A Lie Universally Hidden Review & Giveaway

alieuniversallyhiddenebook-cover4.5 stars

In A Lie Universally Hidden Mr. Darcy receives a letter with his mother’s signature stating it is her wish that he marries his cousin Anne. This may seem a small detail, but the truth is, it will have an enormous impact in the story and in Mr. Darcy’s personality. Not that he becomes someone unrecognizable to us, by the contrary, he will remain the most honourable gentleman anyone in Hertfordshire has ever seen and bound to family duty,  but because of his mother’s wish he will not go against his aunt, nor will he be haunted by matchmaking mamas. It is known everywhere that he is engaged to his cousin and that gives him further liberty to pay attention to other women without raising expectations. Of course that despite this Mr. Darcy never pays attention to anyone… until he meets Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

As it is known Mr. Darcy will marry someone else, he is at ease to develop a friendship with Miss Elizabeth Bennet, knowing that no one will consider it more than a mere friendship, but that will allow them to talk, spend time together and of course fall madly in love with one another.

This is a very clean story but filled with romantic moments between Darcy and Elizabeth; I loved their dialogues, the time they spend together at Mr. Hamilton’s estate, their stolen glances and the intimacy they created with one another. I loved their chemistry at the theatre and must confess I loved the reference to The Taming of the Shrew which is my favourite Shakespeare story.

The relationship the author built was absolutely wonderful and I loved every single minute of it, just as I loved the characters themselves. Elizabeth was everything I imagine her to be, and her reaction to Mr. Hamilton’s accusations proves that she is that obstinate, headstrong girl Lady Catherine accuses her of being 🙂

The book is not very angsty because they both accept they will marry someone else and the author doesn’t explore the angst in their feelings, but at a certain point we just want them to be together and for Elizabeth to know who the watch’s original owner was! Even if the angst is not too present on the book we do have some moments when we wish they would just tell the other what they feel. That eagerness to see them happy made me turn the pages at the speed of light until I finally saw them happy 🙂 I only wish the author would have given us more of their bliss in the end of the book as it seemed too little time to enjoy their happiness after such a long ride.

There is another love interest in the story that I also enjoyed, and I would not mind seeing another book or even a vignette being developed about it 🙂 And of course, I can not forget to mention how I loved Kitty’s character and the reason why she changed her behaviour.

When I look back and think about this book, there are too many things I loved and I can’t point them all out but trust me when I say this book is incredible, full of romance, intrigue, good dialogues and well developed characters and scenes. I can not imagine a JAFF reader who will not like it, so this is definitely one book I would recommend to anyone.

You can find this book at:

Amazon.com – A Lie Universally Hidden

Amazon.co.uk – A Lie Universally Hidden


***Book Blurb***

“The engagement between them is of a peculiar kind. From their infancy, they have been intended for each other. It was the favorite wish of his mother…” —Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Fitzwilliam Darcy was raised to never stray from the path set before him: ensure the continued prosperity of his estate, Pemberley, protect and educate his sister to become an accomplished woman, and marry the woman his mother chose for him—his cousin Anne de Bourgh. With a letter bearing his late mother’s signature, Darcy presumes his fate is sealed and prepares to wed one he does not love. However, his destiny begins to unravel when he glimpses a pair of fine eyes on a quiet, country road.

Elizabeth Bennet is the second daughter of a respectable though insignificant gentleman. She is flattered to have captured the attention of a local squire, a childhood friend, and everyone believes her path is secure—until a handsome, rich gentleman arrives at a neighboring estate. Happenstance begets the unlikely pair together, bridging a forbidden love long past a mere friendship.

In “A Lie Universally Hidden”, two of literature’s most beloved romance characters are destined to marry for fortune and obligation rather than love. How will Darcy and Elizabeth fulfill their true destiny under such circumstances? Shall honor, decorum, prudence—nay, a signed letter from the grave—forbid it?

“A Lie Universally Hidden” is a Regency Romance suitable for most audiences, teen and up.



***Author Bio***

71z-7noet1l-_ux250_-1I have a degree in English with a concentration in British Literature and a Masters in Education. I love to travel, bake, and watch college football with my husband of 16 years and 3 rambunctious sons. My goal in life is to make not only my children, but also my students feel that they are loved, and to bring magic into everyone’s world. My weaknesses are yellow cake with chocolate frosting, French bread with real butter, and my father’s Arabic food, namely grape leaves, and falafel. I live in California where I dream of Disney adventures and trips across the pond.

Author contacts:


Twitter: @schros2000



You can also see  an interview Angela did on Good Day Sacramento. It’s a nice opportunity to see another side of the author 🙂



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***It’s Giveaway Time***

 Anngela Schroeder is giving away two autographed hard copies (US mailing addresses only), 2 kindle versions (Open to international winners), an autographed copy of Then Comes Winter (US mailing address only) and an autographed 5×7 of the A Lie Universally Hidden book cover.

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39 responses to “A Lie Universally Hidden Review & Giveaway

  1. I started this book the other night. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carole in Canada

    Lovely review Rita! I am so looking forward to reading this book! Thank you for the giveaway!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glynis

    I have seen an excerpt for this book and all is not as it seems as far as I can tell. I really look forward to reading it although like you Rita I do prefer to have a few chapters of blissful togetherness which are apparently missing here but I will read it nonetheless. I can’t enter the giveaway as my phone for some reason won’t let me enter on Rafflecopter so I have now given up trying and only enter the ‘comment on post’ draws 😞

    Liked by 1 person

    • It does have a wonderful epilogue Glynis and it is definitely worth reading. You will have plenty of Darcy/Elizabeth moments, I just felt I needed more of them together in the end, but you will definitely like this book, I’m sure of it 🙂
      I’m trying to see if we can enter you in the giveaway somehow and I’ll get back to you on that 🙂


  4. KateB

    I don’t know why I thought that Darcy and Ann had already been married, not engaged. It’s definitely on my TBR list.
    Great review, as usual. 🙂

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  5. I look forward to reading how and why Kitty’s character changes

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  6. Mary

    Rita,loved reading your thoughts on this book!
    Your enthusiasm is infectious! 😉

    Must say that the premise of this book sounds so intriguing!! Darcy openly promised to another,obeying his dear mother’s dying wish,yet openly pursuing a friendship with Elizabeth. She,on the other hand,it’s assumed,is going to marry Mr Hamilton,just because they are childhood friends.

    Can’t wait to read of the long stares and budding friendship that will inevitably grow into a blossoming romance!!

    Best of luck with this book,Angela!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you, Rita, for the lovely and thoughtful review. I am so glad you enjoyed this story and I hope your readers do as well!

    You really brought up such great points up in your review. I truly appreciate the time you spent to write this review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Claudine! I would have mentioned in the review even more things I loved, but it started feeling like I was just adding bullet points, and if I continued mentioning additional things I would leave no room for the readers imagination, so I hope this was enought to let people know how much I enjoyed this book 🙂

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  8. Maria

    Nice review! Look forward to reading this story!

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  9. Ginna

    I think this sounds like a great premise. We’ve seen many instances of either of ODC being married before, or engaged to someone else, but not both of them at the same time (that I can think of).

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  10. It all sounds most intriguing and I’m really wanting to know how they get themselves out of their predicaments. It sounds as though they get plenty of page time together, which is always a goood thing. Thanks for a lovely review Rita.


  11. Must say I kind of got chills reading the blurb – I love variations but it vexes me when I think that Elizabeth and Darcy might not end up together! Looks like a super great read 🙂 Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t worry Erika, they will have their HEA, and the journey to get there is so romantic!! This book is really sweet and well written, full of Darcy ans Elizabeth moments. They form a true companionship that I loved in it 🙂


  12. Christina Boyd

    So glad you enjoyed this. Thank you for your thoughtful review. Yes, the theatre scene is def a favorite — and also the “Candor” game with Lizzy, Georgiana, and Kitty.


    • Ah, yes the candor game was also a great scene! I particularly liked that someone eavesdroped it :)) In fact, one of he things I enjoyed the most about this book was that both Elizabeth and Darcy kept seeing and listening to the other when they were having a private moment. Those moments were beautifully written 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Great review, Rita! It made me want to read the book even more! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats, Anngela, on the release of your new book! 🙂


  14. KateB

    Hi Rita, is everything ok with the rafflecopter? I should be able to put the blog name in, shouldn’t I?


    • Hi Kate, you don’t have to put the name of the blog, just select the option but make sure you left a comment on the blog, please let me know if it is still not working, and I’ll try to understand what is happening: )


  15. KateB

    It worked, but most times the rafflecopter allows you an entry every day, but asks for the blog name. If it’s supposed to be one time entry, it’s fine, but there had been issues like that before, that’s why I’m asking. 🙂


    • I’m seeing the same thing Kate. I commented yesterday on another blog but when I went to the Rafflecopter form here, the comment choice was greyed out and no longer an option, just the Twitter one. Should we be be able to select the comment option every day, Rita?


  16. Sheila L. Majczan

    Great book – loved it, also.


  17. I have already added this to my wish list! I suspect there’s going to be some intrugue…Darcy couldn’t marry Anne could he?


  18. Loved the review, Rita, and loved the premise of this story! They’re so appealing, the scenarios where E & D are open with each other earlier in the story, when some of the misunderstandings are avoided and yet the path to HEA is still neither smooth nor short. And when the story is full of romantic moments that’s absolutely perfect! Congrats for releasing this lovely gem, Anngela! Hugs and all the best!


  19. Ot seems ti have all the sweetness you can ask for in a story & I’d love to read it 🙂


  20. Anngela Schroeder

    Thank you for the wonderful review and being part of the Blog Tour.


  21. Lovely review and it looks like another book I’m going to add to my reading list. Thanks for sharing. Jen Red


  22. Betty Campbell Madden

    Sounds like a goodie to me.


  23. The premise of the story fascinated me. It is quite different from I am used to reading but can’t wait to find out how our dear couple fought their difficulties and hardships to be together in the end.


  24. Dung

    Great review, I’m looking forward to reading it!


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