Pride and Persistence

In Pride & Persistence, after delivering his letter to Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy falls from his horse outside the Hunsford Parsonage and because of his injuries is forced to remain in Mr. Collins living room until he is fully recovered.

Having Mr. Darcy close to Elizabeth so soon after the proposal is very appealing to me as a reader, but the plot thickens and becomes even more appealing when we realise that apart from his physical injuries, Mr. Darcy also loses his memory of Elizabeth’s rejection.

It is particularly interesting to see that, similarly to the movie 50 First Dates, with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, Mr.Darcy has developed a short-term memory loss that makes him forget everything once he goes to sleep. So every day, when Mr. Darcy wakes up, he doesn’t remember anything that happened after he left Rosings to propose to Elizabeth, and as a consequence, he asks her to marry him every single day.

As the days go by we see Mr. Darcy proposing in very different manners, and with so many proposals, one might ask how Mr. Darcy finally proposed to have Elizabeth accept him (no spoiler here, this is P&P after all). But as Elizabeth would say, the way with which the proposal was delivered doesn’t really matter because If she didn’t love him, the manner of his proposal would not matter because she would never accept him, and if she did love him, the manner would also be irrelevant because she would accept. The manner the proposal was delivered would only matter if she respected him but did not love him. If you ask me, I think that in Pride and Prejudice she was so offended by his proposal because she already had some feelings for him, and in Pride and Persistence you will be able to see how her feelings will influence the different reactions she has to his proposal. It is overly romantic and funny to watch this daily dialogue 🙂

In this book I loved the way Elizabeth stood up to Lady Catherine to defend Darcy. It was incredibly romantic to see her admit her love for him in that manner, and it was clearly one of the best scenes in the book. If for nothing else, I’m sure you will not regret reading it just because of this scene 🙂

But I also felt pity for Lady Catherine in tyhis book. It is rare for me to feel bad for her, but in Pride and Persistence I did. She is a conniving, manipulative person, but her long lost love story was so tragic that I could understand a little of her bitterness.

The relationship that Col. Fitzwilliam establishes with Elizabeth is also very interesting, and I enjoyed their interactions very much. But the best thing in the book for me were the interactions between Elizabeth and Darcy, this is an overly romantic book that I recommend to all readers in need of a good romance story 🙂

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16 responses to “Pride and Persistence

  1. Glynis

    Lovely review Rita. I bought this in paperback before I got my kindle and have read it several times. I too love the different proposals and the interaction between Darcy and Elizabeth as her opinion of him starts to change. Although sad story or not I still can’t like Lady Catherine!

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  2. J. W. Garrett

    Delightful post Rita. I had looked at this book but had not put it on my wish-list or TBR pile. After reading your review… I’ve got to have this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  3. Sally Cline

    I loved this book!

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  4. This is my favourite out of the books Jeanna has written and I have it in paperback (the cover is lovely, isn’t it?) and on audio, too. I love the interaction between Darcy and Elizabeth throughout the story. Jeanna’s experience as a nurse involved in such cases certainly shines through in her writing. This version of the Colonel is another great feature of the book.

    Thanks for such a fabtastic review, Rita.

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  5. Mary

    What a lovely,sweet and delightful review!! 😌
    Mr Darcy loses his short term memory and thetefute prospers to Elizabeth daily?! Oh! I can just imagine the swoon worthy scenes as they share witty and romantic dialogue!!!
    Did my eyes deceive me or did you actually feel sorry for Lady C?? Would love to read of her history that caused you to empathise with her!
    This story sounds like the literary equivalent of a doctor’s spoonful of sugar…sweet,necessary under the correct circumstances and just what the doctor ordered!! Cheers for such a great review! ☺️

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  6. Lovely review, and coupled with the excellent reviews at amazon I knew I had to have it. For little more than the price of the kindle version I ordered one of the used copies offered for sale. I do like print books whenever possible. Can’t wait to read it!! (And to see what on Earth could have possibly made you sympathetic to Lady C!!)

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  7. Loved your review, Rita! Such a fun story, and so moving!

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  8. caroleincanada

    Who would not want to read this book after that wonderful review! I will have to go check it out!

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  9. I read and enjoyed this one also.


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