Georgiana Darcy: A Sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Excerpt & Giveaway

Good afternoon everyone,

In the beginning of the week I had the honour to receive at From Pemberley to Milton Lory Lilian, one of the first authors to publish JAFF over a decade ago, and now that we are approaching the end of the week I am pleased to bring to you a new author who is publishing her first book, Alice Isakova.

Ms Isakova chose Georgiana Darcy as a heroine for her first story, and I know that some of my readers will be thrilled with this choice because I know she is a favourite amongst many. Today we bring to you an excerpt that can give you a very good idea about the book, I hope you like it 🙂

I would also like to thank Alice Isakova for visiting! It is always a pleasure to receive new authors in my blog, but particularly rewarding to receive guests who are kind and pleasant to work with as you were 🙂



With her temptingly large dowry, the beautiful and talented Georgiana Darcy catches the eye of numerous suitors, not all of whom wish to marry purely for love. As Georgiana navigates the treacherous waters of courtship, her story becomes intertwined with that of Anne de Bourgh, her wealthy but painfully awkward cousin, who stirs up trouble when she sets her sights on a young gentleman with a rank far below her own. In so doing, Anne encounters the opposition of her proud and domineering mother, the formidable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and sets in motion a chain of events that brings a damaging secret to light and threatens to destroy Georgiana’s dreams of happiness. Intrigues, gossip, and elopements further complicate Georgiana’s efforts to find love and avoid the snares of fortune-hunters.

Written in a sparkling, witty, humorous style on par with Jane Austen’s own in Pride and Prejudice, Alice Isakova’s Georgiana Darcy continues the tale that has delighted readers for over two centuries.

You can find Georgiana Darcy at:



Hello readers, and thank you, Rita, for hosting me on From Pemberley to Milton. The following excerpt from my book is part of a ballroom scene that takes place in Bath, where Miss Darcy is spending the winter with Mr. Bingley and Jane. Georgiana has just arrived at the Upper Assembly Rooms, and as she is one of the wealthiest and most beautiful debutantes present, it is not long before the gentlemen begin a battle for her heart.


Mr. Grey was not the only one overjoyed to see Georgiana at the ball. Michael Brydges had also come to the Upper Rooms that evening in hopes that Miss Darcy would be there. When she arrived, he had been dancing, but seeing her now, he eagerly moved through the crowd in her direction. Alas, suddenly noticing an unknown (and concerningly handsome) gentleman who was deeply engaged in conversation with Georgiana, Mr. Brydges paused. He then turned and went towards his sister, who was nearby, and asked her:

“Grace, who is that gentleman over there?”

“I do not know his name, but I saw him come with Sir Philip and Lady Egerton. Perhaps he is some relation of theirs?”

“He does seem very well-acquainted with Miss Darcy, does he not? We must find out who he is.”

“I managed to discover the size of Miss Darcy’s fortune, though,” said Miss Brydges.

“And is it a large one?”

“A well-informed acquaintance tells me that she has thirty thousand pounds.”

“Thirty thousand pounds! God has indeed been good to me!” exclaimed Mr. Brydges.

No less enticing than this excellent fortune was the prospect of marrying into the eminent Darcy family, which was an ancient and well-respected one of Norman origin. Furthermore, as the niece of the Earl of —, Miss Darcy could hardly have better connections. Since an earl is influential at court and has the ear of the king, reasoned the gentleman, her uncle could do much to help him advance in politics. Then, also, Miss Darcy’s beauty and charm were such that Mr. Brydges should be proud to introduce her to all his acquaintances; he relished the thought that every one of them would admire his choice of wife and think the more highly of him for it, and perhaps even envy him. Almost as much as he enjoyed being envied, the gentleman liked possessing beautiful things, and what a pleasure it would be to feast his eyes on such a glorious wife every day! She would adorn even the finest house that he might hope to acquire.

While Mr. Brydges was absorbed in these enjoyable contemplations, Mr. Bingley happened to pass by. On perceiving each other, the two men exchanged greetings. Mr. Brydges then introduced Bingley to his sister, and as soon as the opportunity arose, he asked with feigned unconcern:

“That gentleman speaking with Miss Darcy, is it by any chance her brother, Fitzwilliam Darcy?”

“No, that is Mr. Grey. I can introduce the two of you if you like.”

“I would be delighted to make his acquaintance.”

However, there was less delight than suspicion in Michael Brydges’ countenance during the introduction. He immediately disliked his rival; Mr. Grey was just the sort of man a woman could easily fall in love with—handsome, intelligent, amiable, and lively. Mr. Brydges was impatient to learn more about him but even more impatient to dance with Georgiana, and therefore, instead of spending much time on conversation with his new acquaintance, he seized the opportunity to solicit Miss Darcy’s hand for the next dance. She had no choice but to accept; yet, as Georgiana was walking away with him, for a brief moment she turned her head to look back at Mr. Grey. He, meanwhile, was inwardly kicking himself for having missed the chance to stand up with Miss Darcy. Why on earth had he not asked her to dance?!

Grace Brydges stayed behind with Mr. Grey, and after they had been chatting together a few minutes, she suddenly had an idea. Seeing a pretty but rather silly, young acquaintance of hers nearby, she addressed her with:

“Miss Pheasant, how lovely to see you here this evening! Come, there is someone I would like you to meet!”

After Miss Brydges had introduced Mr. Grey to the young lady, she asked her, “Have you danced yet this evening, Miss Pheasant?”

“No, Miss Brydges, not yet.”

“But you are very fond of dancing?”

“Oh yes, I love it above any other amusement!” cried Miss Pheasant, beaming radiantly at Mr. Grey.

In light of such an obvious hint, the young man did his duty in asking Miss Pheasant to be his partner for the next dance. No sooner had he done so, than Miss Fanny Pheasant came towards them in search of her elder sister. To this young lady Mr. Grey was promptly introduced as well, and before he knew it, he was engaged for not one but both of the next two dances. The poor gentleman could only hope that the Miss Pheasants had no other sisters.



Born in Eastern Europe, Alice Isakova spent the latter part of her childhood in the United States before finally settling in Australia. There she obtained a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Adelaide and won multiple university prizes for outstanding academic achievement.Alice now lives with her family in rural Tasmania. She spends her free time either writing or pursuing her passion for fitness, especially the disciplines of rhythmic gymnastics, yoga, and ballet. Georgiana Darcy: A Sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is Alice Isakova’s first book


You can reach out to Alice Isakova on the following media:

Amazon Author Page:
Goodreads Author Page:





Alice would like to offer five ebook copies to my readers, the giveaway is international and all you have to do is comment on this post until the 19th of October. Let us know what you think of this excerpt or who is your favourite secondary character…do you have a particular fondness for Georgiana? I have a preference for Col. Fitzwilliam and Mary, what about you?

Good Luck everyone!


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10 responses to “Georgiana Darcy: A Sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Excerpt & Giveaway

  1. PascaleB

    I love Georgiana’s related stories!!
    I really like her sweetness.
    I would love to read more 😍


  2. I am fond of Georgiana but she is not my favorite secondary character. My favorites are: Jane, Col. Fitzwilliam, Mary or a redeemed Lydia. Enjoyed the excerpt and feel sorry for Mr. Grey. I definitely hope the Brydges don’t succeed in their goal to secure Georgiana’s hand.


  3. J. W. Garrett

    OMG! Poor Georgiana and Mr. Grey. They are at the mercy of society and propriety. It seems like the schemers are determined to keep them apart. I look forward to reading this. I am anxious to see how they get together. Thanks to Rita for hosting and to our author Alice Isakova for the generous giveaway.


  4. caroleincanada

    Haha! Loved the excerpt and “Miss Pheasant” and her sister(s)! I do think Mr. Grey has made an impression if Miss Darcy has turned back to look at him. As for Mr. Brydges, Georgiana best be careful he doesn’t put her in a compromising position! It appears he only looks and owns what is beautiful and what will make him look good! Thank you for a chance at winning an e-book!


  5. virginiakohl


    I cannot decide between Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam. I enjoy books centering around both of these lovely characters.

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy.


  6. I do not like this Mr Brydges! I suspect he is underhanded and certainly up to no good! I look forward to reading this


  7. lilar53

    I love both Georgina and Colonel Fitzwillian thanks for the chance to win


  8. Michelle H

    I do like a story centered around Georgiana, and this one sounds very good. I also have a big heart for the Colonel and several other supporting characters from P&P. If the story is a good one and well written I’ll keep reading them. It’s a delight to meet a new author. I’m leaning toward Mr. Grey as the hero here based on this intriguing excerpt. I’m looking forward to reading it. But it sounds like Anne is going to cause a lot of angst into road to Georgiana’s happy ever after no matter the hero, but I hope it ends happily for Anne too. Good luck to Ms. Isakova on this book and wherever her goals lead her. Thank you Rita for hosting this new author and book on your blog.


  9. Mary Coble

    I like stories with the Colonel or Georgiana – often both. Mary is my next favorite. I look forward to reading this book – just picked up from KU. I too think Mr Grey will be the hero.


  10. I am late to the conversation but I see that this is available to be borrowed from KU so I can read it that way. Thanks for sharing the excerpt.


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