JAFF Reviews


Abigail Reynolds

Aleena Ashe

Alexa Adams

Alice McVeigh

Alix James

Amanda Grange

Amy D’Orazio

Amy George

Ann Galvia

Anngela Schroeder

Anniina Sjoblom

Ayr Bray

  • Scent of Desire


Beau North

Beau North & Brooke West

Beth Massey

  • Goodly Creatures: A Pride and Prejudice Deviation
  • Mr. Darcy Likes it Wild

Brigit Huey

  • A Chance Encounter in Pemberley Woods


Caitlin Williams

Carrie Bebris

Cassandra Grafton

Cass Grix

Cat Andrews

Christie Capps

Christina Boyd

Cinnamon Worth

Colette Saucier 

C. P. Odom

C. Rafe Carlson

  • An Unpleasant Walk


Dana R. Lynn

Demi Monde

Denise O’Hara

Diana J. Oaks

Don Jacobson

Don Miller

  • An Extraordinary Request


Elaine Owen

  • Duty Demands

Elizabeth Adams

Elizabeth Ann West

Elizabeth Aston

Elizabeth Rasche



Gabrielle Malcolm

Ginger Monette

Grace Gibson


Harriet Lark

Heather Horrocks

Heather Moll

  • Nine Ladies



Jack Caldwell

Jacqueline Steel

  • An Unlikely Hero

Jan Ashton

Jan Hahn

Jann Rowland

Jeanna Ellsworth

Jenetta James

Jennifer Altman

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Joy

Jennifer Redlarczyk

Jessie Lewis

Joana Starnes

Julie Cooper

Juliette Shapiro

J. Dawn King


Kara Louise

Kara Pleasants 

 Karalynne Mackrory

Karen M. Cox

Karey White

Kay Bea

K. C. Khaler


Lara S. Ormiston

Lari Ann O’Dell

Laura Hile

Laura Sanchez

  • A Noteworthy Courtship

Leah Garriot

Lily Bernard 

  • New Beginnings

Linda Berdoll

Linda Beutler

Linda Thompson

Lizzy Brandon 

Lory Lilian

Lucy Marin

L.L. Diamond


Maria Grace

Maria Hamilton

  • Mr. Darcy and the Secret of Becoming a Gentleman

Martine J. Roberts

  • Mr. Darcy’s Struggle: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Mary Anne Mushatt

Mary Lydon Simonsen

Mary Smythe

Mary Street

  • The Confessions of Fitzwilliam Darcy

Meg Osborn

Melanie Rachel

Melanie Schertz

  • Meet Me at Oakham Mount 

Michelle D’arcy

Michelle M.

Michelle Ray

Moira Bianchi

Monica Fairview

M. A. Sandiford


Nancy Kelley

  • His Good Opinion: A Mr. Darcy Novel (Brides of Pemberley Book 1)

Nicole Clarkston

Noell Chesney


Ola Wegner


Pat Santarsiero

P.O. Dixon

  • Only a Hearbeat Away: Pride and prejudice Novella
  • Love Will Grow: A Pride and prejudice Story



Regina Jeffers

Renée Beyea

Riana Everly

Robin Elizabeth Kobayashi

Rose Fairbanks

Rose Lyons

  • Mr. Darcy’s Pursuit

Rosemary Barton


Sarah Johnson

  • Blame the Mistletoe

Sarah Courtney

Sara Marks

Seth Grahame-Smith

Shannon Hale

Shannon Winslow

Sharon Lathan

  • Darcy & Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship (Darcy Saga Prequel Duo Book1)

Sidney Salier

Sue Barr

Susan Adriani

  • The Truth About Mr. Darcy

Susan Andrews

Susan Mason-Milks

  • Mr. Darcy’s Proposal

Suzan Lauder


Timothy Underwood



Victoria Connely

Victoria Grossack

Victoria Kincaid


Wendi Sotis

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