The Predisposition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet – Giveaway Winner

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In late April I had the pleasure to receive at From Pemberley to Milton author Hunter Quinn who presented us with a delightful excerpt of The Predisposition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet. 

It was a pleasure to share the news of this book with all of you, but unfortunately I never announced the winner of the giveaway Meryton Press was offering, so today I would like not only to apologize to Meryton Press and Hunter Quinn but also to the winner! I hope this late gift may brighten your day 🙂

As I am already late in announcing the name, I’ll go straight to the point

The winner of the ebook of The Predisposition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet is:

The Predisposition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet

*** Dholcomb1***

Congratulations Denise! As always, can you please contact me throught e-mail ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so your prize may be sent to you? Please provide me with the email address to which the ebook may be sent to you, and the Amazon store in which you have an account.

Happy Reading everyone!


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An Unexpected Harvest – Giveaway Winner

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Last week I had the pleasure to review Sanctuary, and share with you an excerpt of An Unexpected Harvest. Both books are modern romances inspired by Pride and Prejudice and were written by the talented Cat Andrews. She was kind enough to offer an ebook to one reader commenting on From Pemberley to Milton, and today I am happy to announce the winner 🙂

Before doing so, I would just like to thank Cat Andrews once more for visiting, it was a pleasure to receive you here!

Now, without further ado, the winner is:

An Unexpected Harvest

*** TC***

Congratulations TC! As always, can you please contact me throught e-mail ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so your prize may be sent to you? Please provide me with the email address to which the ebook may be sent to you, and the Amazon store in which you have an account.

Happy Reading everyone!


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Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager by Jennifer Joy

Fitzwilliam Darcy's Wager5 stars

Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager is the 4th book in the Dimensions of Darcy series, which is becoming one of my favorite series in the genre. It develops several different traits that shape Darcy’s character in a new manner, and in this particular book, Jennifer Joy decided to alter Darcy’s circumstances completely.

Mr. Darcy senior loses Pemberley in a bet against a man he believed to be his friend, and because of that, Darcy is destitute of his estate. He keeps his position in society and part of his wealth, but he no longer possesses Pemberley, which becomes his obsession. Fitzwilliam Darcy’s life is spent working to regain hold of Pemberley and that is not only his sole purpose, but also the only thing he can think of… until he meets Elizabeth Bennet.

I absolutely loved this book and devoured it in two days, but why did I love it? Well, there are many  aspects I loved in it, namely:

The John Thornton element: In this book Fitzwilliam Darcy’s circumstances resemble a lot John Thornton’s situation in North and South and I absolutely loved this because apart from all his usual characteristics, this Darcy had to work hard to obtain what he wanted. He had a sister and a mother to take care of, and from an early age had to rise up to the unfortunate situation he found himself in. Nothing was given to him on a silver platter, and that made him a more worthy man in my perspective.

The family: Mr. Darcy senior dies a few years after losing Pemberley and his attitude as well as his growing bitterness after losing his property affected Fitzwilliam Darcy’s personally. He aimed to be everything his father was not, and struggled to reconcile the image he had of his father when he was young man, with the man he became in the last years of his life.  It was not easy for him to understand and forgive his father and I found the journey he took to that point endearing and heart whelming.

Also, Lady Anne is still alive and she is not a meekly, sweet creature as we often see portrayed. She is a smart, caring but strong character who is not afraid to stand for what she believes and act when necessary. I loved her character, and would love to read a sequel of this book so I could spend more time with her.

Elizabeth’s wit: Elizabeth’s wit is not described, it is shown through her dialogues! When we read too many austenesque novels, we tend to see Elizabeth described as witty more often than not, and that may become a bit repetitive and tiresome, so I love it when an author is capable of showing that Elizabeth is witty without the need to say it. Elizabeth was wonderful rebuffing the villains verbal attacks and I was extremely proud of her.

The sweet romance: Instead of having misunderstandings between our couple, or having them have misapprehensions about their characters etc., Jennifer Joy decided to explore their interest for one another early in the book and allowed the characters to slowly build a sweet and romantic relationship. I usually like angsty books, but this sweet romance was absolutely perfect and I didn’t miss the angst one bit. It was truly romantic and I enjoyed every single moment between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager is a low angst romance with interesting and strong characters that will captivate most readers. It is perfect for readers who like to see our dear couple fall in love early in the story and its pace and writing style are extremely captivating.  I highly recommend it.

You can find Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Wager at:

and on Kindle Unlimited


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Parallels by Linda Gonschior – Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone, 

How are you today?

I am very pleased to welcome Linda Gonschior at From Pemberley to Milton today with a guest post and an excerpt of Parallels, the third and final book in her Reflections series. I haven’t read the first books in the series yet and to be perfectly honest, I hadn’t heard of it until Parallels was released, but  after reading the blurb I got curious. When I started reading JAFF I wasn’t too fond of modernisations, but lately I have had a lot of fun reading those, so it’s becoming a favorite, and this series is definitely under my radar now. 

Thank you so much for visiting Ms Gonschior, it is a true pleasure to welcome you today! And thank you for inviting me to be a part of the tour Janet, not only did you introduce me to this series, but also gave me the opportunity to spread the word about it to other readers 🙂


Thank you Rita for this opportunity to talk a bit about my Reflections series!  I am honoured to be contributing here and thrilled with the release of Parallels, the final book in this series.

Like many familiar names in JA fanfiction, that 1995 Pride and Prejudice miniseries ignited in me a suppressed desire to write, write, write!  It was not my first encounter with Jane Austen, nor with this particular story.  I’d seen the Olivier/Garson version countless times and read the book a few times, too.

Something clicked, though, and I was off.

Parallels is the third and final book in the Reflections series. It’s a modern variation with the first two set in the early 1990’s.  Book one, Reflections, opens with that fateful meeting at Pemberley. Elizabeth and Will seem about to correct their misunderstandings, put the past behind them and set out on the road to happiness.  The road takes a sharp turn instead.

Austen’s Darcy was able to return Lydia to her family but this Will Darcy was not successful.  Confusion, hurt feelings and a secret drive Elizabeth and Will further apart.  They do manage to put the past behind them to some extent, and the story picks up a few years later.  Elizabeth returns to Meryton then, but she is not alone. She has a little boy, the focus of her life and the apple of his grandfather’s eye. 

Who is her son’s father?  Readers are not in any doubt but Elizabeth’s family has no idea, and neither does the father.  Reflections takes everyone on a journey of discovery; unacknowledged feelings, parenthood and the ability to forgive.

Of course no relationship is without its trials. The second book in the series, A Tarnished Image, picks up immediately where the first left off. Newly married, Elizabeth and Will Darcy have much to learn about how to live with each other and raise their son together.  Old ghosts from the past return, forcing the newlyweds to face some hard truths about themselves. Additionally, Will’s younger sister Georgiana is also coming into her own, ready to find her direction in life.

Even with a happy ending accomplished, Elizabeth and Will were not quiet. Okay, my imagination was not quiet. Parallels takes us forward twenty years.  The little Darcys introduced in the first two books are grown up. Almost.  Like all parents, Elizabeth and Will want the best for their children and hope they are spared the troubles that often come with adulthood and growing independence.  But this is not simply a story about their children. This is still about a relationship that continues to grow and strengthen, a family struggling with joys and tragedies, and the bonds that keep them together.

Parallels completes this journey with William and Elizabeth Darcy and I hope readers will be pleased with the happy lives they found.

“Wait!” called Rich, running across the grass after her. “I want to come with you.”

“No way!” she sputtered. “You think I want my little brother tagging along? Not a chance.”

“But you’re only going to the stables!”

“Yes, Rebecca,” came a deep voice from the other side of the hedge. “You are only going to the stables, aren’t you?”

Rebecca glared at her brother. “Yes, Dad,” she called through the leafy barrier, “but do I have to take him?”

“Is there some reason he shouldn’t go?” Will had stood up and now peered over the hedge at his two children.

“No. He just…” She gave up trying to come up with an excuse, knowing her father wouldn’t believe any of them anyway. “All right, but if you embarrass me just once…” Rebecca made a strangling motion with her hands then set off at a jog towards the parked cars.

Rich grinned and ran after her.

Will watched them go. “Elizabeth,” he said without turning his head. “I think our daughter spends too much time at the stables.” He heard her laugh and looked around. “What’s so funny?”

“You are.” Elizabeth was grinning at him. “You only said that because you think there are too many boys out there!”

“Well, aren’t there?” Will couldn’t suppress his own smile.

His wife pointed to the shovel in his hand. “Back to work, Will.” Clearly satisfied when he returned to his appointed task, she continued. “You know that the only interest Rebecca has at the moment is horses. Stop behaving like a paranoid father.” She stooped to pick up the bulbs exposed as Will turned the earth over.

“I’m not paranoid. I’m vigilant,” Will argued. “You know the moment I let down my guard—”

“—your daughters will finally be asked for a date!” Elizabeth laughed again when he frowned in annoyance. “Will, they’re lovely, intelligent young ladies. Of course the boys are going to be interested. You can’t lock them away, you know.”

Will shook his head in amusement. “You exaggerate. Are you saying that you think I’m too strict? That our girls aren’t allowed any social life?”

“I’m not saying that at all, Will. Just try not to scare the life out of the boys who do express an interest, though. Please?”

“You make me sound like an ogre,” he grumbled, thrusting the shovel into the soil again. “Anna can do as she pleases; she’s away from home. Rebecca, as you say, is far more interested in horses, and Kathleen in books.” Will twisted the shovel, emptying the dirt into a pile, then paused. “Perhaps I’ll give Anna a ring to see how she’s doing,” he said thoughtfully.

“You’ll do nothing of the sort!” Elizabeth told him sternly. “It’s Saturday, and she’s probably out anyway. She certainly won’t want her father phoning her while out with her friends.”

Will narrowed his eyes, a sly smile sliding across his face. “I seem to recall you calling our son every weekend during his first year at university. I can’t wait to see what happens when Rich leaves.”

Elizabeth seemed to bite off a sharp retort at the reminder of her overprotective behaviour where Ben was concerned. Her features then assumed an innocent expression as she smiled sweetly at her husband. “But, Will—when Rich leaves, there won’t be any children left in the house. It will be just you and me. I doubt I’ll have any time to harass him with my phone calls.”

Will just stared at her and blinked. Laughing loudly, he pointed a finger in her direction. “Rich won’t be out of here for another six years at least. Are you sure you’ll be up to chasing me around this place by then?”

Chasing you? Ha!” Elizabeth laughed herself. “You’ll be too old to get away, my dear!”



Love, heartbreak, and self-discovery are life’s greatest challenges,

no matter who your parents may be.

Will and Elizabeth Darcy faced those challenges twenty years earlier, yet marriage taught them patience, understanding, and most importantly, the irreplaceable value of one another. Now their children are about to embark upon that path, hopefully to learn those lessons more gently and avoid the mistakes of their parents.

This third book in the Reflections series brings to a conclusion the story of a couple whose love drew them together in spite of themselves and continues to test them when least expected.

You can find Parallels at:

Kindle Unlimited


Linda Gonschior has entertained the art of writing since elementary school but never allowed it to come to fruition until Pride and Prejudice lured her into deeper exploration of characters, relationships and ‘what ifs’.  Writing is not the breadwinner, however, as she has a day job and many other interests that compete for attention and time.  Still, she has managed to squeeze in several dozen stories – long and short – and there are many more in the ‘incomplete’ folder on the computer.  As retirement looms on the horizon, some may be dusted off to evaluate their potential to entertain those who share a fondness for Jane Austen’s characters and don’t mind straying a little off the beaten path. 

Amongst her accomplishments Linda counts raising a son, stage managing live theatre productions, flower gardening, and website administration, but not netting purses or painting screens.


NEW blog tour

Don’t forget to follow the tour for more information about Parallels 🙂

June 7 Donadee’s Corner

June 8 My Vices and Weaknesses

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June 15 Probably at the Library

Meryton Press is giving away eight eBooks of Parallels. The giveaway is international. The giveaway ends at midnight on the 17th of June or 12:00 AM on the 18th of June. To enter it all you have to do is click on this Raffle link.

Good Luck everyone!




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An Unexpected Harvest by Cat Andrews – Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone, 

I hope you are all doing well and maybe having some fun on these warmer and longer days. Today is my first vacation day, so I am really happy and relaxed 🙂 It is curious because I am hosting Cat Andrews today and the last time she visited was last year also during my holidays. At the time she was here to talk to you about Sanctuary, a book I have just finished reading this month and that I trully loved (review is already live), so I am very happy to receive her once more. 

Today she brings to you an excerpt of An Unexpected Harvest, a book I really want to read because I simply cannot resist a city girl / country boy story! I am sure this book will be unforgeteble for me because it is just my cup of tea 🙂

Are you also fond of these kind of stories? Do you prefer city girl/country boy? Or city boy/country girl? I love both, but I am a partial to a country boy 🙂

I hope you enjoy the excerpt and don’t forget to comment this post to enter the giveaway. 

Thank you so much for visiting once more cat, it is a pleasure to have you here one more. And best of luck with this new release, I know it will be a sucess!



Hello! I’m happy to be here at From Pemberley to Milton once again! Thanks, Rita, for taking part in the blog tour for my modern Pride and Prejudice variation, An Unexpected Harvest

I had a lot of fun writing this story, playing with the characters and swapping out their personalities, or completely changing them—one reviewer calls it a “literary shell game,” which I absolutely love! It’s an entirely accurate description. 

The story is divided into two parts, and this deleted scene comes from Part 1. In it, we see Elizabeth meeting with an old flame—the very polished Colin Williams (a flip of Bill Collins)—who shows up at her office and makes a last-ditch effort at winning her back. But his hopes are dashed when he realizes he might be too late; Elizabeth’s heart may already be engaged by another. I hope you enjoy it!


When Elizabeth pushed open the doors to the lobby, her eyes went to the receptionist, who nodded discreetly toward the windows. A man stood there, gazing outside and holding a large bouquet of flowers in his arms. Even from behind she could see he was impeccably dressed, his dark blond hair perfectly styled.

He heard her approach and turned, smiling widely. “Liz.”
She sighed. “Hello, Colin. Did you give up web design for a career in floral delivery?”
“A ploy that had the desired result.” He handed her the flowers and leaned in to kiss her cheek.
“Thanks, but you shouldn’t have.” Her eyebrows rose at his answering shrug. “I mean you really shouldn’t have. What are you doing here?”
“Can we go somewhere to talk privately?”
She hesitated, wary of encouraging him, but knew they’d be better off without an audience. She led him through the lobby and into a conference room, closing the door behind them, and carefully laid the flowers on the table.  

“Why are you here?”
“Isn’t it obvious? I’m here to win you back.”
She folded her arms across her chest. “It’s not going to happen. And how did you know I’d even be here? Technically I’m still on vacation.”
“Because I know you well enough to know you wouldn’t be able to stay away. You can’t. This is your second home.” He tugged on a loose curl of her hair. “And I think it could happen. Me winning you back, I mean.”
She took a step back. “It won’t.”
“Because of the farmer?” 

“I broke up with you before I even met the farmer. I’m not involved with him—”
“You could have fooled me.”
Her patience waned. “For crying out loud, Colin! I kissed him. Once.”
“You like him.”
Her cheeks heated. “I’m not involved with him, and I didn’t cheat on you with him. Do I feel badly things happened the way they did? Yes, of course. But no matter what you say or how many bouquets you buy me”—she gestured toward the flowers—“nothing will change my feelings for you.”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“You didn’t ask one.”
He tilted his head and smiled sadly. “Do you have feelings for the farmer?”
She pulled her eyes from his and shook her head.
“There’s a right way to respond, Liz. Just answer honestly.”
Her eyes went back to his and she took a deep breath. “Yes, I–I do. But—”
“I don’t want to know anything else.”
She remained silent, grateful he’d stopped her from saying more. Telling him her affection for Will wasn’t reciprocated would have only made Colin feel worse; she was turning him away, only to pine for someone who didn’t want her.
“You know I had to try just once, right?” he said. “I felt lousy about the way things ended on New Year’s Eve, and I hoped that being back home might make you see things differently.”
“I’m sorry, Colin, but I don’t.” 

Things would be so much easier if she felt for him what he felt for her. But she didn’t, and she couldn’t pretend otherwise. It wouldn’t be fair to either of them.
He smiled. “We’ll still be friends, won’t we? I don’t want things to be weird when we bump into each other.”
She nodded. “Friends.”
After a long moment of looking at her, he kissed her cheek again. “Bye, Liz. I’ll see you.”
“Bye, Colin.”
He let himself out of the conference room, and when he was gone she picked up the flowers and held them to her nose, inhaling deeply. One of the things he’d said resonated deeply.

You know I had to try just once, right? 

She didn’t want to understand, but she did. They’d been a couple for eight months, after all. Sadly, of the two of them, she was the more pathetic. She’d only known Will Darcy for a month, and couldn’t make herself walk away; she’d had to try. Just once. And that was after a few apparently meaningless encounters and a lusty but empty kiss. God only knew what she’d do after eight months.

Elizabeth Bennet left her affluent New England home at the age of sixteen and never looked back. She’s built a fabulous life in Boston and loves everything about the city—especially her dream job as creative director at an advertising agency.

Will Darcy has never lived anywhere but in rural Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He lives the quintessential small-town life and loves everything about the country—especially his family’s farm, which he’s doing his best to modernize and return to prosperity.

When her older sister moves back to New England, Elizabeth reluctantly pays a visit to the hometown she left behind. Soon enough, the city girl meets the country boy and the insults and misunderstandings fly—but so do the sparks.

No one is more surprised than Elizabeth and Will when those sparks turn into a brilliant flame, and the 300 miles between them that once felt far too close suddenly turns into an unbearable distance.

The city girl and the country boy know a good thing when they see it—even if they don’t see it nearly enough. Can they overcome their greatest challenge and find common ground—and their happily-ever-after?


This novel is a modern variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but with a slight spin on the usual cast of characters. It contains adult content and is meant for mature readers.


Full AUH cover

You can find An Unexpected Harvest at:

Kindle Unlimited



Cat Andrews has always been an avid reader, but didn’t discover Jane Austen until her love of a certain British actor led her to the BBC’s 1995 production of Pride and Prejudice, because she just had to know—why all the fuss over this Darcy guy? What followed her viewing of that glorious miniseries was an inhalation of and immediate fixation on all of Austen’s novels, though Pride and Prejudice remains her favorite.

Her discovery of Jane Austen Fan Fiction opened up a whole new world, and thus began her addiction, and months and months of sleep deprivation, as she immersed herself in JAFF. After reading a modern Pride and Prejudice variation that she fell in love with, she was inspired to begin a cautious but earnest foray into the world of writing. 

In real life, Cat has spent thirty-plus years working in healthcare. She enjoys life on the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts where she grew up, fell in love with her own Mr. Darcy, and raised a family (and a three-legged dog). More often than not, you can find her at the beach with a book in her hand and her toes in the sand.

An Unexpected Harvest is her second novel. 

Contact/Social Media:






NEW blog tour

The blog tour is just starting, so don’t forget to check the other stops:

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June 4 – Babblings of a Bookworm

June 7 – From Pemberley to Milton

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June 14 – Diary of an Eccentric

June 16 – Probably at the Library

June 18 – My Vices and Weaknesses

Cat Andrews would like to  give away one ebook copy of An Unexpected Harvest to one reader. The giveaway is open to readers with a US amazon account and all you have to do to apply is leave a comment on this post.  

Good Luck everyone!



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Sanctuary by Cat Andrews

sanctuary5 stars

Sanctuary is one of those books that has been on my TBR since it was released. I heard nothing but good things about it, and it seemed to be a favourite for everyone last year, so I was super happy when I was finally able to start reading it this month.

As expected, the story did not disappoint and the cosiness of the setting, along with a very natural writing style, made me completely rendered to it.

Sanctuary takes place in modern Maine and I wouldn’t consider it a modernization of Pride and Prejudice but more of a P&P inspired story. The book focuses on Darcy and Elizabeth who have moved into Great Diamond Island in Maine for a fresh start after having have been through difficult moments in their lives. Elizabeth is coming out of an abusive marriage and Darcy is a single father whose wife died in a car accident a few years prior. The author doesn’t reveal much more about their backgrounds with the story starting almost with their first encounter in the island, and one of the aspects I loved the most about the book was how the events that took place in their lives are slowly unfolded as the story progresses.

Cat Andrews doesn’t describe everything that happened to the main characters, instead, she naturally adds details of that past to the story through the characters dialogues or reflections. The fact that the reader slowly unfolds what happened is part of why the book is so addictive. We want to keep reading just to understand exactly how their lives were before they moved to Maine, and what made them the person they are today.

Another aspect I loved about Sanctuary was the feeling of cosiness it provokes. I wouldn’t say the book has a small town feeling into it, but it certainly transports us into a different reality and a relaxed and happy environment. I would love to have a house in Great Diamond Island, which I’ve googled a thousand times after reading the book, and I would certainly love to have the life its inhabitants have.

The fact that Darcy is a single father was another endearing aspect of the book. I have seen books where Elizabeth has children, but it is not usual to see Darcy as a single parent in modern times, and I loved to see how he decided to raise his kid. I was also happy to see that even if his son Jack is present in a great part of the book, and we start to see the proximity Elizabeth develops with him, he doesn’t steel the spotlight from our dear couple.

It was also fun to see a new secondary characters coming into scene because familiar names would appear with a completely different connection to Elizabeth and/or Darcy, and a completely different posture and personality. The reader never knows what to expect when a new character appears, especially because the plot is completely different from canon, which means that familiar characters have a different relevance in the story.

The romance between Darcy and Elizabeth is endearing as this is clearly a slow motion and low angst story, and even if it felt a bit juvenile at times, I loved seeing how this couple helped one another overcome their traumas and slowly grow as a couple. Sanctuary is a three-volume book and I cannot wait to see how the story will progress in the next two volumes. I am convinced the author will deepen the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth as well as their relationship with Jack (Darcy’s son), but I also believe we will also see them overcome some obstacles to find their HEA, and I am very curious to see what is coming in their way and how they will manage it.

Summing up, Sanctuary is a Pride and Prejudice inspired story that takes its time to develop the characters relationships, daily lives and inner struggles. It is a low angst romance with a relaxed and happy vibe that I recommend to readers who are looking for sweet modern story depicting Darcy and Elizabeth.

If you are interested in these type of stories, you may like to know the author is releasing a new novel tomorrow called An Unexpected Harvest. The book is a city girl/small-town boy romance and I must confess I absolutely love these stories! I’m not even sure if I’ll read Sanctuary: Volume 2 first, or An Unexpected Harvest…decisions, decisions 🙂

You can find Sanctuary at:

and on Kindle Unlimited


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Mr. Darcy’s Decision by Juliette Shapiro

One of my goals this year is to read more books that were released prior to 2020, so I decided that Mr. Darcy’s Decision from Juliette Shapiro would be a good option.

In this sequel, Mr. Darcy is happily married to Elizabeth, but Wickham and Lydia will once more cause havoc precipitating some controversial decisions from everyone, but particularly from Mr. Darcy.

The book begins with a description of the events that took place in Pride & Prejudice and it’s slow pace along with the page time dedicated to secondary characters, made me feel a little detached from the narrative in the beginning.

As the story progresses, there is less description and more dialogue which makes the book more interesting, however, I still felt that Darcy and Elizabeth where the secondary characters in this story whose focus was spread out among Mrs. Bennet, Lydia, Lady Catherine, Mary, Caroline Bingley etc. I do enjoy books that develop secondary characters, but in Mr. Darcy’s Decision, I felt the attention was too spread out among the characters to allow a true character development. In fact, one of the aspects that I didn’t enjoyed about it was the incoherent attitudes from many of its characters, but especially from Mrs. Bennet who is at first very focused on pleasing Mr. Darcy, and later, has no problems at all in imposing her will upon him by decreeing he raises Wickham’s son as his own.

Mrs. Bennet’s demands are not the passing act of a woman taken by her nerves. In fact, it will become the entire storyline of the book, hence the title,  and that was another aspect I could not enjoy in this story. The plot was neither believable, nor pleasing to me. Lydia is abandoned by Wickham and flees to Longbourn. Mrs. Bennet believes she will be disgraced because she is pregnant, even though she was married, and demands that Mr. Bennet writes to Elizabeth to tell her she and Darcy must receive Lydia at Pemberley, hide her pregnancy and then raise the child as their own. Elizabeth shares that with Mr. Darcy and he accepts to pretend the child is his own. I will not reveal how the rest of the story progresses because I don’t want to give any more spoilers, but I must say I was also extremely disappointed with the resolution of the conflict in the story. The villain’s redemption seemed sudden and arrived without anything triggering it, making me feel the entire story didn’t have any meaning apart from showing how altruistic Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth can be by taking that decision.

Because the story was solely focused on Darcy’s Decision to take Wickham’s child as his own, the appearance of the secondary characters seemed a bit forced with too many comings and goings at Pemberley. Everyone seemed to find their way into Pemberley: the Gardiners, the Bennet’s, the Bindley’s, the Collins’s, Lady Catherine, etc., and all of this was not very believable in my point of view either.

I also didn’t like all the dynamics surrounding Lady Catherine’s character, from her behaviour at Pemberley, to her tutelage of Mary Bennet, her dismissal and then forgiveness of the Collin’s and finally her friendship with Caroline Bingley seemed either unnecessary, or out of character.

I really wanted to like Mr. Darcy’s Decision, but unfortunately, it was not my cup of tea. Because it is a sequel, and we do see how our beloved characters’ lives progress and witness as the remaining Bennet sisters find their happiness, I think some readers will still enjoy it, but this one was not to my taste.


Audiobook Narration:

Kitty Bennet’s Level

Unfortunately I cannot recommend the audiobook version of Mr. Darcy’s Decision, it is one of the worse I’ve heard and I believe it may even have affected my enjoyment of the story. Many of the voices portrayed by Polly Lee are mechanical and monotone, and for Darcy’s character, that made him sound as a machine without any feelings whatsoever. Lady Catherine’s voice was interesting and I did like that, but it was not enough to make me enjoy the rest of the narration.


You can find Mr. Darcy’s Decision at:

 and on Audible


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Fitzwilliam Darcy, in His Own Words by Shannon Winslow – Excerpt

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope this week is starting well for all of you. Mine has been terrific, I know it’s only been one day and I probably should not jinx it but I’m finally back in the office, and it feels really good to be back to a routine and to see all my colleagues, well…some of them anyway 🙂

I am also very happy to start the week with Shannon Winslow visiting From Pemberley to Milton as she is an author I truly admire. In case you haven’t noticed, she has released a new book called Fitzwilliam Darcy, in His Own Words, and this retelling is not only a different POV story, but it also brings new characters and plot twists always under Mr. Darcy’s perspective, so I believe this is something you will all enjoy. 

Now, I cannot ask you to read the excerpt we are sharing today without mentioning the cover. OMG, isn’t it beautiful!!! You know I am a sucker for covers, and this one is just terrific! I absolutely love it! Congratulations on such a beautiful cover and on this new release Shannon, and thank you so much for visiting us today 🙂



Thanks so much, Rita, for welcoming me to From Pemberley to Milton again to share a bit about my new novel: Fitzwilliam Darcy in His Own Words!

This is the first time I’ve written a Pride and Prejudice book that completely overlaps the original, and so it presented an entirely new set of pleasures and challenges. The greatest pleasure was to experience my favorite story all over again, almost like for the first time, because it was through fresh eyes: Darcy’s. The new challenge was deciding how much and which bits of the original dialogue to include, and how precisely to quote it.

The excerpt I’ve chosen for you today is a good example. Although there’s no point in repeating everything in P&P word-for-word, we certainly can’t have Darcy’s first meeting with Elizabeth at the Meryton Assembly without the infamous “She is tolerable, I suppose” statement. So the question is, how much of the rest is essential?

Since Darcy is relating the story in His Own Words, it’s ultimately his decision! He shares the actions and snatches of dialogue he believes are important and necessary, along with his perceptions and thoughts at the time. Of course his perceptions of what’s going on are rather different from Elizabeth’s, which is kind of the point!

You can’t fully understand a complex love story if you only hear one side of it, can you? So that was my focus – not reiterating what we already knew (Elizabeth’s perspective) but filling in what was missing: the other side of the story. In Fitzwilliam Darcy in His Own Words, therefore, you’ll find some but not every bit of delightful dialogue Jane Austen wrote in her original novel, some but not every one of her perfectly turned phrases. Instead, you’ll find a rich mixture of the original and the supplement to it.

I hope you will enjoy reading the book as much as I did writing it! To whet your appetite, here’s a bit of the Meryton assembly – Darcy’s version:


Now, however, I come to the most infamous portion of the evening, notorious both for my ill-considered behavior and for its unanticipated and lasting effects. In Bingley’s determination to engage my interest in what the assembly had to offer, he drew my attention to another young lady.

“There is one of Miss Bennet’s sisters sitting down just behind you, who is very pretty, and I dare say, very agreeable.”

“Which do you mean?” I asked, turning round to see for myself. The dark-haired young woman to whom Bingley had referred was indeed reasonably pretty, I decided, at least to a certain taste. She had a cherubic face set with chestnut eyes that sparkled like jewels. I had in fact noticed her before, her light figure and gracefulness of movement as she danced earning my mild approbation at the time. Still, I observed little of fashion or manner to admire in her.

Meanwhile, Bingley had continued. “Is it not a shame – a clear injustice, even – to see so fair a lady sitting down in want of a partner? Now, be reasonable, Darcy. Do let me ask Miss Bennet to introduce you, so that you may invite her to dance.”

I was unlikely to allow myself to be goaded into doing something I had already decided against for good reason. And when I momentarily caught the lady’s eye, it hardened my resolve, for she seemed to be laughing at me, or perhaps it was a look of challenge. Neither sat well with me. In that instant, I realized that she must have been over listening our conversation as well. She had heard Bingley’s compliments to herself and his offer to me of an introduction. Just as her friends and neighbors about us had already judged me that night, this Miss Bennet was now waiting to hear and to criticize whatever I might say.

So, allowing my distain to show, I withdrew my eye and gave her something to hear that she would not like. “She is tolerable,” I began in a tone of hauteur, “but not handsome enough to tempt me; and I am in no humor at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men.”

It was entirely true. It was also unforgivably rude, of course, and no matter what the circumstances, a gentleman should never be that. My conscience smote me at once and repeatedly thereafter, both for my questionable assumptions about the young lady and for my childish response. However, I was hardly so repentant as to not resent Bingley’s provoking me to act in such a way, to act against my own principles.

As for the lady I had supposedly injured, however, I could not detect that she suffered one jot for what I had said. In fact, she could not seem to suppress her merriment at being so well entertained. When she presently left her seat and walked by, she gave me a look – such a look! – and a saucy smile to be sure I knew she had heard me and did not care. Next, she went to her friends, who all then seemed to be laughing with her, looking at me and enjoying a good joke at my expense. I could have been wrong about this assumption as well, but I did not think so.

Consequently, my discomfort grew still more pronounced. I endured the balance of our time at the assembly in a heightened state of mortification, nurturing an overpowering wish that I should never be forced into company with the laughing lady or her friends again.

What was Mr. Darcy’s life like before he met Elizabeth Bennet? – before he stepped onto the Pride and Prejudice stage at the Meryton assembly? More importantly, where is he and what is he doing all the time he’s absent from the page thereafter? And what is his relationship to a woman named Amelia?

With “Fitzwilliam Darcy, in His Own Words,” the iconic literary hero finally tells his own story, from the traumas of his early life to the consummation of his love for Elizabeth and everything in between.

This is not a variation but a supplement to the original story, chronicled in Darcy’s point of view – a behind-the-scenes look at the things Jane Austen didn’t tell us. As it happens, Darcy’s journey was more tortuous than she let on, his happy ending with Elizabeth in jeopardy at every turn in his struggle between duty and his heart’s desire, between the suitable lady he has promised to marry and the woman he can’t stop thinking about.

You can find Fitzwilliam Darcy, in His Own Words at:

on Kindle Unlimited




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Giveaway Winners

Good Afternoon everyone,

I’m super late in announcing the winners of the latest giveaways that took place at From Pemberley to Milton in the last couple of weeks, but hopefully I’m still on time to bring good news to three people 🙂

I was really happy to welcome Maria Grace, who joined us with an excerpt of Dragons Beyond the Pale, and M Verant, a new author to this blog who brought us an excerpt of Miss Bennet’s Dragon. I would like to thank both authors for their visit, their patience with me and their generosity! May this year be a great one for dragons 🙂

I will also take this opportunity to announce the winner of my April Book Mail Giveaway. Thank you all for participating here on the blog and on Facebook 🙂 I hope to see you all on the next Book Mail Giveaway 🙂

Without further ado the winners are:

Dragons Beyond the Pale

*** Luthien84***

Miss Bennet’s Dragon

*** Sheilalmajczan***

April Book Mail Giveaway

*** Jennifer Redlarczyk***

Congratulations ladies! As always, can you please contact me throught e-mail ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so your prize may be sent to you? Please provide me with the email address to which the book may be sent to you, and the Amazon store in which you have an account.

Happy Reading everyone!


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Faults of Understanding by Jennifer Altman – Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

How have you been? I am happy to say that I am finally over my reading slumber and I am back to daily reading 🙂

Today I bring to you an excerpt from a book that I haven’t read yet, but that seems absolutely marvellous! I am talking about Faults of Understanding, Jennifer Altman’s second novel which will be released on May 27th. 

The excerpt she brings us today depicts Darcy’s proposal and I couldn’t think of a better scene to have here at From Pemberley to Milton. 

Thank you so much for visiting Jennifer, and best of luck with your new book 🙂



Hi Rita! Thank you for hosting the fourth stop on my blog tour for my upcoming release, Faults of Understanding. If you’ve been following the tour, you may have already read the prologue and the beginning of Chapter 1, but today I thought I’d skip ahead a bit with an excerpt from Chapter 2, featuring Darcy’s proposal. 🙂 But just to catch you up, if you haven’t already read my previous excerpts: Darcy learns at the Netherfield ball that Mr. Collins is planning to make an offer of marriage to Elizabeth Bennet and decides to pre-empt him with a proposal of his own. Prior to the excerpt below, he has already visited Mr. Bennet, and Mr. Bennet has communicated Darcy’s intentions to Elizabeth. This scene begins shortly thereafter. 




An hour later, Elizabeth was no closer to a solution to her conundrum about Mr. Darcy when she made her reluctant return to Longbourn. This was an unfortunate occurrence, as she had no sooner entered the lane that led to the house when she became aware of a tall black stallion approaching from the opposite direction. Dread twisted her stomach as she recognized the rider, but she grudgingly halted her steps, waiting as the horse drew near. 

When he gained the drive, Mr. Darcy neatly dismounted, leading his horse the remainder of the way before removing his hat and offering her a formal bow.

“Mr. Darcy,” Elizabeth murmured.

“Miss Elizabeth.” 

The two stood in silence for several minutes before Darcy continued, “I trust your father has spoken with you?”

“He has, sir.”

Darcy nodded, and Elizabeth watched as he shifted his hat from one hand to another. 

“I had thought we might take some time to discuss my proposition. Shall we return to the house? Or a walk, perhaps?

Elizabeth hesitated. She would greatly prefer to speak with Mr. Darcy outside, where they might be assured of more privacy, but she had already been gone for some time. Besides, she was confident that Mr. Darcy would also prefer to speak outside the house, and a certain perverseness made her not want to make things any easier on him.

“You may accompany me back to Longbourn if you wish. I am sure my father will not object to our making use of his book room.”

Darcy nodded, his expression pained, and they moved into the yard. One of the grooms approached to take the horse, and Elizabeth led Mr. Darcy through the gardens to the side entrance she had used earlier. She was not surprised when her father met them in the corridor, having seen them approaching from the window. After briefly informing Elizabeth that her mother and sisters remained above stairs, and that Mr. Collins was still out, he ushered them into his library with a wry smile before quitting the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Elizabeth took a seat by the window, folding her hands demurely in her lap and watching as Mr. Darcy paced about the room, finally coming to stand several feet away.

“Your father has shown you the papers I drew up?” he inquired abruptly.

“He has, sir,” Elizabeth answered before adding, “I suppose I should thank you. The settlement you proposed was very generous.”

Darcy dismissed her words with a wave of his hand. “It is no more than you deserve. There is very little I would be unable or unwilling to provide you with, once we are married, but if there is anything in particular you would like outlined in the articles, you need only ask.”

Elizabeth murmured her thanks, and the room grew quiet.

 “No doubt you were surprised by my intentions,” Darcy eventually stated.

“Indeed. I was quite astounded.”

“Yes. I must beg your pardon for taking you unawares. Given the disparity in our stations, I can see that this must come as a shock. In truth, I had not made up my mind to offer for you until last night.” 

Elizabeth could feel the heat building in her cheeks, but she somehow managed to answer serenely, “Disparity? Forgive me, I do not understand. You are a gentleman, and I am a gentleman’s daughter. So far as I can see, we are equal.”

Across from her, Darcy’s eyebrows lifted. He opened his mouth and closed it again several times, before finally saying, “I beg your pardon. What I meant to say is that it would not have been appropriate to give rise to expectations by showing any partiality to you before such a time as I had determined to pay my addresses. However, when I came to understand that an offer of marriage was soon to be made to you by Mr. Collins, I knew I must act with all due haste.”

“I see. And pray, tell me, Mr. Darcy, what concern is it of yours whether I should marry my cousin, or any other gentleman for that matter?”

Elizabeth watched as Darcy’s entire body stiffened. “I had the misfortune of spending almost twenty minutes in conversation with Collins last evening, and it took less than five of those minutes to know that it would be a degradation for you to wed such a man! He is not your equal in intelligence or wit, and I must add that his lack of decorum was truly shocking. You are his superior in every way. I do not believe your cousin could ever make you happy, nor give you the life you deserve. Marriage to him would be a misery for you!”

Despite her intention to remain detached, Elizabeth’s eyes grew wide at Darcy’s impassioned speech. Could it be that the gentleman had formed some sort of attachment to her after all? Elizabeth flushed at the thought. To keep herself from dwelling on such a notion, she responded in a way she knew must provoke him further. 

“Nevertheless, he would be a prudent match for me.”

For a moment, Mr. Darcy looked physically ill, before his expression softened and he leaned forward, addressing her earnestly, “Aye. And that is why I knew I must speak. I am aware that your father’s estate is entailed upon your cousin, and as such, you may feel it would be pragmatic to accept him, for the sake of all your family. But now you see, you have another way. I know I cannot give you Longbourn, but should you agree to marry me, your family will always be provided for. On this, I give you my word.”

Elizabeth shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She had promised her father she would not make any hasty decisions regarding Mr. Darcy’s offer, but she could not in good conscience allow him to continue if his sole motive was to save her from a marriage to her cousin. 

“Mr. Darcy, I thank you for your concern for my welfare, however, you may rest easy, sir. I have already decided I will not be accepting my cousin’s proposal of marriage, should he see fit to make one. So you need not worry for my future, and as such, you should feel under no further obligation to me. You have made me no formal offer, and I understand that you will have no wish to make your addresses now. We may both continue on as we were before.”

Darcy’s thick brows drew together, and he studied her for a moment before he spoke. 

“While I am gratified to know you have decided against attaching yourself to your cousin, pray, allow me to correct your misapprehension as to my desires. I have no wish to withdraw my offer. I have made my intentions known to your father, and it would be dishonorable to back out now. However, you are correct that no formal address has been made. I hope you will allow me to correct this oversight.” 

To Elizabeth’s horror, he dropped to one knee, taking up her hand. “Miss Elizabeth, will you do me the courtesy of becoming my wife?”

An unexpected jolt traveled up Elizabeth’s arm at the warmth of Mr. Darcy’s fingers on her ungloved hand. Quickly, she stood, breaking their connection and forcing Mr. Darcy to rise. Pacing several steps away, Elizabeth stared through the mullioned glass before turning back to face her unexpected suitor.

“Mr. Darcy, I hope you do not think I spoke in such a way to entreat you to make your proposal. I was in earnest when I offered to forget the entire situation.” 

“I am well aware of your intentions.”

“Then you are saying you still wish to marry me?”

“I do.”

Exasperated, Elizabeth threw up her hands. “But why? I have already told you I do not intend to marry my cousin and that I have no expectations of you!”

Mr. Darcy’s eyes widened, clearly taken aback by her outburst. 

“Is it so surprising that I would wish to marry you?”

At such a remarkable question, Elizabeth could not help quirking one eyebrow in surprise. “I believe I have already stated as much. And as you can no longer claim Mr. Collins as your motive, I should like to know why you would wish to make me your wife. We have scarcely known each other a month, and as you have so helpfully stated, we are not of the same circles.”

“Yes, of course you are correct. And while I realize our acquaintance has been of a brief duration, I assure you, I have given this matter a great deal of thought. We get on satisfactorily. We are well matched in intelligence, if not in temperament. I believe you would be an admirable mistress for my estate, and a worthy example to my sister. Are these not all respectable reasons to marry?”

Elizabeth released a frustrated sigh. This was not going at all as she had planned. 

“Yes, I suppose they are. But you must wish for something beyond all that? Certainly, you could find someone more… more…” Her voice faltered and she drew a breath before changing tactics. “In any case, I was under the impression that you were already promised. Are you not betrothed to your own cousin?” she asked archly.

“My cousin?” Darcy repeated.

“Yes, Miss de Bourgh. I believe she will have a very large fortune, and that it is the wish of both your families that you unite your two estates.”

Inexplicably, Darcy’s lips tightened as he ground out, “I am not engaged to Anne. And you would do well to avoid listening to idle gossip.”

Elizabeth looked away in embarrassment. He was right, of course. But before she could formulate an adequate apology, Mr. Darcy continued in a gentler tone, “It is true that when my cousin and I were children, our mothers spoke of our one day growing up to marry, but it was merely an idle wish. It was never anything more than that. Had my matrimonial interest veered in that direction, I assure you, Anne and I would have wed some time ago.” 

Elizabeth nodded. “Very well. I accept your assertion that you are not promised to Miss de Bourgh; however, I am still not convinced I would make you a good wife.” 

Darcy looked momentarily startled, but answered smoothly, “Is this your only objection? If it is my feelings you are worried for, I have already told you it is my belief that you would suit me quite well. However, if I can say anything further to put your mind at ease, I am happy to do so.” 

Elizabeth paced to the window, drawing back the curtain. Once again gazing out into the garden, she attempted to bring order to her jumbled thoughts. She did not know how long she stood there before she felt the light press of a hand upon her shoulder and heard Mr. Darcy’s deep baritone speaking softly in her ear.

“You must know that I will treat you with kindness, Miss Elizabeth. I realize I am asking you to take a leap of faith, but I promise you will want for nothing. Whatever is in my power to give, you shall have.”

Elizabeth turned away from the glass and gazed up into Mr. Darcy’s warm brown eyes. He stared back at her, and Elizabeth saw a host of emotions written across his features. Without conscious thought, her eyes dropped to his lips, which were full and looked surprisingly soft. Before she knew what she was about, she heard herself speaking the question that was at the forefront of her mind.

“You would want a child, I imagine. A son and heir for your estate.”

She could see him start, but after a brief hesitation, he answered carefully, “Pemberley is not entailed, so if we do not have a son, a daughter may inherit. And if for some reason we are not blessed with children, the estate would pass to my sister’s offspring. But to answer your question: Yes, I do want children. Not for the purposes of the estate, but because I would wish to have a family one day.”

Elizabeth turned away, surprised by how strongly both his words and the tenderness of his gaze had affected her. At her back, she heard Darcy clear his throat.

“Do you not… that is… are you not fond of children?”

“Oh, no. I am very fond of children,” she answered, shifting to face him again.

Darcy nodded, appearing somewhat uncertain. “Good. That is… good. I am glad to hear it.”

Elizabeth stepped away, crossing to the far side of the room. If she was going to maintain her composure, she needed to put some distance between them. Darcy followed her with his eyes, but remained standing where he was. 

Clearing her throat, Elizabeth began, “There is one more matter I think it imperative that we discuss. What have you to say of Mr. Wickham?”

At the mention of Wickham’s name, Mr. Darcy’s spine stiffened and his countenance, which had been so animated only a moment ago, turned cold. 

“I have nothing whatsoever to say on the subject of that gentleman. What has he to do with this?”

Elizabeth lifted her chin. “I believe he has everything to do with this. Your ill treatment of him speaks to your character.”

“My ill treatment?” Darcy virtually spat, crossing the floor in quick steps before turning back and pacing in the opposite direction. When he finally stopped in front of her, his eyes were hard and his voice when he spoke had a frosty edge. “As I have already stated once, you would do well not to believe everything you hear. There are, after all, two sides to every story.”

“Very well. Then I am willing to listen to yours.”

Darcy was silent, but Elizabeth could see the tic of a muscle in his jaw.

“I see,” Elizabeth eventually answered. 

“If you are hoping for a proposal from him,” Mr. Darcy said darkly, “you are bound to be disappointed. Wickham will marry a woman of means, if he marries at all.”

“And whose fault is that?” Elizabeth cried. “You are the one who has reduced him to his present circumstances. Had you provided him with the living promised in your father’s will, he would not be forced to live in comparable poverty even now. It is because of you that Mr. Wickham cannot marry where he chooses.”

“Is that what he told you?” Darcy turned away, muttering under his breath, “Good God. The man will stop at nothing to blacken my name.” When he moved to face her again, Elizabeth could see him struggling to regain control of his emotions. 

“I cannot divulge all of my dealings with Wickham, as there are others who would be harmed by my disclosures. However, I can tell you that Mr. Wickham lies as easily as he breathes. The living in question was rejected by him. Instead, he requested monetary compensation, as he did not think himself suited to the church—a sentiment with which I whole-heartedly agreed—and instead I paid him three thousand pounds, in lieu of the living. This was in addition to the one thousand pounds left him by my father. So, if Mr. Wickham currently finds himself in precarious financial circumstances, you might ask yourself why that is.”

Elizabeth stared back at Mr. Darcy, fully feeling the shock of his declaration and the humiliation of her misplaced conviction. When she did not speak, Darcy continued, “If you doubt my words, I can summon more than one witness to speak to their veracity. I assure you, Mr. Wickham cannot say the same.”

“No,” she murmured, a flush warming her cheeks, “that will not be necessary. I believe you.”

In an instant, Darcy’s expression softened, and his anger seemed to dissipate as quickly as it had come. 

“I beg your pardon. It was not my intention to cause you distress. But I am glad to have had an opportunity to speak to you on this matter. I hope you will heed my warning and stay far away from Mr. Wickham. He is not an honorable man.”

Elizabeth offered him a shaky nod before saying, “You have given me much to think about, Mr. Darcy, and I hope you understand that I can give you no answer today. I must first speak to my cousin, and then I would like some time to consider the matter. This has all been rather… sudden.”

“Of course,” Darcy answered quickly. “I will importune you no further. But I hope you will permit me to call on you tomorrow?”

Elizabeth nodded, and Darcy bowed slightly at the waist before turning towards the door, but Elizabeth’s voice halted his progress.

“You will remain at Netherfield, then?” she asked.

Darcy turned. “I will. Bingley has been kind enough to allow me the use of the house for as long as I should require it.”

“Then it is true… that he has left the neighborhood? My sister had a letter from Miss Bingley earlier today.”

“Yes, I believe he had some business in Town.”

“And… will he return? When his business is concluded?”

Darcy shrugged. “With Bingley, it is hard to say. His sisters, I know, would prefer to remain in London, and Bingley is always happiest wherever he is—as I think he remarked once when we were together at Netherfield.”

Elizabeth nodded slowly, and with another bow, Darcy quit the room, leaving her with much to ponder about the man she was so certain she despised.


I hope you enjoyed that little sneak peek! The book releases one week from today, on May 27th, but the ebook is available for pre-order now:


“I have faults enough, but they are not, I hope, of understanding.” – Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice


When Fitzwilliam Darcy makes an impetuous offer of marriage to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, he is convinced they have as good a chance as any for a harmonious life together. That is, until an overheard conversation changes everything, and Darcy realizes he is now joined in perpetuity to a woman who loathes the very sight of him.

Elizabeth Bennet’s expectations for matrimonial accord were never very high, having accepted Mr. Darcy’s proposal in a fit of pique, not love. Still, she is determined to make the best of her situation, despite having tied herself to such an arrogant, disagreeable man. 

But life at Pemberley is not at all what she imagined, and Elizabeth soon finds herself with more questions than answers about the enigmatic gentleman she agreed to wed.

Trapped in a marriage founded on misunderstandings, Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy struggle with deepening attraction while confronting self-doubt and old betrayals. But is love enough to heal the wounds of the past? What will it take for two people bound by duty to find their way home to one another?

JenniferAltman_Faults of Understanding_FINAL_COVER




You can find Faults of Understanding on pre-order at:






Jennifer Altman is a novelist, an anglophile, and a lover of all things Regency. After a long career in the television industry, Jennifer shifted to book publishing in 2016. She currently works in the corporate division of a large publishing company. Jennifer makes her home just outside New York City, where she lives in a compact apartment with a considerable collection of books. When she’s not writing, Jennifer can be found reading, watching British period dramas, and not cleaning her house. Her debut novel, To Conquer Pride, released in 2018.

NEW blog tour

The blog tour is almost over, but you can sill go back and read all the wonderful informations Jennifer Altman has released so far 🙂

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As part of my blog tour, Jennifer Altman will be giving away one copy of the ebook. To enter the drawing, simply comment below. The winner will be chosen on May 27th

Good Luck everyone!



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