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A Fair Prospect Vol. I, II & III

Hello everyone,

I read A Fair Prospect trilogy in 2013 and it immediately became one of my favourite books. But the story is told throughout 3 volumes and I had to wait some months before the release of the next volumes to finish reading it. So in 2014 before my first trip to Bath I decided to re-read all volumes to have the pleasure of reading the entire story without any interruption. But once again I failed to write a review, so this year I decided to re-read this story for the third time and actually write my opinion about it.

When I finished reading it this time I came to two conclusions: I will re-read it again and it continues to be one of my favourite books!

But why do I love it so much? Because Cassandra Grafton created one of the most passionate, well written and developed stories I have ever read! Many of the scenes she created are still very present in my memory and I cannot think of many of them without getting goosebumps.

A Fair Prospect begins at my favourite starting point for a JAFF variation: at the Hunsford proposal. This time the proposal occurs in the outdoors and just before a huge storm descends in Kent. Mr Darcy is the perfect gentleman and even if he is mortified and angry with Elizabeth’s refusal, he offers to take her home in his carriage, but when she is descending the carriage, something happens that will forever haunt her.

From this moment on, they will be forced to see each other more times than they would prefer, but I’m sure that janeites will never complain about too many Darcy/Elizabeth scenes 🙂

After Mr. Darcy delivers his letter to Elizabeth, they are forced to dine together at Rosings, and during that night we see Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth having some of the most intense scenes I’ve ever seen. Their dialogue in Lady Catherine’s room is something I’ll never forget. The eagerness Elizabeth has to tell him how wrong she was, and the pain he feels for her rejection are impressive. I was pulled into the story with this scene and I could not leave it ever since. I love books that make me feel something and this one certainly achieved that goal.

All the dialogues during that night are perfectly crafted, saying exactly what needs to be said, leaving what needs to be unsaid in the underlines, and having the beautiful power of being misconstrued by those hearing it.

It takes a true talent and mastery of the english language to be able to do what Cassandra Grafton did in this scene. It is even hard to express how perfectly the dialogues were created.

But what amazed me the most, was that this was not a one time occurrence, the entire book is perfectly crafted with little details coming into the story in the perfect time. Small incidents or words have major impacts in the story, and kept me turning page after page with a hunger for more that I don’t usually feel.

While the action on the first book occurs in Kent, the second volume will take us to London where the story progresses with Elizabeth starting to realise what is truly in her heart.

In this volume a new character appears and Darcy starts to believe he has some competition. I loved this part of the story as there is nothing better for me than a little jealousy in Darcy’s heart.

As the story progresses Darcy tries to give Elizabeth the space he believes she needs, but again fate will not help, and they will spend much time together. Their encounters, even when filled with misunderstandings, start to give Darcy some hope, but that hope will be ripped from him with a force of a tornado. I could hear the little pieces of Darcy’s shattered heart at the end of volume two and I could only hope that volume three would bring him a worthy reward.

With a broken heart Darcy removes himself to Bath, and it is in this romantic town the narrative in volume three will be developed.

Once again we will see plenty of Darcy and Elizabeth but in this volume we will see both of them pining for the other. They are both in love with each other, and they both believe their love to be unrequited. I love this scenario and the angst, but when Darcy believes Elizabeth is telling him she loves someone else, my heart broke into a million pieces. How devastated he must have been?

But fear not dear readers, the moment they come to understand each other’s feelings is equally intense, and so, so romantic!!! I think I held my breath and could only release it at the end of the scene! It was one of the best get together scenes I have ever read, and luckily for me it was extended through many, many pages  🙂 There are no words to express how beautiful and intense their love was in this story and the streets of Bath will always remind me of the desperate measures taken in this book.

A Fair Prospect is an introspective book with a slow paced story but with an intensity that will keep readers glued to it. It is overly romantic, all scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth are electrifying, their dialogues are breathtaking and the sequence of events beautifully formulated.

It remains one of my favourite books of all times and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Darcy and Elizabeth!

You can find this book at Amazon. com

A Fair Prospect: Volume I, II &III

A Fair Prospect: Darcy’s Dilemma

A Fair Prospect: Disappointed Hopes

A Fair Prospect: Desperate Measures


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Christie Capps Identity Reveal & Giveaways


After reading and reviewing her first story, I wondered, who is Christie Capps? Her bio states this is a pen name for a best-selling author. I was curious and found out I wasn’t the only one who was intrigued as the question had been posed on Goodreads as well. So, who is she?

I went into private detective mode and look what I discovered. Christie Capps is none other than Joy King, who writes as J Dawn King. Ah-Ha! Case solved.

I decided to ask her a few questions about her pen name and she was kind enough to satisfy my curiosity 😉



Joy, why did you choose to write in the same genre using a different identity?

Primarily, I wanted the freedom to try something new for me in the world of JAFF. In the back of my mind, the desire to write comedy, dark drama, and contemporary was becoming almost overwhelming. I needed a channel to give expression to these stories. They were so unlike my J Dawn King tales that I figured I’d better put them under a different name.


Why are you limiting your stories to 20,000 words?

Great question, Rita. My life has become very busy, leaving me less and less time to read. As an older woman with no children at home who happens to work from home, I find I rarely can start and finish a book in one sitting. Talk about FRUSTRATING!!!

How many JAFF readers are parents, students, and/or full-time workers? What is the common issue to them all? A lack of time. With that in mind, I wondered if I could provide a variety of complete stories ranging from 20,000 – 25,000 words for those busy readers. I had to give it a go. Thus, Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day was born and the tagline popped into my brain, “TIMELESS ROMANCE FOR THE BUSY READER”.

Another reason was the challenge of writing a complete story within my self-set restraints. It’s much harder than I imagined. I love to embellish details and minor characters. I also enjoy writing mixed points-of-view. With these short stories, I am not allowing myself to do so. Should I give in, I would not meet my purpose in having a book that could be read in about an hour.


Were there any other reasons you decided to write and publish short stories under an assumed name?

Yes, Rita. I purchased pre-made covers which I’ve never done before. I wasn’t brand conscious when selecting them so they are a random mix of colors, subjects, and fonts. I had a ball choosing them from the catalogue and then sheer terror at trying to get the positioning of the fonts just right. It made me appreciate the skill of my regular designer, JD Smith – Designer. I’ll NEVER do this again without her help.


In what formats will these short stories be available?

All of them will be in eBook, paperback, and audiobook.


The storyline permeating “For Pemberley” is dark. Do you feel you did it justice in this short story?

I spent many sleepless nights worrying about this, Rita. To protect readers who may have a trigger response to Elizabeth being assaulted, I posted it on the book and the purchase sites. (It was a FAILED assault that is not described.)

When I put this online at a fanfic forum, I received over 350 comments and reviews in less than three weeks from readers who supported this story. I appreciated every single one. There is no doubt that events move right along. It must in this format. Elizabeth’s responses were taken from the experience of a close friend so I was confident in my approach. My objective was to have Darcy and Elizabeth forge an unbreakable bond, while keeping in character, in about an hour’s reading time.

Several reviewers asked me to write a sequel where I address the future of minor characters. I’m going to leave this up to the reader’s imaginations, as it was not necessary to the story.

Again, this is a training experience for me to discern when to self-edit extra baggage. It’s driving me nuts, but I’m enjoying the learning process and hope to be a better author because of it.


What is in store for Christie Capps?

Right now, I’m in the process of getting the print and audiobooks done for my latest short story, For Pemberley. I have two more stories planned. The next one is a contemporary (yes, my first) and my final story is set as a sequel to Pride and Prejudice (also a first). My plan is to lump them together with Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day and For Pemberley at the end of the year in a boxed set (tentatively entitled, “Oh, Mr. Darcy!”. I’ve attached the covers, Rita, should you like to look at them. They are not final. The titles may change. We shall see. I’m not planning on any more short stories after these four are complete.


How did you choose your pen name?

My husband has always liked the name Christie. I’m a huge fan of National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) drag racing and one of my favorite Funny Car drivers and last year’s national champion is Ron Capps. Not very brilliant, but it’s what I came up with at the time.


Will you ever use another pen name?

NEVER!!! It’s a royal pain to keep track of the different social media and email accounts. Plus, I forget to sign my name as Christie instead of Joy when I reply to messages.


Would you share your best experience so far?

Certainly. When I put Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day up for auditions for the audiobook production, Stevie Zimmerman sent in her sample. Out of 84 auditions, hers was my favorite. When I made her the offer of a contract I had to use my real name. Surprise! She was stunned. We had a good laugh afterwards.


What is in store for J Dawn King?

Friends and Enemies Cover MEDIUM WEBMy next book, Friends & Enemies will launch sometime this summer. I am trying to coordinate having the audiobook ready at about the same time as the eBook and print. This is made more challenging since I approached Richard Armitage about narrating and producing this version. He has my manuscript and is reviewing it so I haven’t received a “no”—yet.

If I end up setting aside my Bingley/Jane story, AGAIN, I have two epic tales outlined for Darcy and Elizabeth. With the amount of research I’ll need for each one, I doubt I will finish either before the summer of 2018. We shall see where the muse takes me.


Are there any more surprises up your sleeves? Anything we should anticipate in the future?

Nothing that I know of—for now. However, always at the back of my mind is trying to reach more and more readers by researching where they are buying and what it is they are looking for in the world of JAFF. Sometimes I can adapt, other times I cannot.


Thank you very much for stopping by and for helping us know Christie Capps. I understand you come bearing gifts.

I have a few presents your readers/followers might enjoy.

First, I had one embroidered handkerchief with Mr. Darcy’s monogram left from my newsletter giveaway. It’s gorgeous.

Second, I have ten eBook copies for either or both of Christie Capps’ books (Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day and/or For Pemberley.)

Third, I have a $100 Amazon gift card just waiting for a winner to by books and more books.

To be eligible for these prizes you need to leave a comment below with your answer to the following question: Would you choose a long story or a short story as the next JAFF book you read? That’s it!

Small print: The Amazon gift card will be adjusted to the exchange rate if the winner is outside the US. Winners have seven days to reply to the email notification. If they do not do so, for whatever reason (including the winning notification being dumped into their SPAM folder and they didn’t see it), another winner will be drawn. As always, my giveaways are available internationally.


Thank you, Joy/Christie for your generosity!!!

As instructed, please leave a comment below until the 26th of May to qualify, and of course, if you haven’t heard of this pen name before, you can find Christie Capps’ works on the links below:

Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day

For Pemberley

And of course, to see the Joy’s published books, click here.

 Good luck everyone!


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Courage Requires Review & Giveaway

Hello everyone,

Last year when I read Melanie Rachel’s debut book Courage Rises I was very surprised with how much I loved it! Sequel’s are not my favourite type of book, but this one really made me want to read more and more. In fact, one of the things I mentioned in my review was that I needed to read more about Miss Sophia Hawkes and to learn more about her future.

In Courage Requires Melanie Rachel answered my prayers as Sophia Hawkes is one of the central characters who will not only have an interesting story of her own, but also play an important role in the lives of Elizabeth, Georgiana and even Pembroke Fitzwilliam. We will finally learn more about this enigmatic character, understand her struggles and insecurities and accompany her much deserved romantic story.

Courage Requires is a character driven book. It focuses mainly on human interactions and how life and the experiences people have lived may shape their personalities and their responses to situations and others. It shows us how different people may be from each other, why they are the way they are, and how we may misinterpret others based on our own experiences. It also reveals how an insignificant sentence or attitude may have unthinkable consequences, and how people must face the consequences of their actions, even if they didn’t mean any harm by them.

The book doesn’t have as much action as the first volume, but it didn’t signify to me because I absolutely loved to read something more centered in character development. Despite being a regency book, it approaches many subjects in terms of human nature that we still see nowadays and I particularly enjoyed that.

Courage Requires is the perfect ending for Courage Rises, it’s more mature, calm and it gives us the much anticipated closure.


You can find Courage Rises and Courage Requires available on

Courage Rises

Courage Requires



Melanie Rachel would like to offer an e-book copy of Courage Rises or Courage Requires to one of my readers (winners choice). The giveaway is international and all you have to do is comment this post and share with us your thoughts on this story. To double your chances of winning comment the review of Courage Rises as well 🙂

The giveaway is open until the 14th of May and the winner will be announced shortly after that.

Good luck everyone!


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Giveaway Winners Announcement


Hello everyone,

I’m sorry to have been so quiet this week, but real life got in the way and kept me away from my computer. I wish I could say that I would make it up in the upcoming weeks, but unfortunately May and June will not be easy months for me at work, however, I’ll do my best to find the time for From Pemberley to Milton, and hopefully you will still be here to talk to me about all things Austen 🙂

In the meantime I would like to announce you the winners of the last giveaways I hosted here, at FPTM:

Darcy’s Honor by Victoria Kincaid

* DarcyBennett

A Man With Faults (or any other of the below Lory Lilian’s books at your choice)

Remembrance of the Past, Rainy Days, His Uncle’s Favorite, The Perfect Match, Sketching Mr. Darcy, The Rainbow Promise, A Man with Faults.

* J. W. Garrett

* Cvtperez

Surprise prize from Joana Starnes

* Ceri

Joana Starnes ebook (winner’s choice)

From This Day Forward, The Subsequent Proposal, The Second Chance, Mr. Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter

* Theresa M.

Bag of Goodies from Joana Starnes

* J. “Joy” Dawn King

Congratulations everyone! Please send me your contacts to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com, and if you won a winner’s choice prize, please let me know what is your choice.


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The Darcy Monologues Review & Giveaway

Hello dear readers,

When I first heard about the Darcy Monologues I could not believe it! Christina Boyd was going to bring to life an anthology where fifteen Austen-inspired authors got together to sketch Darcy’s character through a series of re-imaginings, set in the Regency through contemporary times. The man himself would reveal his intimate thoughts, his passionate dreams, and his journey to love.

The authors participating in this anthology would be Susan Adriani * Sara Angelini * J. Marie Croft * Karen M Cox * Jan Hahn * Jenetta James * Lory Lilian * KaraLynne Mackrory * Beau North * Ruth Phillips Oakland * Natalie Richards * Sophia Rose * Joana Starnes * Melanie Stanford * Caitlin Williams.

The idea was absolutely wonderful and I immidiately wanted to read the book. I didn’t even need to know what the stories were about, all I needed to know was that most of my favourite authors would get together and write several stories from Darcy’s POV.

All my excitement could have been forgotten considering how much time I still had to wait until the book came out, but it didn’t! And why not? Because Christina Boyd along with Beau North did an amazing job at promoting this book.

I don’t know if many of you pay special attention to advertising but my major degree is in Media Studies, so I love everything about media communication, and the advertising for The Darcy Monologues was definitely something worth to remember. That is one of the reasons why I am so happy to be featuring on my blog one of the people who contributed to this, Beau North.

Today I will be reviewing the book, but first, I would like to share with you a guest post by author Sara Angelini where she reveals the impact The Many Lives of Fitzwilliam Darcy had on her, and an interview with the author of the book, Beau North 🙂



How Beau North Restored My Faith in Regencies/ By Sara Angelini

Beau North restored my faith in Regencies. You see, I had tired of the usual JAFF Regency tropes: compromised brides, what-if variations, and interchangeable Darcies. They had all begun to blend, like chalked sidewalks in a spring shower, into a messy pastel of impertinence and pride.

Then I stumbled across Beau North’s The Many Lives of Fitzwilliam Darcy. A Groundhog Day / Pride and Prejudice mashup? Yes, please!

Beau’s unique premise hooked me like a hungry fish. Her prose – at time terse, at time poetic, and always lovely – kept me chomping on the bait long after I should have let go for sleep…or food…or a shower.

When Darcy finds himself living the same no-good, awful, very bad day again, and again, and again, his gradual metamorphosis from angry to wounded to repentant is a journey rich with insight, discovery, and, sometimes, mischief. Her deftly drawn characters, including Colonel Fitzwilliam and cousin Anne, could have as easily existed in Regency England as in contemporary San Francisco.

When I learned that Beau and I would be contributing to the same anthology, I was equal parts elated and terrified. I was star struck. I eagerly read You Don’t Know Me, and was not disappointed. You won’t be, either.

Beau North


Beau North is the author of Longbourn’s Songbird, The Many Lives of Fitzwilliam Darcy, and a contributor to the anthology Then Comes Winter. Beau is a native southerner who now calls Portland, Oregon home with her husband and two cats. She attended the University of South Carolina where she began a lifelong obsession with literature. In her spare time, Beau is the co-host of the podcast Excessively Diverted: Modern Austen Onscreen and today she answers a couple of questions about herself and her story You Don’t Know Me.


As a writer who has contributed a contemporary story to this collection, can you describe for us why you believe Austen’s stories still speak to modern-day readers?

Because she wrote about the inner lives of people, their hopes and fears, their dreams and wishes, their secret longings. Those things never go away. Priorities shift over time, true, but we still yearn for things like companionship, love, safety, kindness, hope, and laughter.


Your story, You Don’t Know Me, and Jane Austen, what do you think makes them work together? What do they have to say to each other?

If there are “morals” to Austen’s stories, it’s that personal growth is vital to one’s happiness -or “know thyself” as the saying goes. It’s imperative to me in any story I write that there is some measure of self-discovery, of characters (especially a larger-than-life character like Mr. Darcy) begins to think differently about the world they live in, eventually turning that observation inward. It’s such a universal theme. Now, as far as what my story might have to to say to hers…well, anytime you’re updating a story like Pride and Prejudice to a more modern time, there are opportunities to explore the social stratas at that time. It’s not so easy to divide people by class nowadays, so you have to look at other methods. Demographics, religions, which Hogwarts house you got sorted into. Whoops, wrong fandom!


How did you come to be inspired by Miss Austen, as both a woman and as a writer?

Seeing how strong she comes through on the page. Her sly wit, her winking observations on the lives of women. 200 years later and she’s still so strong, so funny, and more relevant than ever.


The modern-day woman appears as besotted as ever by Mr. Darcy. What were the attributes that you felt you needed to include in the Mr. Darcy character in your story?

I really do love how he’s always tall, I have a weakness for tall people personally. A dash of cocky arrogance and a wry sense of humor were must-haves. I found Mr. Darcy to be quite funny more than once in Pride and Prejudice, so it made sense to me that he and Elizabeth would have that in common. I also wanted him to have a sense of ennui that comes from his party-boy lifestyle and a profound loneliness that he only recognizes when he begins spending more time with Eliza. Pair all that with a generous heart and yeah, we’ve made the perfect man.


Can you give us a six-word memoir about yourself?

“I prefer the company of daydreams”


What can readers look forward to reading from you in the future and how can readers stay in touch with you?

My next project, a novella titled Modern Love, will hopefully be published by this summer. And of course all of my books, podcast, and social media can be found at


My Review

Last month I was attending a management training session and the trainer was telling us that when managing people we need to pay special attention to our reactions towards others. What he meant to say was that if we start the day with a bad attitude, that attitude will be reflected in our behaviour towards others and obviously in their response towards us.

So he asked us to always start the day with a positive perspective and shared a technique that his company calls playing from a 10. Playing from a 10 means that even if you’re having a really bad day, you should take a break and do something that will make you start your day from a 10 (in terms of positivism) instead of a 1 (negativism). For the trainer, the trick is to listen to some specific music, but he advised us to look for our own trigger, something that would make us play from a 10. And right there in the training session, while I heard him speak, I knew that my trigger to play from a 10 would be The Darcy Monologues!

This anthology has everything! It has regency, modernizations, different eras, comedy, drama, romance…and all that from Darcy’s POV. They are short stories that can easily be read before getting in the office, so whenever I’m starting the day at a 1, because I didn’t sleep or I got stuck in traffic for one hour, etc, I can always take a break, read one of them, and be ready to start my day playing from a 10!

I absolutely loved The Darcy Monologues, each story is special in its own way, and that is why I thought that it would be more enlightening to you if I wrote a little of each story.


Death of a Bachelor – Caitlin Williams

This story will follow Darcy’s last days as a bachelor until his wedding night. We will see how Darcy deals with all the changes in his life, the constant presence of Elizabeth’s relations and not controlling all aspects of life. I loved the tone Caitlin Williams chose for this story; we will read about a struggling Darcy, which was a raw but true perspective of the character. I could not have picked a better story to start the anthology.

What I loved the most about it: The incredibly prodigious writing style! Oh My God…Caitlin Williams is a natural talent!


From the Ashes – J. Marie Croft

Everyone knows how perfect Mr. Darcy’s letter was. It was written with some bitterness and it is a little harsh in some parts, but it was truthful, passionate and revealing of his true character.

But have you ever wondered if that was the first draft he wrote? Did he review it? Did he change anything? And what happened during that night?

Marie Croft describes the night when Mr. Darcy wrote Elizabeth’s letter…and I bet you would never imagine anything like this!

What I loved the most about it: The humour! I laughed so hard while reading this book! I can’t even say which was the funniest scene, but Lady C’s visit has a good chance of winning that competition 🙂


If Only a Dream – Joana Starnes

After the disastrous proposal Mr. Darcy wants nothing more than to leave Kent and forget about Elizabeth Bennet, but Lady Catherine turns out to be the biggest ally of this love story. It is unwillingly done, of course, but as she takes a fall down the stairs, she forces Darcy to stay in Kent. You all know that this means Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy will have another chance in love, and the romance and intensity in this story will make some of you swoon 🙂

What I loved the most about it: We are talking about Joana Starnes, so you are probably waiting for me to say the angst right? Wrong! It was the humour… Darcy’s dialogues with Lady C? Priceless! There is a new facet of Joana Starnes on this one 🙂


Clandestiny – Karalynne Mackrory

What if during the Netherfield Ball Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet found themselves trapped in a room with a secret passage? Could they have an open discussion about their feelings? Could they reach an understanding in one night? If anyone can make that happen it is Karalynee Mackrory!

What I loved the most about it: The coziness feeling that reminded me so much of Haunting Mr. Darcy. It was dreamy, romantic and breath-taking.


The Beast of Pemberley – Melanie Standford

In Melanie Standford’s story Pride & Prejudice meets The Beauty & the Beast and transports us to a magical setting with a coursed and disfigured Darcy who manages to bring the beautiful Elizabeth Bennet into his home. The story follows the narrative of The Beauty & the Beast but continues very truthful to P&P’s characters.

What I loved the most about it: The ending! I loved it that the author made sure the ending showed us a real life love instead of a Disney perfect ending. It may appear a small detail, but in my opinion this added a big value to the story.


A Resenful Man – Lory Lilian

Have you ever wondered why Darcy returned to Pemberley a day earlier than his party which allowed him to encounter Elizabeth Bennet there? Lory Lilian takes us into the depths of Darcy’s soul as he recalls his journey with Elizabeth Bennet from Meryton, to the Hunsford proposal and until he meets her once more at Pemberley. Their encounter will be slightly different than the one Jane Austen created and their HEA is found much sooner 🙂

What I loved the most about it: How Elizabeth subtly made her feelings known, and the touch of their hands… Their encounter was utterly romantic and obviously up to the standards we expect from Lory Lilian!


In Terms of Perfect Composure – Susan Adriani

In this story Darcy is encouraged by the Gardiners to travel to Hertfordshire to ascertain Elizabeth’s feelings and he arrives just in time to witness the famous confrontation between his aunt and Elizabeth Bennet. How perfect is that? I always wanted to read a story with this premise, and Susan Adriani made that possible 🙂

What I loved the most about it: The way the author played with the scenes and wording in Lady Catherine’s confrontation scenes, and how she changed it to fit Darcy’s discourse.


Without Affection – Jan Hahn

The last regency story in this anthology is also the perfect ending for this part of the book. It starts with an elderly Darcy having a flashback of the time his son was born and all the difficulties his marriage faced after that. After witnessing how complicated and painful the birth of his child was, Darcy reacts in a drastic way and Elizabeth will not like that at all! Without Affection is a story of a man who has too much affection for his wife. Had he loved her less, he would have behaved differently…

What I loved the most about it: The intensity of Darcy’s feelings allied with the grey cloud that involved the story. Also, the way Elizabeth sets Darcy straight. Jan Hahn knows how to get to my heart!!!


Hot for Teacher – Sara Angelini

The first modernization of the anthology transports us into a high school where Elizabeth is an art teacher and Darcy is the principal. But Wickham and Collins are also present and even Mrs. Bennet has a small appearance.

Needless to say I loved the setting…who wouldn’t want Darcy as a teacher?

What I loved the most about it: It’s hard to say if what I loved the most was the shocking revelation regarding Collins, the nicknames, or Darcy as a teacher…but I think I’ll go for Darcy as a teacher…sigh…


You Don’t Know Me – Beau North

You Don’t Know me will transport us back to the 60’s when radio still played an important role in people’s lives, and events were lived in a completely different way. I always feel I don’t belong in this century, well, at least not in this decade, and if I could go back, I would probably choose the 60’s. But I digress…

In this story magnate William Darcy is forced to leave his city condo to move to Buffalo and run his family’s radio station. This is where he will meet Bingley, Jane and disc jockey Eliza Bennet, or should I say Elizabeth Benowitz?

What I loved the most about it: Darcy’s proposal, well, it’s not really a proposal, but it is one of the best love declarations ever! Also, Lady C…she almost took Darcy’s declaration of the podium, but I could never let her win could I?


Reason to Hope – Jenetta James

Jenetta James will take us a little further back to a WWII setting in England. In this story, Group Captain Darcy meets Elizabeth Bennet in a rather different encounter but the end results are pretty much the same: she will fascinate him, and he will upset her. Elizabeth’s family is a little different in this tale and Darcy finds a new way to save Lydia…

What I loved the most about it: The setting! I confess to love stories set in the WWII era. It gave the story a certain charm and a feeling that didn’t leave even after I read 🙂


Pemberley by Stage – Natalie Richards

Pemberley by Stage will take us to the Wild Wild West where Mr. Darcy’s stage is assaulted by the known bandit Wickham! Bingley is severely injured and Georgiana is kidnapped, but Darcy will not be alone in the quest to save his sister, he will have the assistance of Elias Bennet who soon reveals to be a very different person than Darcy initially thought.

What I loved the most about it: The companionship, regard and love that are created between Darcy and Elizabeth. I also loved the setting, the adventures and Wickham’s last moments, but Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship really stayed in my heart 🙂


Darcy Strikes Out – Sophia Rose

In this modernization Darcy is a well-known baseball player and the last man in the world with whom reporter Elizabeth Bennet will go out with. This story will actually follow a similar premise to P&P but with small nuances that made it unique, interesting and compelling.

What I loved the most about it: That Lizzie is a journalist, Darcy is not a morning person and the incredible perfect way Sophia transported the characters and the story into the XXI’s century!!! I loved the setting and the story 🙂


The Ride Home – Ruth Phillips Oakland

Elizabeth goes out on a date with Mr. Collins and soon realises the only way she will make it through the night is by drinking alcohol, lots of it… But not even that prevented her from getting horrified by the prick in front of her, so when the most ridiculous man on earth becomes truly insupportable, she tells him to stick his tongue up a certain place and leaves him standing.

With that she looses his ride home, but guess who will come to her rescue?

This story will focus on the ride home Mr. Darcy gives to Elizabeth and it is the sexiest story of the anthology 🙂

What I loved the most about it: Sexy Darcy! This was a hot, sexy, irresistible Darcy 🙂


I, Darcy – Karen M. Cox

Mr. William Darcy was named after the fictional character Jane Austen developed 200 years ago and that has upset him his entire life. So when he sees several people dressed up for a Jane Austen convention he is not afraid of voicing out his opinion to his friend…but the witty, intriguing girl standing nearby happens to hear is remark and is also unafraid to tell him he is completely wrong. Of course this is just the beginning, and as the story progresses we will have the pleasure of seeing Mr. William Darcy reading and liking Pride and Prejudice!

What I loved the most about it: The moral of the story: It takes an Elizabeth Bennet to see the Mr. Darcy’s of life 😉


The Darcy Monologues is the book every Janeite has been waiting for. It is the perfect anthology for anyone in love with Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and I don’t think anyone will be able to resist it.

I thought I would prefer the regency stories, so when I realised the book would have two separate parts and that the last one would be for the different era stories, I thought I would lose interest, but I couldn’t be more wrong. I enjoyed the different era stories just as much as I did the regency ones. There is a perfect balance in this book that shows a particular care in making sure every reader will find a story for his taste…I personally found them all to my taste 🙂

The Darcy Monologues is an extraordinary piece of literature written by a very talented group of authors and edited by someone who knows exactly what the readers are looking for.

It can not to be missed and you can pre-order it on:



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The Darcy Monologues Blog Tour brings two special giveaways for our readers …

One winner will win our grand prize of 24 paperback books, each one autographed by the author, and mailed to the winner’s home.

The second winner will win their choice of either a Pride and Prejudice pocketbook or a Pride and Prejudice Kindle Fire Case with stand – Pride and Prejudice Book Cover Case for Amazon Kindle Fire 7″ and 6″ – Kindle Fire / Fire HD / Fire HDX tablet.

All giveaways are international and to enter it, you just need to click here.

Good Luck everyone!


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Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day

Mr. Darcy is not having a very good day and it keeps getting worse, but the worse it is for him, the funnier it is for us.

In this book, while walking near the Longbourn grounds, Mr. Darcy takes a fall and injures himself being found by Miss Elizabeth Bennet, who promptly seeks help to take him to Longbourn and be seen by a doctor. I found the means of transportation and Mr. Darcy’s ramblings about it very funny; in fact, the entire opening pages are incredibly funny. I couldn’t stop laughing or smiling while reading this book, and consider it a very entertaining novella, perfect for someone who wants to have a good time. It can easily be read in one hour and it will for sure give readers a pleasurable time.

Apart from the humour, I enjoyed the fact that in this book Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth have intelligent and interesting dialogues, their rhetoric was noteworthy and it made me want to read future books from this author.

I also liked to see that both characters came to the rescue of one another in different circumstances. Elizabeth helps Mr. Darcy after his fall, and he comes to her rescue in a very gentlemanly manner when Mr. Collins becomes everything but gentlemanly towards her.

As the book is not very long Elizabeth’s character has to go through several changes very fast, but I believe this was successfully done, culminating with her outmaneuvering Lady Catherine in an impressive manner.

The epilogue was just amazing and I absolutely loved it, but you will have to read it to know why 🙂

Summing up, this is a small story that can be read very fast and will for sure make everyone smile. It’s perfect to be read between two longer and more serious books as it is a fresh and amusing story.

On Amazon the author describes this book as a timeless romance for the busy reader, and I perfectly agree with her. With so many events happening in our lives we have less and less free time to truly enjoy a longer romance so I really value these shorter stories, and given the quality on this one, I will be looking forward to the next releases from this author.


You can find Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day at:



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All roads lead to…


Hello everyone, 

Joana Starnes has been very busy lately and today I bring you some very good news about her work… She is not releasing a new book, but she is now on Kindle Unlimited!

Yes, that’s right, 3 of her books are now at the distance of a click!

One single click can now provide many, many hours of joyful angst… And laughs, and love, and pretty much everything you can ever hope to have in a book, because let’s face it, her books can never go wrong!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Joana Starnes book will be unforgettable.

So, if you have not yet read any of these 3 books, this is your chance to do so without any extra expense.

And if you are not a subscriber of Kindle Unlimited, you can also take this opportunity to have their free one month trial period and read Joana’s books 🙂

Click on this link to obtain more information on the Kindle Unlimited program, see its advantages (it’s basically a borrowing program from Amazon that allows readers to explore over 1 million titles for $9.99 a month) and profit from their free trial period to read Joana’s books 🙂

I’ve read, reviewed and loved all the three books that are now on KU, and I’m sure you will too 😉 If you haven’t heard about these books before. you can find a small description below, and if you click on the books name, you’ll see my review 😉

In The Falmouth Connection a mysterious new relative draws Elizabeth away from Hunsford before Darcy can deliver his disastrous first proposal, so he is compelled to follow her into the depths of Cornwall, where few – if any – are what they seem to be.

In Miss Darcy’s Companion Georgiana is safe from Mrs Younge’s clutches – but does that mean that she is really safe? And what would Elizabeth think of Mr Darcy if she doesn’t meet him at the Meryton assembly, but has the chance to see him as his nearest and dearest know him?

In The Unthinkable Triangle the unthinkable happens! Colonel Fitzwilliam acts on his feelings and proposes to Elizabeth at Hunsford, before Darcy could. And, horror of horrors, is accepted! HEA is guaranteed, of course – but HOW?

So, are interested in any of these stories? You can easily get these in your kindle by clicking on the pictures below:

But this is not the only project she has been working on… As I said.. She has been busy 😉 

She will visit From Pemberley to Milton very soon with some exciting news… But that is all I can say for now…well, that and that it is not a new book (do you think that by now she has realized my subtle demand for a new book?).

What I can say is that whoever guesses what these news will be, will have a good surprise. so, what could this new project be? What will she reveal? 

Are you willing to guess?The first person to guess will win a very special prize,.. But that’s not the only prize Joana Starnes is giving away today…



Joana Starnes would like to celebrate the KU releases with all of you, by offering the prizes listed below to some of my readers 🙂

1 – Surprise prize. We will only reveal what the prize is once these news are official, but trust me, it will be worth it 🙂

2 – An ebook of any of Joana Starnes books that are currently not on KU. The winner may choose from any of the following books: From This Day Forward, The Subsequent Proposal, The Second Chance, Mr. Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter.

3 – A bag of goodies including 2 Pride & Prejudice postcards, a P&P bookmark, ‘Bath coasters’, a Jane Austen pin and a ‘I Mr Darcy’ badge (of honour!)



Comment this post and tell us what you think she will reveal shortly, all guesses are valid and the giveaway is for international readers ending on May 1st . Winners will be randomly selected, but to avoid selecting someone who already has some of the prizes (namely all of Joana’s books), please let us know which of these prizes you would like to win.

I’m curious to see who will dare to chose the surprise prize 🙂

Good luck everyone!


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Mr. Darcy’s Honor – Review & Giveaway

I’ve read every single book Victoria Kincaid has released and I am now convinced her books have two main characteristics: they are real page turners and they contain exactly what I want to read in a P&P story.

It is remarkable how this writer has the ability to create scenarios that I have long wanted to read. She did it in The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth, Pride & Proposals, Mr. Darcy to the Rescue, and once more with Darcy’s Honor that I read in one single day.

The plot developed in Darcy’s Honor is something I always wanted to read: another gentleman wishes to marry Elizabeth and his interest in her serves as a trigger for Mr. Darcy’s actions, as he realizes he cannot live with her belonging to another man.

Lord Henry is liked by the entire society of Meryton, but his intentions towards Elizabeth are not as honorable as most would believe, and he compromises her in the hopes of obtaining what he wants. But we all know Elizabeth Bennet, and this headstrong, obstinate girl will not marry without affection preferring to have her name tarnished and to fight against the world than to spend the rest of her life with someone she will never respect or even like.

Hearing about what happened Mr. Darcy realizes that he can save Elizabeth from such faith, but does she want to be saved? I believe you all know the answer to that 🙂

This variation is full of romantic scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth that were true balms to my soul. These moments enhanced his feelings for her and gave her time to start loving him, which contributed to the much loved angst in this book because despite their feelings, Elizabeth is still convinced her situation can only harm Mr. and Miss Darcy’s name.

Darcy is a loving, patient character who keeps saving Elizabeth from several situations, and even if it is hard to choose only one, the way he takes care of her when she is ill and the intensity of his feelings and his suffering is heartbreaking and memorable, it is one of my favourite passages in this book and one I will not forget so soon. Long live the angst!

But a good book must always have an element of surprise right? In Darcy’s Honor, the element of surprise was Lady Catherine! I never expected to have her play the role she played in this book while remaining her true self. I absolutely loved her characters influence in this book and I must praise Mrs. Kincaid for crafting this change without altering the characters personality traits.

Towards the end, I started to think Elizabeth was too stubborn and their private encounters a bit too frequent, and where it not for that I would have given 5 stars to this book. I am very picky with these things and they still did not prevented me from loving the book, so I am sure they will not bother in the least most of my readers, and I can honestly say that I believe everyone will love this book. I highly recommend it to all readers who want a romantic, exciting, page turner book 🙂

You can find Darcy’s Honor at:

Victoria Kincaid would like to offer 1 copy of Darcy’s Honor to one of my readers who will be able to choose between an ebook or a paperback.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on Darcy’s Honor. To get a second entrance in the giveaway, comment the Guest Post published last week. Comments on each post will be considered for the giveaway.

The giveaway is international and is open until the 30th of April. The winner will be announced shortly after.

If you don’t want to miss the announcement of the winner and therefore miss the opportunity to see your name there, please follow From Pemberley to Milton. By doing so you will receive an email every time a new post is published and will not miss your prize if you are the lucky winner.

Good Luck everyone!


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Giveaway Winners

Hello everyone,

During this month I announced a couple of winners who already had the prizes they won, so I had to select other names. The prizes were the JT Originals 2017 Austen Man in Film + 2 calendar  and an ebook copy of Mistress by Sophie Turner.

The new randomly selected winners are:

2017 Austen Man in Film + 2 calendar

*** BonniewCarlson ***


*** Maria***

Congratulations ladies! Can you please send me your information to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so we can send the prizes to you?

Thanks 🙂



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Darcy’s Honor – Guest Post & Giveaway

Hello everyone,

Victoria Kincaid is visiting From Pemberley to Milton today with a guest post, an excerpt and a giveaway of her latest book, Darcy’s Honor. This book was downloaded into my Kindle last Saturday, and even though I was reading something else at the time, it didn’t leave my mind as I kept thinking, “how will this one be?”. In situations such as this, I know that I’ll never stop wondering, so I started reading it after lunch and only stopped when I finished it a little after midnight.

Darcy’s Honor is a true page turner, and I felt Victoria Kincaid had written this book specifically for me. It is actually quite frequent for me to read her books and think she had put into paper what had been on my mind for a long time. So, it appears we have the same taste for premises because she always develops ideas I would like to read about. Taking this into consideration, I found particularly interesting to see the topic she decided to discuss with my readers today 🙂

Victoria Kincaid will explain you how the ideas for her books come up, and share a little excerpt of Darcy’s Honor. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 And if you want to start reading the book right away, you can find it at:



So, as an author, one of the questions I get a lot is “where do you get your ideas for what to write?”  My first impulse is always to say, “I have no clue.”  That’s not entirely true, but it’s sort of the way it feels to me by the time I sit down to write a book.  Obviously Jane Austen’s works are my biggest inspiration, but I’m hard pressed to say where I get the ideas to make changes to her world.

Usually by the time the book is ready to be written it’s been simmering in my mind, like a pot on the back burner, for months—if not years.  I kind of imagine my brain looks like an airport with at least a dozen airplanes circling around and waiting to land.

Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m working on a story idea until it reaches a mostly formed state.  It starts with a random musing: “What would happen if I combined Pride and Prejudice with Romeo and Juliet?”  Or “What if Colonel Fitzwilliam proposed to Elizabeth?” Sometimes these musings don’t amount to anything.  And sometimes they thicken as I tease out the plot implications and consider how different characters would react.  They gain details the way a snowball gets bigger as it rolls downhill.

So, by the time I put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard), the ideas for any particular book have usually been marinating for quite a while and it’s hard to remember where the original impulse originated—let alone some of the individual plot details.  However, I do remember some of my inspirations.  The main plot for The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth was inspired by reading about a brief period of peace in the Napoleonic Wars, and a scene in that book where Darcy encounters Elizabeth while dancing was reminiscent of a similar scene in the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility.  But the rest of the book?  Who knows where it came from?

It’s similarly hard for me to say where the idea for Darcy’s Honor first originated.  I had been mulling it over for a long time—considering different plot permutations and character interactions—before I started writing. Probably the idea partially originated from the loss of reputation that Lydia faces in P&P—which is also the fate of a character in Mansfield Park.  Another source of inspiration was an offhand comment in a romance novel that made me think, “what if someone did do that?”

Inevitably, however, the book ends up being different from my expectations.  That is the nature of writing.  The characters demand that you do certain things, and the world of P&P calls for changes that I hadn’t anticipated.  But that is the really fun part of writing:  it’s a constant process of discovery.



As they rounded a bend in the road near Longbourn, Elizabeth disengaged her hand from Mr. Darcy’s arm, rather more reluctantly than she would have expected. It felt unaccountably natural there. She turned to Mr. Darcy with words about a headache on her lips; however, before she could open her mouth, a shriek emanated from the direction of Longbourn.

“Lizzy! Lizzy!” Elizabeth turned to see her mother, hands bunched in her skirts, rushing toward them. A coach and driver waited outside Longbourn’s entrance. Presumably her mother had been about to embark on an outing when she spied them. What horrid luck!

Her mother stumbled to a stop in front of her, puffing and out of breath. “Lizzy! What on earth is the matter with you?” She gestured wildly at her daughter, apparently oblivious to Mr. Darcy’s presence. “Your hair! Your clothes! You look as if you have been tramping through the woods. What have you been getting into now? What if someone should see you?”

Elizabeth felt her face heat, no doubt turning all shades of red. She did not even know whether she was more embarrassed by the rebuke or her mother’s lack of decorum.

“Indeed, madam,” Mr. Darcy intoned. “It is almost as if she had been rushing about the countryside shrieking loudly.”

Mrs. Bennet turned to Mr. Darcy and blinked at him, not comprehending his sarcasm.

The situation likely was unsalvageable, but Elizabeth fell back on her manners anyway. She gestured to Mr. Darcy. “Mama, you may remember Mr. Darcy?”

Her mother’s mouth formed a perfectly round “o” of surprise. “Mr. Darcy! Oh! Oh!” She fluttered her hands and then executed an excessively deep and clumsy curtsey which threatened to pitch her into the dirt. “What has Lizzy been about this time, sir? Has she been causing you trouble? She is such a sly, headstrong creature!”

Elizabeth had not believed it was possible for her face to get hotter. I must be as red as a tomato now!

Mr. Darcy returned the curtsey with a stiff bow; his blank face betrayed neither disgust nor amusement at her mother’s behavior. “Indeed, madam, Miss Elizabeth has done nothing wrong.” Elizabeth felt a rush of gratitude that he did not mention the horse theft.

Mrs. Bennet took another look at Elizabeth’s disheveled state and sniffed loudly in disbelief. “Such a troublesome girl!” she exclaimed. “She is quite a trial to me!” Then her face lit up as it occurred to her that Mr. Darcy’s presence was an opportunity. “Why don’t you come into the house for a cup of tea, and you can converse with some of my other daughters?”

Elizabeth suppressed a desire to roll her eyes. Her mother was not nearly as subtle as she believed.

Mr. Darcy stiffened. “Not today, I thank you. But I will take the opportunity to call another day.”

As he mounted his horse, Mrs. Bennet took the opportunity to voice effusive offers of welcome and exclamations over the virtues of Cook’s poppy-seed cakes. Before he turned his horse toward Netherfield, Mr. Darcy’s gaze caught and held Elizabeth’s as if he intended to communicate some important message to her. But it was lost on Elizabeth. Seconds later, he had bidden them farewell and rode away.


Victoria Kincaid would like to offer 1 copy of Darcy’s Honor to one of my readers who will be able to choose between an ebook or a paperback.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on Darcy’s Honor. To get a second entrance in the giveaway, comment the review that will be posted next Monday. Comments on each post will be considered for the giveaway.

The giveaway is international and is open until the 30th of April. The winner will be announced shortly after.

If you don’t want to miss the announcement of the winner and therefore miss the opportunity to see your name there, please follow From Pemberley to Milton. By doing so you will receive an email every time a new post is published and will not miss your prize if you are the lucky winner.

Good Luck everyone!


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