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The Pilgrim – Cover Reveal

Hello dear readers,

How are you today? I am very happy because today I get to publish one of my favourite type of posts. Guess what? It’s cover reveal day!

I am even happier because the person who designed the cover we are revealing today is Janet Taylor, and I’m sure you know by now that I am a big fan of her work. She is incredibly talented and her covers are always classy, designed with superb taste, and always reveal small details about the story in them, which I consider a plus in a cover.

Today we are revealing the cover for Don Jacobson’s The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion which has just been released for pre-sale today, so if you are a fan of Don’s wonderful work, you can pre-order it asap on Amazon.

Before actually revealing the cover, we would like to share a little insight of the story and give you some more information about the cover.



“My life has been very much like an unfinished painting. The artist comes to the portrait day-after-day to splash daubs of color onto bare canvas, filling in the blanks of my story. Thus grows the likeness, imperfect as it may be, which you see today.”

                                          Lydia Fitzwilliam, Countess of Matlock, letter to her sister

                                                         Elizabeth Bennet Darcy, March 14, 1831.


Does it matter how a man fills out his regimentals? Miss Austen never considered that query. Yet, this question marks the beginning of an education…and the longest life…in the Bennet Wardrobe saga.

Lydia Bennet, Longbourn’s most wayward daughter, embarks on her quest in The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion. This biography reveals how the Wardrobe helps young Mrs. Wickham learn that honor and bravery grow not from the color of the uniform—or the gender of its wearer—but rather from the contents of the heart.

In the process, she realizes that she must be broken and repaired, as if by a kintsugi master potter, to become the most useful player in the Bennet Wardrobe’s great drama.

The Pilgrim explores questions of love, loss, pain, worry, and perserverance. All of these are brought to bear as one of the silliest girls in England grows into the Dowager Countess., a legend within the Five Families.

This 151,000-word novel is the seventh, and next-to-last, volume in the Bennet Wardrobe Series. Each book along the way has revealed more about how the mysterious Wardrobe has led Miss Austen’s Bennets to learn that which they need in order to take part in its ultimate mission.

As Mirta Ines Trupp, author of The Meyersons of Meryton notes:

Multifaceted and nuanced, The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion, speaks to the verities of life. Once again, Don Jacobson has combined the essence of Pride and Prejudice with an esoteric story line and the universal themes of redemption and forgiveness in this well-crafted narrative.”

The cover design by Janet Taylor offers readers insights into the great themes which run through the life of the young woman who has to pass through many veils to arrive at that place where she has learned that which she needs.

The band of roses across the bottom bears particular significance—the three roses with tears—as Lydia and the readers experience love and loss. Those who obtain a copy of the paperbound book will discover even more important iconography…the spine roses (also weeping), the kintsugi cup, the overarching presence of the Wardrobe, and the ribbon and music…that brings the visual and the word together.

Perhaps, though, the most powerful representation of Lydia’s long pilgrimage as she passes through the Wardrobe’s Universe is Maxim Vorobiev’s Oak Fractured by Lightning. Here the artist offers a visual metaphor for the ineffable loss he experienced in his life. Lydia is broken and reconstructed after facing trials of similar potency.


Are you ready for the cover revea of  The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion? We’ve been talking about it, but now it is time for you to be the judge 🙂


What do you think of this cover? Isn’t it beautiful and proof of an excelent taste? Janet Taylor never dissapoints, and in my opinion the roses across the bottom do  give it a very beautiful touch.

But as you know, for me the back covers are just as important as the front covers, so I have to share the full cover with you so you may observe all the details!

What do you think about it? It made me very intrigued because there is something dark and profound about it. As this is never how I imagine Lydia to be, I believe this book must bring another layer to her character, which makes me want to read it.

If you want to know more about the Wardrobe series, please follow Don Jacobson and check his amazon page 🙂 His books are truly wonderful and well built so they definitely deserve your attention. 

As mentioned before this book is now available for pre-order and will be delivered to your kindle on September 10th.



Don Jacobson has written professionally for forty years. His output has ranged from news and features to advertising, television and radio. His work has been nominated for Emmys and other awards. He has previously published five books, all non-fiction. In 2016, he published the first volume of The Bennet Wardrobe SeriesThe Keeper: Mary Bennet’s Extraordinary Journey, novel that grew from two earlier novellas. The Exile is the second volume of The Bennet Wardrobe Series. Other JAFF P&P Variations include the paired books Of Fortune’s Reversaland The Maid and The Footman.”

Jacobson holds an advanced degree in History with a specialty in American Foreign Relations. As a college instructor, Don teaches United States History, World History, the History of Western Civilization and Research Writing.

He is a member of JASNA-Puget Sound. Likewise, Don is a member of the Austen Authors collective (see the internet, Facebook and Twitter).

He lives in the Seattle, WA area with his wife and co-author, Pam, a woman Ms. Austen would have been hard-pressed to categorize, and their rather assertive four-and-twenty pound cat, Bear. Besides thoroughly immersing himself in the JAFF world, Don also enjoys cooking; dining out, fine wine and well-aged scotch whiskey.

His other passion is cycling. Most days from April through October will find him “putting in the miles” around the Seattle area (yes there are hills). He has ridden several “centuries” (100 mile days). Don is especially proud that he successfully completed the AIDS Ride—Midwest (500 miles from Minneapolis to Chicago) and the Make-A-Wish Miracle Ride (300 miles from Traverse City, MI to Brooklyn, MI).


Contact Info:

Don Jacobson’s Amazon Author’s Page

Goodreads Author’s Page (with blog)

Author Website (with blog)

Twitter (@AustenesqueAuth)




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A Sister’s Curse – Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend and that you are ready for another week. At From Pemberley to Milton I’m happy to start this week by welcoming Jayne Bamber who is here with a guest post about A Sister’s Curse which will be released tomorrow. The book is already available for pre-order, so check it out 🙂

In the meantime I hope you all join me in welcoming Ms. Bamber to From Pemberley to Milton and that you all find this guest post as exciting as I did 🙂

It’s great to be back at From Pemberley to Milton to talk about my new release, A Sister’s Curse, and I’m excited to share another excerpt with you all.

I’ll be introducing one of my favorite small characters in the story, Lady Eleanor – the matriarch of the Fitzwilliam family and reliable provider of sassy wisdom. Before I do, I thought I would give you just a little taste of the dowager countess by counting down some of her snarkiest moments, and celebrating some of the sassy grandmothers in TV and film that have inspired me.


So here are my favorite moments with Lady Eleanor Fitzwilliam, the Dowager Countess of Matlock…


“Our lady grandmother told me that Mr. Collins was to go and tour one of Sir Edward’s warehouses… she quite looked as if Mr. Collins had just taken the Tennis Court Oath.”



“You must never apologize for agreeing with me, my dear.”



There were footfalls on the garden terrace, and then the clink of Lady Eleanor’s cane. “So, this is where we come to speak the perfectly obvious? What a novelty!”


The dowager countess harrumphed. “Yes, well, I worry about all thirteen-year-old girls. It is a difficult age!”


Lady Eleanor groaned and slapped Elizabeth on the wrist. “Look at me, child! If you say one word about the curse again, I am sure I shall get up out of this bed and throttle you myself.”



“She was frightened by something in the middle of the night – and I do not think it was what she was reading in the library.”


“As you have chosen to hold your conversation in my sick room, I had inferred you might want my opinion on the matter.”



“Upon my word, you young people take everything so seriously nowadays. Every courtship is a Greek tragedy! I blame all the mania of novel-reading.”



“Well, I do agree you ought not get up to mischief of that sort in the middle of the night – though it is how I caught my late husband – at any rate, best not to make a habit out of it.”



“Yes, well!” The dowager countess punctuated herself with a firm stomp of her cane the carpet. “I shall spare these knuckleheads the trouble of repeating themselves – the last thing on earth I think any of us could bear.”



“Catherine, shut up,” the dowager countess sighed. “You give me such headaches.”



“William said that, did he? Well, I am glad it appears I have not waited so long in vain for him to exhibit some good sense.”



“I, for one, am perfectly willing to behave as one should when one is a guest in another person’s home.”



“They say he propositions every lady he dances with and I wanted to see if it was true.” Lady Eleanor reached over and stomped the walking stick that had been leaning against her chair. “It is not.”

As you can see, I’ve grown pretty attached to the dowager countess, and I think you will too as she berates the rest of her family into better harmony in A Sister’s Curse. In the excerpt below, we see her first meeting with Edward Gardiner, and it’s the beginning of a very cheeky and affectionate friendship.



Mr. Gardiner was accosted by an elegantly attired woman in her mid-sixties, who waved her cane at him as she exited the manor and approached a very grand carriage in front drive at Pemberley. He tipped his hat. “Good day, madam,” he said, still feeling half mad with grief.

“That is not what I hear,” she quipped with a sympathetic turn of her countenance. “I am Lady Eleanor Fitzwilliam, Dowager Countess of Matlock – Lady Anne’s mother. You must be Mr. Gardiner, I presume. You have my condolences, sir. Indeed, I have just been paying them to your dear sister.”

Mr. Gardiner was in too great a state of bewilderment already to form any rational reply to this new, surprising development. The dowager waited a moment before realizing no response would be forthcoming. “Well,” she said, stepping forward to clasp his hand in hers, “I have heard a great deal about you from your sister, and I look forward to coming to know you better through Phyllis, as your sister and I grow better acquainted ourselves.”

“Indeed?” Mr. Gardiner could only gape at the dowager, unable to express that he had not the pleasure of understanding her at all.

“Oh yes, my daughter Catherine sorted it all out before she left for Kent, a record success even for her. You see, young man, my last companion experienced the most perverse inclination to accept a proposal of marriage! I have not the least intention of moldering away all summer at the dower house by myself, and when your sister is recovered from her injuries, she will take up the position as my new companion. Perhaps we will go to Bath, or to Brighton. She is a lovely girl, and I do hope you are not unwilling to part with her.”

Mr. Gardiner had scarcely absorbed any of the lady’s information, but nodded anyhow.

“Well,” the dowager continued with a good-humored smile, “I can well understand your being reticent on a day like today, but another time I should like to speak with you further, as I have heard nothing but your praise every time I speak with dear Phyllis. You will call on me before you return to London, at the dower house at Matlock. Then you must visit, of course, once Phyllis is all settled in. How snug we shall be, when we are not traveling about. Oh! And here I am, you poor man, being overpowering, as my daughters would say. I shall leave you in peace now, but I shall be expecting that visit.”

Mr. Gardiner felt as if he was watching through thick fog as the dowager countess was handed into her carriage, which quickly sped down the driveway, and he did not stir until it was long out of sight. Only then did it strike him that somehow, in the last three days, his sister had agreed to become the dowager’s companion, without even mentioning it to him. “What is to become of those poor girls,” he groaned.

And then he saw them. Perhaps fifty yards distant, Lady Anne and her brother the earl were walking on the lawn with his nieces. Lady Anne held Mary in her arms as little Lizzy ambled along at her side, and a boy of ten or eleven was pushing little Jane in the bath chair Lady Anne had procured the previous day. It had been brought to the house for Phyllis’s use, and how tiny Jane looked in it! Mr. Gardiner could not help but give a little smile at the sight of it.

Lady Anne caught sight of Mr. Gardiner, and raised her free hand to wave at him, motioning for him to join them. He hesitated, still overwhelmed by all that had transpired that morning, but just alert enough to be sensible of the fact that he could not possibly hold a rational conversation with his hostess. She waved again, and this time was joined by the earl – Mr. Gardiner sighed, knowing he could not demur.

He took every step towards them with deliberation, struggling to recollect himself. He had buried one sister, lost the other, and had his heart broken all in the space of one morning, and after his encounter with the dowager countess, his capacity to speak with so many noble near-strangers was waning. Attempting to conceal his pain and confusion, he scooped little Lizzy into his arms as he joined their happy grouping.



Thanks for stopping by to check out this stop on my blog tour! I will be sharing more excerpts throughout the coming weeks, and there will be a chance to enter the giveaway each time! Happy reading, everyone!



Two families from very different situations in life are linked forever after a fatal accident on the Great North Road. This tragedy breeds years of sorrow and misunderstanding as well as prosperity and even romance in an emotional coming of age tale not only for Elizabeth Bennet, but for her sisters, and even the adults who let them down.

For nearly two decades, Edward Gardiner is haunted by the difficult decisions he has made. Lady Anne Darcy must bear all the guilt and delight of being granted her heart’s desire… at a price. The Fitzwilliam family has motives and misgivings of their own as the Earl of Matlock tries to keep them all together, right the wrongs of the past, and pave the way for the next generation.

Fitzwilliam Darcy realizes too late what it means to be a brother, and is faced with a parts of his past he regrets, just as his desire to protect the family he loves leads him back to the woman he was destined to love the most… a woman who despises him.

Elizabeth Bennet struggles through the turbulence of adolescence, her judgement clouded by past trauma and the complicated dynamics of her extended family. Secrets are revealed and re-examined as she is forced to come to terms with the truth of her past and the promise of her future, in a family bound together by heartbreak.

You can find it at:


Jayne is kindly offering an ebook giveaway of A Sister’s Curse during her blog tour.  To enter the giveaway click on the following rafflecopter link and good luck!!!


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The Giveaway Winners are…

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope you’re having a lovely week!

Today I’m happy to announce the winner of Mrs. Collins’ Lover, a regency novel which has been released just two weeks ago by author Bronwen Chisholm.

It was the first time I hosted Mrs. Chisholm at From Pemberley to Milton and it was a please to receive such a nice and patient author. I would like to thank her for her wonderful post and generosity towards my readers! Mrs. Chisholm brought an ebook copy of Mrs. Collins’ Lover to offer to one of my readers and today I am very happy to announce that the randomly selected winner is:


Mrs. Collins’ Lover

*** Pam Hunter ***

Congratulations Pam! I hope you enjoy this book 🙂 Can you please contact me through e-mail ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com and provide me your address so that the book can be sent to you?

Happy Reading!


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A Lady’s Reputation – Guest Post & Giveaway

Hello dear readers,

How are you? Today is a national holiday in Portugal so instead of going to the office I got to go to the beach. On normal circumstances I would say that is a preferable option, but it was just as painful because there were literally millions of people at the beach today. I ended up staying for about an hour and read a little but I confess the highlight of my day was seeing A Lady’s Reputation plot on Friends screenshots! Have you ever seen anything like that? This is probably the most creative guest post I have ever hosted and I am very honored that Amy D’Orazio created it for From Pemberley to Milton. Oh, yeah, did I failed to mention that today’s post is part of the Blog Tour for A Lady’s Reputation? It is in fact the last stop in the tour and I’m sure you’ll find this stop worth it 🙂 Enjoy!



Darcy doesn’t actually propose but a bunch of gossip goes around saying that he did.

And Elizabeth doesn’t care. She’s not marrying him, no matter what

But then Lord Saye and Colonel Fitzwilliam convince Darcy to find a way to get her to Pemberley for the summer

And Elizabeth decides to give it a shot

There’s some dancing

And people play games

Of course, its never smooth sailing… someone always comes along to throw a wrench in things

But in the end everything works out

“Mr. Darcy, I am eager to hear your explanation for the fact that quite a few people believe we are engaged.”

It starts with a bit of well-meant advice. Colonel Fitzwilliam suggests to his cousin Darcy that, before he proposes to Elizabeth Bennet in Kent, perhaps he ought to discuss his plans with their families first.

What neither man could have predicted however was that Lord Matlock would write the news to his sister or Viscount Saye would overhear, and tell his friends, or that his friends might slip a little and let their friends know as well. The news spreads just as quickly through Hertfordshire once Mrs Bennet opens the express Mr Bennet receives from Mr Darcy, and in a matter of days, it seems like everyone knows that Mr Darcy has proposed marriage to Elizabeth Bennet.

Everyone, that is, except Elizabeth herself.

Her refusal is quick and definite—until matters of reputation, hers as well as Jane’s, are considered. Then Mr Darcy makes another offer: summer at Pemberley, so that Jane can be reunited with Mr Bingley and so that he can prove to Elizabeth he is not what she thinks of him. Falling in love with him is naturally impossible…but once she knows the man he truly is, will she be able to help herself?




You can find A Lady’s Reputation at:




Today is the last stop of Amy D’Orazio’s blog tour for A Lady’s Reputation, but you can still go back and read the other posts. Here is the schedule if you are interested 🙂


Amy D’Orazio is a long-time devotee of Jane Austen and fiction related to her characters. She began writing her own little stories to amuse herself during hours spent at sports practices and the like and soon discovered a passion for it. By far, however, the thing she loves most is the connections she has made with readers and other writers of Austenesque fiction.

Amy currently lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and daughters, as well as three Jack Russell terriers who often make appearances (in a human form) in her book.

Amy’s other releases include “A Short Period of Exquisite Felicity” and the “The Best Part of Love,” a Readers Choice Gold Medal Winner for 2017. She has also contributed short stories to “Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues,” “Rational Creatures: Stirrings of Feminism in the Hearts of Jane Austen’s Fine Ladies” and “Yuletide: A Jane Austen-inspired Collection of Stories.”



You are encouraged to visit all the stops on the blog tour and comment. Quills & Quartos Publishing will be giving away one $50 Amazon gift card to one enthusiastic follower! You get one point for every blog stop you visit and leave a comment. Good luck!

Good Luck everyone!


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Mrs. Collins’ Lover – Guest Post & Giveaway

Hello dear readers,

I hope you are all well and that it is warmer on your side of the globe then it is in mine. Well, I can’t complain, it is still very warm compared to some northern european countries, but it is not as warm as usual and that leaves me a little concerned. Climate changes are more and more visible and that is something to which I have been paying more attention in the last couple of years. But I digress…I should be taking about literature!

On a more literary topic, I am welcoming Bronwen Chisholm for the first time in From Pemberley to Milton to talk about her book Mrs. Collins’ Lover. I hope this is only the first of many visits from Mrs. Chisholm and that you all make her feel welcome with your comments and kind words 🙂




Hello! I am so pleased to be joining everyone here at From Pemberley to Milton. As many of you know, I have recently released my latest novel, Mrs. Collins’ Lover, and wanted to take a few minutes to sit down and tell you all about it. To begin, I must mention this is my first Christian themed work, though it did not begin that way.

My father was a lay speaker with the United Methodist church and coordinated a prison ministry. His favorite passage was The Prodigal Son. He preached it from every point of view. When he passed in 2014, his wish for his daughters was that we grow closer to God and follow the plans He had for us.

When the idea for this book first came to me, it was from Mr. Bennet’s point of view. The original first two chapters were even written in his voice. My first idea note was:

Mr. Bennet had been ill and it gave him a taste of mortality he did not like. Therefore, when Mr. Collins proposed to Elizabeth, he convinced her to accept. He indicated that, once an heir was born, he would request her presence at Longbourn more frequently so that the child could grow up in his home and learn his duties. She reluctantly and tearfully agrees (is forced to agree). “You are the rightful Mistress of Longbourn, Lizzy. You know more about and care more for this estate than your mother or sisters ever will.”

A few months into the writing, I heard a song which firmly set the direction of the book. While at our church’s women’s conference, the gifted Jacky Brigstock sang Reckless Love. (Attached video is Cory Asbury – original performer).


Every time I hear Jacky sing, she touches my spirit and this was no different. What was different was that my thoughts jumped immediately to this story and the battle Elizabeth would have to face was laid out before me. A story of adultery became a story of redemption.


Elizabeth Bennet was raised with a strong belief and faith in God’s plan for her life. She knew He had a plan, even if the details were hidden from her. But, when placed in an untenable situation, she turned instead to the arms of a man to find brief moments of joy. Finally, when able to realize the happiness which was always intended for her, the weight of her guilt over her past sins convinces her of her unworthiness. Only through reconciliation with the Lover of her soul can she truly fulfill the life He planned for her. But first, she must forgive herself in order to find redemption.

Remember: In order to be redeemed, there must be sin. This story is intended for mature audiences.

Trigger Warning: There are incidents of abuse in this story.



You can find Mrs. Collins’ Lover at:





Bronwen Chisholm began her writing career working on suspense romance, but finally became a published author with her Pride and Prejudice variations. She takes great pleasure in searching for potential “plot twists” and finding the way back to a happy ending.

Her love of writing has led her to several writing groups, and she is currently serving as the vice president of the Riverside Writers and organizes the Riverside Young Writers.

For more information, visit her at




And now, a GIVEAWAY! Just make a comment on this blog and Rita will pick 1 lucky winner to receive an ebook copy of Mrs. Collins’ Lover. Good luck! I can’t wait to read your comments.

Good Luck everyone!


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The Giveaway Winners are…

Good Afternoon everyone,

How are you this week? It’s been very cloudy in Lisbon these past few days but I’m still pretty happy August is finally here. My commutes to work are faster and that gives me more time for extra activities, I even started to go to the gym this week! What about you? Do you have some extra time to read? I hope so because today I am announcing the names of 4 lucky winners who will receive an incredibly good book: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Poet.

I read this book a few days before release date and loved it so much that I didn’t resist sharing my enthusiasm with Jennifer Joy, who in turn offered to give away 4 ebook copies to some of my followers. Jennifer Joy  has become a frequent guest at From Pemberley to Milton and I m always happy to receive her, this time was no exception and before announcing the winners  I would like thank Jennifer Joy once more for being so kind towards me and my readers. And of course, I would like to thank her for writing my favourite book this year!

Now without further ado… The randomly selected winners are:


Fitzwilliam Darcy, Poet

*** Buturot ***

*** Darcybennett ***

*** Alexandrariverstories ***

*** Vesper ***


Congratulations everyone! I hope you enjoy your prizes 🙂 Can you please contact me through e-mail ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com and provide me your addresses so that all prizes can be sent to you?

Happy Reading!


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