Amazon

Book Blurb:

Charlotte Lucas is considered plain and quite on the shelf, but she is clever and practical. Understanding her own situation better than most, she is ready to face an unmarried life. However things change when at the Meryton assembly in April of 1811, she meets the newest members of their society, who includes Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam.

Currently at 1,99$ on Amazon


and Currently FREE!


Book Blurb:

Can Darcy and Elizabeth set aside their prejudices long enough to avoid the hangman’s noose?
Elizabeth Bennet values goodness and charm — both qualities Mr. Darcy blatantly lacks.
Fitzwilliam Darcy values wit and strong opinions — qualities with which Miss Elizabeth is generously armed.
A refused proposal turns into a battle of wills when Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are forced to endure each other’s company at the beautiful estate of Rosings. When an unlikely enemy reveals herself — and ends up dead — fingers are eager to point at Elizabeth. With the residents of Rosings conspiring against her, will Elizabeth’s clever mind secure her freedom? Or will her prejudice against Mr. Darcy poison her against her greatest ally?
As suspicions rise and the evidence mounts, Elizabeth learns the value of a loyal friend and the forgiveness of love … but will it be too late?
Darcy would sacrifice his good name, worldly possessions, and family’s expectations to save the woman he loves … if he can win her heart before he loses it all.
The Elizabeth Conspiracy is a standalone novel set in England’s captivating Regency era — when a gentleman’s manners were regarded as highly as a lady’s reputation and a happy marriage was the ultimate prize (although a fortune was never frowned upon).
If you like falling in love with Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth as they fall for each other, then you’ll love this sweet romance-mystery variation of Jane Austen’s timeless classic, Pride and Prejudice.
Read The Elizabeth Conspiracy to satisfy your craving for a heartwarming, wholesome romance interwoven with a fast-paced mystery today!

Currently FREE on Amazon.

I Hope this has been helpfull everyone!

Happy Reading!

Disclaimer: The Amazon links used in this post are affiliate links.


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Margaret of Milton by Elaine Owen

margaret of milton5 stars

What if Mr. Hale died shortly after his wife and on his deathbed asked John Thornton to take care of Margaret? What if there was no one else to help her after her father’s dead, and marriage to Mr. Thornton was the only option? Can a marriage without love grow into one of the most epic love stories of all times?

Margaret of Milton is a beautiful and poignant story that I could not stop reading. It starts with the marriage of Margaret and John, and through several flashbacks we start to understand how that came to happen. The initial chapters of the book are full of intensity and grabbed my attention immediately, but the events that kept occurring and the development of the relationship between the newlyweds kept me glued to it until the last page.

I absolutely love stories where the couple is already in love with one another but unaware that their feelings are reciprocated, so this book was simply perfect for me as both Thornton and Margaret are clearly already in love with one another when they both believe to be entering into a marriage of convenience .

I loved to witness their relationship develop, and I loved how John handled his jealousy throughout the entire book! He proved to be a true gentleman who puts the happiness of his loved ones above his own. He was kind, patient, and passionate just as a true romantic hero should be. Margaret was also a very interesting character in this book and through the eyes of Mrs. Thornton we can see how Margaret’s strength of character allied with her compassion is perfect for someone with Mr. Thornton’s personality and station in life. Mrs. Thornton was also a nice surprise and I loved to see her help the couple reach an understanding instead of antagonizing their relationship.

Margaret of Milton is a beautiful and well written book that offers readers a love story built out of mutual respect, and which can overcome sorrow, misery, and jealousy. It is an emotional book where the main characters are there to support one another in their worst times, but where love, and little bit of luck, overcome everything. There wasn’t anything I disliked in this book, even if the ending was a little anticlimactic, and I highly recommend it to everyone who loves Ms. Gaskell’s North and South.


You can find Margaret of Milton at:

on Kindle Unlimited



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Happy by Accident…or Not? by Michelle D’arcy


What if prior to the Netherfield Ball Mr. Bingley is thrown off his horse and ends up being rescued by Elizabeth Bennet? What if she lets him know her true opinion about Mr. Darcy? Or what if Mr. Bingley decides to host the ball despite his injuries and invites a few more guests to it? Could these guests change the outcome of the story?

In Happy By Accident… or Not? the Netherfield party must remain in Hertfordshire due to Mr. Bingley’s injuries, and the part Elizabeth Bennet had in his rescue will change the dynamics of her relationship with Mr. Darcy. This is a small and simple novella that can be read very quickly but that has it all, and given the length of the book, I was amazed with how much the author was able to convey without ever rushing events.

I truly enjoyed the writing style of this book because it focuses on dialogues and shows the reader without telling him what is happening and what the characters are thinking or feeling. It goes straight to the point without unnecessary minutiae that would otherwise make it a lengthier but tedious book, and is able to accomplish everything in a lighter and interesting manner. Because of this appealing writing style, the book is also very fast paced and I was able to read it in one single sitting which is not very common for me.

Happy by Accident…or Not? is a low angst story, but it is capable of generating strong feelings in the reader because of its strong dialogues. I loved the interchanges between Darcy and Elizabeth and the complicity they developed with one another. I always love books where this couple is surrounded by other people, but are still able to share a look or a private joke between them without anyone realizing it, and that is precisely what happens in Happy by Accident…or Not?.

Another aspect I enjoyed in this book was the fact that it centers around Darcy and Elizabeth, even though other characters are present in the book, and namely Mr. Bingley and Mr. Bennet have interesting developments, I never felt their interventions where occupying too much page time. I love both main characters, but Darcy was my favorite in this novel. He was true to himself, but with the different circumstances he had to face, he was able to question his own opinions earlier in the story which means he was a charming, strong and irresistible gentleman during the entire novel. I also have to mention that I particularly liked to see the changes in Mr. Bennet and the way he handled issues after his first conversation with Darcy.

Even if in some situations the discourses were a little too blunt, I didn’t have any quibble with this book, and to be honest, the only issue I have with it is its title because I don’t believe it is as catchy as the book deserves. If this is the author’s debut book, I cannot wait to see what Michelle D’arcy will present us with next. I highly recommend Happy by Accident…or Not? to readers who like lighter romances and do not have time for lengthier stories.


You can find Happy by Accident…or Not? at:

on Kindle Unlimited



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The Murder of Mr. Wickham by Claudia Gray

The Murder of Mr. Wickham by Clsudia Grat 20225 stars


The Murder of Mr. Wickham brings characters from all 6 Jane Austen’s novels to Donwell Abbey for a house party, but the merriment is short lived as Mr. Wickham arrives unexpectedly and is forced to take shelter there due to the inclement weather.

We soon realize that where Mr. Wickham goes, trouble follows. Throughout his life he has made many enemies, and curiously enough, appears to have a connection with most of the guests at the Abbey, but he is also able to antagonize even the people who had no connection to him, so shortly after arriving at the Knightley’s house, he is murdered. The guests are forbidden to leave the house until the culprit is identified because any of them could have done it, and it is in this setting the narrative will take place.

The magistrate in this case is none other than Frank Churchill, but the real investigation will be done and brought to the reader through the eyes of Jonathan Darcy and Miss Tilney, the two young and curious people in the house who discover a mutual passion in the investigation of the events.

I had never read anything from this author before so I was very curious as to how this book would play out, but I can tell you already that I will certainly be buying some of the authors YA books because not only I love that genre but was obviously very pleased with her writing style. The Murder of Mr. Wickham is written in an articulate and enticing manner, the author subtly added vital information to further the plot without making it obvious who might or might not have committed the crime, and that, along with the ability to link the stories of all characters with Mr. Wickham and the Knightley’s, made this an engaging read.

The pace of the book is splendid with new events taking place at the right time to move the story forward, and dialogues and scenes are created to build up the characters personalities in a “show don’t tell” fashion.

I loved the fact that we had characters from all Jane Austen’s books in this story and that we got to experience these events from the point of view of each couple. It is no easy task to give them all the same relevance and to blend them all so well in one single book, but this was masterfully done by Claudia Gray.

I also loved how all characters were real and relatable. Instead of creating a fairy tale romance, Claudia Gray demonstrated how every person, and every couple, have their own problems which may be accentuated at times due to certain events. In The Murder of Mr. Wickham all couples face a difficult time in their life and their personalities will be the main enemies they’ll have to fight with. Some of them will have to work on their openness, most on their communication, some on their pride (no, it’s not Mr. Darcy), others will have to overcome their prejudices (not Elizabeth either) and contemplate what the meaning of their beliefs really is, and some will just have to deal with the trauma that their lives have brought them through the years. Every problem these couples will have to work on was extremely personalized and related not only with their personalities but also the life events that have shaped them into the people they are, this means that all stories and problematics feel real to the reader. I loved to witness these couples go through these marital problems, but also to see them overcome these issues together and through the strength of their love for one another.

I absolutely adored the original characters of Jonathan Darcy and Miss Tilney. They do have some similarities with their parents, but are mostly different people with intriguing personalities, especially Jonathan Darcy who is not the usual romantic hero but whom I’ve grown to love (he kind of reminded me of Sheldon Cooper, which I found very amusing).

The entire book is extremely well written and thoughtfully planned. It is even hard to specify what I loved about it because I loved everything in it. There is a coherency in the quality of The Murder of Mr. Wickham that made me want to read it non-stop and I believe that will happen to every reader who picks it up, so I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good novel.

Summing up, The Murder of Mr. Wickham is a very well written novel which has mystery, well build characters and approaches issues in a realistic manner that make it an unputdownable book. I highly recommend it!


You can find The Murder of Mr. Wickham at:

and on Audible

Claudia Gray is the pseudonym of Amy Vincent. She is the writer of multiple young adult novels, including the Evernight series, the Firebird trilogy, and the Constellation trilogy. In addition, she’s written several Star Wars novels, such as Lost Stars and Bloodline. She makes her home in New Orleans with her husband Paul and assorted small dogs. 





The Murder of Mr. Wickham Twitter Book Tour Announcement


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Giveaway Winners Announcement

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend! I didn’t do as much as I would have liked to but tomorrow is a national holiday so I’ll have a little more time do dedicate to my personal projects, and also to this blog which is falling a little behind with all the things happening in my life 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the book I’m currently reading to be able to bring you a new review tomorrow evening, but for today I would like to announce the winners of a couple of giveaways I’ve hosted here at From Pemberley to Milton. I was very lucky to have a couple of signed paperbacks from some of my favourite authors, so I decided to give them away. Because the giveaway was only for E.U countries, I’ve also added the ebook copies for international readers to be able to participate, so without further ado, the giveaway winners are:

President Darcy Signed Paperback

*** Rellaenthia ***

President Darcy Ebook

*** Colleen ***

The Long Journey Home Signed Paperback

*** Charlotte ***

The Long Journey Home Ebook

*** Kelly Miller***

I would like to ask the winners to please send me your contacts to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so that the prizes may be sent to you.

Happy Reading everyone!


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The Matchmaker by Christie Capps

the matchmaker3.5 stars

I am a huge fan of Christie Capps novellas, and I still remember reading Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day shortly after it came out and talking about how I had found another new incredible author (little did I know she was the pen name of a well renown author), so I was super happy when I received The Matchmaker in the mail.

As all Christie Capps novellas, this is a sweet story that can be read in a couple of hours, which means I read it in one single sitting. In this story, Darcy and Georgiana are headed for Pemberley when they experience a carriage problem that forces them to stop at an inn while they wait for repairs. It is there that Miss Darcy makes the acquaintance of two other guests at the inn, Jane and Elizabeth Bennet, and starts thinking how well suited these ladies would be for her two guardians, but she is under the impression Jane would be perfect for Darcy and Elizabeth for Richard. You can already tell she isn’t very good at matchmaking can’t you?

The story progresses, and apart from the Colonel, Mr. Bingley and his sisters also join the other guests at the inn…you can see where this is going, right? This inn will be filled with characters from Pride and Prejudice, and the coziness of the setting along with all the dialogues and scenes that keep occurring make this a very fast paced and entertaining novel.

The Matchmaker is sweet, funny and well written, but I believe it was my least favourite novella from Christie Capps because of the tardiness and few Darcy/Elizabeth moments we have in it. In these short stories, I am always eager to see plenty of Darcy and Elizabeth, and with all the events taking place in this story we couldn’t have as much page time dedicated to these characters as I would have liked. Also, even if I loved the other romance in the book, the rescue scene and everything that followed was truly romantic, it also felt too sudden for me. I wish these events could have had more page time, or that maybe we could have two different novellas, each one dedicated to each couple.

Overall, this short story is a satisfying read and even if I’ve read other Christie Capps novellas I enjoyed more, I still recommend it to the busy reader with little time to escape this crazy world we live in. 

You can find The Matchmaker at:

Kindle Unlimited

and Audible



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The Long Journey Home by J.Dawn King – Review & Giveaway

The Long Journey Home4 stars

After a heated argument with Mr. Darcy during the Netherfield Ball, Elizabeth Bennet takes refuge in the house’s gardens, however the gentleman is eager to prove her wrong, so he follows her to continue their debate. It is at moment that they are mistaken for Mr. Bingley and his sister and are kidnapped and taken aboard a ship which is headed to the United States of America. This will be just the beginning of a long journey this couple will take to make their way back home. They will travel to a foreign country, meet good and evil people, be helped and help those in need in return, but above all, discover true love and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

The initial chapters of this book are pure perfection, and I honestly couldn’t stop reading it because I wanted see which new adventures would befall these characters. Darcy and Elizabeth will spend a lot of time together in The Long Journey Home and that will allow them to dismiss their prejudices and learn the true character of one another, which will obviously make them fall in love with each other. The time Darcy and Elizabeth will spend under duress will also bring them together to fight whatever obstacles may come into their way. I loved not only to witness their dialogues and to see them discover a hidden part of one another, but also to see them form a companionship that could be felt without the need for words. I have, however, also felt that Elizabeth’s love for Darcy was too sudden. I understand they went through hardships together, and that can shape dramatically people’s feelings, but I would have preferred to see her take more time to get to know Mr. Darcy before she felt madly in love with him in a matter of days.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters J. Dawn Kind developed in this book and how they were relevant for Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship to grow. I was surprised to find that none of the known secondary characters from P&P make an appearance during most of the book, but I admit I preferred the original characters the author created. Because we have original co-adjuvant characters, their interventions are more focused on Darcy and Elizabeth and therefore we have more page time dedicated to them instead of having those secondary characters stealing page time from our dear couple. I dislike books with page filler dialogues and scenes, and in The Long Journey Home that is certainly not an issue as all scenes are relevant for either the story or character development.

The entire reason which led the couple to be abducted wasn’t as believable as I would have liked, and the resolution to all the problems they faced seemed to be quite easy to achieve, but even if I would have preferred a more solid background story, I am sure that many readers will absolutely love this low angst story.

The Long Journey Home is a fast paced, low angst romance which readers will easily devour. It is fool of adventures, romance, some humor and characters who will warm readers hearts.  I recommend it to readers who enjoy low angst stories where Darcy and Elizabeth join forces early in the book to achieve a common goal 😊


You can find The Long Journey Home at:

Kindle Unlimited

and Audible

NEW giveaaway time

I happen to have 2 signed copies of The Long Journey Home, because I already had one when I received a second copy with my 2021 JAFF Get Together event goodie bag, so I thought this would be a good time to give it away to a reader who would be interested in getting a paperback copy.

If you’d like to have it, let me know in the comments until the 23rd of April as I’ll be announcing the randomly chosen winner on the 24th. Unfortunately, as posting has become a little too difficult to countries outside of the EU, I can only send the signed paperback to EU residents (it’s still possible for UK residents too), so I’ll be also offering an ebook copy of The Long Journey Home to an international reader. All you need to do is tell me you’d like to enter, if you’re eligible for the ebook or paperback, and of course, what you think about the book’s story 😊


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