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The Child by Jan Hanh was a much-anticipated release for me as I had been waiting for the last three years for her to release a new book. She is one of my favourite authors, I absolutely love all her books and if I think of it, The Peculiar Connection is my all time favorite JAFF book, so as you can see, expectations are very high when it comes to Jan Hahn.

The plot of The Child is very different from Jan Hahn’s previous books, in this story Darcy flees England soon after the Hunsford proposal to try to overcome his longing for Elizabeth. Upon his return two years later―while standing on the steps of St. George’s Church in Hanover Square―he spies the very woman he has vowed to forget holding a child by the hand.

Disturbed by this, he soon discovers that Elizabeth and her family are suffering the effects of a devastating scandal. His efforts to help the woman he still loves only worsen her family’s plight and his misguided pride entangles him in a web of falsehood, fateful alliances, and danger.

On the other hand, that first encounter proves to be equally difficult for Elizabeth as she sees the man she loves being taken away to a wedding that will not occur without him, and where an expectant bride is waiting for him.

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog you know this premise is just perfect for me as it contains all the ingredients for an intense journey of angst and misunderstandings that our characters will have to take before finding their happiness. But do not fear if you are not so favourable to angst as it does not last as long as I would expect, the book has just the right amount of it for everyone to enjoy it.

In these initial chapters, and while those events take place, Jan Hahn literally plays with words to keep the suspense on the book in an exquisite manner, I love how she arranged every word and ever sentence to prevent Darcy from finding the true story behind the child, it takes a true proficiency to play with words like that and the consequence is that  once we start reading, we just can’t stop.

As the story progresses and the plot thickens, Jan Hahn ventures into a plotline that I usually dislike, and that is when I reconfirmed how an amazing writer she is, because despite that detail that always pushes me away from a book, I loved The Child.

Darcy is challenged to overcome his pride, and his love for Elizabeth is tested in a way that will make him a better man, a better person than myself if I am truthful, as he comes to accept some things much sooner than I did (again, I have issues with this detail in every single JAFF book). The book is entirely from his point of view and this will allow the reader to better understand all the struggles he is facing. It allows us to establish a bond with him, and who doesn’t’ love that in a book? It was one of the aspects I loved the most in this book, I really related to Darcy and understood everything he went through, I’m glad The Child was told from his point of view, because I can see myself relating to him much more than I could envision the same thing happening with Elizabeth in this story.

The prologue was a balm to my soul, I think it allowed me to come to terms with the entire story and to finally let go of my prejudices and accept that people need to be seen for who they are and not who their parents are.

I can honestly say that I believe most readers will love this book, particularly those who have children because they will better understand that a mother is not the one who carries a child, but the one who cares for and loves that child.

If you haven’t read this book yet, buy it and read it, you will not regret it! It is an incredible work by an incredible author 🙂

P.S – I have to mention the cover, isn’t it PERFECT?!!!



Award-winning writer Jan Hahn is the author of five Austen-inspired novels. She studied music at the University of Texas, but discovered her true love was a combination of journalism and literature. Her first book, An Arranged Marriage, was published in 2011, followed by The Journey, The Secret Betrothal, A Peculiar Connection, and The Child. The anthology, The Darcy Monologues, contains her short story entitled Without Affection. She agrees with Mr. Darcy’s words in Pride and Prejudice: ‘A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.’

Jan is a member of JASNA, lives in Texas, has five children and a gaggle of grandchildren.

 You can contact Jan Hahn through the following links:

Jahn Hahn’s Facebook Page

Jan Hahn’s Author Page

Jan Hahn’s Amazon Page




The blog tour is just beginning, please continue to follow it for more reviews, guest posts and excerpts of this wonderful book 🙂


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45 responses to “The Child Review & Giveaway

  1. Patricia Finnegan

    I love the cover!


  2. Love the cover and your review! Sounds like a good beach read 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. J. W. Garrett

    I agree… that cover is amazing. This story sounds amazing. I registered for the give-a-way… thanks for the option for people like me who don’t have any of the social media options [Face, Tweet, etc.]. Blessings to Jan Hahn on the launch and success of this book. Thanks Rita for hosting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good luck in the giveaway Jeanne, I hope you get a chance to read the book. It’s also on KU, I’m not sure if you have it, but if you do take your chance at reading it because I know you will love it!!!


    • Jan Hahn

      Thank you for your kind words! I recently received your lovely Pemberley book as a gift from Janet Taylor. It looks gorgeous on my coffee table. What a great book!


  4. Thanks for the lovely review. I’m enjoying following the book tour

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a fabulous review, Rita!! I agree with everything you said about Jan’s talents as a writer. She brings such an emotive touch to everything that she writes!! And as a parent myself, I have to agree when you say a parent is the person who raises you. More time and tears go into raising a child than anyone can imagine and I loved how Jan explored this side of Darcy throughout this very difficult experience for him.

    Thank you for supporting this tour with your time and efforts in posting this review. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Claudine! You know I always struggle when there is a child in the story that is not Darcy’s, but Jan’s talent made me like this one and not wanting her to just disappear from the book, which says a lot, you know I always want them gone 😉


  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rita. I too, loved this book and am so glad that it has been published. I love your P.S. 🙂

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  7. Great review Rita. I love Jan’s books, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one as well. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  8. Glynis

    Lovely review Rita. Although I am interested to know what the plotline is that you don’t like. I have this on my wish list even though I am not an angst lover. (I feel better about it after reading your review!)
    Thanks for sharing.


    • It’s a bit of a spoiler but it’s concerning the child… let’s just say I don’t like it when Darcy raises someone’s child, it’s stupid really, and I think most people are ok with that 🙂


  9. Coming from Darcy’s pov I wonder how many misconceptions we will read about

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  10. evamedmonds

    What a wonderful review! I, too, have been waiting for another book from Jan Hahn.


  11. Sophia Rose

    I have seen so many people moved by this story. I’m eager for my turn. Great review, Rita!


  12. Great review for what sounds like a wonderful book. Definitely on my list of books to read.


  13. Jan Hahn

    Thank you for the great review, Rita! I’m really glad that you liked reading the book from Darcy’s viewpoint because I struggled with that aspect. In fact, in the beginning I toyed with the idea of telling the story from both Darcy’s and Eluzabeth’s POV, but I decided it would reveal too much too soon. I also agree with all those who like the cover. Janet Taylor outdid herself on this one.


  14. I read this book and, like you say, it captured my attention. It is unlike any other JAFF book but the author was so skilled (again, as you said) in how she worded her tale as well as when certain details were revealed, i.e., the gender of THE CHILD. Her nuances in looking back were creative while at the same time adding angst and intrigue to the story.

    Having worked in adoptions for many years, I do know how one can love a child “while not born of one’s body, but certainly growing in one’s heart”. I melted when a certain character “fell in love for a second time”.

    I urge everyone to read this also and I do plan to read it again.


  15. The review was great, Rita. Good to learn what plot we can expect from reading The Child. I also agree that the cover is beautiful. Janet Taylor is one talented artist!


  16. Lovely cover! Really looking forward to reading this!


  17. Sounds like amzing book! Great post!


  18. Mary


    What a fantastic review!!! You certainly enjoyed this one!
    Looking forward to reading this especially as it’s told from Darcy’s point of view. Like you,I’m interested in gaining insights into his perspective, seeing how his mind works,what’s he’s feeling and how he internalises it to make sense of matters.
    And yes,the cover is undoubtedly unique,an obvious labour of love for Janet!!!
    Best of luck with your new book,Jan!


  19. Dung

    Great review. I do love when a story is in Darcy’s POV as we rarely get a chance to be in his head understand what he’s thinking. I’m looking forward to reading it. I love a good angst and a HEA for our couple1


    • Jan Hahn

      Thanks for your comments, Dung! I’m glad you enjoy Darcy’s POV. I don’t plan on ever getting inside his head again. Much too much going on in there!


  20. Daniela Quadros

    Congratulations on the new book, Jan! And thank you for the great review, Rita! I love Jan’s books and I have read them all, also the version of The Child online. But I am really curious to read this published version! Thank you for the giveaway!


  21. Wonderful review for an exquisite book. Such a beautiful and moving story, and so wonderfully written! And the cover is absolutely perfect!


  22. Loren Dushku

    Thank you for this review, it increases my desire to read the book!


  23. Great review! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book, so of course, I had to buy a copy. 😉


  24. Amazing review, Rita. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I love a story told from Darcy’s POV and this one sounds exceptionally good. And once again, Janet’s done a wonderful job with the cover.


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